Nostalgia at the Portland Historics

This weekend the Portland Historic Races took place at P.I.R.  With the sun finally showing, it was the perfect excuse to take out the 1965 Alfa spider, while my dad attempted to keep up in the new-to-him 1972 Saab Sonnett. As we entered the corrals to park, the sound of vintage Formula cars filled the air. The cars racing along the speedway instantly reminded me of watching my father race around that very same track during my childhood.

Keith’s Blog: A Cornucopia of Corvettes in Bloomington

For the sixth consecutive year, I’ve been a part of Bloomington Gold—a mecca for Corvette enthusiasts in Pheasant Run, Illinois—and managed to come back to Portland without buying a Corvette.

For a car-a-holic, going to any marque-specific meet is tough. You think, “Everyone else has a Sting Ray, why don’t I?”

It gets worse if there is an onsite auction – in this case, held by Mecum. People just put their hands in the air, and suddenly they own a Corvette! Heck, I can put my hand in the air just like they are doing, and I’ll be a Corvette owner too.

Keith’s Blog: Back from Europe, Again – and Driving the 2002 tii to Seattle

I’ve said goodbye to my new best friends at United, Air Canada and Delta – at least for three days, when I check in with my other best friends at Alaska. But we’ll get to that in a second.

This weekend marked the high school graduation of Wendie’s youngest son, Drew. So the family trundled up to Auburn Memorial Stadium in Auburn, WA to watch the ceremony. Her oldest son Tyler drove his 2009 Chevrolet Camaro SS Transformer edition, Wendie and Bradley took her 2009 BMW 525i and Alex decided it was the 1972 BMW 2002 tii that we would hustle up in.