It’s been five years since I last attended the Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance. It’s a different event now than it was then. On Sunday there were 220 cars on display, ranging from appetizing to stunning. Lincoln was the featured marque.

I’ll have a complete report next week.

As a part of the weekend, Wayne Carini and I led a discussion about collecting with Jay Leno and Tim Allen.

I posed this question to both Leno and Allen: “If you could keep only two cars what would they be?”

Jay’s response was instantaneous: “What are  you, some kind of communist? Why can I only have two? I want to have as many as I can!” Allen, of course, agreed.

During the conversation, both men agreed that driverless cars are coming.

They also said how much they like the 840 horsepower of the new Dodge Demon.

Allen also told the crowd that his new Ford GT was fun in the country — but a bear to drive around town.

When I asked them what was the best part of collecting cars, they agreed that it was the people you meet and the things you do with old cars.

All three collectors were thoughtful and engaging. Tickets to the panel discussion were $1,000 each, with the proceeds benefiting the Boys and Girls Club. By my estimation, over $100,000 was raised.

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  1. I love Jay Leno but as a lifelong Democrat isn’t he the communist? We are both former Bostonians but I ended up in the right and he the left.