1968 Porsche 911 Soft-Window Targa

Mathieu Heurtault, courtesy of Gooding & Company

For 1967, Porsche introduced an open-topped variant of the 911.

Named for the company’s successive wins in the famous Sicilian road race, the Targa incorporated a stainless-steel roll bar, removable roof panel and fold-away plastic rear window for an open-air experience. Many buyers opted for the conventional glass rear window offered shortly thereafter, making the soft-window version one of the rarest models of that period.

This car is one of only 268 believed made for the United States in 1968.

As per a copy of the Kardex that accompanies the car, the Targa was finished in the distinctive color of Ossi Blue with a black interior. Under current ownership, a comprehensive restoration was completed by Porsche specialist Kundensport in Oxnard, CA. Finished at the beginning of 2017, the car is presented in its original color, while the numbers-matching 2.0-liter engine was, according to the consignor, rebuilt to S-specification.

Prescott Kelly

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