Keith’s Blog: The New SCM Accidental Purchase – Got Any Parts We Need?

The “duckling imprint” theory of collecting continues to rear its billed head around the SCM offices.

Many years ago, I had an Alfetta GT as my daily car. While it was a profoundly poorly-constructed vehicle and cost me thousands of dollars in my short period of ownership, nonetheless I was always taken with its rakish lines: the way the front edge of the hood protruded like the eyelashes of a sultry Italian vixen, and the curious placement of the instrument cluster between the driver and passenger. That it has a transaxle confirms the link between my car and the famous racing Alfetta GT monopostos of the 1950s.

Cirque du Monterey

It’s that time of the year again—the great migration to Monterey, California. The excitement and energy is in the air. People are detailing their beloved Duesenbergs, researching the multi-million-dollar cars that will be crossing the block and trying to predict who will win the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. People wait all year for this event, and it never disappoints. It’s an entire week where reality ceases to exist.

The one downside to Monterey Car Week is leaving when it’s over. Read More

In the Dragon’s Saddle

 Here is a lesson that I believe everyone will find valuable at some point in their life: If you go out of town and your younger sister likes cars and happens to blog for Sports Car Market, don’t leave your keys on the kitchen counter—especially if it’s keys to your 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS, with 6.2-liter 433-hp LS3, in Transformers Edition “Bumblebee” yellow. What was supposed to be a quick drive around the block in my brother Tyler’s Read More

The Shanghai Express – Your SCM Blogger Checks in From Asia

Never-ending honking. Cars driving like they are playing a continuous game of chicken. The sound of locusts. Unbearable humidity. People using the few words of English they know only to bargain with you. Being offered squid on a stick. Dog soup on the menu. Being the minority for once. New and old architecture. The Martin family of six has traveled to Shanghai for a week. And no, not for any car event –just for a holiday. How weird is that Read More

In My Father’s Tire Tracks

“The sound of America”… 1959 Plymouth Savoy, winner of the American Car Collector prize at Beaches

This past week has been my own mini version of Monterey. And when I say mini, I mean only three car events back to back instead of at least 20. The first event was Beaches Cruisin’ at Portland International Raceway. With around 1,100 cars showing up every Wednesday, a live band, as well as drag racing, this is fast Read More