The ACC team is putting together our 27th issue this month — May/June 2016 — and in this issue, we’re adding a few new interactive features.


The first is a brand-new ACC Reader’s Forum, where we’ll consult with both our readership and industry experts to answer your burning car questions. 


Want to know what you should pay for a 428 Torino? When’s the best time to buy at auction? Should you build up an original motor or swap a crate engine into your classic pickup? What do you really need in terms of classic car insurance? Should you buy that $2k bare Hemi block at the swapmeet? Our readership has the opinions and answers you need. Ask us! 


Here’s how it works: Send a note to [email protected] with your car-related query. We’ll pick one question and send it out to our group of readers and experts. We’ll print the answers in the next ACC. If we feature your question, we’ll send you an ACC hat.


Our second new feature is a refreshed Your Cars section, which showcases readers’ rides and the interesting stories behind them. Have a rare car you found in a barn? Maybe you’re still driving your high school hot rod. Maybe grandma left you a pristine GT500 behind a never-opened garage door. We want to know about it!


Send us a note at [email protected], and in 150 words or less, describe what you’ve got and why it’s special — and be sure to include your name and a high-resolution photo of you with the car. And again, if we print your story, you’ll get an ACC hat.


Send us what you’ve got, and look for this new content in the next issue of American Car Collector!

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