As you’re reading this, the ACC Seminar is taking place at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. This year’s topic: Cars to Buy/Sell/Hold in 2020.

This year’s panel — B. Mitchell Carlson, Carl Bomstead, Elana Scherr and Ken Lingenfelter — have a bunch of thoughts on the matter, but I can’t share them here yet. However, it’s the perfect time to bring the same question to you. So, with that in mind, what cars would you buy, sell, and hold this year and why? 

Are you looking for a great rest-mod to drive? Maybe it’s finally time to sell those trucks that have been trending up. What about original muscle cars? Which would you want to buy right now?

Share your thoughts below — I’ll keep my eye on this post and we may reference your picks while up on stage at Barrett-Jackson!

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