Blue Oval Classics have always been popular, and certain models have always brought a lot of money at auction — special cars like the 1969-70 Boss 429, 2005-06 Ford GT and 1965 Shelby GT350 have always been hot. But what about other Ford cars and trucks that are on the upswing right now — or will be?

Here’s what I’d be looking at when jumping into the Ford market in 2020.

1. 1961-66 Ford F-Series Truck

This bodystyle of Ford Truck lends itself well to customization, and the custom truck world is expanding. On the GM side of things, 1967-72s are still the hot ticket. That generation is also something I’d watch on the Ford side, but I’d actually buy the gen that came before.

A lot of these were made, so they’re relatively easy to find — but only look for solid, non-rusty short-bed examples, which could be harder to do than you might think. In stock form, they’re simple and bulletproof. $10k will buy you a decent enough half-ton that could be worth more next year — or at the very least, it won’t lose you money while you use it as a truck.


2. 1978-79 Ford Bronco

I know, I know… another truck. Hear me out. The new Bronco is creating a lot of buzz, and there’s a certain appeal to these larger second-gen units — especially those with original paint and stripes. Built to compete with the larger Blazer, these rigs were cheap for years, but values started rising with other SUV pricing when that market started to rise. Mint versions with good options are still an opportunity in the new year. I’d stop at $20k, as I think there’s still room above that in this market.


3. 1994-98 Ford Mustang GT coupe

These cars were everywhere in the 1990s, but you might have noticed that a bunch of them are now missing from the road. These cars predate the modern muscle boom, but I’d argue that they’re what started the whole thing — at least on the Ford side. Both the 5.0 (through 1995) and 4.6L V8s are easy to live with and not difficult to fix. Look for good colors, low mileage, and manual transmissions. Mods from stock aren’t a problem here if they’re performance oriented. Look to spend $15k or less.

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