1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Normale

As described by the seller on eBay Motors:

This is a 1964 Giulia Spider Normale that has been in the same family since new and underwent a complete restoration in 1984. All of the mechanical systems were renewed during this time. The engine was totally rebuilt with all original Alfa parts including a new-stage two-head by Sperry Valve Works. A Weber 36 DCD carburetor and a Crane ignition system were installed. The front brakes were upgraded to series 105 discs.

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1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Veloce

Notoriously difficult to restore, with very fussy interiors

Dear SCM: Thank you for the glowing review and the raising the bar on Alfa Giulietta Sprint Veloces in the January issue of SCM. This recent eBay result (item #2421596395, ending July 2, 2003) will help substantiate the elevated pricepoint that SCM supports. These fine cars are finally getting their appropriate respect in the market.-Santo Spadaro, via e-mail

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1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider


Last month, we wrote “How to Get Bottom Dollar for Your Alfa,” and described a pathetically written eBay auction-item #2410837134-that resulted in the sale of a nasty Duetto for $2,651. As chance would have it, as that issue went to press, we came across another Duetto on eBay. Beautifully presented, the car, even though in a generally not-sought-after color of ivory (crème), brought a top-of-market $15,950.

Below are excerpts from the listing, with our analysis following.

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1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider


This Alfa has a 1750 injection engine, 63,000 miles, five-speed. Stored inside 25 years. Does not run. Totally complete. Needs someone to breathe life into her.

Has extra top. Inside of engine looks perfect! Excellent candidate for restoration.

Alloy wheels. Bumpers are great. The body is almost rust-free and seems perfectly straight. The fender has the paint lifting off-it looks like something was left on it and it held moisture and bubbled the paint. Read More

1966 Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ Coupe

The Alfa Romeo 2600 coupe, which made its debut in 1962, marked a return to the high-speed GT cars Alfa was known for prior to the four-cylinder Giulietta series. The six-cylinder, 2,582-cc twin-cam was Alfa’s first “over-square” engine. It produced a lusty 145 bhp and, to cope with the power and the 125 mph which resulted, Alfa Romeo specified servo-assisted four-wheel disc brakes as standard. It drove through a five-speed gearbox and the gear change was floor mounted.

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1958 Alfa Romeo 750 Spider Veloce

It only took delivery of a few Giulietta Sprints to their new owners in 1954 for word to spread that Alfa Romeo had built something exceptional. Alfa Romeo, caught by surprise, had to quickly figure out how to increase production to meet the demand that far exceeded its expectations. In 1955, it introduced a Pininfarina-bodied roadster called Spider, and, in 1956, a higher-performance model, Veloce.

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1955 Alfa Romeo 1900C

The 1900 Alfa Romeo of 1950 marked a turning point for the marque. Gone were the straight-eight and supercharged projectiles that had written so much motor racing history. Now Alfa replaced them with a modest four-cylinder engine housed in a modern-style steel saloon body. But still the engine possessed twin overhead camshafts and the suspension was ranked with the best. Even in those austere days, there was room in Italy for glamour and excitement in automobiles. In the following Read More

1958 Alfa Romeo 750 Giulietta Sprint Veloce

It only took delivery of a few Giulietta Sprints to their new owners in 1954 for word to spread that Alfa Romeo had built something exceptional. Alfa Romeo, caught by surprise, had to quickly figure out how to increase production in order to meet demand. Alfa’s previous best-seller had been the 2600 Sprint, with 6,999 produced; by the time the 1300/1600 Sprint went out of production in 1964, more than 45,000 had been delivered.

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1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal

Inspired by an Alfa-based Bertone styling exercise, penned by Marcello Gandini, that had been exhibited at the 1967 Montreal Expo, the two-seater Montreal coupe debuted at the Geneva Salon in 1970. Unlike the Expo prototype that used Alfa’s 1.6-liter twin-cam four-cylinder engine, the production Montreal used a “civilized” 2593cc version of the T33 sports racer’s four-cam V8.
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1983 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 2.5 Liter

As described by the seller on eBay Motors:

No repair has been spared on this car, when any was needed. There has been extensive attention to maintain the car in original working order. This car is best purchased by someone who knows Alfas and appreciates them. The car starts on a dime and runs strong and cool. The air conditioning blows cold. The dash has no noticeable cracks (this is extremely rare for these vehicles and is an indication Read More