The Shanghai Express – Your SCM Blogger Checks in From Asia

Never-ending honking. Cars driving like they are playing a continuous game of chicken. The sound of locusts. Unbearable humidity. People using the few words of English they know only to bargain with you. Being offered squid on a stick. Dog soup on the menu. Being the minority for once. New and old architecture. The Martin family of six has traveled to Shanghai for a week. And no, not for any car event –just for a holiday. How weird is that Read More

In My Father’s Tire Tracks

“The sound of America”… 1959 Plymouth Savoy, winner of the American Car Collector prize at Beaches

This past week has been my own mini version of Monterey. And when I say mini, I mean only three car events back to back instead of at least 20. The first event was Beaches Cruisin’ at Portland International Raceway. With around 1,100 cars showing up every Wednesday, a live band, as well as drag racing, this is fast Read More

Nostalgia at the Portland Historics

This weekend the Portland Historic Races took place at P.I.R.  With the sun finally showing, it was the perfect excuse to take out the 1965 Alfa spider, while my dad attempted to keep up in the new-to-him 1972 Saab Sonnett. As we entered the corrals to park, the sound of vintage Formula cars filled the air. The cars racing along the speedway instantly reminded me of watching my father race around that very same track during my childhood.