Portland may not be one of Mecum’s bigger auctions, but it tends to bring in a bunch of interesting cars from all over the northwest. This year’s sale just wrapped on Saturday, and ACC was there to cover cars at the sale for an upcoming issue. Complete results are still pending. In the meantime, here are three of my favorite cars from the sale:

F75 — 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT

Wow, nice Fier…Oh, is that a big block? Yep, some crazy soul installed a 511-ci big block Chevrolet behind the bulkhead in this late Fiero, along with a TH425 transmission. It had a massive cam and race-spec Holley HP-style carb with no choke and adjustable air bleeds. “Being sold without a DEQ Certificate of Compliance.” You don’t say!

Aside from the insanity behind the rear wheels, this Fiero looked mostly stock, down to its wheels. Not sold at $11k on the day, but it still could be yours! My wife would kill me…


F221 — 1967 Chevrolet C10

Patina is the new black, especially for trucks. Everyone seems to be trying to make their own worn finishes.

This ’67 was the real deal. It had clearly been a worker before being stored away somewhere, probably in a barn from the look of the truck.

But it wasn’t all that rusty, and it wore its original paint. Yeah, it was a six, but that’s easy to swap. For $3,740, someone has the start to a cool patina truck build with a legit look. Great buy. Look for it at SEMA with a chopped-down bed, air suspension, and a supercharged LS engine.


F172 — 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 fastback

There’s a lot to like about a well-done, black ’70 Mustang fastback — especially when it’s a 351-powered Mach 1. This car had a great overall restoration that grabbed me when I walked by, and the black paint was deep and glossy. One of the cleanest engine compartments of the sale. Its $51,700 was well deserved. 

Look for ACC’s coverage of this sale in an upcoming issue, and check out all the lots at www.mecum.com.

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