By this point, I’m sure most of us are pretty tired of the stay-at-home orders, or some level of social distancing, that have marked a profound change in our daily lives.

Yes, I know, you click on the car stuff to avoid reading about COVID-19, but this isn’t a political debate or your buddy’s new car that you don’t have to care about.

This is also nothing new for humans, as disasters natural and manmade have forced folk from their daily routines since time immemorial. That’s exactly why we should buck up, deal with the situation as best as we can by following the health authorities guidelines, and do what we need to end this pandemic as safely as possible.

One of the best distractions can be buying and selling cars. While yes, even the Internet auction sites have slowed in recent weeks, there’s still plenty of activity.

Of 44 auctions that closed on Bring a Trailer on Monday, 3/31/20, 36 cars sold to new homes. Among the highlights I found was a 1957 Chevrolet 150 2-door sedan that sold at $26,360. That’s an impressive price for a car low on the totem pole, but it was done to the nines.

A tremendous deal from Monday was a 1992 Ford Bronco XLT that hammered (clicked? chimed?) sold at $11,500. Apparently, it has 196k miles, but the images give more of a 60k-mile impression. And yes, it is white, so you get all the jokes that come with it at no extra premium.

One of my favorites ending in the next few days is a 2002 Camaro Z/28 SS with 10k miles. That Navy Blue Metallic is my favorite color for that model and there isn’t much higher factory spec that you could ask for. As I write this, the bids are in the low teens, but I don’t expect it to stay there for much longer.

If you’re in a position to do so, this could be a really good time to get a deal. My ask is that you don’t fleece someone who might really need the money to make it through this time.

We’ve also spent a few weeks offering ideas for passing the time that your home for by taking care of little, ignored tasks on your car or collection. Check out our older Wrenching articles for some tips, tricks or ideas on how to gussy up your car during the downtime.

Whatever you do during this crisis, be safe, smart and make sure that car is ready for when America opens up once again.

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