This month’s ACC Reader’s Forum question comes from our own John L. Stein:

“I’m looking to set up a 1,000-mile road trip with some high school friends. To do it right, we need a classic car. What’s the better option of the sub-$20k cars below? Or is there a better choice out there that I have not considered?

Ease of later resale and potential value gain counts. Looking for stock cars only.

Here are the two I’m considering:
1964-67 Olds Vista Cruiser wagon

Why? Great looks, everyone loves wagons, and that roof glass is too cool. Plenty of room for three people and all their stuff.






1964-66 Ford Thunderbird convertible

Why? Drop top, fairly elegant and relatively easy to find in generally good condition.Which would you choose and why, or do you have a better idea?”



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