The ACC Nova has gone to a new home, and its empty parking spot at ACC HQ is starting to bother me. It’s time to fill it with something, and maybe you can help us find the right car for the job.

The criteria: ACC wants something that our staff will take out and use — work lunches, road trips, cruise-ins, maybe a trip or two to the drag strip on a Friday night, etc. It needs to be no-nonsense, and that means it has to be both drivable on the street and turn-key. No big projects, and no full-tilt race cars, either. It should go without saying that it needs to be American, and we’ve got no bias toward or against any manufacturer or time period. Our budget? About $25k, give or take. That should be enough to get us a decent driver with some curb appeal.

ACC’s staff has been kicking around ideas of what to buy for the past week or so. Associate Editor Chad Tyson would love to see a Grand National fill the space, while Digital Media Director Jeff Stites thinks a ’50s rod or truck would be a better idea. I’ve always wanted a Viper, and first-gen cars (with miles) can be bought pretty close to our budget. We’ve also been thinking of first- and second-gen GM F-bodies (Camaros and Firebirds), Mustang fastbacks, Corvettes, Chevelles, etc. Whatever it is, it’ll get used, and we’ll be writing about the overall experience (and the associated costs) in upcoming issues of the magazine.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Have a specific car for sale you’d like us to consider? Send me a note at [email protected] to let me know about it. You never know — we might just buy your car and put it in the magazine!

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