1974 Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 Targa

Courtesy of Artcurial

• Very rare Carrera 2.7-liter Targa model

• All the original manuals

• Recent engine rebuild

• Just 630 examples built

The series “G” of the 911 appeared in the autumn of 1973, the seventh generation of the 911 since it was first presented in 1963. The consistently high-performing Carrera, now minus the “RS” in its name, sat at the very top of the 1974–75 range.

An external difference to the previous year’s model was the addition of more imposing aluminum bumpers front and rear, and fitted with shock-absorbing bellow-style boots. Mechanically the car stayed the same.

The car presented belongs to a well-known Porsche enthusiast. Brilliant in its original black livery, this car is presented in excellent condition. The engine was completely rebuilt 2,000 km (1,242 miles) ago. There are no records of the hours spent on this, but there are Porsche invoices for all the parts required.

The car comes with its stamped service books, owner’s manuals, compressor and original toolkit. The interior is very impressive and looks like new. This rare Targa with aluminum roll hoop looks great and is in fantastic condition, on top and underneath, as we were able to check when we inspected the car on a ramp.

This Porsche is the direct descendant of the legendary Carrera RS of 1973. It is easy to see, with its lively and versatile engine and sexy look, why this model is becoming more and more sought after.

Prescott Kelly

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Prescott bought his first Porsche, a 1964 356SC coupe, in early July 1967, just before starting his first job. The next weekend he bought a refrigerator — thereby establishing priorities for life. He has owned many Porsches and is a Contributing Editor for Porsche Panorama, where he concentrates on arcane corners of Porsche history, writes the regular “356 Collectibles” and “MarketWatch” columns for the 356 Registry Magazine, and contributes to Excellence and the Journal of the Society of Automotive Historians.

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