ACC’s Viper GTS ACR Coupe has been a great car — in the few years we’ve owned it, we’ve covered a bunch of miles in it with no trouble — all it’s needed other than oil changes and periodic cleaning was a set of tires. But we’ll be putting it up for sale soon, as it’s time for us to buy another classic car. What should we get?

I’ve got two different thoughts here. First, for our ACC Wrenching columns, it would be great to get something older, preferably with some typical needs we can address in the magazine. I’d love to get a first-gen Mustang, or maybe a Ford or Dodge pickup, pre-1972. I’ve also been looking hard for a good 1965 or ’66 Chevy or GMC half-ton with original paint. Know of any? Regardless, whatever we get will need to be in mostly-original condition and without too much rust — the idea here is to get a solid base and make it better over time.

My other thought is to find something as turn-key and as nice as the Viper — another Mopar, like a Road Runner or GTX with a 4-speed. How about something more modern, like a Grand National or Corvette ZR-1? Any of those would be great to take to events — but again, stock is the only way to go.

What would you like to see us buy, drive, and work on? Sound off in the comments below.


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