This Week’s Classic Mystery Photo

The monthly Mystery Photo has been an SCM tradition for 25 years. Each week, we’ll share one of our “greatest hits” photos from the past and give you a fresh chance to provide a witty and provocative caption. Each week’s winner will be announced in the Newsletter. Share your caption for […]

Keith’s Blog: The Afterglow of Monterey

The Monday after Classic Car Week in Monterey is strangely quiet. No herds of Lamborghini  Aventadors pushing their way through traffic. All the real Cobras are gone; you know if you see one today it’s a Tupperware special. I’m staying on through Thursday, to participate in the BMW CCA annual […]

Keith’s Blog: The Tii Gets Ready for Monterey

It was over a year ago that we persuaded SCMer Ned Scudder to part with his beloved Turkis-colored 1972 2002 tii. And on Wednesday, Wendie is planning to drive it from Portland to Monterey. But the path from acquisition to “in service” hasn’t been easy or short. The car was […]

Chad’s Blog: Getting Dirty with the Jeep

The party has wound down in Reno. Jim and I figured it might be a good idea to head out of town for part of the day, if only to escape everybody loading up their customs and classics to head home. Carson City is only 30 miles south of Reno, […]

Chad’s Blog: Cruise Into the Night

Downtown Reno. Five people deep as far as I could see. Waiting to cross the street took almost 15 minutes. Walking across the street took up to three minutes. This place was packed. The big cap to every night at Hot August Nights is a cruise from 7 p.m. to […]

Jim’s Blog: Hot Rods on the Streets of Reno

Yesterday morning’s car show outside our hotel caught us by surprise. Today, we were ready for it. We walked about a mile up the Reno strip this morning, which was lined with cars on both sides. Again, everything from vintage hot rods to restored American muscle was well-represented, as well […]

Chad’s Blog: Cruisin’ Sparks

Chad’s Blog: Cruisin’ Sparks Cars were meant to move. Yes, it’s obvious and a little ridiculous to point out, but think of the typical car shows you go to. The cars just sit there, right? Maybe they’re moving in and out of the venue, but otherwise they just sit there, […]

Chad’s Blog: Barrett-Jackson Comes to Reno

Back in January, Barrett-Jackson announced a new sale coming in August. The Biggest Little City in the World was getting a big name, with television crews in tow, as the sponsored auction of the Hot August Nights week. The auction giant arrived in Reno earlier this week taking over every […]