Keith’s Blog: Winter and the SCM Fleet

Only one member of the SCM Fleet is truly excited about the onset of Oregon winter, with its cold days, rain and occasional snowfall. Yes, it’s the 1984 Land Rover D90 200 Tdi. It has started to act like an automotive bully in the garage, accusing the Alfas of being fair-weather pansies wrapped in designer outfits by Pininfarina and Bertone.

It’s been a busy year for our cars, with quite a few coming and going as we settled Read More

This Week’s Classic Mystery Photo

The monthly Mystery Photo has been an SCM tradition for 25 years. Each week, we’ll share one of our “greatest hits” photos from the past and give you a fresh chance to provide a witty and provocative caption. Each week’s winner will be announced in the Newsletter. Share your caption for this week’s photo in the comments below. To get the new SCM Mystery Photo in your mailbox each month, subscribe here.

*Winning caption: “Mini-tary Police” — “fuzzydice”

Keith’s Blog: A 36-cylinder, 5,400-hp Cruise

I was flipping through a boating magazine last year, looking for new ways to squander my wealth. I came across a small article noting that the only functioning PT boat in the world was based in Portland, and that its supporters were offering rides on the boat in exchange for a modest donation.

I did a little research  and found that PT-658 was in fact one of the final PT boats delivered, “fitted with all of the latest armaments Read More

Keith’s Blog: Knee-deep in the Big Muddy

Sometimes You Just Need a Break From Sports Cars

I arrived back in Portland from a quick two days in Maranello on Sunday, October 6. The next morning at 6 a.m., I was throwing recovery gear into the back of our trusty RHD 1984 Defender 90 200 Tdi. Snatch blocks, recovery strap, winch extender, tree strap, shackles and leather gloves were just a part of the equipment.

Then it was wheels-up for the 90-minute drive to Brown’s Camp in the Read More