1973 Ferrari 246 GTS Dino Spyder

Enzo Ferrari’s son Alfredo, also known as “Dino,” was a proponent of small-displacement, 6-cylinder technology. After earning his engineering degree, he began development of a V6 racing engine. After Alfredo’s tragic death, Enzo directed the legendary engineer Vittorio Jano to finish Dino’s work to honor his son’s memory. A series of successful engines was developed that ultimately powered various Ferrari Formula 1 and 2 cars, as well as sports racers.

Ferrari later built a prototype sports car, the Dino 206 GT, which was put into production in 1968. Powered by a 180-horsepower, 1,986-cc V6 engine, it was Ferrari’s first mid-engine production car and represented the debut of a new, Ferrari-based Dino brand. In 1969, the V6 was enlarged to 2,418 cc, and the output increased to 195 horsepower. This engine became the Dino’s ultimate evolution, the 246 series.

Late in the 246’s production, 7½-inch wide Campagnolo wheels, flared fenders and Daytona-style seat inserts were offered as options. Dinos fitted with these options earned the moniker “Chairs and Flares.”

It is estimated that no more than 250 cars were so optioned. As such, Chairs and Flares Dinos have become increasingly prized for their rarity and distinctive appearance.

In 1996, 05820 was acquired by a West Coast Ferrari dealer. Recognizing this Dino’s rare options and their growing cachet among Ferrari collectors, the dealer embarked on a comprehensive rotisserie restoration that took four years and amassed more than $91,000 in receipts, which are included with this sale.

The restoration comprised the replacement or refurbishment of every single component and part, including a complete engine and transmission rebuild, comprehensive rewiring and a thorough restoration with all-new paint and interior. After completion in January 2001, this 246 GTS was proudly displayed in the dealer’s showroom.A Scottsdale, AZ, enthusiast bought the car in 2002.

Recently prepared for this sale with an all-new interior, this 246 GTS has also been fastidiously detailed with new, correct undercarriage coating, color-sanded paint and fresh Michelin XWX tires. It displays slightly more than 33,500 miles, only about 625 of which have accrued since its comprehensive restoration. It is accompanied by original manuals and offers its next owner the irresistible thrill of one of Ferrari’s most legendary street performers.

Steve Ahlgrim

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Steve taught high school auto shop before moving to Atlanta, GA, where his love of sports cars led him to FAF Motorcars, the former Ferrari dealer where he served as General Manager and Vice President. He has been a self-proclaimed “one-trick pony,” coveting the Ferrari marque. He has been involved in concours judging for over 25 years and is a member of the IAC/PFA, an international committee overseeing high-level Ferrari concours judging. He is chief judge of the Celebration Exotic Car Show in Celebration, FL.

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