November 17, 2023


– built by Dolphin Engineering of San Diego for Ken Miles
– Ken Miles wanted to compete with Porsche 550 Spyder
– Highly innovative & unique race car ahead of its time
– Porsche RS 4cam race engine, Porsche RS (718RSK) prototype gearbox, first disc brakes, magnesium wheels, push & pull adjustable frame, GFK body etc…

This unique PORSCHE DOLPHIN was built to win on American Race tracks. Especially with the movie LeMans 66, even non-car people got to know who the exceptional race legend with the name KEN MILES was…

We are honored to have received this ONE-of-ONE race car. Ken Miles was racing previously for PORSCHE importer John von Neumann with a 550 RS Spyder. These cars were built tough to finish European endurance races, but this toughness added weight. For America sprints, Ken Miles sought lightness. The Dolphin was continuously developed on a Porsche RS basis by him and carries some of the most interesting technical advances ahead of its time. After the 1962 racing season, California Porsche Dealer Otto Zipper reasoned that his string of successes with the Porsche 550 RS SPYDERS was threatened by technical advancements among the competition. He unsuccessfully petitioned the Porsche factory for one of the highly developed Bergspyder hillclimb cars to be driven by Ken Miles. Otto Zipper commissioned Dolphin Engineering to complete a model accepting the potent Porsche RS engine and drive train. The result was an 1100-pound special that was 160 pounds less than the Porsche 550 RS! The extremely rigid frame and state-of-the-art suspension struck fear into the competition.

In 1963 & 1964 Ken Miles took this car to a number of successes on California´s racetracks e.g. Pomona & Riverside.

The car´s history is featured in the well-known book Vintage American Road Racing Cars 1950-1970 by author Harold W. Pace & Mark R. Brinker.


(All information was given to the best of our knowledge and belief; errors excepted and subject to change.)

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