The SCM 1958 Sprint Veloce “Confortevole” is now on BAT!

This is a numbers-matching, tour-ready 1958 Alfa 750 Series Sprint Veloce “Confortevole.” It is one of 150 made.

Watch Bring A Trailer and the Avant Garde Collection. It took me 15 years to find this car and another five years to get it right.

It is fitted with a Jon Norman 1,400-cc kit and modern cams. The engine was built by Denny Pillar. It has a Rugh suspension, rebuilt tunnel case tranny and more.

I’ve done everything I wanted to do with this car. Now it is someone else’s turn to enjoy it.

One Comment

  1. Great car, great color. BaT and the 911r/Avant Garde guys are a great way to sell a car. I am sure the photography will be amazing. Confortevoles are so rare and hard to value, an auction is the best way determine what it is worth, IMO.