Author: Greg Long

Greg Long is the proprietor of Found Motorcars in Kirkland, WA, which specializes in original, untouched collector cars. He co-founded Toronto-based Escargot Motorcars with his brother John, to import and sell Citroën 2CVs in the late 1980s. Greg first contributed to SCM in 2017.

1937 Citroën 11 BL Traction Avant Sedan

Nearly every list of the most important automotive designs must surely include André Citroën’s beloved Model 11 Traction Avant, which loosely translates to “front-wheel drive.” Citroën is said to be the individual who put France on wheels, and his compact and bullet-proof 2CVs were both affordable and functional, especially when […]

1974 Citroën SM Coupe

Combining Citröen’s advanced chassis technology and Maserati’s unrivaled engine know-how, the SM (Série Maserati) featured DS-style hydro-pneumatic self-leveling suspension; power-assisted all-around disc brakes; self-centering steering; and steered headlamps. Maserati was responsible for the 90-degree V6 engine, and after some juggling of bore/stroke dimensions, a capacity of 2,670 cc was settled […]

1970 Citroën DS 21 Décapotable by Chapron

The car carries Chapron body number 9347 and was delivered new in Germany in 1970. In 1979, the original owner sold the Citroën to the second owner, a well-known property developer, who owned the car until he died in 2016. It was always kept in his garage and only driven […]