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PROFILED: 592 PORSCHE 959, '69 LAMBORGHINI MIURA "JOTAy " 542 FORD JEEP, 586 FERRARI 4124 '10 R-R SILVER GHOST, 595 ALFA RZ - 40C-FCJBER 2001 '74470 "917502 USA $4.95 Canada $6.95 www.sporlscan i larkel.com

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RM AUCTIONS INC. WHEN CONSIDERING SELLING YOUR COLLECTOR CAR AT AUCTION CONTACT THE MARKET LEADER WITH OVER $60,000,000 IN AUCTION AND PRIVATE TREATY SALES ANNUALLY 1954 MERCEDES-BENZ  300SL ALLOY GULLWING  Sold for $891,000  1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE  CUSTOM ROADSTER  Sold for $130,900  _ 1966 JAGUAR E-TYPE SERIES 1 ROASTER Sold for $115,500 1966 SHELBY GT350 MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE Sold for $181,500 1966 FERRARI 275 GTB/6C ALLOY LONGNOSE Sold for $204,955 1927 BUGATTI TYPE 37A GRAND PRIX CAR Sold for $308,000 1927 HUDSON SUPER SIX  SPORTS TOURER  Sold for $137,500  1959 AUSTIN-HEALEY  3000 WORKS RALLY CAR  Sold for $132,000  1956 ASTON MARTIN DB 2/4 DROPHEAD COUPE Sold for $102,850 TYPE 57 SPORTS RACING CAR  Sold for $220,000  1960 COOPER MONACO  FOR INFORMATION ON BEVERLY HILLS SPECIALISTS: DAVID GOODING IAN KELLEHER ELLIOT GROSSMAN 866.762.8284 866.762.8284 619.857.7749 1955 MERCEDES-BENZ  300SL GULLWING  Sold for $268,400 UPCOMING EVENTS OR CONSIGNMENT AND MARKET EVALUATIONS, CONTACT: MIDWEST & EAST COAST SPECIALISTS: davidarmauctions.com ianarmauctions.com elliotOrmauctions.corn MIKE FAIRBAIRN DAN WARRENER DENNIS NICOTRA 800.211.4371 800.211.4371 203.397.0734 SPORTS & RACING CAR SPECIALIST: JACK C. BOXSTROM 613.476.9132 CORRESPONDENCE: 9300 WILSHIRE BOULEVARD, SUITE 550, BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90212, TEL 310.246,9880 FAX 310.246.9744 mikeOrmauctions.com danOrmauctions.com dennisOrmauctions.com jackarmauctions.com 1966 SHELBY COBRA 427 S/C Sold for $451,000

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Sports Car Market October 2001 Mini-Profiles 19 1995 Alfa Romeo FtZ Zagato A monster in so many ways. 22 1986 Ferrari 412i Sports Coupe $60k for Elton's $40k beater. 25 1969 Lamborghini Miura "Jota"  Beauty is a relative thing. 64 1992 Porsche 959 Don't tune this at home. 67 1942 Ford Jeep "Saving Private Ryan" on wheels. 34 Christie's 45 Bonhams & Brooks Carmel, California 51 RM Auctions Monterey, California Columns 6 Shifting Gears Keith Martin 10 News, Previews & Gossip Cindy Banzer 14 Ask Mr. Kerb - Mid-Engined Battles Michael Duffey 16 Bike Buys - 1982 Suzuki Katana GS1000S Bill Neill 17 The Wrenching Truth - Moal, Inc. Michael Dobrin 23 Sheehan Speaks - Econo-Ferraris Michael Sheehan 31 Legal Files - Impound Those 360s Alex Leventhal 58 Motobilia - Picnicking In Style Carl Bomstead 59 The Appraiser's Corner - 1956 Pontiac Safari Station Wagon Steve Cram 61 English Patient - Do You Really Want to Race?  Gary Anderson 65 Porsche Gesprach - 911SC Targa Tutorial Jim Schrager 76 eWatch - Repli-Speedster gets $22,500 Carl Bomstead  Departments 12 You Write, We Read 13 Comments With Your Renewals 15 Collecting Thoughts - Buying an MGB Sight Unseen, Part II 16 Mystery Photo 18 Auction Calendar 28 Reviews 30 The Twenty Year Picture - Bird Talk 32 Vintage Rally Calendar 57 Mystery Photo Answers 69 Affordable Classics - 1967-72 Fiat Dino Spider 71 Display Advertiser's Index 64 76 On-Site Market Reports Pebble Beach, California 51 45 60 1910 Rolls-Royce 40/50 HP Silver Ghost Sophisticated antiquity. Volume 13, #10 SPORTS CAR MARKET Editor & Publisher: Keith Martin Managing Editor: Cindy Banzer Art Director: Brian Grimmer Editorial Manager: Brian Rabold Research & Copy Editor: Bill Neill Subscriptions: Andrea Cole Office Manager: Marc Stevens Lead Auction Analysts: Dave Brownell, Dave Kinney, Richard Hudson-Evans Contributing Editors: Gary Anderson Carl Bomstead Michael Duffey Alexander Leventhal Jim Schrager Michael Sheehan Auction Analysts: John Apen, Chip Baldoni, B. Mitchell Carlson, Haig Haleblian, Gary Hoisington, Phil Skinner Contributors: Pat Braden, Steve Dorsey, Raymond Milo, Steve Serio, Tom Young European Correspondents: Giuseppe Tomasetti (IT), Don Wilson, Sabrina Longega Wilson (FR) Intern: David Swig For advertising information, call Brian Grimmer, 503/261-0555; fax 5031253-2234 artdir@sportscarmarket.com . For subscription information, call 503/261-0555; fax 5031253-2234 service@sportscarmarket.com The information in Sports Car Market magazine is compiled from a variety of reliable sources. However, we must disclaim and deny any responsibility or liability for the timeliness, use, interpretation, accuracy, and completeness of the information presented. All material. data, formats and intellectual concepts in this issue copyright 2001 by the Alfa Romeo Exchange, dba Sports Car Market magazine, in this format and any other used by Sports Car Market magazine. Copyright registered with the United States copyright office. SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Sports Car Market magazine (ISSN #152Z859X) is published monthly by Keith Martin Publications, PO Box 16130, Portland OR 97292. Periodicals postage paid at Portland, OR and additional entries. Subscription rates are $58 for 12 monthly issues in the US, $68 Canada/Mexico, Europe $78, Asia/Africa/Middle East $88. Subscriptions are payable in advance in US currency. Make checks to: Sports Car Market. Visa/MC accepted. For instant subscription, call 24hours 800/289-2819, 503/252-5812: fax 503/252-5854. POSTMASTER Send address changes to Sports Car Market PO Box 16130, Portland OR 97292 CPC IPM Sales Agreement No. 1296205 Classifieds 20 Alfa Romeo 24 Ferrari 26 Etceterini & Everything Else 27 Vintage Race Cars 62 English 66 German 68 American 70 Resource Directory 72 Classified Order Form 77 Showcase Gallery

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CHRISTIE'S INTERNATIONAL MOTOR CARS The Ex-Count Johnny Lurani, Alec Ullman 1927 Bugatti Type 37 Grand Prix Chassis No. 37240 A highly original example with impeccable history Exceptional Motor Cars and Automobilia Auction: London, 4 December 2001 Consignment deadline: 30 September 2001 Enquiries: Rupert Banner 44 (0)20 7389 2851 rbanner@christies.com Catalogues: London 44 (0)20 7389 2820 New York 1 800 395 6300 London The Jack Barclay Showroom 2-4 Ponton Road, Nine Elms London SW8 www.christies.com

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Shifting Gays A Done Car by imrun Martin Cindy was in elected office as a State Representative. I recall that it took all of her formidable political skills to convince me that her buying a green 1978 Alfa Romeo Spider, with just 20,000 original miles, was a prudent decision during those financially challenging times for us. A year before SCM was founded, she was already spouting the lingo. "There's no substitute for originality," was her closing argument. F Over the years, her green Spider has become a part of our life. We have not always been kind to it. Winters have been spent in unheated garages or warehouses. Clutches have been replaced due to corrosion; the entire braking system froze at one point because of accumulated moisture from our wet Portland winters. An array of tiny dents, scrapes and rock chips took their toll on its original paint. A neighbor's cat decided the passenger footwell was a convenient feline urinal. The original top disintegrated. Two years ago, Cindy decided it was time to bring her neglected car back to life. A cosmetic restoration was completed last summer in time for the Alfa National Convention, held in Portland. Cindy has always fiercely loved her Spider, big rubber bumpers and all, but it wasn't until last month that I bonded with this car. Although I had installed high-lift cams, thicker sway bars, Shankle springs and crossdrilled rotors, the Alfa had never pulled strongly or revved freely. I assumed that was due to its Spica fuel injection, inferior in my thinking to Weber carburetors. I was wrong. Soaring water temperatures sent the Alfa to Nasko's Imports for a head gasket and a valve job; it was the first time the head had been removed. Nasko replaced the valves and guides, and tuned the car. I picked it up just in time to drive to Timberline Lodge, 60 miles away, where the Bentley Drivers Club was making an overnight stop on their tour from Seattle to Pebble Beach. or the past month, I've been enjoying the company of an old friend. It came into our life in 1988, just after I had left my position as artistic director of Ballet Oregon and become a sales manager for Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo, hawking Ferraris, Alfas, Maseratis and Lotuses. thing intensely satisfying about having one that really is a keeper, and that is finally in the condition that allows it to speak in a clear, powerful voice. As most of our cars seem to be perpetual projects, having a car that is done is a joy. To be able to go to the garage, fire it up, and run errands without worrying about soft brakes, overheating, misfiring plugs, worn suspensions and recalci- M. Banzer and her mean green machine. trant starting and charging systems is a treat. Our daughter wasn't yet born when we acquired the then tenyear-old Alfa. Now Alexandra herself is ten, and the Alfa has had its twenty-third birthday. This morning I drove Alex to school with the top down. We stopped at the local market for her maple bar and hot chocolate (no letters from eco-nutritionists, please). We continued to school, singing "Hey now, you're an all star" along with the "Shrek" CD, the wind tousling her hair. I knew clearly that I was in the best of cars, having the best of times. Cadillac Reborn The past decade has not been a kind one to General Motors. SCMhas often commented that the Impalas, Cavaliers and Azteks of today share little of the DNA of the Bel Airs, GTOs and Chevelles of the past. Things are changing. Ms. Banzer and I, along with Popular Mechanics editor-in-chief Joe Oldham and his wife, Nina, had dinner with Bob and Denise Lutz in Monterey during the Historic weekend. Newly appointed as vice-chairman of product development for GM, Lutz's enthusiasm for the future of the company is enormous. An unabashed advocate of automotive style, he spent much of the weekend cloistered with GM's vice president of design, Wayne Cherry, analyzing sketches of proposed upcoming products. Their discussions were animated; in two years, we may see the General once again on the road to becoming the General. It's been too long in coming. Restoration's done, now back to work. For the first time, the Alfa ran like a real Alfa. The suddenly available horsepower from new and properly adjusted valves allowed me to push the car hard enough to enjoy the upgraded suspension. Driving the twisting road up to Timberline, top down in 80-degree weather, brought back memories of all the Alfas I've driven on that same road over the years. The next morning I was up at 6 a.m., and by 7:30 had traveled 100 miles on Oregon's Highway 26, not going anywhere in particular. I just wanted to drive the car, and savor the feeling that came from letting it run free and hard in the cool, early morning mountain air. The odometer turned 50,000 miles somewhere between the Warm Springs Indian Reservation and Mirror Lake. I've been driving it daily for the past month. So many cars have passed through our lives that there is some- [ We had a brief taste of the future while behind the wheel of a 2002 Cadillac Escalade EXT. Near-three-ton faux pickups with leather-clad interiors are not quite the target vehicle for SCM, but the EXT was surprisingly composed hustling along two-lane roads in the backcountry around Carmel. The suspension feels clamped down, body roll is minimal, the 345-horsepower, 6-liter V8 provides scoot and the brakes are superb. The last time we had pushed a heavy vehicle so hard, and with such satisfactory results, was when we drove a new Bentley Arnage in Tennessee last year. May our friends at Bentley forgive us for the comparison; may our friends at GM push the envelope of performance and style for all their offerings. On the Cover David Chapple's "62 Colony" graces SCM this month. His works have been featured on the covers of DuPont Registry, Old Cars Weekly, Car Collector Magazine and Sports Car Market. As we go to press, we have just learned of the terrorist attacks on our country, which have claimed the lives of so many innocent Americans. With our prayers, we reach out to those who grieve. And we gather in our arms those closest to us, hoping to forever shield them from this type of horrible, mindless violence. The 22 x 30-inch acrylic painting was done on watercolor paper. Open-edition prints of "62 Colony" are available in an 8 x 12inch format for $45. Chapple's other artwork may be viewed at his Web site, www.autoart.com . Contact: 810/606-0763 (MI), info@autoart.com . • Sports Car Market

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European Roadsters American Cruisers Everybody needs something. And that's where we come in. At eBay Motors, we've got just about anything you could possibly want. You want a '60 Caddy convertible? We've got a million...well, a lot anyway. We're eBay for crying out loud. Simply put, we've got just about everything, new or used. So before you run yourself ragged looking for a bargain, you might want to check us out first. You'll be happy you did. Go to www.ebaymotors.com

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The Country Club of Hershey, Pennsylvania 12 October 2001 A Sale of Vintage and Collector's Motor Cars and Automobilia &T-3 Entries are invited After the success of our 2000 Auction at Hershey we are pleased to return to this most prominent event. Important entries have already been received and we will again offer an exceptional section of Automobilia 411, MN= Ir at 4.. 1  9, p•a..„;  Illustrated, an example of prices acheived at our Hershey Auction Sales for 1999 and 2000 Top left - 1930 Cadillac V16 Roadster Coachwork by Fleetwood sold in 1999 for $145,000 Top right - 1950 Allard-Cadillac 12 Competition two-seater sold in 1999 for $116,900. Middle left - 1954 Jaguar XK120 Two-Door Roadster sold in 2000 for $48,300. Middle right - 1967 Toyota 2000GT Two-Door Coupe sold in 2000 for $151,000. Bottom centre - 1929 Duesenberg Model 1 Convertible Roadster sold in 2000 for $530,500. For further information or a confidential appraisal contact Mark Osborne USA Head Office Mark Osborne T +1 415 391 4000 F +1 415 391 4040 mosborne@bonhams.com Northeast - Jonathan Stein Teltfax +1 610 779 3705 Southwest - Christine Eisenberg T +1 949 566 9836 F +1 949 566 9835 Southeast - Michael Fisher T +1 305 705 9938 F +1 305 705 0370 Northwest - Tom Black T +1 503 239 0227 F +1 503 231 0788 UK - Malcolm Barber (Motor Cars) Peter Card (Automobilia) T+44 20 7393 3822 F +44 20 7393 3915 USA Bonhams and Brooks Inc 500 Sutter Street Union Square, San Francisco California 94102 T:+1 (415) 391 4000 F:+1 (415) 391 4040 UK Bonhams and Brooks Ltd Montpelier Street Knightsbridge, London, SW7 1HH, United Kingdom T:+44 (0) 20 7393 3900 F:+44 (0) 20 7393 3915 Europe Bonhams and Brooks Europe S.A. 10 Rue Blavignac 1227 Carouge-Geneva Switzerland T:+41 (0) 22 300 3160 F:+41 (0) 22 300 3035 Australia Bonhams and Brooks 7 Anderson Street, Double Bay Sydney, New South Wales Australia 2028 T:+61 (02) 9327 7311 F:+61 (02) 9327 2917 BONHAMS &BROOKS

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 The 5th Annual Sports Car Market Magazine BARRETT-JACKSON INSIDER'S SEMINARS Presented by A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a World-Class Auction Keith Martin, Cindy Banzer and the experts from the SCM staff invite you to join them in three information-packed seminars, held right in the midst of the world's largest collector car auction, Barrett-Jackson. Participants will be part of an exclusive, intimate group that will participate in no-holds-barred discussions of the collector car market as well as hands-on examinations of cars that are going to be crossing the block. Seminars will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Sunday, SCManalysts will be available to examine cars and answer questions. Conveniently located on-site, a different car-collecting topic will be featured at each seminar. After each discussion, there will be ample time for you to ask direct questions about the auction experience. We guarantee you'll get straight answers. How to decide how much to bid. When to walk away from a car. The secrets of buying and selling on the block. How to tell when a car reaches its reserve. How to examine a car like a pro. All this and more will be discussed in detail. The Field Walk Each day, after the seminar, you can join the well-known "Field Walk," when the group, escorted by Keith and other SCMexperts, will take a "hands-on" look at the cars you are interested in and evaluate them with you. Register Today Space is strictly limited and last year's event sold out quickly. Cost, per person, for the seminars, field walk and unlimited personal consultations with the SCM staff is just $275, $500 for two for SCMsubscribers. (Non-subscribers, $325/$600.) Don't be left out. Send in the form below today, with a $100 deposit per person. For more information, contact Cindy Banzer at 503/ 261-0555, cbanzer@ sportscarmarket.com . We'll see you there. SPACE IS LIMITED! DEADLINE—December 17, 2001 (Reservations are accepted on a first-come basis. Don't be left out!) Name (If registering for more than one person, please place additional details on separate sheet.) Address  City  State  Day Phone  Fax Eve. Phone  E-mail  $100 per person deposit required Li Enclosed is my check made out to Sports Cat' Market Ul Charge my VISA/MC Total Amount $  Card #  Signature  Send this form to SCM B-J Insider's Tour, PO Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292 Fax 503/252-5854; Phone 503/261-7127; e-mail: mail@sportscarmarket.com (Deposit refundable if cancelled by December 27, 2001) (or) Exp Date  Zip  "Learn How the Pros Spot the Good Cars and Know Exactly What to Pay." Insider's Tour at Barrett-Jackson

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1 ■111M■11111 News, Previews & GOSSIP by Cindy Bawer E-mail: cbanzer@ sportscarmarket.com fax: 503/252-5854 SCM Events Get a behind-the-scenes look at the world's largest auction. Have the SCM experts answer your question before you bid on the car of your dreams. Join other SCM'ers on the 5th Annual Insider's Tour at Barrett-Jackson, 1/17-20/01 in Scottsdale, AZ. (More details on page 9.) To reserve your space, phone 503/2610555; fax 503/252-5854; e-mail mail@sportscarmarket.com . (OR) Events All vintage race cars are invited to run at the Fall Formula Festival, Willow Springs Raceway, CA, 10/6-7/01. Entry fee is $245 for HSR-West members; $295 for non-members. Call Ed Swart, 310/530-9731; www.hsr-westracing. com. (CA) t/Mini fans, get ready! The Mini Mania Festival Feature Race, held during the San Francisco Region SCCA Vintage Fall Classic racing weekend, 11/2-4/01, will have more than 30 vintage racing Minis and Mini Coopers. The new 2002 Mini race car will also make its first US appearance. Phone 650/321-1411. (CA) BMW Seattle Classic Motor Rally organizers are presenting a one-day event in British Columbia's Fraser Valley, 11/10/ 01; Entry is $85. The 8th Annual Poppy Rally, sanctioned by the Jaguar Club of North America, will be held the following day, 11/11/01; Entry is $45. Register on-line at www.collegeplan.org/ralflreg.htm . (WA) VEntries for the 2002 Mille Miglia, 5/2- 5/02, are being accepted. To participate in this event, your car must have a FIVA Identity Card or FIA Fiche, proving that it meets the technical and historical requirements. For entry form and information, fax 011-; www.1000 migli9.it. (Italy) le The first Le Mans Classic Retrospective, 9/22-23/02, will be accompanied by a Coys of Kensington Auction. For information, contact Sylvaine Peter (speter@peter.fr ) or Laurence Coninck (lconinck@peter.fr ); phone 011-33 01 42 59 73 40; fax 011-33 01 42 59 48 28. (France) 10  Auctions The first Annual Hershey Auction, 10/10-12/01, Great American Hall, Hershey Lodge & Convention Center, has over 65 cars consigned at No Reserve. For more information, contact Don Williams and Richie Clyne, phone 925/7363444; fax 925/736-4375. (CA) Consignment information for the eBay/Kruse International Fall 2001 Branson, MO, Collector Car Auction, 10/ 19-21/01, and the inaugural Santa Clara, CA, eBay Motors Pacific Classic Collector Car Auction and Show, produced by Kruse, 10/27-28/01, is available at www.kruseinternational.com or by calling 800/968-4444. (IN) Mecum's Fall Premier, originally scheduled for 10/26-27/01, St. Charles, IL, will be held on 11/2-3/01, in Bloomington, IL. Phone 800/468-6999; www.mecumauction.com . (IL) Auction Highlights Bonhams & Brooks sold a 1936 Bugatti Type 57S Atalante coupe for $423,000 at their 8/11/01 Nurburgring auctijon. le Cars, trucks, golf carts, miniHarleys...the eBay/Kruse Auburn, IN, Labor Day auction had something for everyone, according to SCM Toys Editor, Alexandra Martin-Banzer. seller only at the time the car and its title is physically entrusted to Cosdel on behalf of the buyer. Information on the program is available at www.cosdel.com or call Martin Button, 415/777-2000. (CA) News The Web site devoted to Meadowdale International Raceway (www.meadow daleraceway.homestead.com) has a photo series of the prototype Stingray, driven by Dr. Dick Thompson, rolling, being set upright by spectators and then continuing to race. The Carpentersville, IL, track (1958-68), was intended to be a world-class course but poor attendance caused its closure. VEngland's Haynes Motor Museum has acquired a fully-restored 1931 Cadillac Model 452 V16 "Madame X" Imperiai Cabriolet, one of 300 built. V Autocar magazine has named the Lotus Elise "Britain's Best Driver's Car 2001," based on road and track tests to determine the best-handling car. Twenty other cars, including Italian and German marques, were in the competition. Bentley is building 50 Continental R Le Mans special edition road cars with 420-hp engines, celebrating Bentley Motors' EXP Speed 8 racing car's finish at this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans. MSRP will be $328,900. EBay Motors is sponsoring the PBS series, MotorWeek. It biker girl. New Stuff More than 175 pieces of automotive memorabilia will be presented for sale on www.FineArtsBrokerage.com . Included in this selection are Ferrari and Stirling Moss trophies, rare vintage automobile calendars and the Coppa Florio Bugatti Trophy first awarded in 1905. Information is available through their Web site or at 310/;05-8750. (CA) V Cosdel International Transportation's Secure Auto Exchange Program ensures that a buyer's funds for an international car purchase will be delivered to the At the 59th International Automobile Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, 9/13-23/01, Mercedes-Benz unveiled PRE-SAFE, Preventative Occupant Safety, an experimental safety concept combining hazard detection technology with new types of seat-belt tensioners and automatically adjusting seats. Ultimately, a car will detect an imminent collision and engage occupant protection systems before it occurs. Awards Robert Petersen recently received the Special Events Performance Series "Founder's Award." The award honors Petersen for creating the original Street Machine Nationals, which grew into today's 13-event Special Performance Series. 6/Bloomington Gold Corvettes' inaugural Historic Awards, created to recognize Corvettes that influenced Corvette design, performance and prestige, included Dana Mecum for his 1967 427/400 automatic; the car had been ordered by Bill Mitchell as a birthday present for his wife. Sports Car Market

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ellaUTYPPO "MO /NrETNAF /ON& CLASSIC SPORTS CAPS MARINA DEL REY, CALIFORNIA WWWCl/FOUEREPFMC.COM CIAST/Ce epoRrerar 800.9942776  AND CONSY6'N ems WE ROr 1962 Mercedes-Benz 19051 Grey with Red Interior, Very Solid. $22,500 1988 Porsche 930 Turbo Alpine White, Perfect Black Leather, Chrome, Mint Condition. $29,500 1958 Ford Retractable Blue/blue, restored. 310.82Z8665 CARS' WANTED ././.q WE PAY TOP PRICE 1998 Porsche 993 Cabriolet Triple Black, 18" Chromes, C/D, 74,000 Miles! Excellent! $49,500 1968 Ferrari 330 GTC Fly Yellow/Black, concours. 1977 Porsche 930 Turbo Eggplant, 65,000 Miles, Ruf, 5-Speed, Andial Twin-Plug, etc. $26,500 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Black, 66,000 Miles, Superb Restoration. $Call for details 1961 MGA 1600 Red/Black, Wire Wheels, Black Plates. $14,500 1998 Jaguar XK8 Convertible 88,000 Miles, CD, Hi-Fi, etc. Mint! $33,500 1986 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet, Black/Tan, 39,000 Miles, Mint. $36,500 1997 Land Rover Defender 90 Hardtop Wagon, Auto, A/C, White with Grey Interior, 22,000 Miles, Pristine Example. $39,500 /00* IN .VTOCC 4128 LINCOLN NM MARINA Oa k'EY, CA 310.8278665 TEL. 310.8211272 TAX 1997 Mercedes-Benz 51500 Red/Black, 67,000 Miles.

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You Write We Read All letters are subject to editing. Please address correspondence to SCM, 6833 SE Pine Ct., Portland, OR 97215. Fax 503/252-5854, e-mail: mail@sportscarmarketcom Dear SCM: I finally got around to finishing August's SCM and was reading Cindy Banzer's "Collecting Thoughts" article (page 90), when out jumped "Having spent a week constantly grumbling in a $32,000 VW Passat V6 4Motion..." Yikes! I'm getting ready to walk out the door to buy one of those very wagons this week. So, what was your problem with it? Something I ought to know about? Was it just in comparison to the Benz or something more? I'm still open to suggestive information, good or bad. By the way, I liked your article.—Rod Williams, Petaluma, CA Ms. Banzer replies: Everyone loves the Passat except me. Our automatic-equipped test car was sluggish and struggled to get up modest hills. There was no pick-up, and it did not want to downshifi when I felt it should have. Given today's sophisticated, electronically controlled automatics, I expected more. Also, the turning radius is surprisingly large for such a small car Even worse than the lack ofpower was the drumming wind noise in the car with the sunroof open. Trying to find the right combination of fresh air from fully or partially open windows and sunroof drove us crazy. A simple wind deflector might have solved the problem. As it is, this alone would keep me from ever considering this car My biggest gripe with new cars is that so many of them are "smart cars for dumb people." In other words, the car does for you what it wants you to do: memorized seating, rearview mirror steering wheel positions, tipping rear view mirrors when backing up, locking the doors, turning on the lights even if you do not want them on. Unfortunately, the Passat is full of this stiff! I just don't like it. Driving in traffic is complicated enough; I don't need the car to be doing things on its own that I have to think about and overrule. Given how much people rave about the Passat, I thought it was an underpowered, user-cruel car especially at a sticker price of $32,000. Rod replies: Many thanks for your response to my e-mail. I can understand your gripes. Except for the sunroof noise, I've noticed all of this in my test drives. For my wife and I, it has been a real challenge to find a family car to replace our 12year VW Vanagon now that our two kids are out or on their way out of the house. The Passat wagon had the virtue of real room in the back seat and cargo area, all-wheel drive, high quality fit and finish and a reasonable price. Money aside, I would be driving a BMW 540i wagon. I would 12  also have to plunk down $50k on it. Sigh. In my more irresponsibly enjoyable hours I drive a '67 XKE and '67 MGB. On either of these vintage cars what looks like wood is really wood, what looks like chrome is really chrome, what looks like leather is, for better or worse, real leather. No plastic. No daytime running lights. No 14-way motorized seat. No hydraulic fully-automatic GPS-enabled cheese straightener. On the other hand, no airbags, no door protection beam, crappy exhaust emissions, lousy service intervals and, if I remember correctly, a warranty that was a joke. Progress giveth, and progress taketh away. So I'll probably have the guys that have helped me hop up my GTi breathe a little fire into the Passat. Maybe eke out a little more low-end torque. At least it's not another SUV or minivan. I just don't think I could allow myself to put the Jaguar away for a drive in a (ulp) Honda Odyssey. Dear SCM: For your information, I was the second-highest bidder on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ at the Bonhams & Brooks Geneva sale, featured on page 45 of the June issue. I did end up buying a '61 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce at a later auction, at a place I would not normally consider buying a car (Oldtimer Gallery in Toffen, Switzerland). In the end, the calculated risk taken was a good one, and the car has been given an excellent bill of health and complete service by a local Alfa specialist and runs like a charm. Not concours, but solid and attractive and all the good bits are there. The staff were very helpful with the post-sales formalities and documentation on the can—Dennis Thahnan, Founex, Switzerland Dear SCM: Just a few corrections to the Lotus Affordable Classics article in the September issue. The Series 1 and 2 went to 1967, not 1968. Lotus ran out of Triumph (Series 2) axles at the same time the US government emasculated all cars on January 1, 1968. The 1600 engine was introduced with the Series 3 in 1968 and never installed in the S2. The car shown is a Series 3 with a 1600. I know many Series 3 cars were imported with Series 2 documentation in order to get them in "legally" and they carry with them documentation that now proves that they are the early cars. The giveaway in the picture is the bonnet with carb WM) on right side, wide S3 fenders covering a wide rear axle/wheel combination as used on S3.—Brian Hernan, via e-mail Dear SCM: I have a non-collector car question. My job requires a lot of driving throughout Denmark. I am on the road weeks at a time twelve hours a day. The roads that I drive on are mostly secondary, small farm, and some gravel roads. I am looking for a new car for business use. I need a practical and fun car. I am considering an Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 ts. What do you think of this model? Would this be a good choice?—Stig Nielsen, via e-mail Pat Braden replies: Alfa has always been a favorite marque at SCM. Unfortunately, the last Alfa imported into the US was the 164. We haven't seen the 156 in any form, so take that into consideration while pondering our answer When Fiat took over Alfa, enthusiasts were terrified that it would do with the Milanese marque what it did with Lancia: The Beta series almost destroyed Lancia 's reputation for high-quality products. Fortunately, Fiat learned a lesson, and Alfa has benefited as a result. The Fiat-based Alfas have won car-of-the-year honors in Europe and by all accounts are the best post-war Alfas ever Most importantly, reliability has improved considerably. The 156 is a luxurious, yet nimble sedan that has received high praise in the European press. If you ,find it comfortable, it should certainly be up to the driving conditions you describe and should return many trouble-free miles of rewarding driving. Dear SCM: As a long-term 1962 Plymouth owner (26 years), I would like your readers to know (lest they go forth dangerously misinformed) that the ex-Silver/Barrett-Jackson 1962 Plymouth (August issue, page 56) is not a Belvedere, but rather a Savoy. For reasons known only to Virgil Exner, there was no identifying "Savoy" script on the bottomof-the-line 1962 Plymouth. It's one of those "If you have to ask" deals. Sorry for the crude handwritten note, but we 1962 Plymouth owners pride ourselves on our lack of social and business skills.—Joseph Gbylon, Fantasy Junction, Emeryville, CA Dear SCM: I read with interest Parts One and Two of Sheehan's diatribe about the Ferrari F50. What is the exact point of the piece? How to convince your government that a car that was in fact originally manufactured as a street car, was in fact originally manufactured as a race car? Who are we kidding? Is it any surprise it has taken nine months plus thus far? Should we be surprised that the EPA/DOT have their doubts? Perhaps the less said about this example, the better, with the lesson being not to bother with importing an F50 and trying to convince the government that it was originally built as a race can—Joe Sackey, Laguna Niguel, CA Dear SCM: I look forward to each month's edition of SCM and you can imagine my anger when, after clearing the mail from my P.O. Box and leaving my June issue in his 1992 VW Golf GTi 16-valve "hot hatch" prior to giving it to me, our son's GTi was stolen. There went his car, his Callaway golf clubs, a key to my house and, almost worst of all, my SCM for June, 2001. His car remaining unrecovered. our son accepted the miserable insurance company pay-out for his private import GTi and a loss of around $4,000 for his car, but, of course, no recovery of my SCM. I am hoping that there may be a happier ending, for he was recently advised by an officer from what remains of the State of Victoria's disbanded Police Stolen Car Squad (quite incredible, isn't it? With drug crime rampant, why doesn't the Australian government also offer a tertiary course in car theft?) that the car has been recovered. But what about my SCM?! I await developments. In the meantime, would you please keep one aside for me and, if my missing mail does not turn up, I will advise by fax. I remain fascinated by the remarkable depth of choice for the car enthusiast in the US, in contrast to our situation here in Australia where, with our weak dollar, many of the more interesting cars have been sold abroad and companies like Christie's and Sotheby's gave up conducting auctions years ago. Thus, many cars that your staff may not consider to be collectible or hardly worth restoring are well regarded (e.g., standard coupe 356s or production series Ferraris). So, I am presently restoring the only Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS Touring coupe in Australia and also have what is believed to be the oldest of the Maserati 3500 GT series (S/N 101005). I am pleased that you have introduced motorcycle coverage and would suggest that you consider coverage of some of the more interesting ones, rather than those that some British enthusiasts refer to as "gray porridge," for the variety is immense. The range of engineering permutations that exist between a front and a back axle, including suspension, is truly extraordinary.—Bruce HillDouglas, Toorak, Victoria, Australia Erratum In the August issue, the Twenty Year Picture (page 32) had values for the Series I E-type and the Series II Etype reversed.• Sports Car Market

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WITH YOUR RENEWALS Comments Thoughts and observations from fellow subscribers. Better photography and more vintage race cars. Don't get me wrong, you've got a great magazine! — — Jeff August, Royce and a vintage MG, and I like to read about both. — Jared Rundell, Birmingham, MI If you made it any better, I would never leave the bathroom. Even the fringe stuff is good for the personality. I don't know how you could get better! Westerville, OH Thanks for a publication that made me a better-informed consumer for the purchase of my Healey. Keep the magazine as is.—Doug Bare, Little Creek, DE Thanks. Keep up the same content and format. R.H. Riddervold, Orinda, CA — I really enjoy Carl Bomstead's columns! You have a terrific publication!—R.P Ritner, Spokane, WA "Sheehan Speaks" is what I turn to first.— Bill Horton, Fort Lauderdale, FL More Aston Martin! — Milford, PA Love it! I don't ride, but I really enjoy "Bike Buys." If it's mechanical, it's good. Of course, one can never have too much Alfa.—Gerald Epps, Catonsville, MD It's pretty good now. Please resist comments from "sports car purists" that would have you delete coverage of cars they don't consider worthy of your attention. I own a vintage Rolls- Randy Carlson, Bill Vatter, Kennesaw, GA Stay the course! —William Mahalic, Rochester, MI The more Alfa stuff, the better! Prufer, Ashland, OR This magazine is my window into dreaming about cars I'll never be able to afford. Keep up the good work. More Maserati stuff.— Marco Cerqueira, Newark, NJ Just keep up the great work and keep us away from the fright pigs. Thanks.—Barry Menscher, Plantation, FL Keep trucks and SUVs out! Including vintage motorcycles is a good idea.—Daniel T Fenley, Costa Mesa, CA I enjoy the recent addition of vintage motorcycles, but please, no Harleys. Stick to European and select Japanese models.—Bob Ostlund, Saint Paul, MN Richard Lane, San Jose, CA Make it better? How? If this thing came weekly, it would replace Auto Week as the reason to race to the mailbox on Friday!—Robert Prickett, Oviedo, FL More "Cars We've Owned" stories. More "Montreal vs. Dino" stories or comparisons. Or a "We Drive our Classifieds" section. Don't increase American content (please), just more! Thanks. — — Carl Remember that some of us are still dreaming about having a "weekend car," so more articles and info about "starter" cars would be appreciated. — Margarita, CA Your enthusiastic support of the hobby is appreciated, I'm sure, by all of your readers. Tweak, but don't change.—Larry Moss, Roney & Co., Birmingham, MI Publish less on European auctions and more on affordable classics.—Jeff Hepner, Washington, PA And thanks to all ofyou for your renewals and your thoughtful comments.—Keith Martin & Cindy Banzer Doug Anderson, Rancho Santa We make leasing as simple as turning the key. FINANCIAL SERVICES Serving your leasing needs since 1978 Premier October, 2001 47 Sherman Hill Road Woodbury, CT 06798 203-267-7700 FAX: 203-267-7773 DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME Visit our Website at www.WhyNotLease.com 13

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Ask Mr. Kerb by Michael Duffey Send your collector car questions to Mr Kerb, e-mail: mrkerb@compuserve.com, or snailmail to Mr. Kerb, PO. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292. Handling Over Power Dear Mr. Kerb: As a recent escapee from the asylum for lovers of hopeless cars, I am interested in scratching the mid-engined car itch. My tastes run toward handling overpower the smell of oil and leather over plastic, and originality/drivable fun over perfection. A removable top is a plus. As to reliability, this will be a toy, ideally one that allows me some fun in tinkering but won't be inclined to expel major moving parts out the exhaust when I accelerate up an on ramp. Money is not a big issue but I'd prefer to keep the total investment in the vicinity of $10,000415,000. Although I know my candidates are all virtually sale-proof I'd prefer one where my position as the greatest fool in the greater fool chain is not automatically assured. My candidates are a Lotus Europa, Lancia Scorpion or Porsche 914. Which would you choose, or should I sign up for shock therapy and forget the mid-engined car?—L.G, via email Dear Mr. G: Back in the early '70s, I considered this very question for the first time. Then, like now, all major race grids were filled with mid-engined cars and I was convinced that the perfect sporty car must have the motor in the middle. Incidentally, I also thought that the perfect four-cylinder engine would have five main bearings and a belt-drive overhead cam. With my budget at that time, my "perfect car" would have been the Fiat X119. Now, almost thirty years later, I have built three main bearing motors that were reliable even though they didn't know that they needed two more mains, and have also had tons of fun in cars with the motor in the quality made the car.. .well, I am being very kind when I only call it flawed. The rest of your worries will be the dysfunctional cooling system and the rear hubs destroying themselves. I find the Porsche 914's shift linkage only marginally better than the Lotus. The rest of the car is much more substantial than the Europa, with the added bonus of more room for big drivers and both their feet. (In the Europa, every time anything larger than a size 9 shoe hits the pedals, it is an instant "heel and toe.") The Lancia? Well, it's just another Fiat X1/9 in many ways, specifically in longevity and driveability when fully (and legally) smogged. The '70s was a bad time for Fiat and the Fiats that wore Lancia badges. Ever more stringent emission standards ran the power down and the engine temperature up. Of the three cars that you mention, the Lancia is the one that you are least likely to see on the road (or even on the side of the road) today, and I don't recommend that you try to change that situation by getting one. One of the best choices is the 914. front. In fact, for a street car, the mid-engine layout is now my least favorite from a maintenance standpoint. This is important if you choose a car that will need more attention paid to the not-too-accessible drivetrain, as the cars on your list likely will. However, judging from the tone of your question, you probably know (or suspect) all of this, so what about your choices? While it is true that my old Europa would easily outhandle my old Super Seven, the fiddly shift linkage, poor rearward vision and general build 4  Still, you want a mid-engined car and, of the three, even though you won't get the smell of leather over plastic in any of them, the 914 is the most practical. The two-liter is the fastest of the four-cylinder cars and the 914-6 is even quicker than that. These days, most 914s have been modified in some way. The Type 4 engine fitted to the 914/4 can be punched out to 2.7 liters and the sky is the limit with the horsepower potential of the sixcylinder engines. There are tons of cheap cars around and with your budget it should be possible to find something clean and perhaps even a totally sorted-out hot rod. If you install a cowhide interior you will have met all of your criteria: smell of leather, oil and a removable top. Dear Mt: Kerb: I own a 1996 Commemorative Edition Nissan 300ZX As you may know, the last 300 Z-cars built were special commemorative editions numbered from 1 to 300. I believe one or more of these special Z-cars are in automobile museums. I am the proud owner of number 258. It is a cobalt-colored, twin-turbo 300ZX with a fivespeed manual transmission. It has commemorative "Z" decals on the driver and passenger side rear quarter glass and a commemorative "Z" plate with the serial number "258 of 300" mounted on the center console. Each purchaser received a certificate verib;ing the vehicle's commemorative status, as well as a photograph of a like model/color vehicle presented in a leatherette case. Each purchaser also received a letter from then-President of Nissan Motor Corporation USA, Robert .I. Thomas, and a limited edition, framed serigraph. I would like to think that my 300ZX number 258 (it has only 4,000 miles on it) would be a collector 's item of significant value some day. However, I don't know how to determine its present value or to project its possible future value.—L.Z., Metairie, LA Dear Mr. Z: The folks who invested in Corvette Indy Pace Car replicas might disagree about the collectibility of what is basically a production car with a special paint scheme and a few extra badges. There is also the issue of collectibility in general when applied to the world of Japanese cars. The general lack of acclaim for the remanufactured Z cars that Datsun/Nissan built a few years ago taught me a lesson about the limited amount of nostalgia for most cars from the land of the rising sun. Very few cars built in Japan are hard-core collectibles and the most valuable is the Toyota 2000GT. If and when the Nissans become interesting and start to command serious money, we will likely see an increase in the price of the early (196973) Z cars first. When that happens, the later 260s and ZXs might have a chance. Very lowmileage, original cars will lead the pack at sale time. It sounds like your car is pristine right now but the question is, what to do until then? To most folks, the value of your ZX is the same as for any ZX with similar mileage and cosmetic condition. If a ZX collector emerged from the shadows and wanted one of the commemorative editions and you are lucky enough to meet this person before he or she buys one of the others, then you might get a few more dollars. The likelihood of this scenario is pretty slim so the reality is that it's up to you whether you park the car or drive it. It might be a long wait before interest grows in cars like yours Continued on page 32 Sports Car Market

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 Collecting Thoughts  Buying an MGB Sight Unseen: Part 11 by Marshall Stocker 1111/ he search for and purchase of my first vintage sports car was only half the fun (see September 2001, "Collecting Thoughts," page 14). The other half was driving Miss Eloise (1964 MGB SN GHN3L36334) home from Florida to New York. The first 1,000 miles of our 1,300-mile journey were covered with little difficulty, save for a mild sunburn. On the second day I stopped near the nation's capitol early for a quick refueling and fluid check. As I pulled out of the gas station, the water temperature gauge steadily rose toward a feverish range. I panicked. A glance under the hood revealed coolant splattered all over the engine's passenger-side components. What to do with a wounded British sports car, on a Saturday, as dusk settled on a Washington suburb? With no hope of finding an open repair shop until Monday, I called Ian Carpenter, a good friend of mine who lived in Philadelphia and who also Thirty minutes later the tachometer gears, apparently protesting nearly 18 hours at 4,000 rpm, expired and the sound ceased. The tachometer needle even fell off the spindle and drifted around the bottom of the tachometer, like a goldfish floating belly-up. Tachometers are cheap; I was relieved. Too soon. Moments later, I slowed down, but the MGB's engine continued to rev at a high speed. It sounded several thousand rpms above idle, like it was still going 65 mph, but it wasn't quite in redline country. Of course, without a tachometer I had no accurate way to determine how fast the engine was running. We sat motionless by the side of the road while the B idled somewhere around 3,500 rpm. I blipped the throttle, and the engine speed dropped to a more appropriate 600 rpm. This impromptu therapy got me through the remaining 50 miles. Eloise enjoying Southern culture. knew cars. A self-taught MD in the treatment of automobile trauma, he could perform the diagnosis and either suggest finding a hotel room or prescribe the proverbial magic pill. Given the symptoms, the doctor's cellphone diagnosis was a high-pressure leak in the cooling system. The treatment involved refilling the half-empty radiator and loosening the radiator cap to prevent pressure build-up. By reducing the pressure, the coolant would be less likely to squirt out from the errant leak in the circulatory system. Then all I needed to do was make it to Philly where Ian would perform the necessary surgery to repair the leak for good. The temporary fix worked as Eloise lost only a few ounces by the time we limped into the emergency room. However, the coolant leak was only the beginning of what was to become a lengthening list of difficulties between Washington and Philadelphia. The second stage of my travails began with a horrendous intermittent grinding sound. I was certain it was emanating from the drivetrain, as the frequency of the sound was proportional to engine speed and quite near the transmission tunnel. The bone-chilling sound rang in my ears like a mechanical dirge. Was our honeymoon coming to a catastrophic ending? October, 2001  Nearly seven hours behind schedule, I met Ian in Philadelphia and insisted that he drive the car. The MGB was my first real sports car and I was looking for validation from an automobile expert. In his opinion, Eloise was a remarkably throaty car with better torque than horsepower. His verdict rekindled my spirits. Ian then looked under the bonnet. Easiest to fix would be the broken carburetor return spring. Not so easy would be the external head gasket leak visible between the third and fourth cylinders. Actually, how to fix it was easy: replace the head gasket, check for head warping, and verify the head bolts were secure in the block. The greatest of our problems was that it was now 1 a.m. on a Sunday morning and neither one of us happened to have a head gasket for a '64 MGB handy. By phone, I contacted the seller and asked why the head gasket might have started to leak. He was of little help, having only owned the car for three months. At my insistence, he referred me to the previous owner. The B's history began to unfold as I chatted with the man who had owned the car for nearly twenty-five years. "Babe" (now known as Eloise) had been acquired in the mid-1970s when the previous owner was living in California. At that time, the car was white with a red interior and had two off-center stripes running over the bonnet, one red and one blue. After moving to Alabama in the mid 1980s, a daughter was charged with tending "Babe" and mistakenly read the oil level to be too low. After adding eight quarts of oil to those already in the car, she drove off and promptly delivered the engine into the after-life. Given the impetus to rebuild the engine, the son of the owner commissioned a mechanical and cosmetic restoration. As part of the restoration, the car's color was changed from white to red. Likewise the red interior was replaced with black vinyl with red piping, a visually appealing combination, but far from original. It came as no surprise that white was not the original color either. Before I left for Florida I had acquired the Heritage Trust certificate (http://www.heritage.org.uk/archive/ trace%2Ocertificate.htm) along with several Department of Motor Vehicles records. The certificate stated S/N GHN3L36334 was issued to a car painted black when it left the factory. I removed a fleck of paint already loose in the engine bay. Black shone through and confirmed the certificate's description of the car's factory-issued form, which also included a red interior, not the current black. Also confirmed were the factory-issued steel wheels that had not been discarded for the popular aftermarket wire wheels. As a final twist, the certificate indicated that this '64 MGB had originally been delivered and sold in Canada. The document also revealed that the most recent seller had purchased the car only three months earlier for $2,500 before selling it to me for $8,000. As the Sabbath—apparently a holy day for all local British car parts suppliers—passed, I suffered from a mild depression. I had been starry-eyed with the notion that I could fly to Florida for a three-day weekend, triumphantly returning to introduce my skeptical wife to the newest addition to our family—all before I had to return to work on Monday. Now I wouldn't even have a head gasket until Monday. On Monday, we discovered that the cylinder head was mildly warped. After an hour of grinding, the car received a new head gasket. Eloise and I sped off to make an absolutely essential social meeting that my wife had scheduled. I had to arrive home early enough to clean my face of three days of road grit that can only be earned after driving 1,300 miles in a '60s sports car, top-down. But the wide, silly grin I had earned stayed for days. At age 26, the Generation X author lookki forward to a continuing saga of self-flagellation as he pursues his love of vintage cars. • 15

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BIKE BUYS 1982 Suzuki Katana GS1000S A concept bike called the Katana was the hit of the 1980 Cologne motor- cycle show. It featured advanced, aggressive body styling that broke from the traditional motorcycle appearance of the time. Its tiny tinted windshield and the plastic shark nose projecting in front of the headlight were striking. Suzuki had engaged a German company called Target Design for styling, and Hans Muth created the controversial shape. When released as a production motorcycle in 1982, nearly all the high-style features were kept. With 104 horsepower, the fourcylinder, 16-valve Suzuki was competitive with other superbikes of its time, including the six-cylinder Honda CBX and Kawasaki KZ1300. It could roll up the guar- A rider once wrote to the maga- zine Performance Bikes, asking how to fix a Katana that spat out 15inch flames when he backed off the throttle after a high-speed run. Their answer was, that isn't a problem, that's part of the reason people buy Katanas. The frame and engine were virtually identical to Suzuki's mundane-looking GS-1000 series bikes. But the 5.8-gallon fuel tank, seat, side covers and tail section were unique to the Katana model. The seat was covered in two kinds of vinyl, which caused the Katana to look like a single-seat racer. Katarta with afiermarket exhaust. ter mile in 11.23 seconds and was smooth at triple-digit speeds. The engine, visually dominated by a large round clutch cover on the right side, and breathing through four Mikuni carburetors and a black chrome exhaust system, was massive and strong. An oil cooler was fitted beneath the fairing. Aluminum clip-on handlebars and rear-set footpegs forced the rider into a racing crouch, uncomfortable for city streets and only useful at high speeds. But the look was right. The big Suzuki's performance features included an aluminum swing arm for lighter weight, and antidive front forks to prevent diving under hard braking. (This device, activated by brake fluid pressure, has proven problematic over time. Many have been disconnected.) Twin disc brakes were up front, with a single disc at the rear. In the '80s, the radically styled Katana was a flop in the marketplace. Buyers preferred the conventionallooking Suzuki GS-1100E, which offered nearly identical performance without the trendy appearance. Today, in a world of completely enveloped Japanese sport bikes, the svelte Katana is immediately recognizable. Over the years, it has become a classic whose sleek aerodynamic shape provided a preview of the style that all high-performance road bikes would emulate in the future.—Bill Neill• Years produced  Colors  Number produced  Engine  Transmission  Weight  Price new  Value today  Frame #  1982-83 silver N/A 1,000 cc (1982), 1,100 cc (1983) 5-speed, left foot 510 lbs. (dry) $4,499 $2,000-$3,500 Steering head Engine # .... Right side of crankcase Web site .. www.katanacentral.co.uk Perfect Katana owner .... Wishes his leathers looked like Darth Vader's outfit in Star Wars Rating: **Ia..** is best Fun to ride  Ease of maintenance  Appreciation potential  11-4-11-13USAppraisal MONTHLY MYSTERY PHOTO Response Deadline November 1, 2001 ritish Car Call Now to Request a No-Risk Sample Issue of The Only American Magazine for British Car Enthusiasts Subscribe now by calling Our photo, your caption. Be the author of the most accurate, most creative or most provocative response and receive a genuine, highly desirable, sure-to-be-collectible-someday 1/18 scale collector car model courtesy of USAppraisal. Ties will be arbitrarily and capriciously decided. Fax your response to 503/252-5854. e-mail: copyed@sportscarmarket.com; snailmail: Mystery, 6833 SE Pine Ct., Portland, OR 97215-1429. 16  800-520-8292 Outside U.S. 1-650-949-9680 Six Issues Each Year $22.95 25 percent savings from newsstand price! Canada US$26  Overseas US$35 Foreign payments must be drawn on U.S. Banks No-Risk Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with your first issue. cancel and we will refund the full rust of your subscription. www.britishcar.com P.O. Box 1683 Los Altos, CA 94023 WilawCard Sports Car Market

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The Wrenching TRUTH A look at repair and restoration shops recommended by SCM subscribers. Please send your suggestions for shops for us to consider to copyed@sportscarmarket.com , fax 503/252-5854. Moal, Inc. Moal is stylist, engineer, designer and team manager on his car fabrication projects. He is also an experienced metalsmith who does everything from fender and complete body repairs to replication of components for all manner of collector and exotic cars. The Moal family also operates a body and fender business in Oakland. His creations amalgamate elements from such disparate influences as the American hot rod, sprint cars and midgets, Ferrari, Bugatti and Alfa Romeo sports and monoposto racers from the '30s, and front-engined Indy roadsters from the '40s and '50s. The car he is creating for Zausner, now in an advanced assembly stage in his shop, is a cumulative study in the Moal method. The 114-inch wheelbase, 2,500-pound roadster is powered by a 436-hp Ferrari Maranello V12, connected to a six-speed transaxle and shoehorned into an extremely strong space tube frame. In July of this year the car was subjected to industrial torsional rigidity tests and exhibited only one degree of measured bend at 8,000 pounds of pressure. The car is built to Moal's simple but successful roadworthy axiom: Provide superior torsional rigidity to handle the horses and create a suspension system to deliver the goods. In Zausner's case, this means a boxed frame made from 4130 chrome moly steel rails, triangulated suspension towers and IRS with outboard swing axles. The front suspension is part Ferrari with hand-machined control arms, wheel adapters and spindles by master machinist Jack Friedland. The V12 engine is complex, with computerized injection and ignition systems. The dry sump, oil cooler, fuel tank and battery are nestled in the rear quadrant. The exhaust system runs through "bag o' snakes" headers and out through holes in the subflooring. Moal gives credit to Zausner on this current project. "Being a serious enthusiast and highly knowledgeable about the styling, history and October, 2001  expensive high-performance motor cars. In less than a decade, this 55-year-old Oakland, California, native has affixed his marque to a series of increasingly sophisticated and very fast hand-built roadsters that have attracted a coterie of cognoscenti—including TV and film star Tim Allen, Silicon Valley shoguns, and San Francisco Ferraristi and SCM subscriber Eric Zausner. S by Michael Dobrin teve Moal is a third-generation motoring craftsman whose one-off, hand-fabricated vehicles stand as testimony to the fact that there is a place in our CAD/CAM cyberworld for custom-built, rakish, daring and provenance of sports cars and American hot rods, his input has really helped define and shape this project." Moal is one of the few practitioners of the Steve Moal is a devotee of works by Frank Kurtis and has a long-running collaboration with Midwest sprint car racer-builder Jackie Howerton. "Because we were body and fender specialists locally for Mercedes," he says, "I began to form some ideas about these fine cars. I even at one time wanted to build my own version of the SSK." Moal (front) and Friedland work on Tim Allen's car. old - world coachwork skill of hemming on, or the superleggera technique developed by carrozzeria Touring, wherein he and his main metalman, Jimmy Kilroy, "hem on" or crimp aluminum body panels about a subframe tubing matrix. Moal's grandfather William, a wheelwright and metalsmith, emigrated from France and by 1911 his Moal's Auto Metal Works was going strong on 29th and Broadway in Oakland. His father, George, built a successful body and fender operation. The elder Moal is an accomplished woodworker and craftsman whose laminated steering wheels and custom gauges often show up on his son's creations. Moal Sr. ran with a local racing crowd. Indy Location ...939 E. 1 1 th St., Oakland, CA 94606 Number of staff  Owner  Shop  Moal, Inc. Steve Moal Number of bays  10,000 sq. feet of shop space Years in operation  Specialty  Phone  Fax  E-mail  15 55 Hand-formed metal bodies, complete concept automobiles 510/834-0171 510/272-9288 moals@pacbell.net and champ car racers Freddie Agabashian and Ed Elisian, prankster-striper Tommy "The Greek" Hrones and consummate metalman Jack Hageman all came through the Moal shops. Hageman's flawless and dramatic metalwork drew Steve Moal to imagine the creative possibilities in shaping cars in distinctive styles. By the late '70s and early '80s, Moal was taking on metalwork assignments from concours showmen and private collectors. Initial projects focused on fender or body repair or complete refabrication, He redid the 1938 Alfa Romeo (ex-Chinetti) 2.9 racer owned by Bob Lee of Sparks, Nevada. He also did Lee's LeBaron-bodied Packard Boattail, a Pebble Beach winner. There were a number of commissions for another Pebble Beach showman, John Mozart, including bodywork on his Best in Show Corsica-bodied Tipo 57C Bugatti. Moal built a relationship with Phil Reilly, taking on metalwork projects from Reilly's Corte Madera, California, shop. In 1991, collaborating with designer Don Varner and motorcycling stylist and Harley-Davidson dealer Bob Dron, he created the stunning "Heritage Royale," a custom-bodied Milwaukee thumper that re-wrote the book on motorcycle styling. Tim Allen saw an article about the V8 Special and wanted that actual vehicle. When told it was sold, Allen said, "Well, build me one." Hence the RRR Licorice Streak, a thunderous tour de motoring force powered by a Ford SVO 351 engine. Moal has built a team of specialists for these projects. They include Kilroy, machinist Friedland, aeronautical engineer Michael Amold, machinist Darrell Hayes, fabricator Don Brazil, frame specialists Dan Freitas and Curt Hill, billet sculptor John Buttera, and tool-and-die makers Carsten Kettlitz and Gary Scheuter. Moal's sons Michael, a fine painter, and David, a mechanical engineer who specializes in solid work modeling, are also part of the team. Moal says he designs and builds complete cars for "spirited motoring." The number of commissions coming to Oakland suggests that there are serious enthusiasts who are still looking for talented individuals to build them, in the tradition of the great coachbuilt specials of the '30s and '40s, the exact and unique car of their dreams. • He built a breakthrough jewel in the mid'90s—the small, black California V8 Special roadster that integrated classic elements from the American hot rod (solid front axle, flathead Ford V8 power), sprint car ("beehive" grille snout) and Europe (fadeaway fender lines and a rounded rear bustle). 17

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Auction CALENDAR All dates listed are current at time of publication. Contact information for most auction companies may be found in the Resource Directory at the back of this issue. Please confirm dates and locations before attending any event. OCTOBER Mississippi - October 5-6 INT. CLASSIC AUCTIONS - Biloxi Colorado - October 6 SPECIALTY AUTO AUC. - Longmont Illinois - October 6 VINTAGE GAVEL INC. - Joliet Nevada - October 6 SILVER - Las Vegas England - October 10 COYS OF KENSINGTON - London Pennsylvania - October 12 BLACKHAWK - Hershey Pennsylvania - October 12 BONHAMS & BROOKS - Hershey Oklahoma - October 12-14 SMITH & SANTIAGO - Tulsa Texas - October 13 KRUSE INT. - Longview Canada - October 19-21 RM CLASSIC CARS - Toronto, Ontario Missouri - October 19-21 KRUSE INT. - Branson Arizona - October 20 VINTAGE GAVEL INC. - Chandler Louisiana - October 20 INT. CLASSIC AUCTIONS - Bossier City Washington - October 20 SILVER - Spokane England - October 20 BONHAMS & BROOKS - Chelsea Kentucky - October 20-21 TOM WILLIAMS AUC.- Louisville North Carolina - October 27 MECUM - Charlotte California - October 27-28 KRUSE INT. - Santa Clara Michigan - October 26-28 RM CLASSIC CARS - Novi France - October 29 POULAIN LE FUR - Paris NOVEMBER Illinois - November 3 MECUM - Bloomington California - November 3-4 SPECTRUM - Newport Idaho - November 10 SILVER - Boise France - November 12 POULAIN LE FUR - Paris Texas - November 16-18 KRUSE INT. - Dallas Arizona - November 17 MECUM - Scottsdale California - November 17-18 McCORMICK - Palm Springs Arizona - November 23-25 INT. CLASSIC AUCTIONS - Gilbert Washington - November 24 SILVER - Seattle Texas - November 24-25 TOM WILLIAMS AUC. - Houston England - November 28 H&H AUCTIONS - Derbyshire DECEMBER Washington - December 1 SILVER - Spokane England - December 1 BONHAMS & BROOKS - London Switzerland - December 1 OLDTIMER GALLERIE - Toffen Florida - December 1-2 KRUSE INT. - Sarasota Missouri - December 1-2 MECUM - Kansas City England - December 4 CHRISTIE'S - London England - December 10 COYS OF KENSINGTON - London France - December 10 POULAIN LE FUR - Paris JANUARY, 2002 Arizona - TBA KRUSE INT. - Turf Paradise Arizona - January 11-14 SILVER - Fountain Hills Arizona - January 16-20 BARRETT-JACKSON - Scottsdale Arizona - January 18 RM AUCTIONS - Phoenix For your FREE Auction listing in this directory, please contact Brian Rabold. 503/261-7127 x203, fax 503/253-2234, e-mail: copyed@sportscarmarket.com SPORTS CAR MARKE The Complete Insider's Guide to Collectin No matter what your prized possessions are, our award-winning equipment provides immaculate, enclosed, door-to-door transport. We offer containerizing for overseas shipping, automobile storage, and pier service. Featuring HighwayMaster satellite tracking/communication systems. Visit our web site at www.horselesscarriage.com R ES TOR AT 1 ONS Twenty years dedicated to the meticulous restoration of the world's finest exotic, vintage and classic motor cars. APPRAISING SERVICES AVAILABLE: DECLARED VALUE • LOSS DAMAGE • ESTATES 2347 GOLD RIVER ROAD • SUITE N • GOLD RIVER, CA 95670 (916) 635-3559 • FAX (916) 635-5824 8  aitiN,des Q:arriaile Ctrrimi, -.3111C. 61 Iowa Avenue • Paterson, New Jersey 07503 800-631-7796 In NJ 973-742-36$2 , Fax 973-742-8369 Sports Car Marke You can't trust them with just anyone. furi , Prized Possessions. Florida - January 25-27 MECUM - Kissimmee FEBRUARY, 2002 California - February 2-3 SPECTRUM - Van Nuys California - February 23-24 McCORMICK - Palm Springs MARCH, 2002 Florida - March 9 RM AUCTIONS - Amelia Island APRIL, 2002 California - April 5-7 SPECTRUM - Palm Springs Nevada - April 19-21 "THE AUCTION" - Las Vegas AUGUST. 2002 Nevada - August 8-11 SILVER - Reno•

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4111r7") Chassis number: ZAR16200003002172 The RZ was designed and built by Zagato. The coachwork was a thermoplastic resin, reinforced with fiberglass composite material and bonded to a steel chassis with special adhesives to produce a body with extraordinary torsional rigidity. The result was dramatic and the Italian press described the car as "Ii Mostro," or "the Monster." It was immediately loved or hated. The mechanical concept of the RZ prototype was the fruit of work by Alfa Romeo, together with an important contribution from Alfa Racing. The RZ is the synthesis of traditional technology pushed to its highest level. It is not, and does not pretend to be, a high-tech car. Engineers specified a 3.0-liter V6, double overhead camshaft, light alloy engine, with maximum care being taken with the timing, the camshafts, the compression ratios and the geometry of the manifolds. The engine produced 210 bhp and gave the RZ a top speed of 151 mph. The transaxle scheme, with front engine, rear gearbox and De Dion axle, guarantees exceptional stability, thanks to optimal distribution of the load across the two axles. The RZ's restricted ground clearance prompted the adoption of a hydraulic lifting suspension system, operated by means of a button on the dashboard. The driver can raise the car by 50 mm in order to get over speed bumps and the like. A lfa Romeo has produced a lot ofcars that have remained memorable, whether commercially successful or otherwise. The RZ, as a high-performance convertible, is one of those cars. Years produced  Number produced  Price new  SCM Price Guide  Production of the RZ commenced at the beginning of 1992 with a total of 278 units produced. The car pictured here is number 81. It comes complete with the appropriate Zagato certification and is finished in classic Giallo (Fly yellow) with a black hide interior. This example came to the UK in 2000 and has seen very little use since being regis- _ tered, the odometer showing a total of some 37,000 kilometers. It is rare that this exclusive coach-built piece of exotica is available in the UK and this excellent ready-to-roar example offers exhilarating top-down summer motoring with unprecedented levels of head-turning style. This Alfa RZ sold for $23,124, including buyer 's premium, at the Coys of Kensington Rockingham sale on May 27, 2001. Below SCM's Price Guide, one could not have bought a more striking car for the price. Zagato has been in search of an identity for some time. After the war, its Giulietta SZ and Giulia TZ coupes regained the carrozeria's pre-war reputation for bodies of exceptional beauty and functionality. More recently, however, the company has delegated most of its fabrication to Galbiati and is striving to become a pure design firm. If Zagato's vision of the automotive future is accurate, we may have real cause for concern. The convertible RZ is a conversion of the SZ coupe, the real owner of the "Mostn9" title. These two limited-production Zagatos continued Alfa abrupt, "crashed-into-a-brick-wall" styling theme established with the Milano and reflected in the current Spider and Sprint. The auction catalog's copy, when run through the SCM truth translator; properly evaluates the model: It was Club  Web Site  Alternatives  October. 2001  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Market Review at Buyer's Guide • 1111111 MILANO  1995 Alfa Romeo RZ Zagato ANONIMA LOMBARDA FABORICA AUTOM013111 tipols  N MIM4 AROC, 10 Raskin Road, Morristown, NJ 07960 www.aroc-usa.org Porsche 911 SC, Nissan 300ZX twin turbo a commercial failure, controversial, not high-tech and inherently impractical over speed bumps (i.e., for everyday driving). The ultimate failure of the series, however; was that it never delivered on its visual promise—it looks like it should be the fastest car in the world. You can think of it as a funnylooking Milano, or a spike-haired groupie who can't sing or play guitar Development of the SZ began in the summer of 1987 and it made its debut in 1989. The basis of the car is the Milano Verde, with which it shares its driveline. Unfortunately, Alfa's SOHC V6 engine (as in the RZ) was first introduced in 1979 in the Alfa 6 (some ten years after its initial design) and the SZ chassis derives from the Alfetta sedan, which was introduced in 1975. As a result, the components of the SZ were well aged at the time of its introduction. The RZ, a chop-top, appeared in the winter of 1992, probably as an attempt to sell off the remaining SZs. The SZ's finest moment of valuation came before it was introduced Recall that 1989 was near the peak of the speculative era for collector cars. Alfa announced it was limiting production 1989-94 998 (SZ and RZ) $65,875 $27,000-$30,000 $200 $45 On bulkhead On passenger side of engine block of the SZ to 1,000 and contracts for future delivery of the cars traded hands for as much as $100,000. However; when the car market crashed, this "instant collectible" became just a rebodied Milano and values plummeted to current levels. In the SZ's defense, SCM'er David Cohen at one time kept an SZ in Europe, and told us, "It's one of the most satisfying high-speed touring cars I've ever driven." And, of course, Mr Cohen has driven more than a few. So, who would buy this car? Those who want to stand out from the crowd and use their cars to bolster their image. It is the aesthetic successor to the Daimler SP250—you simply can't ignore this car Its presence is so overwhelming that performance and beauty, or lack thereof seems hardly relevant. To become a true classic, however; a car must offer superior performance, beauty and utility. The price paid suggests that the SZ and RZ fail all three tests, and their market will probably trend downward for the foreseeable future. Well bought at the price if you have to have one, but not a sure-fire long-term investment.—Pat Braden (Historic data and photo courtesy of auction company)• 19

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ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Regular text classified only $15 per month. 33 8C 2300 TOURING, Touring Spyder, 2211073 $1,250,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA 34 8C 2600 MONZA, Brianza Spyder, 2211133 $950,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA 37 12C-37, Scuderia Ferrari Monoposto, 51204, P.O.A. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800 . CA 37 8C 2900B, Touring Mille Miglia Spyder, 412021 $2,500,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA 47 6C2500 FRECCIA D'ORO, charmingly original, US & Euro papers, runs and looks as it should, proper period pieces $85,000. Cosmopolitan Motors, LLC, 206467-6531. FAX 206-467-6532 WA 55 1900C SPRINT S2, Ghia coupe, in charcoal w/blk & white int, 5-spd, many SS features $59,500. Fantasy Junction, 510653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 57 1900 3-WINDOW, touring coupe, white w/caramel, excellent older restoration including proper installation of 2 liter engine & 5-spd gearbox, lovely example, a pleasure to drive $37,500. Fantasy Junction, 510653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 57 750 GIULIETTA, Normale, restored, white w/blk int w/red piping & carpet, recently refreshed, dead stock orig except for beefy Veloce setup and 5-spd trans, a one owner car 40 yrs, 70K orig miles $21,000. Cosmopolitan Motors, LLC, 206-4676531. FAX 206-653-6532 WA 57 GIULIETTA NORMALE, roadster, very complete, off road 15+ years, can run, hardtop only, present owner 17 years $7,000 ONO. 562-498-2798. CA 60 SPRINT SPECIALE, AR1012000239, complete bare metal restoration; no rust or Bondo, New chrome. Rosso Rubino with new gray leather w/piping. New Pirellis. New rubber hoses, window & door seals. New suspension bushings and shocks, mechanically excellent. Newly rebuilt Veloce engine. Original block also available. 72,000 miles, great driving car, $27,000 obo. 407-876-8860. FL 60 GIULIETTA SPRINT, Normale, nice original car, primered, ready for paint, needs finishing, correct, complete and not rusty $6,500. Cosmopolitan Motors, LLC, 206467-6531. FAX 206-653-6532 WA 61 SPRINT SPECIALE, red/grey int, red piping, complete body-off restoration, 16K mi, rust-free, mechanically perfect, show quality $29,750. 210-497-8623. FAX 210-497-8141 TX 62 2000, rare Touring bodied Spyder, rebuilt engine & trans, near perfect bodywork, new black top, excellent original interior on low mile car, one ofthe finest in existence $23,500 BO. John, 847-823-1494. IL 62 BERTONE SPRINT, Special coupe, Giulietta, complete, has all trim, exc driver, fitted Giulia engine & 5-spd, correct engine available, has some rust $11,000. 562498-2798. CA 63 GIULIA SPYDER 1600, red w/blk leather, restored and expertly prepared for vintage road and track events, records $25,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 65 GIULIA SPYDER 1600, red, one owner, 48,000 miles, rust-free, California car, mechanically fresh, requiring only cosmetics to be outstanding. $12,500. Jeff Knudsen, 616-335-3868. MI 65 GIULIA SUPER, project or parts, some small parts missing $2,000 OBO. Bill or Jeff, 847-234-2800. IL 65 TZ1, #096, matching engine, unrestored good original condition. Photos garryroberts@fea.net $189,000. Gary, 949650-2690. CA 66 2600 SPRINT, Weber carbs, lots of new parts included, complete, good driver, not a restoration project $9,500. 626-7985345. CA 66 GTV, red/tan, full professional restoration, leather interior, Sperry stage 5 2Liter, 45 mm Webers, Mini-Lites, R-1 tires, Nardi wheel, much more, $15,000. 570-825-0571. PA 66 SPRINT SPECIALE, red w/gray mt., 70,000 mi, needs new owner, restored. nyzz@dellmail.com $22,000. Steve Nylin, 425-481-7903. WA 67 DUETTO SPYDER, very clean & proper model, white w/maroon int, nice paint, inter & top, exc cond, great runner, no rust $15,750. Cosmopolitan Motors, LLC, 206467-6531. FAX 206-467-6532 WA 67 DUETTO BOATTAIL, covered headlamps, show quality paint, very sound body, good top & interior, very good mechanically $14,500. 716-889-9414. NY 68 GIULIA 1300TI 4-DR, upgraded 1750cc eng, great cond, white w/grey int, pictures available $11,000 OBO. 650-7039460. CA 68 GIULIA SUPER, 21K orig mi, mocha ext, tan int, repainted, exceptional car throughout, 1600cc $8,900 firm, serious only. 773-271-6983 weekdays. IL 69 DUETTO, blue, strong runner, mechanically excellent, always inside but slightly faded by time $5,000. 501-664-4373. AR 69 GTV, fully restored to nice driver specs w/lots invested, amen w/tan leather, gorgeous mahogany int, mechanically outrageous, needs nothing $17,000 hurry. Cosmopolitan Motors, LLC, 206-467-6531. FAX 206-467-6532 WA 70 JUNIOR ZAGATO 1300, version w/ big valve 1750 motor, new int, very good mechanically, exterior needs attention $11,000 OBO. 805-924-0223. CA 71 MONTREAL, 5-spd, 8-cyl, Euro comp specs, low miles, exc cond $26,000 US $. 905-839-3712 eves. CANADA ON 73 GTV, 150 hp Euro version, in US since 1977, red/blk int, excellent in and out, CA tags $8,500. 714-898-2945. CA 73 GTV, 45K miles after complete restoration, 2000 Weber carbs, 2nd owner, burgundy, tan, new Michelin tires & numerous engine parts $4,000 OBO. Wanda, 803343-3122. 803-540-1093.SC Jon Norman's ALFA PARTS V New, extremely competitive "value pricing" on all parts. V Over 20 years of Alfa experience. Street & race. '1300, 1600, 1750, 2000, V6 - we know them all V ORDERS WILL NOT GET LOST & YOU WILL GET THE RIGHT PART THE FIRST TIME! In California, call: 1-800-890-ALFA (2532) or 510-525-9435 Fax: 510-525-9519 20  750-101-102-105-106-115-116-119-164 The largest stock in North America makes AR Ricambi your first choice for all your Alfa Romeo parts needs • Replacement Parts: Engine, drive line, sheet metal, glass, rubber. Original Equipment and aftermarket supply... • Performance Parts: Headers, cams, pistons, springs, sway bars, induction, brakes...and more Call to order our new 1996 Performance Parts Catalog 800 225 ALFA Sports Car Market

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74 2000 GTV, green/pigskin, 18K mi, timewarp factory orig, outstanding condition, no bad weather driving, never a radio, no antenna, performance serviced, extras $15,750. Keith, 616-392-1384. MI 74 GTV 2000, red, sunroof, runs well, new exhaust, Weber carb conversion $4,500. 651-739-2822. MN 74 GTV 2000 INJECTION, cream w/blk int, runs and drives but needs interior cosmetics, worn paint but rust-free $5,500. Cosmopolitan Motors, LLC, 206-4676531. FAX 206-467-6532 WA 74 MONTREAL, complete, unrestored, no accidents, very slight rust spots, 1K miles on rebuilt motor, parked in garage 4 years ago $7,500 firm, call for info. Matt, 713-8492400. FAX 713-849-2401 TX 77 SPIDER, 40K orig mi, new red paint, new upholstery, carpet & top, runs great, garage kept, excellent condition $9,900 OBO. 847-970-9887. IL PARTS 1900/2000 N.O.S T-42 Splined hubs, Borrani knock-off nuts & conversion bearings for wire wheels call Mark Strohauer e-mail: markstrol@juno.com, 770-425-1436.• FREE ALFA CATALOG! Restoration & Replacement Parts, Giuliefta through 164 PALM  FIBRE COCO Was " The Last Thing a Great Car Needs " • The original classic look • Custom sizes for all vehicles • Free Swatch samples • 11 colors available • Factory Direct Calk 800 461-3533 Driver Rubber Heel Pad Y(pdated .9mroved Hand Selected Cocos & Sisal Matting Vinyl Edging ar_enterune „. a fa romeo parts s‘l, Nibbed Rubber Back www.cocomats.com Re-Originals Call: 303-447-0239 or fax: 303 447 0257 www.centerlinealfa.com - - .".:,-lon"2,5.29 Ferrari 355 Spid For Office Chairs, Hot Rods, o wan 'f .1 11 34113 111) 'flu/ ,P23 711444.90349.1 914434-:›21 let) _ Available Unupholstered Mention this Ad f FREE CATALOGS & UPHO Alfa - Ferrari - Lancia - Fiat - Mase October, 2001 iIiL1LILH lAai  l'iPi)121.4 ail aillPitto a taiithoillthil 21

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FER.ItAR. Elton John's 1986 Ferrari 4121 Chassis number: 63907 Engine number: 00145 ATIF he 412 was the definitive version of the 2+2 coupe series that Ferrari introduced in 1972 as the 365 GT/4 2+2. Built to challenge the finest luxury saloons available, it was anticipated that large demand would come from the American market. Sadly, the costs involved in meeting US regulations denied it this market. Through updates, the model gained an automatic transmission, fuel injection, a larger engine and, with all these, improved performance and handling. This Ferrari was purchased, used, by Elton John in 1992. Originally metallic brown, Elton had the car resprayed to the present black and toned down the interior, replacing the dash fascia with black to make the attractive combination it is today. It is offered with the original service folder, which confirms maintenance by leading Ferrari specialists and slightly over 30,000 miles—with just 350 covered since 1997. The car was recently serviced in November of 2000 and is a well-preserved example. Of the 412, Elton John commented: "It's a beautiful car...I love the look. It's a classic Ferrari shape." Sir Elton's fleet manager was somewhat less enthusiastic, however, remembering that when he first saw it, he had mistaken its identity. "It was a horrible bronzey color that you associate with a Datsun." His opinion, however, has gone up immeasurably since it was resprayed black, and he now says it's a lovely car to drive. At Christie's London sale of 20 of Sir Elton John's cars, this 412, the first car to cross the block, brought an astounding $59,640. This exceeded Christie's high estimate by 65%, but every single car at this sale sold above Christie's high estimate—some reaching close to three times the amount predicted. Clearly, an astute auction house, in this case Christie's, can obtain results that bear almost no relation to current market values when celebrity ownership is a factor Years produced  Number produced  Original price SCM Price Guide  Major service  Ignition ECU  Chassis # Engine #  Club  The catalog excelled in giving some nearlyordinary cars character What Royal-doting Englishman could resist the blue 1978 Aston Martin V8 Vantage coupe that was once painted bright yellow with black and red stripes—the Watford Football Club colors—and evoked Web site  Alternatives  Prince Philip to ask Sir Elton, "Oh, it's you that owns that ghastly car, is it?" Rated a condition #2+, it sold for $144,900, bringing $90,000 above market in the opinion of SCM reporter Richard Hudson-Evans. 22  As one perceptive auction observer put it, "These were buyers of memorabilia and collectibles who otherwise would be throwing away six-figure amounts for Fender Stratocaster guitars. Christie's cleverly positioned, marketed and promoted the sale as Sir Elton John's stuff that happens to be cars, not cars that happen to be Elton John's." Although he was in Atlanta at the time of the auction, Sir Elton followed the progress of the sale. "There's obviously a lot of money to be made from second-hand cars! It's great to know that the people who have bought my cars place such a high value on them, and that the care that has been put into looking after them over all the years has been well worth it. I hope that all of the new owners enjoy these cars as much as I did," he commented. Driving them? These are objects bought to be talked about and to impress one's acquaintances. "Shall we take Sir Elton 's Bentley tonight or would you prefer his Rolls?" 1985-89 576 $63,500 plus EPA DOT legalizing, $12,800—Amerispec 1981 $35,000-$42,000 $3,500 $2,500  On top of steering column in driver's compartment Rear-center of engine block. non-matching Ferrari Club of America, Box 720597, Atlanta, GA 30358; Ferrari Owner's Club, 8642 Cleta St., Downey, CA 90241 w-ww.ferrariclubofamerica.org ; FerrariOwnersClub.org A photo from Sir Elton's collection To step back into the real world for a moment, the 412, along with its predecessors, are at the bottom of the Ferrari pecking order, with perhaps only the lowly 308 GT4 or Mondial 8 selling for less money. Elton John may have thought it was a "classic Ferrari shape," but for most collectors it's a classic Fiat shape with more cylinders. The best USspec 412 in the world can be had for $42,000, and that includes DOT/EPA paperwork. And when you go to sell it in five years, you 're going to have to take a lot less. So this particular 30,000-mile, repainted, two-owner 412i in condition #1-, with records and books, sold for $59,640. What does this say about the 412 market? Or the Ferrari market? Nothing. What it does say is that Sir Elton John's stuff is hot. No other London collector car auction has generated as much pre-sale publicity. And when his famous photography collection hits the block, that will really be a sale.—John Apen (Historic data and photo courtesy of auction company)• Sports Car Market

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ike a plague of locusts, e-mails seeking advice about entry-level Ferraris descend daily. Each time SCMreports on a 400i or Mondial 8 selling for under $20,000, readers check their Visa card limits and start fantasizing about having a Prancing Horse in their driveway. L It is possible to own a Ferrari for less than $20,000. Of course, you must first forsake a few minor items such as reliability, working air conditioning and low maintenance. In exchange, you get all the cams, pistons and repair bills that go with a "real" Ferrari. For those who like V8s and can live with offbeat styling, the 308 GT4 and the Mondial are hard to beat. Thousands were made so examples of both can easily be found for under $25k. They are advertised and available virtually anywhere on the planet. Any good mechanic can check them out and give you a detailed mechanical inspection report and any decent body shop can give you a detailed body and "has-it-been-crashed/is it rusty" analysis. The 1974-79 308 GT4, with 2,826 built, offers great handling, a splittingwedge style recognizable to most as a Ferrari, adequate driver and passenger comfort, rear seats suitable for very small dogs, a great engine sound, decent luggage storage, perfunctory A/C and heating, and, in the world of Ferraris, low maintenance. They also handle very well and are among the fastest of the carbureted 308 series because of low gearing, bigger cams and limited smog equipment. The smog issue is a serious one. If you live in an area where a GT4 would have to pass a smog test, only buy a car from your area, with its emissions-equipment intact, and that has recently passed its test. Most GT4s have had their air-injection pumps and thermal reactors removed; fmding used equipment, repairing, installing and tuning it can easily be a $5,000 project. And even then you might not please the sniffer. The 308 GT4 has four Weber carbs and two distributors. A major service is $4,000, a clutch will be $2,000, an engine overhaul in the $20,000 range and a transmission overhaul around $8,000. The very best Series III 308 GT4s with improved A/C and (usually) a sunroof are below $25,000. Nasty cars will bring $15,000, so you do the math. The 1981-82 Mondial 8 coupe, at under $20,000, offers greater comfort, much improved A/C, power windows that usually work most October, 2001  Low-Buck Horsies of the time, an electrical system that defies all logic, low maintenance and rear seats that are usable at best by those with legs shorter than six inches. Just 708 Mondial 8s were built. If you opt for the 1983-85 Mondial QV coupe, you'll pay another $5,000. You'll also get improved performance, less chance of a smoky engine and longer engine life due to the improved German-made pistons and rings used on the fourvalve engine. A total of 1,848 Mondial QV coupes were built, making them relatively easy to find in the resale market. The Mondial is somewhat better regarding routine engine service bills—due to its fuel injection and electronic distributor— with a major service at approximately $3,000. Engine, clutch, and transmission service costs are the same as the GT4. If you prefer the sound, torque and power of a V12, and live in an area with emission testing, your best econo-Ferrari choice is the fuel-injected 1980-84400i. Its predecessors, the carbureted 1976-80 400 GT 2+2 and the 1972-76 365 GT4 2+2 are much faster, but also much more difficult to tune and smog. and have to be replaced at $1,000 each; mufflers that hang too low and get ripped off on speed bumps at $2,000 per set; plastic front spoilers that shatter the first time you hit a parking bump stop at $2,000 each; and electrical oddities such as the electric trunk hood and gas door opener that never seem to work and need to be frequently replaced at $200 apiece. The 400i does offer much improved front seat comfort and leg and headroom over the 308 GT4 and Mondial, back seats that will accommodate those with legs almost 18 inches in length, luggage space adequate for any trip and effortless torque and performance. My pick of the sub-$20,000 group is the five-speed 400i, unless you live in an emissions-exempt area, in which case I would go with a carbureted 365 or 400, also with a manual gearbox. Many years ago in the mid-1970s, I purchased one of the first 365 GT4 2+2s in the country and picked it up at Bob Wallace's shop in Phoenix. As luck would have it, the California Highway Patrol had chosen, for the only time in its history, to go on strike and I chose that weekend to drive the Ferrari from Phoenix to Orange County. I can remember cruising effortlessly at 125 mph, glorying in the sound of the 12-cylinder engine. The A/C was more than adequate in the hot Arizona and California desert, visibility was terrific, and even a sustained four-hour blast above 100 mph wasn't tiring. This all goes to show that there is no direct correlation between how much a car costs and how much fun it can be. I assume that most readers of Boring everywhere except behind the wheel. These cars were designed at a time when kidnapping was rampant in Italy and ostentatious displays of wealth were out. Bland and discreet were in, although bland may be too exciting a word to use for the lines of the 400 series 2+2s. The automatics are pigs; the three-speed GM transmission has a first gear that is much too tall for adequate acceleration and a final drive that's too short for any kind of highspeed cruising. The five-speed manuals are much faster, as the low first gear offers the acceleration you expect in a Ferrari and fifth gear will provide effortless cruising that can only be used in Europe or Montana. Maintenance on the 400i, aside from the $4,000 tune-ups, $10,000 valve jobs and $25,000 engine overhauls, is high. These models are afflicted with a never-ending list of minor problems, including oil coolers that crack SCM feel life is too short to drive Hondas, at least on the weekends. A psychiatrist would probably find that we all share a hormonal imbalance that allows us to accept and even look forward to the inherent irrationality of owning a Ferrari. Worse, we know that owning one on a budget is even crazier, yet still we yearn. Buying a cheap Ferrari is like walking through a minefield. If you are very, very careful, and very, very lucky, you will buy a great car for not much money, drive it for a few years, and sell it before any type of major service is due. These cars are cheap precisely because their repair and maintenance bills are so horrendous. Who wants to buy a 400i for $20,000 that needs a $25,000 engine overhaul? If you're clever, your neighbors will refer to you as "the guy up the street who must have won the lottery because he's driving a Ferrari." If you're not, they'll remember you as "the guy who used to live up the street but ended up selling his house because his Ferrari needed a new engine."• 23

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Ferraris For Sale ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Regular text classified only $15 per month. FERRARI Turin show car, remarkably original, engine/gearbox out, apart, looking quite good for straight forward rebuild $165,000 OBO. Jerry Bensinger, 330-759-5224 days. OH 50 195 INTER GHIA, 2 seater, 1950 - 50 340 AMERICA, Fontana Competition Spyder, 0030M/T $1,450,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA 50340 AMERICA, Vignale Competition Berlinetta, 0174/A $750,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA 53 250 MM, Pinin Farina Berlinetta, 0256/MM $1,300,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA 61 250 SWB, Scaglietti Berlinetta, 2549/ GT $1,100,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA 62250 GTE 2+2, new: red leather and carpets, headliner, clutch assy, shocks, tie rods, brakes, caps, rotors, points, U-joints, radiator and much more, #3921 (matching), first coat off-white, final your choice $54,900. 305-757-6764. FL toration of a Monaco delivery Ferrari, yellow head lights, original Ribot blue w/ maroon Connolly hides, wires redone, all chrome redone, beautiful car $42,500. Jeff, 847-234-2800. IL 64330 CT 2+2,4-headlamp, extensive res- 64 500 SUPERFAST, Pinin Farina Aerodynamica Coupe, 5981/SF $340,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800, CA 66 275 GTB/6C, s/n 8403, long nose, 6carb, red/beige leather int, complete original car ready for restoration $199,000. Ferrari Dlr, 407-667-4300. FL 66 275 GTS, midnight blue w/grey leather, flawlessly restored, 60K miles, a gorgeous car $158,500. Motorcar Gallery, 954-5229900. FL 67 275 GTB, red w/blk, the last one built, long nose, torque tube, proper Michelin XWX's, Boum wire wheels, a great example $215,000. Motorcar Gallery, 954522-9900. FL 67 275 GTB/4, Scaglietti Berlinetta, 09467 $395,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA 67 330 GTC, red/blk, late car w/hood vents, upgraded transaxle & CV joints, drives well, everything works, good cosmetics including paint, very good mechanically, no smoke, good transaxle, cold a/c $89,900. 630-655-3535. IL 68 330 GTC, azzuro blue w/blk leather, very late example w/all updates, recent paint, fresh engine, factory a/c and Borrani ww, very sharp $96,500 Motorcar Gallery, 954-522-9900. FL 69 365 CT 2+2, s/n 12761, silver w/blk int, rebuilt/refinished Borranis w/new tires, excellent mechanics, overall condition good, 44K orig mi, garaged in MD $45,000 OBO. 202-965-7744. DC 71 365 GTB/4, s/n 14903, US model, red/ tan, 29K mi, complete mechanical & chassis restoration last 4 yrs, good driver, paint excellent, int, cold a/c, new XWX 's on Borranis, full tools, very reliable & well sorted $106,000. 310-801-8846. CA 71 365 GTB/4, s/n 14187 (US), red w/blk int, rebuilt w/new XWX's, nicely detailed, excellent driver that will show, proper tools and manuals, 38K miles $129,000. James Dawson, 614-354-6605 anytime. OH 72 365 GTC/4, Spyder conversion, red w/ blk int, reinforced chassis, roll bar protection $80,000. 304-624-4102 days. 304842-2206 eve/wkends. WV 72 365GTC/4, Scaglietti Berlinetta, 15201 $59,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA 72 365GTC/4, Scaglietti Berlinetta, 15759 $64,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA 72 DINO 246 GTS, Chiaro Azzuro tan interior, 20K 1-owner miles w/manuals and tools $75,000. Jeff or Bill, 847-234-2800. IL 72 DINO 246 GTS, Scaglietti Targa, 03908 $75,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA 72 LATE DINO 246 GTS, red/blk, 31K mi, pw, leather, a/c, covered headlights, all books, records, same owner 23 years, orig CA car $74,900. 310-435-4981. CA 73 365 GTB/4 DAYTONA, US version, red/blk, 27K mi, Mags, air & orig owner's manual & warranty card, outstanding mechanical & cosmetic condition $129,000. Motor Classic, 914-997-9133. FAX 914997-9136 NY 73 DINO 246 GTS, Scaglietti Targa, 06462 $119,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA 73 246 GTS, S/N 04366. Fly Yellow/gray and black int. Factory A/C. 95,900 mi. Striking looks and performance. Completely refurbished. Driver's car w/ 16" wheels, Tubi exhaust, raised cam profile, etc. Five Cromodora wheels repainted. Same owner since 1991 with over $50,000 invested. $109,000. Mark, 310-622-2202, mkeckeisen@woodsfinancial.com. CA 74 DINO 246 GTS, flares and chairs, owner since '92, Coppo D'ora winner in '95,absolutely flawless, red ext, tan/blk int, Daytona seats, all tools, book, manual in perfect condition, only 27K miles of pampered driving $115,000 firm. Mike Zappa Racing, 412-323-8841. 412-227-1400 ext25. PA 81 512 BB/LM, Silhouette Sports Racer, 29509 $425,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA 89 640 F1/89, Formula One, 112 $795,000. Symbolic Motors, 858.454.1800. CA PARTS Original Ferrari manuals, workshop, spare parts manuals, related memorabilia, free 60+ page catalog Download at: www.ferrariliterature.com , 407-2926363. FAX 407-566-9625 WANTED Ferrari Manuals, Brochures Wanted. Also Sebring posters 1950's, 1960's. Also Lemans poster 407-292-6363. FAX 407-566-9625 FL Powered tly Eco NZL • Automobiles  • Classic Cars  riff 24  --r • Limousines • Motorcycles/ATVs  CIE CDT oRK@FA N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides America's Leading Source PRIMO • Recreation Vehicles  • Boats • Personal Watercraft • Airplanes Iw000MEYEE ER 011]®,mcm AMERICA'S LEADING SOURCE FOR USED VEHICLE VALUES FOR OVER 68 YEARS N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides • P.O. Box 7800 • Costa Mesa • CA • 92628 • (800) 966-6232 • FAX (714) 556-8715 Sports Car Market

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Etceterini & Friends Market Place 1969 Lamborghini Miura Iota" 11 Chassis number: 4302 Engine number: 2511 his extraordinary Italian supercar was acquired by the late Aldo Cudone circa 1979 from renowned dealer Zanetti in Milan, already to Jota specification. The Jota was, of course, the legendary oneoff Miura built on a production chassis by factory test driver and development engineer Bob Wallace in 1969-70. Ferruccio Lamborghini forbade the car to be raced and instead sold it to a wealthy Italian client, and although it was destroyed before delivery in an accident, VIP customers who liked its appearance were offered SVJ look-alikes with cosmetic upgrades in the same style. Just four of those cars left the factory (based on SVJ chassis), plus a wild iota SVR conversion on Miura P-400 chassis #3781 for German Lamborghini importer and former racing driver Hubert Hahne. The car was built in 1975 and featured a roof-mounted wing, ultra wide wheels, Porsche 917 brakes and a 400hp engine. Intriguingly, the car described here uses the engine block of the Hahne machine and it is unknown exactly when this car was converted to Jota specification. Period photographs show an appearance similar to the factory SVJs, excluding the profile of the rear fenders, the taillights and the absence of an external fuel filler. Years produced  During the late '80s, Signor Cudone sent the car to the workshops of Giuliano Michelotto in Padova for a complete mechanical rebuild, with coachwork restored by Bacchelli & Villa of Modena. Even now, almost a decade later, the car can only be described as concours throughout. The coachwork is finished in Rosso Corsa with black and red cloth seats and red carpets. A smaller steering wheel is fitted, there are racing-style exposed fuses on the cloth-covered dashboard, racing harnesses are employed along with lightweight door pulls and a plumbed-in fire extinguisher. The wheels are now split rims shod with Pirelli tires (the originals are available) and an external filler and single Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Original iota: 1; Factory-built SVJs: 5 $20,000 for a standard Miura $60,000-$80,000 (for Miura P400) Tune up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Web site  $1,500-$2,000 $450 each (two required for non-A/C models) Front crossmember near the battery; plate near the brake fluid reservoirs Top of engine block Club  Lamborghini Owners Club Box 7214, St Petersburg, FL 33734 www.lamborghiniclub.com Alternatives  pantograph wiper have been added. The engine bay is resplendent, the Weber carburetors breathing through twelve polished velocity stacks. We are unaware of engine tune but the car is said to be "incredibly quick" and equally loud—the performance of Michelotto's race engines is legendary. This fascinating Lamborghini Miura is Italian registered and can only be described as unique. Its "as new" condition cannot fail to impress, and we expect the driving experience is no less memorable. The car described here sold for $99,699, including buyer 's premium, at the Bonhams & Brooks Monaco sale held May 21, 2001. What can you say about the iota except that there was only one and it no longer exists? What can you say about SVJs? There are only a few and the really good ones can be the price of several SVs. SCM reader Nicolas Cage paid $493,724 for his SVJ at a Brooks Europe sale on March 11, 1997. October, 2001 Ferrari 275 GTB, Bizzarini Strada In the wake of the destroyed iota and the very rare SVJ models are a group of Miuras we call "iota-ized." This term is usually applied to cars with some combination offlares, modified headlamps and oversized wheels. Jota-esque mods have been performed on all variants of the Miura chassis but none, I think, have succeeded in replicating Bob Wallace's original iota. For example, I have never seen a hot-rod Miura fitted with side fuel tanks as the Wallace-built iota was. All Mi  uras: 1966 72  Original iota: 1972 All Miuras: 765; - ; Unfortunately, some cars receive body modifications for reasons other than the desire to replicate an already octant (and more valuable) model. The Miura has a habit of opening its rear bodywork while underway; Jam sure that more than a few cars have modifications to the rear bodywork because of this mishap. This might explain the rear flares and changed taillamp treatment mentioned on this car What we have here is not really a car modified to iota specs but a car that, quoting a recent email from a reader, is a "hideous attempt at something different." Furthermore, the car "looks nothing like the one-and-only original destroyed iota or any of the five factory SVIs and has absolutely no redeemingfeatures whatsoever, down to its Countach wiper and afiermarket wheels." This car sold for a tick under $100,000. For a convincing iota replica in concours condition, or even a stock Miura S, this price would be very reasonable. However for a car with visually repellent modifications, the price should be considered high. How high? You must factor in the cost to properly convert the car to a more accepted iota appearance or back to a stock Miura S. Either way, we are talking in the neighborhood of $25,000for the "fix." In the world of Miuras, $125,000 will buy you an awfully nice S. one that won't need its story explained at length.—Michael Duffey• (Historic data and photo courtesy of auction company) 25

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  ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Regular text classified only $15 per month. AVIONS-VOISIN 25 AVIONS-VOISIN, C5 sedan, 4cyl sleeve-valve motor, orig & complete unrestored running car, orig Gurney-Nutting alum & fabric body w/rear mounted spares, 1-off example, less than 45 built between 1919-1939 that remain in existence $55,000. 630-878-2200. IL ABARTH 55207/A, Boano Competition Spyder, 005 $125,000. Symbolic Motors, 858-4541800. CA 58 750 GT, Zagato Double Bubble Spyder, 482095 $35,000. Symbolic Motors, 858454-1800. CA BUGATTI 26 TYPE 38 TOURER, other Bugattis available $125,000. Edward Fallon, Dlr, 623-465-7246. AZ 37 TYPE 57S/C CORSICA, touring, call for details Auto Collections, 702-7943174. NV DELAHAYE 38 135 2- car, needs TLC $45,000. Cave Creek Classics, 623-465-7046. AZ DR COACH, nice original solid 47 135M, 1-off Saoutchik disappearing top convertible with all the elegance & the panache you expect, original #'s matching example w/3-carb & Cotal gearbox, V windshield & push-button doors $185,000. Fantasy Junction, 610-653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA DETOMASO 69 MANGUSTA, red/tan, 5-spd, restored, concours, Showroom condition 408-2790944. CA 69 MANGUSTA, excellent condition, reliable car, Wilton wool, leather, champagne exterior, black interior $35,000. 810-7219631. MI 71 PANTERA, 37K mi, green & black, museum stored 8 years, fresh motor, clutch, exhaust, etc, mechanics and owner's manual $27,500. 219-490-0037. IN FIAT 60 1200 CABRIOLET, convertible, fresh motor, new paint, new top and chrome, red w/blk int $10,000 OBO/trade considered. 973-893-9678. NJ 67 DINO COUPE, nice solid orig car, partially restored, most difficult parts replaced, water pump, carbs, etc, needs paint, clutch, great investment $6,950 OBO. 404-320-0008. GA 78 124, nice 2nd-owner Fiat, garage kept, new paint, top, exhaust, tires, 70K mi, no rust, great int, no rips or tears $4,000 nego. 317-892-2346. IN HISPANO-SUIZA 10 HP TOURER, Spanish bodied, excellent original condition throughout, lovely brass accoutrements $95,000 offers/ trades. Cosmopolitan Motors, LLC, 206467-6531. FAX 206-467-6532 WA 20 8- 25 H6B TOURING, CCCA 1st, very nice older restoration $250,000. Edward Fallon, 623-465-7246. AZ INTERMECCANICA 67 TORINO SPYDER, black, 44K mi, 289 hi-po, 4-spd, chrome wires, #5 built $42,000. 815-459-5070. IL 70 MURENA, burgundy/black, 429, auto, extremely rare car, 1 of only 14 ever made, in excellent condition $30,000. Forza, 860350-1148. CT 73 INDRA, blue w/tan, Chevy 350 V8 auto, very nice $30,000. Forza, 860-3501148. CT ISO 67 ISO GRIFO, blue w/blk int, 327 Corvette engine, Borrani wire, new springs & rebuilt front end, manual gearbox $28,500. Cosmopolitan Motors, 206-467-6531. FAX 206-467-6532 WA 67 ISO RIVOLTA, 327-300 hp, 4-spd, air, restored, Borranis, new interior, shocks, windshield, front end, radiator, half shaft, blk/ blk, very classy and fast, motor is excellent condition, transmission and clutch rebuilt $21,000 OBO. Mike, 602-220-0400. AZ LAMBORGHINI 66 400GT V12 COUPE, #517, 26K orig mi, looks, drives like new, recent show quality blue paint, stored southern Ca car, 1 of 14 non 2+2 coupes from '66, rare collectable $79,000. 703-360-1726. VA 67 MIURA P400, red w/grey int, gorgeous car, thoroughly restored, always USA, call for details $86,000. 310-801-8846. CA 69 ISLERO, brown/tan, 59K mi, tired condition $20,000. 310-274-7440. FAX 310274-9809 CA 73 ESPADA SERIES III, partially restored, painted, upholstery done, has most parts, extra parts included $10,000. 304624-4102 days. 304-842-2206 eve/ wkends. WV Travel begins here . . . Stephanie Warrington Specializing in International Travel, Custom Vacations & Groups 503 226-7200 ext 24  800 344-8890 ext 24  26  1536 N.W. 23rd Ave Portland OR 97210 email: stephanie@journeysl.com JOVRAnii Ferrari Maserati Lancia Fiat  wvvw.Italparts.com Alphen aid Rijn-Holland borghirti Fax: +31(0)172-240536 E-mail: info@italparts.com Sports Car Market 75 ESPADA SERIES III, blue/blk, 28K mi, auto, decent condition, new paint and tires $14,000. 310-274-7440. FAX 310274-9809 CA 88 JALPA in red with tan interior and red piping. One owner, garage kept, 37k km. Front, side and rear spoiler. Books and records. Call 954-785-8600, www.progressivemotors.com. FL LANCIA 62 FLAMINIA TOURING CT, 2.8 3C, red/blk, interesting history, cond 5.5 on I - 10 scale, Jano designed V6, all aluminum. Superleggera body by Touring, disc brakes, inboard rear, 4-spd transaxle, great design $16,950 nego. Ron Deem, 303-973-2405. FAX 303-973-4546 CO 66 FLAMINIA SS ZAGATO, 52K mi, 2.8L, alum V6 w/triple Webers, rear transaxle, inboard disc brakes, alum body, new paint, weather seals, rebuilt brakes, carbs, replaced chrome & more $45,000. 803-642-9940. SC 81 ZAGATO CONV TARGA, low miles, new top, tires, excellent condition, a/c, no rust, in Delaware $3,000. 302-798-1579. DE 82 ZAGATO, red/blk, 59K, great condition, rebuilt head & steering rack, new top, int, wheels, tires, exhaust, more, no winters, nice southern car $3,500. 518-8691278. FAX 518-869-7411 NY MASERATI 58 3500 CT, red w/blk leather, very original car, runs and drives well $17,500. SEE WHAT WE DO Restore your car—better than new! Sleeve and rebuild brakes: master, wheel, calipers, servo, slave, clutch cylinders and boosters, reline shoes • Lifetime Warranty • Quick Service White Post Restorations One Old Car Drive • P.O. Drawer D, White Post, VA 22663 (540)837-1140 • www.whitepost.com Gullwing Motor Cars, 718-545-0500. FAX 718-545-1308 NY 62 3500 COUPE, dark red/blk, 5-spd, disc brakes, fuel injection, rebuilt motor, redone Fl unit, new tires and exhaust $24,000. Forza, 860-350-1140. FAX 860-350-1148 CT 63 VIGNALE SPYDER, metallic blue, caramel leather, 5-spd, wire wheels, immaculate $75,000. 713-794-3368 days. 713526-8990 eve/wkends. TX 68 MISTRAL 4000 COUPE, ice blue w/ blk leather, all alloy coachwork by Frua, 4L twin spark 6-cyl eng, 57K mi, factory air $33,500. Motorcar Gallery, 954-5229900. FL 71 GHIBLI SS, 4.9, blk/pigskin, great driver, 5-spd, working a/c, well sorted older restoration $39,500. Jim, 202-6256675. DC TALBOT-LAGO 23 BABY 4L, Figoni et Falaschi 2seat roadster, light & dark blue w/red leather, Wilson pre-selector, wires & all detailing of the era, beautifully restored & a pleasure to drive $195,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 38 T- 26 CHAPRON, sunroof coupe, documented Paris show car, 1 of 3 Chapron bodies on Talbot Lagos, 33K mi, orig int, very nice car $100,000. Edward Fallon, 623465-7246. AZ• 51 TSpecialized in Italian car parts Sz. pre-war car parts. WA

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 33 ALFA ROMEO, 8C 2300, Touring Spyder, 2211073 $1,250,000. 858-4541800. Symbolic Motors, CA 34 ALFA ROMEO, 8C 2600 Monza, Brianza Spyder, 2211133 $950,000. 858454-1800. Symbolic Motors, CA 37 ALFA ROMEO 12C-37, Scuderia Ferrari Monoposto, 51204, P.O.A. 858454-1800. Symbolic Motors, CA 37 ALFA ROMEO 8C 2900B, Touring Mille Miglia Spyder, 412021 $2,500,000. 858-454-1800. Symbolic Motors, CA 37 DELAHAYE, 135 MS/C, 3.5 liter, Cotal trans, excellent driver, ex-Mille Miglia Paul Lane, 203-377-6745. CT 50 FERRARI 340 AMERICA, Fontana Competition Spyder, 0030M/T $1,450,000. 858-454-1800. Symbolic Motors, CA 50 FERRARI 340 AMERICA, Vignale Competition Berlinetta, 0174/A $750,000. Symbolic Motors, 858-4541800. CA 53 FERRARI 250 MM, Pinin Farina Berlinetta, 0256/MM $1,300,000. Symbolic Motors, 858-454-1800. CA 55 ABARTH 207/A, Boano Competition Spyder, 005 $125,000. Symbolic Motors, 858-454-1800. CA 57 MASERATI, 450S project, chassis jig w/one frame already built plus wooden body buck constructed from original 450S race car, will consider interesting trades plus cash, Forristall's, 281-531-9090. TX 58 ABARTH 750 GT, Zagato Double Bubble Spyder, 482095 $35,000. Symbolic Motors, 858-454-1800. CA 58 LOTUS, Elite, burgundy, excellent restored condition, chrome wire wheels, fresh engine $35,000. Paul Lane, 203-377-6745. CT 58 MGA, twin cam roadster, green/blk, currently fitted w/fresh Butch Gilbert push rod engine, includes orig twin cam, knockoffs, CSRG accepted $14,850. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 60 ASTON MARTIN, DB4, vintage race car, new engine, all proper race bits $90,000. Paul Lane, 203-377-6745. CT 61 FERRARI 250 SWB, Scaglietti Berlinetta, 2549/GT $1,100,000. Symbolic Motors, 858-454-1800. CA 61 LOTUS, 20B Formula Jr., 1961 total restoration, fresh steel motor, Carillos, etc, new Wobbly wheels, front disc, SVRA and SCCA logbooks, fast, fun, authentic and gorgeous $40,000. 954-920-3303. FL 62 PORSCHE, 356 coupe, fresh all steel 912 engine, close ratio trans, very fast and competitive $29,900. Paul Lane, 203-9137480. CT 63 PLYMOUTH, Savoy, max wedge, 426 Stage II, fully documented racing history, www.maseratinet.corn °IrdIASERATI Joy (149 INTERN Factory recognized. Join the world's largest Maserati support group, with more than 3,500 members from 39 countries. Tech staff available to help owners and enthusiasts; parts discounts; the famous 80+ page glossy Club magazine Viale Ciro Menotti; Club decal; roster; access to a multitude of Maserati road tests, technical bulletins, manuals, etc. To join, fax your name, address, and credit card number; you'll receive a packet of Maserati information by Air Mail. $70 USA members, $80 Canada, $100 all other countries. Join now! MASERATI PARTS TOLL FREE 1-800-MASERATI (627-3728) New & Used for All Models. Providing owners with knowledgeable, courteous, prompt professional express service since 1976. Next-day service our speciality. Competitive Prices. $10 million inventory. Service shop discounts. VISA / MC / AE Technical Assistance Line: USA + 425-455-4707 Fax: USA + (425) 646-5458 P.O. Box 1015, Mercer Island, WA 98040 USA E-mail: mie©maseratinet.com Francis G. Mandarano President October, 2001  v—sti — I 0 IV Serving the Maserati community since 1976 • • vsah —  Wager," Rifewl 6,400 mi, never registered for street use, factory stick, pristine, finest available $50,000. 503-655-2630. 503-6986995.0R 63 PORSCHE, 356 coupe, fuel cell, roll cage, safety belts, MSD ignition, etc $16,500. Paul Lane, 203-913-7480. CT 64 TRIUMPH, TR4A, SCCA E-production race car, fully prepared, fuel cell, roll cage, fiberglass, fenders and hoods $6,500. 800659-0979. CA 67 MERCURY, Comet Cyclone W-code, 410 hp, 427 4-spd, 14K, rare, 1 of 8 built in yellow, black int, highest scoring muscle car Platinum Challenger car ever, judged 6,966 of 7,000 possible points, absolutely the best in & out and under, featured in many magazines $52,000. 219-289-0150 after 4 pm. IN 68 MCLAREN M6A, built by Penske, raced in 1968 Can-Am Series by Mark Donahue $225,000 OBO. Ken MacDowell, 440-237-0885. OH 69 PORSCHE 917K, FIA Competition Coupe, 917.020 $1,900,000. Symbolic Motors, 858-454-1800. CA 72 ABARTH, Osella, won Championship for Abarth, driven by Arturo Mezzario, needs some eng restoration, this is an excellent car to finish $125,000. 618-2221122. IL 74 PORSCHE, 911 RSR IROC competition coupe, ex-Penske, Petty, Follmer and Monte Shelton car, 3.5 litre engine, all com- Don't hesitate to buy cars in Europe! It doesn't take more than a phone call to have them professionally shipped to you. Contact the specialist in Europe! Phone: Fax: c.a. r. logistics +41 31 888 14 24 +41 31 888 14 25 e-maitcariogdpacl<impex.ch 27 ponents new or rebuilt $175,000. Paul Lane, 203-913-7480. CT 76 LANCIA, Beta Scorpion, 2nd owner, 7K mi, always garaged, never operated in winter, sunroof, 2-place car w/hi-perf Fiat engine, professionally maintained, lots of literature and some spares, Ferrari red and in impeccable condition $11,500. Bob Woodward, 319-588-5684. FAX 3 19-5885750 IA 77 PORSCHE 935 K3, Competition Sports Prototype, 0152 $175,000. Symbolic Motors, 858-454-1800. CA 81 FERRARI 512 BB/LM, Silhouette Sports Racer, 29509 $425,000. 858-4541800. Symbolic Motors. CA 85 PORSCHE 962, Competition Sports Prototype, HR1 $695,000. Symbolic Motors, 858-454-1800. CA 89 FERRARI 640 F1/89, Formula One, 112 $795,000. Symbolic Motors, 858454-1800. CA 97 MERCEDES CLK GTR, FIA Competition Coupe, 0006 $1,500,000. Symbolic Motors, 858-454-1800. CA FIAT, 8VZ Competition Zagato Berlinetta, chassis #62, 3 windshield wipers, alloy floor, full belly pans, side & rare Plexiglas, no trunk, significant and documented history, 2 Mille finishes, 1 CA owner since 1958, in dry storage since 1971, never apart $150,000. 323-656-7483. FAX 323654-8788 CA•

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Reviews Ratings: *11-13-13-ir is Best. Two copies of books, videos, CDs, etc. must be furnished for review Please send both copies to SCM, PO. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292. Bosch Fuel Injection Systems Author: Forbes Aird Publisher: HPBooks Phone: 800/788-6262 Size: 81/2 x II inches paperback. 135 pages Price: $17.95 Rating: Carb guys A-1fr EFI guys 7frthlr Regular humans Fuel injection is here to stay, delivering higher horsepower and lower emissions. For the technically-minded, this book provides a wellwritten introduction to the subject. Bosch fuel injection has become standard on many European cars in the last three decades, from Fiat to MercedesBenz. While it might seem to be a German invention, an American company, Bendix Aviation, did some of the pioneering work in fuel injection in the early '50s. Their systems were offered on several American Motors and Chrysler automobiles in that decade. Later, Bendix entered an agreement with Robert Bosch Corp. to develop the technology. This book takes you through the various stages of Bosch fuel injection, from the DJetronic system on the 1967 Volkswagen 1600 through the L-Jetronic, LH-Jetronic, K-Jetronic and more. Author Forbes Aird explains what the letters mean and how the systems differ. There's also some background on early systems like the Rochester fuel injection that boosted horsepower on Corvettes from 1957-65. Basic diagrams of the various systems show how the parts work together, from the air filter to the oxygen sensor. Fuel injection may appear to be a closed system sealed off to the backyard mechanic, but Aird's chapters on troubleshooting and upgrading reveal ways that the amateur mechanic can get involved, at least to a limited degree. Still, there's no way you'll be tearing apart your fuel injection system the same way you might a Holley carburetor. In our injected era, carburetors have taken on a romantic image. However, their wildly imprecise metering mechanisms can dump fuel mixtures varying from 12:1 to 16:1 into adjacent cylinders in the same engine. The fme mixture of atomized fuel particles made possible by fuel injection allows for higher performance and less pollution. Like it or not, fuel injection is here to stay, and Aird's Bosch Fuel Injection Systems provides a decent overview of the subject.—Bill Neill 28  A Haircut in Horse Town... and Other Great Car Talk Puzzlers Authors: Ray and Tom Magliozzi Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group Address: 375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014 Size: 8'/2 x 8 inches paperback 160 pages Price: $15.95 Rating: Click and Clack fans ***ACasual readers il-11* Since the late '70s Tom and Ray Magliozzia.k.a. Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers— have been invading the radio airways with "Car Talk." Click and Clack combine competent automotive repair help and off-the-wall humor. They are now heard by an average weekly audience of 2 million and over 200 newspapers nationwide carry their syndicated column. They've expanded their "shameless com- merce" division to include books, CDs, clothing and other trinkets. One of the oldest and most popular segments of "Car Talk" is The Puzzler. Each week the brothers come up with "a carefully constructed brain teaser designed to keep your mind agile and amused during the week ahead." This part of the show has proven so popular that the brothers have published A Haircut in Horse Town... and Other Great Car Talk Puzzlers, which features 41 of what the Magliozzi brother have decided are their most popular puzzlers. Both brothers graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and many of the puzzlers are quite challenging. Luckily, sleepless nights spent worrying over the solutions can be avoided; the answers to the puzzlers are included. As an example of the primarily autothemed puzzles, here is a shorter one: Larry makes a simple repair to his VW Beetle that only requires replacing a few bolts. The car drives fine until it carries a full load of passengers, at which point the rear seat catches on fire. What went wrong? As former bug owners might suspect, Larry installed the wrong battery, with terminals too tall for the car. The back seat sagged under its passengers' weight and the coils connected the terminals. Instant flaming bug. A Haircut in Horse Town... and other Great Car Talk Puzzlers is a great gift for the young intellectual in your family, helping him or her understand that mechanics today are highly trained professionals who bring a wealth of experience to the conundrums they face daily. Dyed-in-the-wool car fanatics will enjoy the book as well, especially as they try to outguess the experts.—Marc Fairfax Stevens The Ultimate SL Resource Book 368 pages. Color. Hardbound. ISBN 0-9635394-2-6 experts agree The SL Record BIRTH OF THE SL DESIGN APPRAISALS ROAD TESTS OF EACH SL THE FUTURE OF THE SL Purchases and Ownership THE MARKETPLACE DESIRABLE OPTIONS SMART MAINTENANCE SLs are for Driving TOURING, RALLIES AND CLUBS DRIVING SCHOOLS VINTAGE RACING LA CARRERA PANAMERICA MILLE MIGLIA Art, Books and People MERCEDES COLLECTIBLES TECHNICAL REFERENCES c/- EXPERIENCE $65 IPPING AND HANDLING $4 OVERSEAS AIR $10 order today: ADDRESS: CITY / STATE PHONE: 1111111111 EXP. DATE: Phone: (612) 377-0155  Fax: (612) 377-0157  books@slmarket.corn   I. The SL Market Letter 2020 South Girard Minneapolis, MN 55405 a Sports Car Market experience FIVE DECADES OF THE MERCEDES-BENZ SL J9 ... 90 SL EXPERTS

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Restoration - Service Sales - Automobilia Memorabilia - Gift Shop tE111110c Int LES www.guildclassiccars.com BOY, DO WE HAVE SOME EXCITING PROJECTS FOR YOU. BE THE HIT OF THE GRAVEYARD BASH. Are you a little tired of pulling up to the red lights and seeing the same car you're driving facing you across the intersection? Are you fed up with pulling up to the restaurant and having the car jockey pull a face because he has already parked ten Ferraris in the last hour? Did you lose your Mercedes 600 in the mall parking lot because there were so many cars identical to yours? We have the solution in a project currently looking for a new financier. How would you like the ultimate in street-legal Coffin Dragsters? Inspired by Grandpa Munster's car but modernized and powered by a Ferrari twelve-cylinder engine and sitting on a Ferrari suspension. Will build to suit, length, width and your choice of interior satin; exterior in bronze, copper or mahogany. Be the talk of the Concorso Italiano. HOW ABOUT A SPECIAL SOUND SYSTEM? If you wanted a special hauler to transport your Coffin Dragster, plans are afoot to convert a hearse (pre-war Packard or Cadillac) to receive the Coffin Dragster internally. The concept calls for a wooden-sided hearse with lifting wooden panels that reveal a superb sound system. The Hearse's name? WAKES the DEAD. NEW BODY for an OLD BUGATTI. Okay, if a Coffin Dragster isn't your cup of tea, how about a custom-built body on the fourth Type 57 Bugatti, Chassis 57104. This chassis is virtually complete mechanically and has engine 45 with parts from 46, and is one hundred percent original factory parts. Initial plans were to build the Aerolithe aerodynamic coupe, a lost Bugatti designed and owned by Jean Bugatti, and that would be our inclination, but if some other body style from aerodynamic roadster to Sedanca de Ville caught your fancy, well, we could build that instead. RESTORATION. So, maybe we aren't your typical restoration shop. We like to bring the excitement of the American Hot Rodder to the discipline of the European Bugattiste. In our world there is lots of room for fun. Your guarantee is that no matter what task we perform, from full concours preparation to the completely avant-garde, that it will be done to the highest standards in the industry. On that you have our word. If a custom project doesn't excite you, but you would like an absolutely top-notch restoration on your horseless carriage, give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you. The Guild of Automotive Restorers PO Box 1150, 44 Bridge St., Bradford, ON L3Z 2B5 Canada Tel: (905) 775-0499 Fax: (905) 775-0944 • Hours: Mon - Fri: 9:30 - 5:00 Sat: 9:30 - 3:00

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The Twenty Year PICTURE  Bird Talk $50,000 $45,000 $40,000 $35,000 $30,000 $25,000 lb $20,000 I'll $15,000 $10,000 $5,000 1982 1983 1984 111 1957 Ford Thunderbird  1985 J  1957 Ford Thunderbird, 1962-63 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster & 1958-60 Ford "Square Bird" Convertible $50,000 $45,000 $40,000 $35,000 $30,000 $25,000 $20,000 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 III 1962-63 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster 0 1958-60 Ford "Square Bird" Convertible (Prices for cars in excellent condition. Additional data compiled from SCM archives.) 1992 $15,000 $10,000 $5,000 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000  2001 This monthly value guide is provided courtesy of Cars of Particular Interest CPI is the pocket guide most often used by credit unions and banks when dealing with loan values of collectible domestic and imported cars. Ph: 301/31 7-4228, FAX 301/31 7-8330• 1957 Ford Thunderbird 1962-63 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster 1958-60 Ford "Square Bird" Consertible T1 DESIGNS INC ASTON MARTIN  FERRARI  PORSCHE Autosport Designs, has been a mainstay in the automotive field for over a decade. Well known for our professional and courteous service to the discriminating enthusiast, our facilities includes a large selection of vehicles on display for sale as well as a 6500 sq. ft. workshop and restoration and body shop. From start to finish, all services are provided under one roof. The autosportdesigns.com website is an up to date photo gallery of our current inventory as well as valuable information about our facility. Always feel free to call for our current inventory list and any information regarding our services. CONTACT: Tom Papadopoulos or Barry Wagner 332 SAGAMORE AVENUE • MINEOLA, NY 11501 516-248-0066 • FAX: 516-248-4422 WEBSITE: autosportdesigns.com E-MAIL: sales @ autosportdesigns.com ALWAYS SEEKING QUALITY AUTOMOBILES FOR PURCHASE Sales & Leasing (all year) Restorations Interior & exterior repairs Chassis dyno (rolling road) Carburetor & Fuel injection Machining & Fabrication Race prep & support 30 Sports Car Market

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Legal Files My 360's Been Impounded by Alexander Leventhal Luigi Chinetti's refusal to sell a car to an undesirable customer, or Enzo Ferrari requiring a Mille Miglia Barchetta to be painted yellow and fitted with a green interior when he learned it was to be delivered to an American actress who intended to drive it on the street. IF Of late, however, Ferrari North America has been less charming and more pernicious. The first series of phone calls I received from Ferrari buyers regarded language that was being put into the purchase contracts for 550 Barchettas, and is now being used in 360 Modena purchases as well. The language requires, in essence, that the purchaser of one of these vehicles, if they wish to sell the car during the first year (or two) of ownership, may sell it back only to the dealer from which it was purchased, and only for the price paid, or less. Ferrari NA claims that this is being done to prevent speculation. This is, in my opinion, a blatant falsehood. It would appear that FNA simply wishes to restrict the speculation to their authorized dealers. Advertisements for slightly used (luxury tax paid!) Ferraris from authorized dealers asking $100,000 or more over sticker are common. It's clear that Ferrari is requiring these cars be sold back to them not to prevent speculation, but to ensure that their dealers, and not the original owner, are the beneficiaries of any extra profits that may be available. What does this mean for owners? If this language is not included in the original purchase agreement but is instead a contract to be signed at delivery, a lawyer's intervention should be able to force delivery without the buyer's signature. If the dealer is requiring this language in the original purchase contract, they cannot easily be forced to sell a car without it. This is not to say, though, that this language would necessarily be enforceable by FNA in the event that it is breached, as it may unfairly restrain trade. Be forewarned, however, that the courts do not always look kindly on lawsuits by well-heeled would-be Ferrari October, 2001  errari SpA (the factory) and Ferrari North America (FNA—the US importer/distributor) have always been a little eccentric (we might just call it "Italian") in their business dealings. Recall buyers (speculators?) who are trying to enforce what they perceive is their right to make a $100,000 or so profit on a car. My most recent phone calls, all of which profits by making sure only their dealers, and not importers or brokers, can sell Ferraris in the United States. Will Ferrari ultimately succeed in banning the importation of these vehicles? The prevailing opinion among the knowledgeable is no. These are essentially world cars, and despite Ferrari's assertion to the contrary, they are clearly convertible and safe for US use. In the meantime, however, many small importers and brokers may be bankrupted as they are unable to deliver cars for which they have already paid six figures, imported, converted and are in the process of certifying. In any event, this injunction will have a chilling effect on the importation of gray-market Ferraris, which means that Ferrari NA will have succeeded in protecting its profits. Will you be driving your new Ferrari to court? have had a frantic, desperate tenor, arise from further egregious actions on the part of Ferrari NA. Ferrari recently requested and was granted an injunction by the DOT that immediately prohibits the US DOT from certifying any European-spec Ferraris that were produced after December 20, 2000. Should Ferrari ultimately prevail and the injunction not be lifted, gray-market vehicles currently in the US awaiting certification will have to be exported or crushed. Ferrari's claim is that European-spec cars cannot be made safe for use on US highways, and that they should therefore be barred from importation into the United States. Of course, the only reason that anyone would want to import a Euro-spec Ferrari is that the waiting list for a new US car is two to three years, and that used examples (luxury tax paid!) are being sold for astronomical sums. Just as with Mercedes-Benz autos in the late '80s, since prices of European cars are significantly lower, entrepreneurs can make a profit by buying them, importing them and certifying them, and then selling them in the US. Since all Ferraris are "world cars," the argument that they are unable to be converted to US specs and that they are unsafe for use on US highways is specious. It seems more likely, particularly in consideration of Ferrari's other recent efforts, discussed above, that Ferrari is once again seeking to protect their What does this mean for enthusiasts? Simply, do not, under any circumstances, buy a Euro Ferrari that does not already have its DOT and EPA releases until this mess is sorted out, and obviously don't try to import a Euro Ferrari. Ultimately, in a capitalist environment, making a profit is a desirable thing. However, it is disappointing to see a company like Ferrari, with its glorious history, stooping to such transparent devices to maximize the profits of its dealers, while denying that same opportunity to those who choose to buy their products. Alex Leventhal is a car collector and attorney in New York. His comments are general in nature, and are not a substitute for a consultation with an attorney.• If you share these concerns, consider writing to: The Honorable Norman Mineta Secretary of Transportation 400 7th St. S.W., Washington, D.C. 20590 e-mail: dot.comments@ost.dot.gov The Honorable Charles James Assistant Attorney General US Justice Department Antitrust Division 601 D St. N.W., Ste. #10107, Washington, D.C. 20530 e-mail: antitrust@usdoj.gov and to your senator and congressman. 31

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Mr Kerb Continued from page 14 and it might not grow as quickly as the interest on the same amount of money in the bank. Dear Mr. Kerb: I have a 1987 Lamborghini Countach 4V that is just finishing an engine-out mechanical and cosmetic restoration. It has Euro front and rear bodywork, custom high-end sound system with voice recognition tuner, built-in radar detector, back-up color camera with video rear-view mirror combination, tubular headers, sports exhaust, MSD ignition, full service with new belts, hoses, etc. I spent more than $40,000 to make this the car of cars! I got it last year; prior to that it was in a collection for 12 years and its total mileage is 17,000 km. So, Mr Kerb, what are the mid- and longterm expectations for this car in the collector's market?— TB., Winnebago, WI Dear Mr. B: Since the first periscope mirror-equipped mod- els hit the show circuit in 1971, the Countach has been considered an outrageous over-the-top design that turns heads today just as well as it did 30 years ago. Any changes or improvements will probably lower the value of the The engine-out detail and Euro bodywork should appeal to just about everybody. I think that the electronics probably hurt your car the most. Just think of cars back in the early '60s with the 45rpm record players or car phones that of obsolete technology. Your car, as configured, is probably at its price peak as we speak, while it still has that fresh-from-the-restoration-shop smell (and all of the gadgets are still under warranty). I'll admit that the buyers of these cars are a unique group and perhaps a few of them might want to see where they're going (on TV, no less) while driving backwards. If so, you might have more than a few takers if you offered the car for sale in the near future. Game Boy on wheels. car unless they are of a bolt-on variety and you save the old parts. Luckily, you spent money on a few things that won't raise many arguments among Lam borghinisti. Pillr Vintage Rally  CALENDAR , OCTOBER Inca Trail 2001 Classic Reliability Trial and 4x4 Adventure Drive, 6-November 29. Leaving from Rio de Janeiro, 100 classic cars and 4x4s will trek 15,000 miles across South America. Contact Historic Endurance Rallying Organization, phone 011 44 1886 833505, fax 011 44 1886 833144. (UK) Northland Hospice 5th Annual HistoricVintage Car Rally, 12-14. Starting in Flagstaff, Arizona, this rally is open to pre-1975 historic vehicles and offers both stock and modified classes. Proceeds benefit Northland Hospice. Phone 520/779-1227, fax 520/779-5884. (AZ) The Melbourne Mille, 16- 21. Australia. Escape fall weather by driving Down Under. Martin Swig, 415/561-8401. (CA) Mil Millas, 28- November 4. Argentina. Possible new route, farther north. Definitely a must do. Martin Swig, 415/5618401. (CA) NOVEMBER The Classic Cup, 24. The ideal starter event, or shake down your car for upcoming events. Belgium, $365 per person. Information available through www.CarNet.co.uk . The Veteran Car Run, 4. Commemorate the Emancipation run by starting at Hyde Park in London and traveling to Brighton. For information, e-mail vcr@msaevents.co.uk . Texas 1000, 4- 9. Pre-1975 sports, racing or GT cars, or any Ford-powered (interpreted to be Aston Martin, Jaguar, Panoz, Talbot, Saleen, SVT, and Cobra CSX 4000, among others) sports car of any year. Contact Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/645-6069; www.vintagerallies.com . (CT) 32  Rally of the Tests, 30- December 2. A 100- car field composed of pre-1960 autos will drive nearly the length of England. Information available from www.CarNet.co.uk . JANUARY 2002 Football Drive, 1. Starting in Sausalito, California, this rally is open to cars 25 years old and older. Contact Martin Swig, 415/561-8401. (CA) The Winter Challenge, 26 - Anti31. Start in France, cross the Pyrenees and descend to the Mediteranean in your pre-1968 car. For more information, view www.CarNet.co.uk. FEBRUARY 2002 The Winter Trial, 1014. Look at beautiful European scenery from the driver's seat of your favorite collectible car. Contact Classic Cars Events at Bart.Rietbergen@tip.nl , fax 011 31 578 577426. (HOLLAND) MARCH 2002 Forza Amelia, 1015. 1975 or earlier sports, racing or GT cars, any Ferrari, any 12-cylinder. This 4th annual event is presented by Jacksonville Region, Mercedes-Benz USA. Contact: Rich and Jean Taylor, 800/ 645-6069; www.vintagerallies.com (CT) For your complimentary listing in this directory, please contact Brian Rabold. 503/261-7127 x203, fax 503/253-2234. used a VHF transmitter in the trunk that was the size of a large suitcase. When new, this was trick (and expensive) stuff. Now it is a curiosity that belongs in the museum In the long run, I really don't think that the gadgets you have installed will do anything for the value. Most of us want totally stock cars that look identical to the photo in the sales brochure. Even though the brochure is now dry and cracked, we want cars that aren't. And the older the cars get, the more we want and the more we will pay for such cars. So the value of your car will be comparable to any car with comparable service history and cosmetics, as long as the gadgets continue to function.• You can't take the Chequered Flag if your car doesn't make the event! COSDEL INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION The only experienced shipper of high-value sports and racing cars to road, track and concours events world-wide. We take care of everything! You just FLY & DRIVE! Martin E. Button Inc. Phone: 415-777-2000 > Fax: 415-543-5112 Email: info@cosdel.com s V if Ot% oNv i Quality Service Since 1960 We are the exclusive shipper for all three major Monterey Auctions. Sports Car Market

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 MARKET REPORT)  01111 hirty-one million dollars is a lot of money. That's how much bidders spent on collectible cars at the Monterey weekend auctions. Unfortunately, $53m is a lot more money, in fact 70% more than $31m. That is how much money collectors parted with at the 2000 Monterey events. As Dave Brownell notes in his introduction to the Christie's auction, part of the decline is due to the absence of a blockbuster, no-reserve collection like last year's Browning assemblage. There's more at work here than that, though. In the past, we have lauded Christie's for their spectacular Pebble Beach successes. They combined their nonpareil setting with consignment acumen to create a nearly perfect event. (Imagine a few hundred of the ultra-wealthy watching perfectly restored classic cars crossing the stage at Pebble all afternoon. Bring them to your tent at the Equestrian field, hand them dry martinis, then tell them that all they have to do is wiggle their little finger and, poof, they too will suddenly own a wondrous car.) But nothing lasts forever. This year, RM Auctions was the big dog of the weekend. Their sales volume was highest by far. Their list of consignments was scintillating and for the most part, aggressively reserved. Both Bonhams & Brooks and Christie's suffered mightily by having cars whose owners loved them far too dearly. Whether the economy goes up or down, there will always be auctions, but the companies who react proactively to changing economic times—and today RM leads the pack— will have far better bottom lines than those who are one step behind the rhythm of the market.—ED. Top 10 Sales of Monterey Weekend 999 '56 Ferrari 410 Sport Spyder, $3,822,500, RM '37 Bugatti T 57S Atalante, $1,707,300, B&B '58 Ferrari 250 GT TdF, $1,265,000, RM '73 Ferrari Daytona Comp, $1,212,500, B&B '37 M-B 540K Spchg'd Cab A, $1,051,000, C '55 M-B 300SL Alloy Gullwing, $891,000, RM '37 Talbot-Lago 150-C SS, $836,000, RM '33 Duesenberg Model J Tourster, $831,000, C '59 Ferrari 250 GT LWB Cal Spyder, $831,000, C '58 Ferrari 250 GT TdF, $794,500, B&B SCM 1-6 Scale Condition Rating 1: National concours standard/perfect. 2: Very good, club concours, some small flaws. 3: Average daily driver in decent condition. 4: Still a driver but with some apparent flaws. 5: A nasty beast that runs but has many problems. 6: A non-running car in wretched physical condition that is probably only good for parts. 34  CHRISTIE'S Christie's Pebble Beach, California August 19, 2001 Auctioneer: Dermot Chichester — Number of automotive lots: 86 Number of automotive lots sold: 50 Sale rate: 58.1% Sale total: $11,086,748 High sale: Lot #52, 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K Cabriolet A, sold for $1,051,000, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 171/2% on first $80,000; 10% thereafter Report by Dave Brownell, Steve Serio and John Apen Market opinions in italics f the results of Christie's twelfth annual auction at Pebble Beach were to appear as a school report card, the teacher's commentary might read: "Has done better previously. Needs to do better next time." As the statistics above reveal, the results were okay, but this was hardly the venerable firm's most successful outing at Pebble. For instance, last year they sold $26m in cars. Admittedly, a large portion of that came from the once-in-a-lifetime Browning collection, but consider this: In 1999, their Pebble Beach auction saw them achieve $17.9m and an 84% sale rate. This year's lackluster results certainly weren't for lack of an interested audience. By the time the auction began, the enormous tent was an absolute zoo with people nearly hanging from the big top's framework in search of a clear space. Every seat was occupied in the public section while the reserved area had only around 70% occupancy. About halfway through the auction, Christie's let the velvet ropes down by order of the fire marshal and allowed the hoi polloi to be seated in this exclusive section—those who could get to a seat in time, that is. Alabama collector Patrick S. Ryan consigned eighteen cars, the majority of which had no reserve. This group helped boost the night's sales percentage, but among the reserved automobiles most of the Indy cars failed to sell. The general reaction among audience members we spoke with was that former Indy 500 entries and winners might be neat to own for Summer Imilimm bragging rights, but their usefulness as collector cars is severely limited. Among the sold cars of note was a '60 Austin-Healey 3000 two-seat roadster restored to as-new and correct factory appearance throughout for $42,300. This continued the recent auction tradition of one or two select, brilliant big Healeys selling for Jaguar money. Top buck among the no-reserve Ryan cars was drawn by a 1959 Ferrari 250 GT long wheelbase California Spyder. Looking very fresh and showready throughout, it drew very rapid bidding to sell for a market-correct price of $831,000, including premium. Some bizarre anomalies occurred. A 1953 Buick Roadmaster station wagon, restored to a faultless level, drew more money than many of the full classics and highly desirable sports cars when it sold for $160,000 with premium. Rumor had it that the buyer had been stoked with some firewater before bidding, but what of the underbidder? Were they drinking at the same bar? The two racing Alfas from the '30s didn't land in the sold column. The 1929 1750 SS competition four-seater with a comprehensive racing history in England and enough patina for three other cars was passed at $380,000, while the 1932 ex-Scuderia Ferrari Tipo B P3 Grand Prix monoposto climbed to $1,400,000 before stalling. This was really not enough for this car despite it having a second, albeit correct, factory replacement 2.9 engine. Consistent with the other auctions on the Monterey peninsula during Pebble Beach week, Christie's certainly didn't lack for variety, excellence and price range among their offerings. Their catalog was just as fat and laden with delectable four-wheeled temptations as the other auction houses. What might have helped, though, were some more realistic reserves on a number of the consignments, and lots more finely attuned to the desires of their audience.—D.B. ENGLISH CARS #37-1928 BENTLEY 4 1/2 Le Mans Replica Tourer. S/N RN3050. Eng. #RN3047. Green/green leather. Black fabric top. RHD. Odo: 1,707 miles. Matching number chassis and engine with 1990s body done in Le Mans configuration. Sold at Christie's Pebble Beach '99 for $211,500. Ex-Tom Selleck. Car shows very well. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $170,000. Vintage Bentleys have been treading water in the market, but this Sports Car Market

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Lt-V1 CHRYSLER jeep Brands of DaimlerChrysler GREATEST cars 850 of the world's over classic and collector THE WORLD'S GREATEST CLASSIC CAR AUCTION JANUARY 16'20, 2002 • WESTWORLD • SCOTTSDALE ARIZONA Early Entries 2002 From the George Poteet Collection: Two of the finest street machines ever built! Selling at NO RESERVE! Designed by Chip Foose, Built by Troy Trepanier  1954 PLYMOUTH "SNIPER" Viper V-10 powered with 6 speed.   AT SCOTTSDALE IN 2001... • Sales of Over $26.7 Million • Sales Ratio of 83 Percent 1957 FORD RANCH WAGON "INTRUDER" 500+ horsepower 351 Windsor Engine with Borg-Warner 6 speed. Trepanier-Built work of art. From the Richard Schroeder Collection: A special Sunday segment! Selling at NO RESERVE! SOME EXAMPLES INCLUDE: 1937 Packard Coupe 1939 Lincoln Zephyr 1952 Jaguar XK-1 20 Roadster 1953 MGTD Roadster 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Street Rod 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air Convertible 1957 Ford Thunderbird Convertible 1958 Chevrolet Corvette 283 Cony 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe 1966 Chevrolet Corvette 327 Coupe 1966 Plymouth Satellite Hemi 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Coupe 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible 1968 Chevrolet Camaro 350 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS 396 1969 Jaguar XKE Roadster 1971 Chevrolet El Camino 1971 Pontiac GTO 1972 Ford Mustang Convertible 1 976 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am 1985 Jeep CJ-7 1988 Autokraft Cobra Roadster CONSIGNMENTS NOW BEING CONSIDERED FOR CONSIGNMENT INFORMATION CALL: 480.421.6694 EXT 540 Consign Your Car Early, and Take Advantage of Our Extensive Advertising and Marketing Program www.barrett-jackson.com FOR TRAVEL ASSISTANCE, CONTACT BJ TRAVEL: 888.222.6020 or 602.275.1212 Barrett -Jackson Worldwide Headquarters PEPSI 1.011011 3020 North Scottsdale Road • Scottsdale, Arizona 85251 • Tel 480.421.6694 • Fax 480.421.6697 THE HUB LOT WATCHES 1.11 SPEEDVISION ARIZONA REPUBLIC r1.90 61. • Numerous World-Record Sales on the Auction Block • Over 3,200 Pre-Qualified Bidders

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SCM MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S PEBBLE BEACH one was worth its 1999 selling price all day and night. #57 - $25,300 at '99 Christie 's PB auction. The power of Pebble. 1936 BENTLEY 4 1/4 Sports Saloon. Body by Park Ward. S/N B56GA. Eng. #U9BM. Two-tone blue/blue leather. RHD. Odo: 5,318 miles. Shows a lot of road use, but #70-1949 JAGUAR Mk V Drophead. SN 640073. Silver gray and black/red leather. Black fabric top. RHD. Odo: 84 miles. Hard to • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • still a decent old thing. Paint getting tired, interior wood needs refinishing. Some doors fit better than others. Sunroof a nice bonus. Good interior. Import from South Africa. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $19,975. Estimates of $40k-$50k should have applied to an open car in same condition. This was well bought and leaves room for upgrades/restoration as needed. Or just toodle around in it as is and have a great time. #81 1937 BENTLEY 4 1/4 Coupe. Body by Park Ward. S/N B91JY. Eng. #F7BF. Dark blue/light brown. RI-ID. Odo: 54,189 miles. - fault in any area. Ready for concours. JOC 100-point concours winner. Beautiful example. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $65,000. Bid was close enough to full value. Should have sold 100-point restorations don't stay at 100 points for long. #55 1954 JAGUAR X1(140 MC Roadster. S/N S-810529. Midnight blue/beige leather. Beige fabric top. Odo: 13 miles. Faultless panel - to 3.8 liters. Even inside of exhaust detailed. Presently too nice to race. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $800,000. The market will pay more for patina than for detailed exhaust systems. These cars were made to do battle, not parade around in fashion shows, and this D looked like a Navy Seal tidied up for Sunday school. Bid was not crazy low. #68 - 1956 ASTON MARTIN DB3S Sports Racing Roadster. S/N DB3S/116. Metallic light green/green leather. RHD. Odo: 14,990 miles. Was in 1957 film "Checkpoint." Threeowner car from new. Substantially original Very good door and panel fit. Excellent condition throughout on this very attractive Derby Bentley. Cond: 1 - - - . NOT SOLD AT $85,000. High bid was a fair offer for the car Pretty as it is, the top doesn't go down. #6 1946 MG TC Roadster. S/N 1834A13286. Black/red leather. Black fabric top. RHD. Odo: 24,341 miles. Older restoration with TR4A engine conversion. Hood fit, straight as a precision die, ready to win at club or concours events and one of the earliest XK 140 MCs extant. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $127,000. Price paid was a tribute to the quality of this superb and seductive motorcar Now all the owners of ratty 140s will double their asking prices. And wonder why their phones don't ring. #83-1955 BENTLEY R-TYPE CONTINENTAL Coupe. Body by H. J. Mulliner. S/N BC8 E. Eng. #BC8 E. Burgundy/ tan leather. RHD. Odo: 95,293 miles. The last body. Upgraded with disc brakes. Very fresh and correct-appearing car except seats should be cloth rather than leather. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $780,000. Not enough money to satisfy the consignor but a strong offer nonetheless. DB3Ss suffer in vintage racing, as they are really best suited for long circuits like Le Mans, rather than most of today's tiddly-wink courses with mindless chicanes. #32 1958 JAGUAR XK 150 Roadster. S/N S 830238. Black/gray leather. Black fabric top. Odo: 53,723 miles. Fully, freshly and correctly restored according to the catalog, and - stripped to polished aluminum and decorated with tacky stylized Union Jacks. US-sourced spotlights, oversize tires, few paint scratches, good door fit. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $30,550. Quite enough money for a car with over-the-top appearance and an incorrect engine. Show-winning examples can be bought for the same money or less. Sold for 36  H. J. Mulliner Conti fastback built. Older restoration with a few paint scratches, excellent leather interior, fine door and panel fit. Equipped with automatic gearbox. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $110,000. These cars generally sell in the $100,000-$110,000 range in this condition, especially when supplied with a slushbox. Bid was enough. #45 - 1956 JAGUAR D TYPE Sports - Racing Car. S/N XICD 528. Eng. #E2039-9. Silver blue/gray leather. RHD. Odo: 12,572 miles. Very fresh appearance throughout with a terrific US racing history on the West Coast and full provenance from new. Engine hopped we couldn't dispute that. Outstanding door and panel fit, paint and upholstery as new, concours-ready cat at no reserve. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $77,550. One of the few cars to break past high estimate, and for good reason. Top car top dollar Especially surprising bid as this was for the generally unloved 150, with its bulbous styling. #11 - 1960 AUSTIN HEALEY 3000 2 seat - - Roadster. S/N H-BN7-L/9217. Ice blue/blue leather. Blue canvas top. Odo: 5,054 miles. Showroom new and utterly correct. Looked like it was just driven off the delivery truck from BMC. Stunning car in the right colors Sports Car Market

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 % Ille N. eV  SCM MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S PEBBLE BEACH #50-1963 JAGUAR XICE Roadster. S/N 878681. Red/tan leather. Tan canvas top. Odo: 7,577 miles. Restored in New Zealand from an unhurt, unrusted original, according to the in 2000 by West Coast marque specialist. Driven just 1,000 miles since. Very sharp and correct-appearing throughout. Said to be the first production DB5 coupe built. Cond: I. SOLD AT $138,000. Far above normal market, but it was afreshly restored example ready for its share of awards. with desirable two-seat configuration and offered at no reserve. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $42,300. Some A-H collectors prefer the rollup window cars but to others this is the quintessential six-cylinder Healey to own. You'll find none better than this example. #9-1963 ASTON MARTIN DB4 SERIES IV Convertible. Body by Touring. S/N DB4C/1058/L. Silver blue/blue leather. Blue catalog, which also said that the first job done was to "dissemble it." Let us hope not. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $65,000. Despite the Freudian slip in the description, this was a lovely Jag and we're not dissembling. Bid was fair enough for a well-done, but still common, E. #87-1964 ASTON MARTIN DB5 Coupe. S/N DB5/1301/L. Eng. #400/1251. Silver/red leather. Odo: 1,001 miles. Completely restored fabric top. Odo: 79,256 miles. Catalog states it had recent costly cosmetic and mechanical work by specialists. Chrome wires. Seldomseen body style and body was just about flawless. Cond: 1 - good money. When will we see the first one hit $100,000? Even with the recession, probably within the next 12 months. . NOT SOLD AT $160,000. Ambitious estimates, generous high bid, should have sold. Bid was nearly 150% of current market levels. #66-1966 FORD GT40 Mk I Coupe. Body by JW Auto Engineering. S/N GT40 1065. Red/ red and black fabric. RHD. Odo: 2,716 miles. Highly original, very low mileage "civilian" GT40. Updated with Halibrands, 38-mm Webers, more modern fuel pump, pressure regulator, fuel and Experience Counts For Thirty-One years, Passport has transported nothing but treasured automobiles. Whether an antique, classic, exotic or your everyday driver, we transport in fully enclosed safety. In fact, Passport invented enclosed auto transport and has continuously refined the state of the art. This year, Passport is again raising its Standard of the Industry Service to a new level as a member of the FedEx ® Custom Critical family with an expanded fleet to serve your needs faster. Now More Than Ever, The Standard of the Industry • Door to door service • Liftgate loading • Special event services PASSPORT 17;Nz..2:;-,  passpoRT1Riv-p3pc-?ir #72-1965 AUSTIN-HEALEY 3000 Mk III Convertible. S/N H-BJ8-L/30287. Black/red leather. Black canvas top. Odo: 46,323 miles. Chrome wires, great paint, flawless interior, fresh mechanicals. Ready for show or go. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $75,200. Really, really top-rank big Healeys are now bringing really, really 1970 Enclosed Auto Transport Since 1970 2001 PASSPORT MM. MEM. NM M. an aMM  ~~ MM. MIN WWI IBM  so ssr-wo AIN= X/  NMI M, MN, WI M./  MI—  800 325-4267 fax 314 878-7295 www.passporttransport.com October, 2001  37 A FdEx Custom Critical Company 4.11W  mr-m MI ■■•• ■•.11. =IOW

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SCM MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S PEBBLE BEACH • • • • • • • • oil lines. Paint shows some mild deterioration. Excellent interior. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $340,000. GT4Os built for the street have always suffered in price. To vintage race them is to change them from the way they were built; to drive them on the street is an exercise in futility. This was not an unfair price. #19 - 1990 JAGUAR XJR 15 Sports - Racing Coupe. Body by TWR. SN XJR-15 041. Blue/gray leather. RHD. Odo: 412 miles. Radiator shell brightwork poor. Wood could use a refinish. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $90,000. Car didn't need much to bring it back to prize-winning condition. Bid simply wasn't enough. #84 - 1947 DELAHAYE 135 Three Position - Drophead. Body by Pennock. S/N 800947. Blue and silver/blue leather. Black fabric top. RHD. Odo: 173 miles. Older restoration with Black fabric top. Odo: 55,634 km. As these big Mercs go, this was a graceful-looking example. Supercharged, of course, and very right in provenance and appearance, spoiled only by owner's initials prominently painted on the door and some swastika-laden badges up front. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $1,051,000. Seems cheap compared to the $2.7m 500K Special Roadster at RM Amelia in March but, as we remarked at the time, the 500K was a Jean Harlow of a car This is more of a Mae West. #21 - 1955 MERCEDES BENZ 3005L - Coupe. S/N 198.040.5500766. Red/tan leather. Odo: 25,759 miles. Older professional restoration still shows very well. Excellent door and • • • • • • • • panel fit. Has fitted luggage, belly pans, flip-up steering wheel. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 1 - Sold on bill of sale only; not US road legal. No racing history and minimal use from new. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $182,000. Might prove to be an astute purchase in the long run, but first the owner will have to make it road legal or else have his own race track. This will always be a car with very limited venues to exercise in. FRENCH CARS #59 1935 DELAGE D8 85 Cabriolet. Body - - by Chapron & Robert Clabot. S/N 40168. Eng. #75. Dark blue/beige leather. Light tan fabric top. Odo: 660 km. Not beautiful, not ugly, but certainly different. Obligatory French fin on rear deck, but up front it's very contemporary American in style. Top slightly soiled. Very good door and panel fit. Pebble Beach potential. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $130,000. Hard to place a value on this one but our Burgundy/cream leather. RHD. Odo: 43,404 km. Lovely paint and panels. Excellent door fit. No obvious cosmetic flaws. Superbly crafted coachwork but a bit tubby in appearance. No-reserve car. Cond: 1 - $160,000. Selling price reflected reality for this car The estimate of $340,000 did not. GERMAN CARS #52 1937 MERCEDES BENZ 540K - - Cabriolet A. Body by Sindelfingen. SN 154084. Eng. #154084. Cream/tan leather. market sense says the high bid was quite enough. Bob Petersen has really been the market maker in French cars in the last couple of years—has he finally got all of them that he wants? #71 1947 DELAHAYE 135M Drophead. Body by Chapron. SN 800479. Eng.# 800792. Black/tan leather. Tan fabric top. RHD. Odo: 37,737 km. Excellent paint and interior, very good door fit, fair to good trim and plating. - 38  Shabby paint job with overspray. Scruffy seats. Generally a tired-looking car. Carried later rear fenders or clip, according to a 507 collector/expert. The very first 507: a pre-production prototype, but its condition let it down. Had factory hard top. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $320,000. The subject of much pre-auction hype, cosmetic appearance of the car just didn't square with the $400k-$450k estimates. #10 - . SOLD AT 1956 MERCEDES BENZ 300SC - Roadster. Body by Sindelfingen. S/N 1880 15600445. Tobacco brown/tan leather. Tan fabric top. Odo: 57,122 km. Top-quality fresh okay door fit. Seat leather cracking, sills crudely painted. Currently a "driver," but concourswinning potential if re-restored correctly. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $41,125. Bought at a level that allows corrective surgery without going upside down in the investment. #16 - . SOLD AT $264,500. Market-correct price for a correct and ready Gullwing. #51-1955 BMW 507 Roadster. S/N 70002. Eng. #9477. Cream/red leather. Odo: 4,640 km. 1948 DELAHAYE 135M Cabriolet. Body by Pourtout. S/N 800997. Eng. #800997. restoration by West Coast specialists. Fitted luggage, Becker Mexico radio with automatic antenna, full tool kit. Ready to pass muster at M-B Club events. Excellent woodwork. Hard to fault. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $260,000. We expected this one to at least reach and prob- Sports Car Market

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%%IV  - - SCM MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S PEBBLE BEACH ably exceed the low estimate of $300,000. Nothing doing #76 1957 MERCEDES BENZ 300SL Roadster. S/N 75000037. Eng. #7500081. Red/ black leather with red piping. Black fabric top. Odo: 33 miles. Total restoration completed by fabric top. Odo: 10,901 miles. Precise door and panel fit, very good original interior, excellent repaint, goodies included horn ring steering wheel, chrome rims, Blaupunkt radio, Hazet tool kit. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $52,875. Given the popularity of B roadsters and the quality of this restoration, another $5,000 wouldn't have surprised. #62 1960 PORSCHE 356B Roadster. Body by Reutter. S/N 86850. Eng. #600 123. Red/ tan leather. Beige fabric top. Odo: 46,545 miles. - specialists in 1997, driven 33 miles since. Car is absolutely as-new in all areas. Has unusual interior and many unusual interior trim bits, such as one-of-a-kind handmade dual chrome door grab handles. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $369,000. If the price seems particularly strong, bear in mind that this is the very first production roadster and has a number of unique features not found on subsequent cars. The new owner has some great bragging rights in the 300SL crowd. #40 1960 PORSCHE 356B Roadster. Body by Drauz. S/N 88576. Silver/red leather. Black - Exotic Car Transport ORLANDO FLORIDA Open and Enclosed Carrier Service! e Sharp car with fresh restoration and upgrades including wooden steering wheel and leather upholstery. Logical heir to 356 Speedster but more civilized. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $76,375. Continued proof that Porsche fanatics will step up for brilliant examples. An over-the-top price for an over-the-top car #53 - 1961 MERCEDES BENZ 190SL - Roadster. S/N 1905L9501393. Red/light gray with tan fabric top. Odo: 64,635 miles. Poor grille plating, door fit off, incorrect carpet material, paint bubbling around top surround. Not a sharp SL. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $29,375. The magic of the three-pointed star at work. These are hardly thrilling cars to drive, but they're still a Mercedes so the money COLLECTION SALE PRIVATE Established 1979 A rare opportunity to purchase today's most desirable cars! Shown by appointment only. Call Ken Dougherty. Nationwide Transport of Exotic, Vintage and Luxury Automobiles Storage Avallabie 9848 Southwest Freeway Houston, Texas 77074 713-541-2281 Fax 713-541-2286 kand k@swbell.net t..9.1 1-800-766- Get the whole story of Exotic Car Transport, visit us on the Worldwide Web." www.exoticcartransport.corn 1971 Maserati Ghibli Spyder 4.9. Red/ black leather/tan cloth top. New paint and leather. Many mechanical upgrades. Prototype 4.9— the first ever made! Original books and records, two-owner car. superb condition, $125,000. 1976 Ferrari 308 GTB. Red/black. Very rare dry sump engine—less than 300 made! Came out of a private Italian collection. No expense spared in maintenance. The best. Very fast! $32.500. Ad, rand, 1934 Jaguar SSI Tourer. Yellow/dark green leather. 20 hp, new chrome. outstanding leather and top. Very good body. frame and wood structure. Frame-off restoration approx. 20 years ago. Car has been in a private collection ever since. $72,000. 1972 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 SS Coupe. Red/ black leather, 5-speed. power steering and windows. Factory A/C, wire wheels, 36.000 miles. Excellent. $45,000. 1969 Ferrari 365 2+2. Black/new tan leather, power windows and steering. factory A/C. 38.000 miles. Excellent condtion. $45,000. October, 2001  1953 Jaguar XK120 DHC: 3.4/6 cyl: 4spd: servo assist brakes: numbers match: very nice older restoration. $55.000 1971 Maserati Indy. Red/tan leather, 4.2 liter. 5-speed. power windows, factory A/C. very good condition. $19,950 1996 Maserati Open Cup Race Car: Raced and then completely rebuilt; now ready to race again. $65.000 39

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Don Williams 6- Richie Clyne present the 1st Annual October 12th, 2001 1930 Stutz MB Weymann Fabric Monte Carlo NO RESERVE 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K Cabriolet B NO RESERVE / October 10th-13th, 2001 Hershey Lodge Convention Center — Hershey, Pennsylvania cfc 10th Annual 1910 Lanchester 28 HP Tourer NO RESERVE

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EXPO SALE Wednesday - Saturday 3:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. 1932 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Special Sport Sedan NO RESERVE 1913 Jackson Olympic 5-Passenger 'Touring NO RESERVE 1954 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Mulliner Sedanca NO RESERVE 1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Henley Roadster NO RESERVE HOTEL INFORMATION 1937 Adler Rennlimousine Competition Coupe NO RESERVE Hershey Lodge 717/533-3311 Fax: 717/533-9642 www.HersheyLodge.com CALIFORNIA OFFICE 1092 Eagles Nest Place Danville, CA 94506 925/736-3444 • Fax 925/736-4375 www.BlackhawkCollection.com 1936 Lincoln K (V-12) LeBaron 7buin Car NO RESERVE 3535 Las Vegas Blvd. So. Las Vegas, NV 89109 702/794-3174 • Fax 702/369-7430 www.AutoCollectionS.com

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SOW MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S PEBBLE BEACH glish or Continental sale. Not all US collectors appreciate honest wear and tear that can only be acquired through years of use. #46 - 1932 ALFA ROMEO TIPO B P3 GP Monoposto. S/N 5002. Eng. #50001. Red/ brown leather. Ex-Scuderia Ferrari #38. Very - horsepower (no brakes, but who cares?). Market price. #47 Vanette. S/N C80-1902. Two-tone gray/dark gray. RHD. Odo: 37,641 km. Door fit off, RHD • • • • • • • • • • 1956 LANCIA APPIA SERIES 2 • • • • • • • • gets bid despite the obvious flaws. Maybe someone wanted an inexpensive trinket to bring home from Pebble. #31 - - Roadster. S/N Gray-beige/ black leather. Black fabric top. Odo: 31,175 miles. Attractive 230 with automatic tranny and factory hardtop. Appeared to be totally original and to have led a gentle existence. Original miles. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $37,600. Strong, strong money, but what price originality? #79 - - 1971 MERCEDES BENZ 280SE 3.5 Hardtop. S/N 11026 1200 1954. Silver metallic/dark blue leather. Odo: 29,553 miles. Very fresh paint and detailing, slight wear on upholstery. Tremendous competition history on both sides of the Atlantic, crashes, engine switches, etc. Now has proper Alfa racing engine, though not original unit. Substantially correct. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $1,400,000. Are P3s starting to soften? Two years ago, they were the flavor of the month, but then everyone who had to have one got one. Seller may have to lower his expectations to move this car on. #74-1950 ALFA ROMEO 6C 2500 SS "COMPETIZIONE" GT Coupe. Body by Ghia. S/N 64251. Eng. #924866. Blue/light blue leather. RHD. Odo: 4,505 km. Alleged to have 1967 MERCEDES BENZ 230SL and very limited visibility make this one a dicey thing to drive on the road in US. Very clean interior, oversize tires. Cuter than a box of kittens. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $33,487. Restored and sold by an SCM subscriber who bought it to transport new Vespas (he's a dealer). Surprise, new Vespas don't fit. Big money—the Fiat Jolly of this year 's Monterey weekend. #75 - 1957 MASERATI A6G GRAN SPORT Spyder. Body by Frua. S/N 2197. Red with white noseband/cream leather. Light tan fabric top. Odo: 802 miles. A stunning well detailed and maintained. Outstanding door and panel fit. Just the slightest wear on front seats. Mileage believed genuine. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $32,900. Huge money, but a good buy even if you wanted to use it for a daily driver ITALIAN CARS #86-1929 ALFA ROMEO 1750 SS 4-seat Sports Racing Car. Body by Carlton Carriage Co. SN 03 12906. Eng. #6C 03 12906. Red/dark red leather. Black fabric top. RHD. Odo: 24,033 miles. Almost totally original car been owned by Fangio but provenance is fuzzy. Has Gilco tubolare chassis. Interior looks very American in style. Excellent appearance throughout but styling elicited adverse comments from some Alfisti at auction. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $160,000. One of four built. Hard to value accurately, but we reckon market level is somewhere between the high bid and the low estimate of $220,000. #88 - 1951 FERRARI 340 AMERICA Coupe. Body by Ghia. SIN 0148A. Eng. #0148A. Blue/light blue. Rare model with with a patina that won't quit. Wonderful, successful racing history at Brooklands and other British venues. Super car and super provenance. Cond: 2 - 42  . NOT SOLD AT $380,000. It would probably have done better at an En- quasi-desirable coachwork. Bodywork very straight, interior correct and beautiful. A number of paint flaws, some chrome pitting, overcharging electrical system causing some corrosion. Lovely older restoration, tastefully done. Just starting to show age. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $391,000. A great car for any number of vintage events. Lots of style, lots of Great presence. Beautiful older paint. Relatively minor flaws: vinyl top cover, wrong finish under hood, faded taillights, wrong headlights, hood-stay hole too small to use, incorrect carpet. Back of seats a little nicked. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $831,000. Long-wheelbase Californias don't bring the money that their later outside-plug, disc-braked brethren do, but this price is a new recent-auction high for a nice car that has always been well cared for #44-1961 FERRARI 400 SUPERAMERICA AERODYNAMICA Coupe. Body by Pinin Farina. S/N 4031SA/ 3097SA. Eng. #12875A. Green/black. Odo: 41,000 km. Just enough patina from light use. Sports Car Market car. Won first at Pebble and Meadow Brook in 1993, then third in class at Pebble in 2000 against freshly restored Masers. The final Frua spyder built. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $341,000. Long bidding on this car High price surprised many observers but the car is dropdead gorgeous. #15-1959 FERRARI 250 GT LVVB CALIFORNIA Spyder. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 1203GT. Eng. #1203GT. Black/tan. Odo: 19,015 miles. Complete ownership history.

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N%%%%%%111  SCM MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S PEBBLE BEACH . grille. Sold for $32,300 at '99 Pebble Beach auction. Sold here at no reserve. Cond: 3 - SOLD AT $16,450. Car 's value has plummeted like a dot-corn stock. But really, this bid is reflective of the market today for out-offavor cars with obvious needs. A perfect 3500GT is only $30,000—there's no upside with this car. #18-1963  FERRARI  Accurate detailing with wonderful original feeling that can't be had from a restoration. Minor paint flaws and door dings. Hard to fault original interior. Much evidence that it was driven by Enzo as a "test mule" the year before it was sold. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $391,000. A stunning example of the unique PF Coupe Aerodynamica, which had the 4-liter boredand-stroked Colombo 250 engine. Correct price for a neat original with history. #78 - #42-1966 FERRARI 275 GTB/6C Coupe. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 08847. Eng. #08847. White/black leather. Odo: 26,505 miles. Long nose, torque tube, six-carb. Period radio. Other 400 SUPERA1VIERICA LWB Cabriolet. Body by Pinin Farina. SN 4241SA. Eng. #4241SA. Red/ tan leather. Red hard top. Odo: 76,854 km. 1962 MASERATI 3500GT Coupe. Body by Touring. SIN 101-2334. Eng. #1012334. Maroon/tan leather. Odo: 56,941 miles. A somewhat tired car with paint chip problems, rust showing in wire wheels, gold-painted Older restoration and color change, with excessive use of filler. Trunk lid didn't fit—gap was all wrong. Wavy chrome, plastic wiper arms, unfortunate etching of serial number in all of the glass. Hood wouldn't open. Interesting example that needs some TLC. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $358,000. Only four SH LWB SA PF Cabs were made. Hard top and 335 hp is all that distinguishes these cars from their PF Cab SH roots, so this is big money for the extra power. Clean and comfortable, but unexciting design relegates it to second-tier Ferrari status. than some redone paint, an alloy spare wheel, a replacement headlamp cover, a few hose clamps and the distributor nuts, car is completely original. Glorious example with verifiable history. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $200,000. One of the most desirable of the 454 two-cam 275s. Long-nose 275s are pushing $200k, and with the desirable six-carb setup, this bid was close. Original and unusual white color and nonchrome Borranis lessened curb appeal. Sealing the deal will probably take $220k #36 - 1971 FERRARI 365 GTB/4 DAYTONA Coupe. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 14251. Red/black leather with red inserts. We're Focused Automobile Transportation is our only Business. When you need to relocate your automobile choose the company that specializes in automobile transportation. Intercity is equipped with enclosed transporters, liftgate loading, insurance coverage, and door-to-door service. We deliver anywhere in the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico. A sophisticated QUALCOMM satellite tracking system closely monitors your vehicle's exact location at all times. •  October, 2001 Please Call for a FREE QUOTE. 1-800-221-3936 • FAX 413-436-9422 • www.interdtylines.com 552 Old West Brookfield Road.Waren, MA 01083 The official transporters for: The Auto Collections • Barrett Jackson • Bloomington Gold • Corvette Mike • Mecum Auctions - The Petersen Automotive Museum 43

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SOW MARKET REPORT: CHRISTIE'S PEBBLE BEACH Odo: 31,119 miles. Color change from yellow to Resale Red. Clear coat now buffed through in spots on nose. Door fit not good, door checks non-existent. Dash pad, battery, filters, carpet all wrong. Seats done incorrectly. Filler very noticable in wheel arches. A bright red auction queen. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $99,500. Christie's says suspension bushings and/or shocks need to be replaced This is a lot of money for an unknown car Let's hope the new owner isn't faced with a lot of maintenance problems that could eat up $30,000 in a heartbeat. #20-1972 FERRARI 365 GTB/4 DAYTONA COMPETIZIONE Spyder. Body by Michelotti. S/N 15965. Red/tan. Odo: 6,137 miles. A Daytona Spyder that looks like red/tan leather. Odo: 1,138 miles. Incorrect hood moldings, flashy but excellent interior, crude bodywork covers area where trunk was originally attached. Missing original rear skirts, exterior color controversial. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $380,000. This was very likely a nice car until it got tarted up. Price was strong enough considering the remedial work needed #63-1930 PACKARD 734 Speedster. S/N 184084. Red over burgundy/black leather. Tan fabric top. Odo: 825 miles. One of six • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • AT $314,000. Auburn boattails have been breaking out of their previous market levels into new territory with sharp examples like this leading the way. #54-1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Roadster. S/N E57S105679. White with silver coves/red vinyl. Odo: 58,827 miles. 283/200 V8, 3-speed stick, factory hardtop. Very nice a Corvette. American speedometer, all other gauges European. Other than being entered in Le Mans in 1975, the brief competition history makes it unclear as to why this is a Comp Daytona. Maybe Chinetti couldn't sell it so decided to race it instead. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $250,000. Racing Ferraris always bring big money—maybe because the owners can go play with the other big dogs in the Ferrari Challenge. At V4the price of a factory Comp Daytona, maybe this was cheap. Not pretty, but cheap. #49 1979 FERRARI 308 GTS Spyder. S/N 28273. Red/black with inserts. Odo: 55,654 miles. Wrong tires, cracked paint, loose underdash wiring, first-generation mobile phone on - genuine Speedsters built. Older restoration still looks great. Woodlites add to good looks. No obvious flaws noted. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $314,000. One of the best-looking Packards ever built and a splendid example of what a true classic car is all about. Fairly bought, especially in view of its authenticity. #30 1933 DUESENBERG J Tourster. Body by Derham. S/N 2524. Eng. #J-104. Green/green leather. Tan fabric top. Odo: 48,493 miles. Very well-maintained older restoration of a well-known J-berg. Ex-Rick Carroll - Francis Scott. Top mechanism works like a charm and could have been a feasible offering in its day. Totally restored and ready to amaze at the next Corvette gathering. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $260,000. No one was ready to pay more than a quarter-million for bragging rights to this one-off What's it really worth? We'llfind out when it actually sells. center console, stone chips. New interior and door panels, with distracting (and non-original) red armrests. Side window vents painted gloss black. Clean engine. Aftermarket ignition wires. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $35,250. Price is highfor a driver, but as long as the mechanicals are sorted out, drive and enjoy without too much future depreciation. Just don't take it to a club concours. AMERICAN CARS 1930 DUESENBERG J Sedan. Body by Franay. S/N 2385. Eng. #J #17 - - 365. Metallic 1935 AUBURN 851 Speedster. SN 32304E. Light yellow/brown leather. Odo: 256 miles. AACA and CCCA first place winner. Ex-Noel Thompson collection and very - collection. One of the eight original Derham Toursters. A "real" car, albeit with a different J engine than it was born with. AACA, ACD, CCCA firsts. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $831,000. Good money for a good Duesy. Fair to buyer and to seller #14 #28-1964 LANG COOPER KING COBRA Sports Racing Roadster. S/N CM/164. Bright orange/black fabric. Very well-documented original interior, excellent older repaint. A greatlooking driver and possible local show winner. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $31,725. One of the genuine buys of the auction. Bought below market, and all you have to do is drive it away and enjoy. #43 - 1958 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Re- tractable Hardtop. SN 00. Black/red vinyl. Odo: 54,067 miles. One-off concept car by sharp despite being an older restoration. Alleged by ACD expert to be a "built-up" car, but a stunner nonetheless. Excellent door and panel fit. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 1. SOLD 44  race history and apparently a car requiring equal amounts of skill and testosterone to race successfully. Wmgs and spoilers removed from car presently. Could be a terror in vintage racing. One of eight built. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $200,000. A similar car was sold at the Bonhams & Brooks Quail Lodge auction the previous day for $154,000 with premium. Did the vendor here pass up a great offer, or was that just a chandelier swaying in the Pebble Beach breeze? 1 www.sportscarmarketCOM Check it out. Sports Car Market

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II  SCM MARKET REPORT: BONHAM & BROOK CAF1MEL BONHAMS &BROOKS Bonhams & Brooks Quail Lodge Carmel Valley, California August 18, 2001 Auctioneer: Robert Brooks Number of automotive lots: 70 Number of automotive lots sold: 30 Sale rate: 42.8% Sale total: $5,812,300 High: Lot #247, 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atalante, sold for $1,707,500, including buyer's premium Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 15% on the first $50,000, 10% thereafter Report by Dave Brownell and Steve Serio Market opinions in italics of cars for sale. Indeed, for many observers (including this reporter) this sale contained the finest array of cars Brooks had yet assembled at Carmel. L When the final gavel fell for the evening, however, Robert Brooks had said "pass" so many times it seemed like the play-by-play of a football game rather than an auction. Most of the centerpiece cars, including a splendid selection of competition and roadgoing Ferraris, didn't make the grade. Nor did a wonderful 8-Litre Bentley, a McLaren Cam-Am race car or a ravishing Mercedes 540K Cabriolet A. These no-sales were somewhat tempered by the high-dollar sale of the auction, an amazingly original 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atalante coupe. The sale price of $1,707,500 ensured that Bonhams & Brooks would have at least one million-dollar baby to brag about. Two locally-important cars also didn't change owners. The 1956 Ferrari 500 Testa Rossa that won the inaugural race at Laguna Seca in 1957 brought a bid of $720,000, but we'd reckon a high bid of close to seven figures was needed to make the deal. The 1950 Jaguar XK 120 that racing legend and Fl World Champion Phil Hill drove to victory at the first Pebble Beach Road Race in 1950 was estimated to bring $130,000 to $160,000 but fizzled out at $110,000. It wasn't for lack of trying on Brooks's part. Robert Brooks cranked up all his persuasive skills and charms to coax the bidding on each car to a sale, but the audience just wasn't having it. As at Christie's, the dot-commers had fled the lush environs of Pebble and Cannel to lick their wounds and tote up their losses elsewhere. Buying was very selective and most of the high bids were realistic in view of the current economy. However, a flurry of sales right October, 2001  Originally a coupe, rebodied in the UK—probably in the '50s, according to the catalog. ExVintage Car Store, Tom Barrett, Andrew Darling. Big, impressive, good looking, with original chassis and engine still married. Cond: 1 - SOLD AT $409,500. A "boy racer" Speed Six for the right kind of money. #229 - - ike their counterparts at Christie's, Bonhams & Brooks didn't have a great deal to celebrate after their Quail Lodge auction this year. There was nothing lacking in the selection at the end of the auction gave a welcome boost to the totals for Bonhams & Brooks. The biggest surprise was the winning bid for the scruffiest—but in many ways rarest— car in the sale. The barn-fresh 1935 Squire roadster had loads of potential but also needed loads of work. These are legendary automobiles; only seven were built and they are to some collectors' eyes the most beautiful British sports cars ever designed. Hot bidding took this machine 50% above high estimate to $134,500. Now the new owner has got to start spending some serious money on the car. Quail Lodge has become the most important US auction in the Bonhams & Brooks repertory, and this one dip in the road likely won't discourage them from assembling another sale there next year. Meanwhile, we look forward to what the major fall sales reveal about market activity and levels in the US.—D.B. ENGLISH CARS #268-1929 BENTLEY SPEED SIX Tourer. Body by Hunt. S/N BA2584. Green/black leather. Tan fabric top. RHD. Odo: 7,987 miles. late '30s. Excellent restoration showing slight age. Superabundance of style, performance, presence and charisma. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $640,000. With all the vintage Bentley owners/ drivers/wannabes at the auction, we thought this car would crack $750k and sell. We were off by only $110,000 or so. #251 - 1934 ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM - II Cabriolet. Body by Henri Binder. S/N 162SK. Eng. #ZK35. Black/red leather. Black fabric top. RM. Odo: 75,641 miles. Gorgeous body in the style of Waterhouse. Hood and top fit slightly off, otherwise hard to fault. Body was originally on chassis 103GY. Engine overhauled in 2000. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $158,700. Worth the money all day and night. As the grand classic market softens, magnificent cars like this become good buys—ifyou've got a garage large enough to hold one. #221 - 1935 SQUIRE 1.5 LITRE SHORT - . 1930 ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM II Station Wagon. S/N 67XJ. Eng. #WK55. Silver gray/black leather. RI-ID. Originally a CHASSIS Roadster. Body by Vanden Plas. S/N X-103. Black/red leather. RI-ID. One of Weymann fabric sedan, then converted to a woody wagon in UK and rebuilt as such here. Excellent appearance, door and gate fit and workmanship. Just the thing for a little grouse shooting on your estate. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $84,450. A somewhat hard car to value. In all, not a bad buy and certainly a "different" kind of Roller The gentleman's woody? #217 - 1931 BENTLEY 8 LITRE Sports 4 - - seater. Body by Corsica. S/N YM5050. Eng. #YR5084. Black/red leather. Tan fabric top. RHD. Odo: 6,384 miles. Famous Big B owned by late president of Bentley Drivers' Club. Rebodied in 1939 BENTLEY 41/4 Cabriolet. Body by Vanden Plas. S/N B161MX. Eng. #V48D. Black and cream/red leather. Tan fabric top. RHD. Odo: 90,248 miles. Older restoration on the decline. Cracks and chips in paint, scratches, general wear and tear, soiled carpet, incorrect taillamps. Restored in late '50s, so it has an excuse. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $75,000. WCseries cars are the most desirable of the prewar the legendary Squires. Seven built, and this "barn find" makes the sixth extant. Incorrect Salmson engine. No supercharger. Has ENV pre-selector gearbox. Cracks in aluminum fenders. Bristling with potential and wonderful style. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $145,000. Got more attention than any other car at the auction. Bought by English dealer What's it worth? On August 18, $145,000. Hot bidding went flying right past pessimistic estimate of $40,000-$80,000. #248 - 45

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SCM MARKET REPORT: BONHAMS & BROOKS, CARMEL Eng. #BC21A. Medium brown/beige leather. Tan canvas top. RHD. Odo: 48,684 miles. A very well-maintained and detailed car with excellent door and panel fit. Very good interior and woodwork, no power steering but automatic tranny. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $130,000. Worth the high bid, but not a whole lot more. Derby Bentleys but, considering the condition, the bid for this car was fair #257 - #250-1958 LISTER-JAGUAR "KNOBBLY" Sports Racing 2-seater. Body by RS Panels. S/N BHL119. Green/black leather. RHD. 1950 JAGUAR XK 120 Roadster. SN 670138. Black/red leather. Odo: 60,524 miles. Car appeared to be as new and ready to 441 - "At1/4  . . overdrive and chrome wires. Perfect for driving and enjoying as is. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $29,900. If you don't need trophies to prop up your ego, this is exactly the right kind of car to buy—a prize winner that's just lost its edge but still looks fine, runs great and needs nothing to hop in and enjoy at a very fair figure. #240-1961 JAGUAR X.KE Roadster. S/N 875100. Eng. #R1134-9. White/red leather. Tan canvas top. Odo: 545 miles. 100th E-type built. compete again. Alloy-bodied, great door and panel fit and important race/driver history. First Pebble Beach race winner with Phil Hill at the wheel. Now has Austin-Healey seats. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $110,000. Rare aluminumbodied car plus the unique race history deserved better money than bid #227 - 1951 MG TD Roadster. SN 9698. - Red/black leather. Black fabric top. Odo: 76,737 miles. Typical TD door fit problems, Super restoration and ready for serious historic racing. Not for the faint-hearted, but could be equally at home on display at a concours. Cond: I. NOT SOLD AT $320,000. So near and yet so far Another $ 10k might have motivated the consignor and would have still been an okay buy. #262 - 1959 ASTON MARTIN DB2/4 Mk III Sports Saloon. Body by Tickford. SN AM300/3/1652. Black/red leather. RHD. Odo: 51,007 miles. One-owner car with optional Looked like it came straight from the floor of the 1961 New York Auto Show. Faultless and stunning. Cond: 1+. NOT SOLD AT $68,000. Ambitious estimate of $120,000-$140,000 and a lowfinal bid equals no sale. $90k would have been right. #253 - Racing 2 - seater. SN 23 S 85. Eng. #4221 854. Green/black leather. RHD. 2-liter BMW - • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1963 LOTUS 23B BMW Sports hasty repaint shows lots of dust under finish coat, dashboard incorrect, new upholstery slightly off correct pleat size, fair top. Looked like a quickie "restoration" for auction. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $10,350. Even show-ready TDs are dropping in price and marginal ones like this car are having a struggle getting past ten grand. If you've wanted one, now may be the time to count your pennies and raise your hand. #225 - 1955 BENTLEY SI CONTINENTAL Drophead. Body by Park Ward. SN BC22AF. Restored in 1996 and showing slight wear. Rear bumper plating fair and scratched. Excellent door fit, very clean interior, well-presented car. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $40,000. Not quite enough for a good early DB4. Another $5k might have gotten the deal done. #238 1960 JAGUAR XK 1503.4 Drophead. SN S838844DN. Dark green/biscuit leather. Black fabric top. Odo: 83,163 miles. Excellent interior, excellent door fit, paint starting to show age, along with top. Ran well, equipped with - and ready for vintage racing or annoying your neighborhood gendarme, because it's set up to be street legal as well as race ready. Very well presented. Authenticated by Dan Gurney and 46  Sports Car Market overdrive. Top-grade repaint and new interior done correctly. Very clean, straight car throughout. Carried front disc brakes. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $32,200. One of the true bargains of the auction. Car was worth the top bid and some more. Being a right-hooker in America didn't help. #215 - 1960 ASTON MARTIN DB4 SE- RIES II Saloon. S/N DB4/444/R. Metallic green/black leather. R HD. Odo: 48,449 miles. engine yields 170 hp and is married to a fivespeed Hewland gearbox. Fresh and race-ready with no obvious faults or problems Cond: 1 - . SOLD AT $46,000. Compared to the price of admission for some levels of vintage and historic racing, the price of this car seems to be a relatively economical way to live out your herodriver fantasies. #263-1964 COOPER MONACO "KING COBRA" 5-Liter Sports Racer. S/N CM 64. Dark blue/black leather. RHD. Well restored - 6 -

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• mil sm I N. Elm mi I I Ell sm  SCM M Phil Hill. Cond: I-. SOLD AT $156,500. Seems a bit of a bargain for a legit King Cobra. #243-1966 ASTON MARTIN DB6 SHORT-CHASSIS VOLANTE Convertible. SN DBVC/2326/R. Eng. #400/2310. Dark blue/ tan leather. Tan fabric top. RM. Odo: 32,341 miles. Trunk and door fit off. Noticeable value. Price, however didn't seem excessive. #223-1971 McLAREN-CHEVROLET M8E1D Can-Am Sports Racer. SN 80 Multicolor/black leather. RHD. In excellent - 08. repaint showing orange peel throughout. New gearbox. Very clean interior. Generally, a betterthan-average TR. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $8,050. Low estimate of $12,000 wasn't that far off the market level. New owner bought the car very right. interior wear. Not a sharp car any more. Automatic transmission. Some fresh cosmetics and mechanicals in 2000. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $78,000. High bid reflected car's general condition. The automatic is not only a huge value knock, it reduces the appeal ofthe car by at least 50%. Who ever had afantasy about being James Bond with a slushbox? #260 1967 AC 428 Drophead. Body by Frua. SN CF3. Metallic green/black leather. Black canvas top. Odo: 70,227 miles. Essentially, a Mk III Cobra with Italian coachwork. A scarce sight even when new with fewer than 30 dropheads built. Stupendous performance from an obviously well cared-for car. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $77,300. They hardly ever come on the market so it's hard to figure an accurate - FRENCH CARS #247 1937 BUGATTI TYPE 57S Atalante - condition all around. Painted by Peter Max. Had very little racing use by Led Zeppelin. Originally built for Belgian Team VDS who campaigned it extensively. Cond: 1. NOT SOLD AT $140,000. Appeared ready to go out and do some serious vintage racing. You probably couldn't build one from scratch for the $ 180k low estimate. However, Can-Am cars have been soft of late—they're not exactly a car for the casual vintage racer #205 1976 TRIUMPH TR6 Roadster. SN CF51326U. Green/black leather and leatherette. Black canvas top. Odo: 4,374 miles. Fresh - Coupe. Body by Gangloff. SN 57501. Eng. #S14. Black/black leather. RI-ID. Odo: 9,931 km. _ _ MARKET REPORT: BONHAMS & BROOKS, CARMEL Fabulous original car with excellent door fit, impeccable provenance, no stories or excuses. Simply the best original example extant. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $1,707,500. Unmessed - with www.classic car •com EWE BUY CARS) bob(&.classicscars.com 111111.41111111111111111MM LANCIA Gr. 5 OSCA MT4  ( PORSCHE 904  ( FARINA BARCHETTA C ALFA ROMEO TZ1  BIZZARRINI 5300 GT )  MASERATI 5000 )  ABARTH OT (DATABASE CHASSIS NUMBERS & RACES RESULTS)

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SCM MARKET REPORT: BONHAMS & BROOKS, CARMEL Bugattis of any sort are the large exception rather than the rule. This car is a total time warp and was worth the money. Joining an outstanding California collection of exceptional cars where, we trust, it will remain unrestored #258 - Mans 2 1937 DELAHAYE 135 Replica Le seater. S/N 49856. Blue/tan leather. MD. Well-executed replica of Delahaye Le Mans car of 1937. Left side of hood fit off, - light wear and tear from competition use. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $520,000. As a PF Spider, with a decent race history, it should have brought a bid of at least $550,000. Not a crazy low bid here, but just not close enough. #241 - very good paint and upholstery, missing radiator badge. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $66,300. A lot cheaper than the real thing but it won't ever be the real thing, either Hot bidding all the way. Probably eligible at every vintage event—after all, it's not exactly a plastic D-type. GERMAN CARS #231 1939 MERCEDES BENZ 540K Spe- - cial Cabriolet A. Body by Sindelfingen. S/N 408.399. Eng. #408.393. Dark blue/beige leather. Tan fabric top. Odo: 12,535 km. One of three 580K prototypes, winner of 1939 Paris Salon, Bagatelle and Pebble Beach prize. Carries second, but correct 540K engine. Impeccable bolide throughout. Cond: 1+. NOT SOLD AT $1,150,000. High bid was simply not enough for former owner's heirs and back Red/black leather. Black fabric top. Odo: 57,171 miles. Engine rebuilt and car restored at some point. Excellent door and panel fit; very correct-looking car with no faults noted. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $42,550. Generous bid on a very good car ITALIAN CARS #244 1952 FERRARI 212 INTER - Berlinetta. Body by Vignale. S/N 0219. White and blue/gray leather. RHD. Seemingly complete and never really apart. Many rare details doors, otherwise car looked very right inside and out except, perhaps, for red color on wheels. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $58,600. A bit above high market, but not by much. Panel fit is crucial to Speedster fanatics, and they have to be perfect for a car to pull big dollars. #264 1963 PORSCHE 356B Cabriolet. Body by Reutter. S/N 158370. Eng. #611093. - . NOT SOLD AT $720,000. Sold for $430k at Rick Cole/RM in 1997 as unrestored barn find, then restored by RM It will take $850k to get the job done. In today's market, $720k was not unfair for a four-cylinder; non-numbers matching car; even with great history. #226-1958 FERRARI 250 GT TdF Berlinetta Competizione. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 1139GT. Red/tan leather. Best described correct, significant, not overly preserved. Simply a great car. Won the inaugural race at Laguna Seca, along with many others. Former owners include John von Neumann, Bruce Kessler, Richie Ginther and Pete Lovely. Cond: I - bring it to prize-winning appearance. Bid was nearly right, despite the low estimate of $100k. #259-1955 PORSCHE 356 Speedster. S/N 80528. Red/black leather. Black fabric top. Odo: 7,493 miles. Inconsistent gap in both • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1956 FERRARI 500 TESTA ROSSA Spider Corsa. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 0650MDTR. Red/tan leather. RHD. Proper, it went to Germany. Even in this rarefied atmosphere, a roadster will sell more easily, and for more money, than a cabriolet. The cabs are just a little stodgy-looking. #207 - 1954 MERCEDES BENZ 300S - Coupe. S/N 1880114500033. Eng. #1889204500033. Black/light gray leather. Odo: 64,738 km. Very tired seats, saggy door and beautifully preserved. Some paintwork here and there, but this is how these cars probably felt when new. Arguably worn, but unmolested and very cool. Suspension reportedly needs inspection. Cond: 3 - as a very significant correct comp car in asraced condition. Older paintwork cracked, thankfully! Beautifully presented. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $794,500. A little below market. TdFs and SWBs are the hottest part of the Ferrari dual-sport market. Even $100k more wouldn't have surprised. . NOT SOLD AT $320,000. Superb original car; but originality has its price—which should have been $320k Unlikely to get more for this car, no matter what the venue. The performance of 212s is not exactly mind-boggling. #214 - handles, fair plating in most areas. Car had generally seedy, run-down appearance. Cond: 3 1954 FERRARI MONDIAL Spider - NOT SOLD AT $72,000. One of 216 built. Imported from Argentina. Would need a considerable commitment of time and money to 48  . Corsa. Body by Pinin Farina. S/N 0408MD. Red/tan leather. RHD. Important car that was correctly re-bodied years ago. Great, verifiable racing history. Hood fit not great, paint blemishes left side, incorrect light covers, typical Sports Car Market #233-1959 FERRARI 250 GT CALIFORNIA Spyder Competizione. Body by Scaglietti. SN 01615GT. Silver/black leather. Description of "restored" better worded as "recreated." Very cloudy history, overall feel

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" SCM MARKET REPORT: BONHAMS & BROOKS CARMEL was that of a "rebody," restamped engine. Trunk lid not fitting around the fuel filler, and this was just done? Perfectly nice interior and paint. Cond: 2 - #261-1965 FERRARI 275 GTS Spyder. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 08005. Red/tan leather. Odo: 48,000 miles. Great panel fit, older . NOT SOLD AT $720,000. Not sure why you buy this car, frankly. Sometimes when you resurrect a car around a frame and chassis number, it just doesn 't translate to its original form and flair. #209-1962  FERRARI  400 SUPERAMERICA Coupe Aerodinamico. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 4251. Eng. #4251. Red/ black leather. Odo: 68,029 miles. LWB. Good SWB. Presence of old gas funk and plastic vent hose summed up the fact that it was time to spend a few bucks on the car. No engine detailing. Carpet didn't match from trunk to footwells. Paintwork still decent. Interior with huge sunroof feels original. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $940,000. The 400-style coupe body really detracts from the value here. SWBs are desired for their racing prowess, and this car had no history This was all the money. #252 - 1963 FERRARI 250 GT LUSSO original interior. Excellent door and panel fit. Paint crazing on nose and hood, dent in bumper guard. Nice patina of an older restoration. Chrome not great. Color changed, but probably for the better. New York Motor Show car for 1962. Cond: 2 - Berlinetta. Body by Pininfarina. SN 5397. Red/ black leather. Fresh restoration (because of nonfatal roll over). Nicely presented, some interior panel fit not up to par. Panels, chrome, glass, original feel, bogus dyed leather seats. Can be much nicer very easily with some judicious detailing, by fitting the correct oil filters and battery, and by fixing the leaky cam covers. Felt like the owner was tired of spending money on his toy, albeit a straight one. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $147,700. Really all the money for a less-than-perfect GTS. #235 - 1966 FERRARI 275 GTB/6C Berlinetta. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 8135. Red/black leather. Converted six-carb car, older restoration with some minor visible corrosion. Door fit suspect, chrome iffy, very nice interior. Paintwork still good. Not enough punch to its . NOT SOLD AT $260,000. Top bid was way off the mark Should have brought close to the high estimate of $350,000. #266-1962 FERRARI 250 GT SWB SPECIALE Berlinetta. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 3469. Red/tan leather. Odo: 40,000 miles. Older restoration on a very unusual and unique overall feel very nice. Cond: 2+. NOT SOLD AT $135,000. Nice car; complete history been shopped a lot recently. Bid was not unreasonable. Antique Automobile Insurance Agency 1-888-ANTIQUE (1-888-268-4783) wwwjctaylor.com October, 2001  49

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SCM MARKET REPORT: BONHAMS & BROOKS CARMEL appearance. Cond: 2 . NOT SOLD AT - $220,000. Long nose, alloy body, interim open driveshafi rather than torque tube. Originally a three-carb. Been heavily shopped in the recent past. Bid was not unfair #218 1968 ISO RIVOLTA Coupe. Body by Bertone. SN 750719. Silver/black leather. Odo: 46,706 miles. Power windows, A/C. Some - Mans, you could have added $300k more to the price. #216 - 1974 FERRARI 246 GTS Spyder. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 08094. Red/tan leather. The silver bombcan spray paintwork pitting on plating, inconsistent door fit, good original interior, okay paint. Ready to drive away. Cond: 2 - • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • was almost there. Maybe $7k more for an equitable deal. #206-1931 STUTZ DV32 BEARCAT Speedster. SN DV28.1309. Cream over burgundy/red leather. Odo: 13,784 miles. Older restoration beginning to show some age. Very good door fit. Engine compartment needs detailing. Dashboard and instruments appeared incorrect. Cond: 2 - . NOT SOLD AT $11,750. Ital- ian coachwork with a bulletproof Chevy drivetrain seems like a combo made in heaven, but this hybrid couldn't get past MG-TD money. #210-1971 LAMBORGHINI MIURA SV Berlinetta. Body by Bertone. SN 4952. Eng. #30677. Red/black leather. Odo: 16,112 km. in the engine bay should have been enough to scare off everyone. Poorly recovered dash, seat retrim iffy. Window latches missing and steering wheel retrim nasty. But not without merit; surprisingly good panel fit. Cond: 3 - JAPANESE CARS Right door closure a bit off, left door fits fine. Very clean interior. Mileage believed genuine. Car totally original and unrestored. Cond: 1-. NOT SOLD AT $160,000. Lovely example that should have brought at least $175k. #222-1973 FERRARI 365 GTS/4 Spyder. S/N 17005. Rosso Dino/tan leather. Odo: 10,051 miles. True mileage; well-known SoCal 1967 TOYOTA 2000GT Coupe. S/N MF 10-10103. Eng. #3M 010130. Red/ black leather. Odo: 15,861 miles. A one-owner car that appears to be as-new in all areas. #234 - Estimate of $180,000-$220,000 was way too high, top bid was far too low. #213 - SN N/A. White/light tan leather. Odo: 810 miles. . NOT SOLD AT $110,000. 1940 INDIAN CHIEF Motorcycle. . NOT SOLD AT $95,000. Shiny paint auction poseur Bid was enough. Sharp bike in all respects but reluctant to run, even when kicked over and coaxed by motorcycle collector Jay Leno. Ex-Steve McQueen collection. Missing tank decals. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $50,600. Famous previous owners helped the price climb towardfour-cylinder Indian level. #239 - 1955 PACKARD CARIBBEAN Convetible. SN 55881120. Green, white and dark gray/green and white vinyl. Tan vinyl top. Repainted to factory standards, otherwise totally original. Mileage believed genuine. Perhaps the most original 2000GT in the world. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $140,000. Nearly double the high end ofSCM's Price Guide, but this was as good a 2000GT as you're likely to find. So long as you are under 5 '7", these are great cars. AMERICAN CARS car. Some pitted chrome, trim original and a bit tired. Unfortunate rarity (one of two in orange, er, Rosso Dino) does not breed desirability. Nominated for "Please Repaint a Different Color" award. Paintwork in great shape, but... Cond: 2 - #265 1929 CADILLAC 341B Sport - Phaeton. SN RPA-247187. Eng. #331036. Two-tone green/green leather. Black fabric top. RHD. Odo: 2,240 miles. Originally exported . NOT SOLD AT $300,000. $350,000 would be the right number here. Owner simply wasn't interested in taking less. #254-1973 FERRARI 365 GTB/4 DAYTONA COMPETIZIONE Berlinetta. Body by Pininfarina. S/N 16343. Red/tan leather. Subject of recent restoration work. Hard to fault for what it is, an important Daytona as raced. Won GT category at 1975 Daytona 24Hours. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $1,212,500. Current market price for a real factory-built Competition Daytona. If it had won its class at Le 50  Maintained rather than restored, with an older repaint, vinyl interior and a generally good appearance. These cars can be bags of trouble mechanically but catalog stated that all the goodies worked as they should. Cond: 2. NOT SOLD AT $36,000. Should have sold. Bid was fair enough, and $1,000 above low estimate in catalog. #246 - 1964 FORD THUNDERBIRD Hard- top. S/N 4483Z106191. Red/red vinyl/cloth. Odo: 67,721 miles. Slightly mellow car that to Argentina with right-hand drive. Older restoration still shows well. A full CCCA Classic. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $48,000. High bid still shows well. Ready to drive and enjoy. Long bidding to coax the price to selling level. Claimed original miles. Sold at no reserve. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $9,775. Nice car in the Sports Car Market

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mEVEVElleeigin SCM MARKET REPORT: RIIII AUCTIONS MONTEREY il wrong auction. Probably would have done better at a Kruse sale. However this generation Bird, especially the coupes, are still struggling to achieve decent money. #230 - 1966 SHELBY MUSTANG GT350 H Fastback Coupe. S/N SFM6S475. White with gold stripes/black vinyl. Odo: 76,853 miles. Excellent door and panel fit and a very CLASSIC CARS RM Auctions Monterey, California August 17-18, 2001 sharp car in general. Fresh engine and gearbox, according to catalog. Ready to show and go. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $46,000. Market-correct price for this particular car. Increase your traffic. Advertise in Sports Car Market. Call (503) 261-7127 for information and rates. Auctioneer: Peter Bainbridge Number of automotive lots: 167 Number of automotive lots sold: 109 Sale rate: 65.3% Sale total: $14,888,835 High: Lot #277, 1956 Ferrari 410 Sport Spyder sold for $3,822,500, including buyer 's premium. Buyer's premium on sold lots included: 10% Report by Dave Kinney and Trevor Clinard Market opinions in italics s there trouble in paradise? Are the barbarians of a rapidly shrinking economy at the gates? Frankly, no. Or perhaps just not yet. The RM sale, after getting off to a slow start on Friday, had a barn-burner Saturday and ended up with the top sale total of the week- 1 Refurbished and Warranted We own the largest remaining supply of De Lorean parts in the world and have been a "DeLorean-only" service and restoration facility since 1984. Trained mechanical and body technicians on staff. No one in the DeLorean community is more prepared or qualified than DeLorean Motor Company. Grey or black interior, manual or automatic transmission, performance, appearance and comfort options available, 6 month/6,000 mile warranty  DE LOREAN MOTOR COMPANY =1 October, 2001 $29,500 10804 Roark Road Houston, TX 77099 USA 281-568-9573 281-568-9386 Fax www.delorean.com end. For the first time in years, the DoubleTree event exceeded the Christie's Pebble Beach sale in dollar volume. Unlike last year's event in which a parade of over-the-top restorations broke consecutive records for highest dollar ever at auction, the prices of this year's event seemed a bit more down to earth. Cheap? No, but back within the bounds of reason. It was possible to walk away with a 1969 Lamborghini Islero for $25,300, a 1965 Ferrari 275 GTS for $132,000 or a 1970 Lotus Seven for $16,500. High-end collectors who probably don't have their net worth tied up in the stock market (remember, there are other ways to accumulate wealth) had opportunities to take home some booty as well. On the Monday after the sale, car haulers were busy loading a 1956 Ferrari 410 Sport Spyder that went for $3,822,500, a 1958 Ferrari Tour de France that brought $1,265,000 and an alloy-bodied 1955 MercedesBenz 3005L coupe that sold for $891,000. Buyers weren't spending blindly; Jaguar Etypes changed hands in price ranges from $24,200 for a 1969 coupe to $115,500 for a 1966 roadster, condition and model being the determinant of price, as one would expect. Three MG-TDs were offered and three sold. One went off the block for $11,000, one for $15,400 and one for exactly three times the price of the first—$33,000. Perhaps more than in the past few years, there was something for everyone at the RM auction, from entry-level collector cars that could be bought with a Visa card to ultra-exotics. As the man at the baseball stadium says, you can't tell the players without a scorecard, so here it is.—D.K. ENGLISH CARS #85-1952 ALLARD J2X Roadster. SN 2192. British Racing Green/saddle leather. RHD. Odo: 348 miles. Trunk rack, RJS racing seat belts, Koni shocks front and rear. Dual windscreen. Very good fit and finish. Good quality restoration, driven perhaps 3,000-5,000 miles since. Automatic. 331 c.i. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $132,000. This car was purchased new by two GM engineers who fitted it with a three-speed HydraMatic transmission. A very handsome car in the right colors. Allards appear to have recovered nicely from the slump of the early '90s. #73 - 1953 ALLARD JR/CADILLAC "Le MANS" Convertible. S/N 3403. Green/black leather. RHD. Ex-Zora Arkus-Duntov, General Curtis LeMay, Syd Silverman. Allard factory entry at Le Mans, 1953. Simpson racing seat belts. Older restoration, raced but still quite clean. Lots ofpaint flaws. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $115,500. 51

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SCM MARKET REPORT: RM AUCTIONS MONTEREY Odo: 536 miles. Bought at this auction last year for $76,900. Some very light wear to recent restoration. The owner's representative stated that much repair and restoration work was done to the car in the past year. Cond: 1 - . Sale price included "a comprehensive selection ofspares" as well as a 28" x 36" Dion Pears oil painting depicting Duntov behind the wheel at Le Mans in 1953. Very well bought, even without the art. $50k below low estimate. #94 - 1954 ASTON MARTIN DB 2/4 Coupe. SN LLML572. British Racing Green/black and tweed cloth. Odo: 5,462 miles. Racing seats, SOLD AT $102,850. Formerly owned by glass artist Dale Chihuly—the guy responsible for the glass flowers on the lobby ceiling in the Bellagio, Las Vegas. The seller made $25,950 buying a car here in 2000 and selling here in 2001—no mean feat. A very nice example. #34 1957 MGA Roadster. SN HR4320714. Robin Egg Blue/saddle. Black vinyl top. Odo: 25,612 miles. Older restoration to a good standard. Some wear to presentable interior, chrome - mismatched gauges, roll cage, fuel cell, MSD ignition. A mix of stock and race car—and not a good mix. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $42,000. Ready for historic racing but no bites in the house when this one crossed the block. Perhaps the potential bidders were still in the paddock at Laguna Seca? Also, will never be competitive in its class. #89 - 1954 MG TF Roadster. S/N TF31862. - Red/black leather. Black cloth top. Odo: 44 miles. shows some age wear, but still very good. Ready for a shine and show, but no national trophies await. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $18,425. The MGA was sold between 1956 and 1962 with a vari- ety of different motors and horsepower Plenty of money here for an older restoration. The new owner will be the beneficiary of the last owner 's restoration. Use it and enjoy it. #300 1957 AC ACE BRISTOL Roadster. S/N BEX252. Eng. #100D.571. Dark blue/blue leather. Black vinyl top. Odo: 97,397 miles. Nardi wood steering wheel. Vertical sport bumpers to the front and rear. Not totally fresh but ready - Owned by (now former) car builder Kjell Qvale. Nice older restoration—not overdone but complete. Just the kind of car you want to buy—an older restoration owned by a "car guy" and now ready for road use. Cond: 2 - . SOLD AT $27,500. A solid seven grand above current market value for the nicest TF. Perhaps Mr. Qvale should consider a new business venture finding older restored red sports cars and selling them at Monterey. Or maybe not. #70 - 1956 ASTON MARTIN DB 2/4 Drophead Coupe. S/N LML1003. Eng. #VBJ/ 545. Silver-blue/blue leather. Tan cloth top. for use. A very pleasing color combination on an aesthetically pleasing car. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $72,600. The last few of these I have seen sell at auction have brought well above what the guidebooks say to pay. Too little in the guidebooks or too much excitement under the big top? I think the buyers are on to something here... #250 - 1957 ASTON MARTIN DB 2/4 Mk III Coupe. Body by Tickford. S/N AM3001275. Teal/gray leather. Odo: 38,181 miles. Spotted-in paintwork showed splotchy in the bright California sun and made for a bad presentation. Some interior flaws, good chrome. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $57,500. Said to be one ofjust four left-hand drive Tickford bodied coupes. A handsome body style that seems to improve with age. Is a Tickford body worth a 52  Paint pops on trunk area, cracking Bondo on catwalk behind the top. Console chrome has wear, some chrome clouding and pitting. Windshield glass delaminating. A genuine 20-footer. Cond: 4. SOLD AT $34,650. Just returned from a Japanese collection. Very nice examples can be found around $50,000, so this was no bargain for $15,000 less. #72 1964 SUNBEAM TIGER Coupe. SN B/499998. British Racing Green/black. Race prepared, well presented. Le Mans history (finished 123 laps in 10 hours in 1964). A very rare - Sports Car Market Excellent paint, chrome and interior. All the correct style MGA toys. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $30,800. Right cal; right color, right price. Restoring a mediocre MGA to this condition would cost close to, or possibly exceed, the amount bid. One of the rare times that having a twincam engine might actually have brought a premium over a pushrod MG #41 1963 JAGUAR XICE Convertible. S/N 876844. Eng. #R4367-9. Burgundy/black leather. Black cloth top. Odo: 42,810 miles. - Restoration by Classic Collection of New Zealand. One of at least seven cars restored in New Zealand in this weekend's sale. Imported to California within the past month. A fresh restoration to a very high standard. 4-speed. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $46,750. Bought for well less than the cost of restoration. Flaws found by the truly Jaguar possessed? You bet. But still it will score the usual 99.999997 at the next Jag Concours. (Save your letters, you did this to yourselves.) One of the "buys" of the day. #260 - 1959 MGA TWIN CAM Roadster. - S/N YD3818. Black/black with red piping. Black cloth top. Odo: 759 miles. Full frame-off restoration. Very appealing color combination. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 100% bump over standard bodywork? Seems that no one in the house thought so. #292-1958 JAGUAR XI( 150 Drophead Coupe. SN S827050. Eng. #V3530-8. Black/ tan leather. Black cloth top. Odo: 58,432 miles.

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PALM SPRINGS Keith Mc Corrnick presents the 31th Collector car Auction SATURDAY and SUNDAY NOVEMBER 17th & lath, 2001. AUCTION OF 350 ANTIQUE, CLASSIC, SPORTS, AND SPECIAL INTEREST AUTOS AT THE PALM SPRINGS CONVENTION CENTER 277 N. AVENIDA CABALLEROS, PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A. LAST SALE WAS 72% SOLD OF ALL CARS ENTERED The McCormick Family is once again organizing this auction in their usual friendly and courteous manner. Ask for Keith or Desley to answer your questions. Sponsored by  swin. The  104.7fm  THE OLDIES STATION LOCAL HOST HOTELS: We recommend The New Comfort Inn Tel. (760) 778-3699 at $99 per night or The Desert Lodge Hotel at $79 per night (760) 325-1356 or Palm Springs Hilton at $149 per night (760) 320-6868 1-800-522-6900 PHONE FOR CONSIGNMENT NUMBERS. ASK FOR ENTRY FORMS, BIDDER APPLICATIONS, AND GET ON OUR MAILING LIST...NOW! (760)-320-3290 Sponsored by otaw. RESERVE YOUR POSITION NOW! THE OLDIES STATION 104.7 fm ENTRY FEES: SATURDAY AND SUNDAY $250. Add $100 for inside display - only space for 40 cars inside. No numbers will be reserved without consignment fee being paid in full in advance. VISA, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Positions will be filled on first-come first-served basis. To reserve the position you desire, send your check covering the entry fee or phone in your credit card number. You may specify the cars you're entering at a later date. Entry fees are REFUNDABLE less $25 handling fee if you notify us in writing 14 days prior to the auction. Color photographs may be included in our exclusive color brochure. We strictly limit the number of positions available in this two-day event of 350 cars. COMMISSION STRUCTURE: FLAT 5% OF SALES PRICE (One of the lowest in the business). WE SOLD OUT OF LOT NUMBERS PREVIOUS SALE SO BOOK EARLY. PALM SPRINGS AUCTIONS, INC. 602 E. SUNNY DUNES ROAD  PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA 92264 U.S.A. ( 7 6 0 ) -320-3290 Web Site - http://wwvv.classic-carauction.com State License C - 1798

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SCM MARKET REPORT: RAI AUCTIONS MONTEREY • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Tiger. Side exhaust nice and loud. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $148,500. A bit of Le Mans history that you can drive injust about any vintage event. Still, even at $11,500 below the low estimate of $160,000, a huge price. You have a lot of choices in vintage race cars at this price level. #38 - many more New Zealand-restored classics in the marketplace soon. Good show, Kiwis! #37 - 1965 TRIUMPH HERALD Convertible. S/N 9469272LCV. Medium blue/tan vinyl. Tan canvas top. Odo: 800 miles. A fully restored Herald. Moto-Lita wood steering wheel, wood dashboard. If any Herald enthusiasts exist on this side of the pond, this was the Angel of Heralds, the collector's Hark. Lots of non-original bits, but who cares? Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $15,400. With a high cute-to-dollar ratio, a fully restored Herald might not be such a bad buy Are Heralds the new Fiat Jollys of the auction circuit? Price was fair enough; just don't plan on selling it for a profit in this lifetime. #316 1967 ASTON MARTIN DB6 Coupe. S/N DB62544/R. Eng. #400/2268. Gold/black leather. RHD. Odo: 75,413 miles. Missing ashtray. Some paint chips. Rusty door sills. - Owner has trouble starting on a bright and sunny day. Not horrible, but not a nice example. Only the brave need apply. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $35,200. On the positive side, at least the chrome was very nice. The seller should be popping bottles of right-hand drive Dom P for a longtime, as this would have been a good price for a left-hand drive example. #270 - and door caps. Speedwell leather seats, MiniLite wheels and Dunlop tires. Weak paint, whacked hard in the driver-side front. Very poor seam repairs. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $14,300. Not much hope here for anything but a driver/event car The cost ofbodywork repairs will quickly put the new owner underwater, so best to just use it and enjoy it. And hope for the bounce that may or may not come when the new Mini arrives. FRENCH CARS 1967 JAGUAR XXE Roadster. S/N 1E17282. British Racing Green/tan leather. Black cloth top. Odo: 49 miles. Another of at least seven cars at this auction restored in New Zealand. Very fresh, very complete restoration. Restored by Upper Classics Limited. Over 1,600 hours invested in the restoration. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $74,800. With an exchange rate of approximately 40 cents to the US dollar, expect to see 54  #253 1927 BUGATTI 37A Open Race - Car. S/N 37270. Eng. #172. Dark blue/red leather. RHD. Some road-related wear, but a well turned-out example. Road ready with fenders, Bosch magneto, Marchal headlights. Original wire wheels replaced with replica detachable rim aluminum wheels. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $308,000. Ex-Tom Perkins, one of a stated 78 supercharged 37 As built. steering wheel, 8,000-rpm tach, deep-dish Alpine wheels, Sebring Mach 1 mirrors. Full frame-off restoration in 1991. Photo documented. Owner's manual included. Well presented, but in need of some serious detail work. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $30,800. Alpines have a real following in Europe but are largely an unknown quantity here. They are a great road/ rally/race car and are exciting to drive. This car had extensive modifications during restoration work. Price was fair GERMAN CARS #306-1955 MERCEDES-BENZ 300SL ALLOY Gullwing Coupe. SN 1980435500226. Silver/red leather. Odo: 60,942 miles. Alloy body. Fitted luggage. Full restoration just completed in New Zealand. Three owners since new. Owner states the engine, body and chassis are all original to the car. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $891,000. The eighth ofjust 29 alloybodied 300SLs built. Lightweight 300SLs are tough to find, and more are becoming part of Sports Car Market steering wheel, twin aero screen windshields, side curtains, Lotus twin-cam motor. Orange peel on paint, some pitting on turn signals, repairs to hood. Funky welded exhaust. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $16,500. Sold with two sets of tires. Colin Chapman's best-powered roller skate, the Sevens are true sports cars with little room for creature comforts. Despite the overly ambitious auction estimate, this Series 2 car sold at close to a market-correct price. #231 - 1973 MORRIS MINI COOPER Coupe. SN 567970GM946301. Blacldtan. White steel top. Odo: 57,544 km. Wood dash 1970 LOTUS SEVEN SERIES 2 Open Racer. S/N S42788TC. Blue, unpainted hood and tub/blue vinyl. RHD. Odo: 70,638 miles. Dark wood dash, three-spoke aluminum Catalog lists a very complete history, which will of course be challenged ad nauseum by every other member of the hopelessly inbred Bugatti club. #302 - - - 1937 TALBOT LAGO 150 C SS Roadster. Body by Figoni et Falaschi. S/N 82928. Primer/red vinyl. Odo: 159 km. Presented as a "barn find," but looking more the part of a failed restoration. A combination of original bits and fresh-looking metal with surface rust. In need of a full restoration. Ex-1937 Paris auto show. Cond: 5. SOLD AT $836,000. Short chassis competition car The new owner will have well over a cool million invested when this car hits the lawn at Pebble in a year or two. A future Best of Show, just a checkbook away #46 - - Coupe. S/N A1101300VC15591. Dark blue/ gray and black leather. Odo: 62,385 km. Momo 1969 RENAULT ALPINE A 110

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SHOWCASE Offering A Fine Selection Of Motor Driven Vehicles CLASSIC MANY CALIFORNIA CARS With over 25 years experience with sports cars and classics, we offer excellence in knowledgeable buying-selling-restoring & locating specific vehicles for you. We stock many classics, original vehicles in good to superb condition. Some vehicles are total showcars restored by us. World wide shipping arranged. If you have a classic for sale send photos and details. We are cash buyers. private collections all the time. Well bought, and will be even more so over time. #280-1955 PORSCHE 356 Modified Coupe. S/N 4722917465. Silver/green leather. "Silver bullet longtail," some paint pops, wood Silver/red leather. Odo: 88 miles. Another overthe-top Monterey restoration. Fitted luggage, trunk and deck fit is just a touch off of acceptable standards. Photo-documented restoration by Upper Classics Limited in New Zealand. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $268,400. A touch high, but still within reason. Good colors, great restoration, all the gadgets. #296-1959 MERCEDES-BENZ 300SL Convertible. S/N 1980428500318. Red/tan leather. Black cloth top. Odo: 20,844 miles. Stated recent motor rebuild, but the add-on temperature gauge doesn't inspire confidence. A clean car with general wear, this example is 1961 Porsche 356 Roadster, restored. 1964 Jaguar XKE Coupe. retole,1 steering wheel, Simpson seat belts. Rearview mirror roof mounted, lots of chrome trim. A Porsche hot rod. Cond: 2-. NOT SOLD AT $55,000. What happens when a 1955 356 Continental split-window coupe and a 914/6 exchange genes. A true Frankenporsche, or to some, the best thing that ever happened to a 914. Value? High bid sounds fair Too many stories here for me. #287-1956 MERCEDES-BENZ 300SL Gullwing Coupe. S/N 1980406500278. Eng. #1989806500271. Cream/red leather. Odo: 15,086 miles. Unfortunate shipping damage 1965 A-H BJ8 3000 Mk III Roadster. 1070 Jaguar KE Roadster, nice original. Buy Locate Restore Sell CLASSIC SHOWCASE 913 Rancheros Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069 Located in San Diego County SHOWROOM (760) 747-3188 RESTORATION (760) 747-9947 FAX (760) 747-4021 Visit Us Online www.classicshowcase.com e-mail:management@classicshowcase.com Our full service restoration facility is located on our property. October, 2001  to rear bumper in transit from Europe, but a well-turned-out example nonetheless. Minor use-related wear to the interior, equipped with full belly pans. Cond: 2-. SOLD AT $225,500. Chassis, body and electrical restoration by Classic Car Center in Stuttgart. All the money for a car in this nice, but not brilliant, condition. #276-1956 MERCEDES-BENZ 300SL Gullwing Coupe. S/N 1980406500262. Blaupunlct AM radio. 912 motor fitted. Decent paint, some pitting chrome, careless and sloppy restoration work abounds. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $18,700. More than a careful shopper would have paid on the open market. Many ofthe visualflaws will be an easy fix, but this car is destined to remain a "driver" for the rest of its natural life. #65-1962 MERCEDES-BENZ 190SL Convertible. S/N AD1210401001320. Gray/ red leather. Black cloth top. Odo: 49,463 km. ready for use as a driver instead of the usual parade of show queens. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $170,500. Lots of money for a "driver:" Instead of a full and comprehensive restoration, this car has recently had paint work and a fresh interior installed, along with the recent motor work The seller should be pleased. #234-1961 PORSCHE 356B Coupe. SN 112835. Gray/red vinyl. Odo: 1,049 miles. Very good paint, chrome, leather and glass. Fully detailed including suspension. Avery nice example throughout. No radio. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $50,600. Sold for the price of a full restoration. Extremely nice 190SLs are starting to show up more often at auction. If you're 55

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SCM MARKET REPORT: RM AUCTIONS MONTEREY in the market, buy only the nicest available. They are neither cheap nor easy to restore. Of course, they'll still be slow. #61-1964 MERCEDES-BENZ 230SL Roadster. S/N 11304210004255. Red/saddle vinyl. Odo: 45,818 miles. Becker AM/FM/SW. Soggy redyed vinyl seats, fair wood, weak chrome. The four-speeds seem to keep popping up at auctions despite the fact they were a small percentage of US sales. Two tops. Just a car. Cond: 4-. SOLD AT $17,600. The auction estimate ($30k-$40k) was ludicrous. This is an example that could be found in just about any classified ad section of any city's newspaper Thankfully, the bidders knew better than to overpay by a factor of two. #86-1964 PORSCHE 356C Cabriolet. S/N 159154. Black/burgundy leather. Black cloth top. Odo: 49,314 miles. A very sweet restoration. Very well sorted and preserved throughout. Factory Kardex, original motor, four-wheel disc brakes. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $50,600. More than the price guides say you should pay for a #1 car but C Cabriolets have been climbing. The color is right, the top goes down and there are many events to use it in. #281-1965 PORSCHE 356C Cabriolet. S/ N 162145. Eng. #731722. Red/tan leather. Tan cloth top. Odo: 39,277 miles. Factory 12-volt, German square-weave carpeting, tools, jack and paint, chrome and leather. Older Michelin 5.50 x 18 tires show first visual signs of dry rot. Hill and Vaughn restoration over 25 years ago. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $112,200. Very handsome, very slow On the California Mille, leave first and arrive last. Poor car has been flogged on the 'for sale" circuit for years. At last it gets anew owner, who paidfull price. #303-1949 FERRARI 166 Spyder. Body by Scaglietti. S/N 0141. Eng. #0141. Red/snakeskin vinyl. RHD. Rebodied in 1955 with current 500 TR-style body. Major shunt to owner's manual included. Missing steering wheel center. Pitting in vent window surrounds. Shows better than it actually is when opened up. Very good paint. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $44,550. 356Cs and SCs continue to march up the value guides. They are extremely user friendly, and relatively cheap to operate—an unusual combination in the world of vintage cars. A high, but not crazy, price. ITALIAN CARS #293-1928 ALFA ROMEO 6C 1500 SS Spi- der. Body by Zagato. SN 56134. Eng.#0211462. Red/black leather. Black cloth top. Odo: 9,317 miles. Jaeger gauges, Bosch headlights. Very good Plexiglas. Roll bar. Black painted exhaust tips. Original Colombo V12 with triple 36-D CZ3 Weber carbs. Cond: 3-. NOT SOLD AT $220,000. Rare alloy body, left-hand drive combo. "Much of its early history has yet to have been discovered" is not the sentence potential early-Ferrari buyers lookfor in an auction catalog. High bid was fair and should have gotten the job done. #252-1956 MASERATI TIPO 52 200SI Open Race Car. SN 2401. Eng. #2401. Red/ black leather. RM. Shown complete with lots • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • right front poorly repaired. Loaded from stem to stern with chips and dings. A time machine from the 1960s. Cond: 4-. NOT SOLD AT $830,000. How do you decide what to do with this car? Restore it as it was when it left the factory, restore it with its current body, or keep it in its rundown, but loveable shape? That dilemma remains for another day. #301-1953 FERRARI 212 INTER Coupe. Body by Vignale. S/N 0289EU. Red/black leather. Odo: 73,971 km. Some cracking, peeling paint. One rear vent window made of of scars and scuffs. In "as recently raced" condition. By serial number, this was the first 200S built, raced (and crashed) by the factory in 1955, used as a mule, rebuilt and sold as a 200SI. Cond: 3 - . SOLD AT $605,000. Soldjust above the low estimate, still good nick for this important Type 52. Beauty is subjective, but from where I stand this is among the most handsome cars ever built. Continued on Page 73 1950 EX-PHIL HILL ALLOY XK120 WINNER 1ST PEBBLE BEACH CUP RACE. S/N 670138. 1996/97 complete restoration for vintage racing. Just repainted original black. Two owners in last 40 years. Photo record of restoration. Offers over $135,000 to: caprican66@aol.com or call 415-833-5773 56  Sports Car Market

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IMIIIM[ Mystery Photo ANSWERS   After the failure of his Spruce Goose, Howard Hughes was hired for just a short time by General Motors, with less than delightful results.—Marni Lynn, Kewaskum WI It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a GTO incognito.Bob Lynn, Kewaskum, WI The Pontiup Having mysteriously disappeared years before, Denis Neumann, Redwood Shores, CA A prototype study from the little known Arkansas division of the famed European design studio. "Billie Bob" Figoni and "Bubba" Falaschi unveil their first "crossover" vehicle.—Ed Pasini, Henderson, NV Pontiac's prototype pickup, "The Pontiup," was recently discovered in a California pasture. Rumor has it that it will be added to Pontiac's line-up of outstanding designs for the upcoming car show season. — Strange things happen out behind the barn in corn country. — Mark Maynard, San Diego, CA This photo illustrates the potentially serious consequences of eating excessive amounts of genetically modified corn. In this case, the victim suffered from a degenerative disease of the brain resulting in terminal pickuptruckophilia, a well known variant of Fright Pig Disease.—William Devor, San Diego, CA Test Mule (or should I say Goat?) of Bob Lutz's first big GM project: 2003 Production version of the Chevrolet SSR show car with special Le Mans front end. Note Bob's heavy-handed Mopar design loyalty coming through in those familiar 1977 Dodge-style Li'l Red Truck performance exhaust stacks. Old habits die hard. Rumor is these are called "Mulsanne Straight Pipes." — Geoff Archer, via e mail - Farmer Brown simply has to do something about the old Studebaker truck—this is the third Pontiac it has eaten this month.—George Murphy, Oak Ridge, 77V whole! My truck is so bad, it swallows Pontiacs John Ken Angel, Dauphin Island, AL Stand back, I think I'm going to belch. — — King, Libertyville, IL Lem, I'm telling you that gasohol will screw up your chromiums! — Bruce Perrone, Pittsburgh, PA Happily digesting the Pontiac, the pickup was unaware he was soon to suffer the same fate in the jaws of a fast-approaching Peterbilt.—Rich Castiello, Chevy Chase, MD After adding exhaust stacks, a jazzy stripe and a tire and wheel combo that put her Studie's nose in the weeds, Kirsty decided to go all out and install a Pontiac nose for a really noticeable statement of style.—Chris Pile, Wichita, KS Studebaker designers, pulled out of retirement by desperate GM marketers, were recruited to work a "fix" on the Aztek. "We did the best we could with the time and resources Pontiac made available to us," said Alonzo Rechter, former chief of Studebaker's postal Zip Van styling team. "The main thing we wanted to do was get rid of that God-awful cladding. The rear was a special challenge for us so we figured, 'what the heck?' and chopped the whole mess off." Los Angeles, CA — Bob Merlis, After Wilfred spent all of his money on the mags and bitchin' pipes, he had no money left for the orthodontist. Thus, his beloved Studebaker had to go through life with a hideous overbite. — Ray Suchta, McMurray, PA "Dang it, Chester, everyone's staring at us! I told ya not to put that silly duct tape racing stripe on the door!" — Steve Jones, Pullman, WA Disappointed by the Aztek's lukewarm reception by the motoring public, the Pontiac Design Dream Team (DDT, just like the chemical) quickly created a new sport vehicle sure to capture the imagination of prospective SUV/SAV purchasers everywhere. Daniel Danzi, Montville, NJ What maniac built this "Fordiac"? — — Herrin, Quechee, VT Spurred on by Lincoln's hot new Blackwood truck and Cadillac's pending entry into the luxury passenger-truck market, Pontiac quickly snaps up the once-successful Studebaker Truck Division and crafts its own contender, soon to be at a showroom near you. — John Dickinson, Mill Valley, CA And this month's winner of a sure-to-becollectible 1/18th scale model from Dave Kinney's USAppraisal is Mark Maynard, for his intuitive grasp of certain legendary Southern customs.—ED. Events Throughout the UK & Europe Are Now Well Within Your Reach 7Pafrte to Raze net For% Seded Vintage Racing Services Inc. provides a full range of services in the United States. VRS has been offering professional "arrive and drive" trackside services and maintenance programs since 1985. Headquartered near New York City in Stratford, Connecticut, VRS will meet your international racing requirements. Vintage Racing Services Inc. 1785 Barnum Avenue Stratford, CT 06614 tel: 203 377-6745 fax: 203 386-0486 tite Auld? We Have The Experience & Expertise To Provide Quality Professional Vintage Racing Support Wherever You Choose To Participate Vintage & Historic Racing Fabrications provides the same range of services and quality restoration throughout Europe. Headquartered in the south of Engalnd, VHRF is close to major ports of entry and is ready to meet your international racing needs. InfogVintageRacingServices.com riietage katheg Swtuie,61 bee. eoto€0,e,,tearieRetch,Sozveze4, com frit17) 1 October, 2001  Vintage & Historic Racing Fabrications Unit U3 Rudford lnd. Est Ford, NR. Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 OBE England tel: OH 44 (0) 1903 718118 fax: 011 44 (0) 1903 718117 mobile: 07879 842343 57 Joe

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However, proving that estimates don't drive a market, the majority of the items sold for less than half the low estimates. An Expensive Lunch Box by Carl Bomstead Object: Albert Dunhill's Ltd. Four-Person Picnic Set—Lot #157 Auction: Bonhams & Brooks, Quail Lodge, August 18, 2001 Estimate: $4,400-$5,000 Sale price: $17,250, including buyer's premium T he Monterey Peninsula was awash in automobilia during the third week of August. With tens of thousands of well-heeled enthusiasts visiting and millions of dollars being spent at the three main auctions, dropping a few grand for a piece of historically interesting automobilia seemed almost fiscally conservative. The most visible venues for automobilia were the auctions. RM, prior to each of the sessions Friday and Saturday, offered a few dozen automotive related posters and prints, including Lot #204, an Alfa Romeo lithographic print that was estimated at $100-$150 but could only wrestle $35 from the pockets of the bidders. Christie's offered a French poster from the 1964 movie "Love in Las Vegas," starring Elvis and Ann Margret, which sold near its low estimate of $2,500 at $2,585. But the heavy trashand-trinket money was at Bonhams & Brooks automobilia-only sale Saturday afternoon at Quail Lodge. Bonhams & Brooks has what seems to be a never-ending source of high-end mascots; over half of the 290 lots of automobilia offered at this auction fell into this category. The estimates in the catalog surprised some of the bidders, as they were far above current market prices. For Sale Aston Martin DBR-1/3 1958 Ntirburgring Winner This is a highly detailed historically accurate 1: 12th model! One mascot that did do exceptionally well against an aggressive estimate of $15,000-$18,000 was a rare R. Lalique "Vitesse" (Lot #192), which sold for $16,100, well above recent recorded sales. Too good for peanut-butter sandwiches. boxes, ceramic sandwich boxes, plates, cups and four raffia covered glass bottles. It was estimated at close to $5,000, and there was no reason to expect it to bring more than that. Bonhams & Brooks is known for offering unusual picnic sets. The dozen or so that were offered sold within expected ranges, with one notable exception. This was Lot #157, a 1920s leather-covered four-person set that was from the renowned London firm Albert Dunhill's Ltd. It featured four nickel-plated storage However, demonstrating how auction fever can cause bidders to lose control of their paddles, it skyrocketed to a $15,000 hammer price, and $17,250 including commission. The new owner faces a dilemma. While this is the perfect accoutrement for your trip to the country in your 4Y2-liter Bentley, what does he serve? With each place setting coming in above $4,000, even the best caviar will be overshadowed by the ceramic it is sitting on. And woe to the person who chips the first cup—I doubt your classic car insurance, no matter how liberal, will cover the damage. Perhaps the new owner should consider putting this over-priced trophy into a cabinet, and picking up a set of Melmac for road use.• Collector Models of Uncompromising Quality Ltd. edition of 200 hand-built models. Personally autographed by both Sir Stirling Moss & Sir Jack Brabham. Accurate hand-laced wire wheels • Correct fabric-covered seats Multipiece wood & metal steering wheel • Fantastic detail Each model comes with display case and certificate. This is the first in the new series: Tipo Models by CMA. $1,295 + Shipping. 58  Catalog: USA $12.00 Overseas: $15.()0 CREATIVE MINIATURE —,110011111v; -19 100001i C M MINIATURE ASSOCIATES, INC. 40 CORBIN AVENUE, UNIT #40-M. BAY SHORE, NY 11706, USA 631 667 5423 FAX. 631 667 5419 www.creativeminiatureassociates.com Sports Car Market

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The Appraiser's Corner Excerpts from Actual Appraisals by Steve Cram 1956 Pontiac Safari Station Wagon Mitch Silver Odometer: 10,552 showing, but odometer is dead. Exterior color: Dark metallic green and solid blue Interior color: Black vinyl to aftermarket seats. Black painted dash and harmonizing headliner and rugs. Equipment: Pontiac 316-ci ohy, watercooled V8 en- gine, now modified with a Holley carb and electric fuel pump. GM HydraMatic transmission, fluid coupling with three planetary gear sets plus new dump-and-fill fluid couplings. GM power steering and brakes. Heating/defrosting system. Aftermarket mags and tires (rear wheel wells cut out to full circle). Slightly lowered in front. Condition: Using the traditional rating scale for vintage automobiles of 1 to 6 (1, mint; 2, very good; 3, good; 4, fair; 5, poor; 6, parts only), this modified vehicle is in average #3 condition. Exterior: Decent specimen that has the usual rust in the back spare wheel area. Some filler before current repaint (decently done) in non-original color. At least one substantial hit to right front, repaired long ago. Rear lower chrome side pieces gone and replaced with a Nomad piece on each side. Grille and bumper chrome redone, but rest of exterior pieces are pitted and need redoing (a very time-consuming job). Glass and lenses are #2, with lots of tinting. Grommets and seals are #4. Some body screws missing here and there, but nothing serious. Tires #3, snags #2. Could be used as is. Window on tailgate does not close properly. Interior: Clean but highly modified with bucket seats from a Chevy or Buick. Vinyl is high #2. Headliner high #2; panels #3; dash is repainted in black and is average. Most everything works including turn signals. Radio missing. Instruments all function. Lights work well. Rear tire well rusty. Chrome pitted. Engine compartment: Moderately clean with chromed valve covers. Alternator replaced generator and much tampering with wiring. Cooling system just done and in fine order with aftermarket overflow tank. Mechanics: Original engine and transmission still in car with original power steering and brakes. Car started quickly but seemed to be running rich. When test was finished, car was not firing right, indicating need for a tune-up. Transmission has been redone and appraiser was surprised at good shifting. History: Pontiac's upscale version of the Chevy Nomad was notorious for problems and almost all of them came back to dealers for repairs the first year. Snazzy two-tone paint, leather upholstery and lots of glitz and chrome made for an intimate two-door hardtop version of a short wheelbase wagon. Unfortunately the price tag was hefty and the cars just didn't sell. Production for 1956 was only 4,042 units. Collectors did not go for them until most had gone to the crusher, so finding any to work with is very difficult. Appraised value: $9,500 SCM wekomes appraisals bj other appraisers. Portions of appraisals presented here may be modified for editorial and pzi vac" purposes. Please send appraisals to 'Appraiser's Corner," 6833 SE Pine Ct., Portland, OR 97215. All submissions subject to editing. October, 2001  Since our firm was founded in 1979, Silver Auctions has had one simple goal: to be the best collector car auction company in the business. We now produce auctions throughout the Western United States and Canada. Our annual Hot August Nights extravaganza in Reno and our January auction in Fountain Hills, Arizona are widely recognized as being among the nation's premier collector car events. Our auctions have earned a reputation as being a fair and honest place to sell or buy a car. We're proud of our track record. When you're making the decision to buy or sell a collector car, we'd like you to think of Silver Auctions first. CALENDAR OF EVENTS Las Vegas, Nevada  Spokane, Washington  Boise, Idaho  Seattle, Washington  Spokane, Washington  October 6, 2001 100 cars Downtown Henderson in conjunction with Super Run 2001 October 20, 2001 100 cars Silver Auditorium November 10, 2001 80 cars Western Idaho Fairgrounds November 24, 2001 125 cars Seattle Exhibition Center December 1, 2001 100 cars Silver Auditorium Fountain Hills, Arizona January 11-14, 2002 Over 500 cars Fort McDowell Casino Reno, Nevada  August 8-11, 2002 750 cars Hot August Nights Fax list of Cars For Sale available one week prior to each auction. Contact Silver Auctions to sponsor an auction in your city. Additional auctions are added often. SILVER COLLECTOR CAR AUCTIONS 1-800-255-4485 • 2020 N MONROE, SPOKANE, WA 99205 www.silverauctions.com 59 COLLECTOR CAR AUCTIONS 1-800-255-4485

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The Monthly Digest of Magnificent Motor Cars AC • Aston Martin • Austin-Healey • Bentley • Rolls-Royce • Jaguar • Lotus • MG • Triumph MEM" Chassis number: 1322 chassis form in 1906 at the London Motor Show at Olympia, swiftly established itself as the ultimate in luxury motoring and was soon credited with the title of "The Best Car in the World." This remarkable model remained in production for almost 20 years with only minor modifications and was solely responsible for establishing the firm's reputation for engineering excellence. The Autocar wrote of the Silver Ghost in its April 27, 1907 issue: "At whatever speed this car is being driven on its direct drive third there is no engine as far as sensation goes, nor are one's auditory nerves troubled, driving or standing, by a fuller sound than emanates from an eight day clock. There is no realization of driving propulsion; the feeling as the passenger sits either at the front or the back of the vehicle is one of being wafted through the landscape." ifir he six-cylinder 40/50 hp "Silver Ghost," introduced in This chassis, 1322, was delivered to coachbuilder Joseph Cockshoot on September 7, 1910. The original body was a Landaulette with brass fittings and its first owner was Thomas Hardy, Esq., who was president of one of the Argentine railroads. It is believed this may have been the first Rolls-Royce imported into Argentina. In 1919 the car returned to England for a complete overhaul and was modernized with new Cockshoot Landaulette coachwork and electric lights. In 1963 Argentine and California resident James McCloud purchased the car. At this stage the car was still running and was intact with its 1919 coachwork, which was in a somewhat dilapidated condition. In 1972 Mr. McCloud decided to restore the car with coachwork that matched the 1910 chassis. The Years produced  Number produced  Original list price  SCA4 Price Guide  Tune up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Frame #  Club  E-mail  Alternatives  Cockshoot body was given to a fellow member of the Classic Car Club of Argentina and the rolling chassis shipped to Piedmont, California. The restoration, completed in August 1978, included very fine replica coachwork of the Mulliner-bodied Balloon roadster that C. S. Rolls had driven. On its first outing it won first place at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance and continued to garner many awards on the show circuit including an AACA National First junior award, the Foo Dog Trophy from the Rolls-Royce Owners Club for the best Silver Ghost and a first in class at the Silverado Concours. Recent ownership history included that of well-known Florida collectors Bill Lassiter and Raymond Lutgert. Last year the replica roadster body was removed and replaced by a Rothschild tourer that had been the fourth body on 1908 Silver Ghost chassis number 60712. Discovered in a Missouri carriage house by noted collector Tom Batchelor, he fitted it to 60712 in 1984. This splendid car is painted black with black fenders and maroon striping. The interior is trimmed in maroon tufted leather with matching wool carpeting while the hood has been left in highly polished alumi- 60  1907-26 N/A $4,925 (chassis only) N/A $1,500-$2,000 $500 Plate on firewall N/A Rolls-Royce Owners Club, 191 Hempt Rd  , Mechanicsburg_ PA 17055 rroc.hq(a)rroc.org Napier 90-hp Six, Pierce-Arrow 66 1910 Rolls-Royce 40150 HP Silver Ghost Market Review Buyer's Guide num. Extras on this car include Rudge-Whitworth style wire wheels, a complete set of correct tools, correct engine pans, spring gaiters and an Auster tonneau windshield. This car sold for $424,000, including buyer 's premium, at Christie's Lyndhurst auction in Tarrytown, New York, April 28, 2001. In the opinion of one well-respected Rolls-Royce expert, the body could likely have been on a Silver Ghost from new. Although based in Paris, Rothschild bodies were .fitted on a number of early Silver Ghosts along with custom coachworkfor Renault, Hispano-Suiza, PanhardLevassor and other prestigious marques of the Edwardian era. Unlike many car clubs, the Rolls-Royce Owners Club does not prohibit or penalize cars with second or subsequent bodies as long as they are correct for Rolls-Royce. That's why this car could carry the replica Balloon roadster body and still be welcome at Rolls-Royce events. The thinking is that a good number of Rolls-Royces carried both summer and winter bodies on the same chassis. Furthermore, as the history of this car demonstrates, it was not unusual to have the car up- dated with later coachwork as the years went by and the chassis continued to deliver faithful service. Mechanically, these were the cars that made the reputation for longevity, meticulous engineering and impeccable construction that Rolls-Royce still enjoys today. Compared to most other cars of the pre-World War I period, they were a revelation in silence and smoothness of operation while their considerable torque made shifting gears an option rather than a necessity in most driving situations. Christie's had estimated this car at between $400,000 and $500,000 and it sold for about the kind of money we had expected it to bring. The car 's appearance is breathtaking and the quality of the work virtually guarantees that it will enjoy many years of awards and honors at shows and concours. Pre-1920 Ghosts trade in a world of their own both in the US and overseas, and for many advanced collectors no other car will do. This happy state of affairs should virtually guarantee the new owner of this handsome motorcar a ready, well-qualified market when and if he decides to sell in the future.—Dave Brownell• (Historic data and photo courtesy of auction company.) Sports Car Market

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C A n By Gary Anderson fter years of sitting in the dust at Laguna Seca, watching everyone else have fun, I started vintage racing this season with my own car, an MGA 1600. After five races, I've got a few thoughts to share with those ofyou considering taking the vintage race plunge. First and most important, don't spend the time, money and energy to build or buy a car before you know if you'll actually like it out there on the track. Go to a driver's school. You'll find out what it feels like to accelerate under a green flag, find the fastest line around the course and experience a little wheel-to-wheel action in the corners. Russell Racing, Skip Barber and other schools offer race series. Complete their beginning and advanced driving courses and you'll be eligible to drive in their race weekends, in their open-wheel formula cars. You'll have the opportunity to race at a pretty serious level, but on a payas-you-drive basis. Work the numbers and you'll fmd that this alternative is cost-effective. If you decide racing isn't for you, then you stop. No car to sell, no sunk costs to explain at home. If you find you do like racing, I guarantee every minute of seat time will have been well-spent. Your experience will help you find a car you enjoy driving, and you'll be a better driver than most others on the track in any vintage event. If you want to go vintage racing after all this, here's what I recommend. To begin with, there are almost no circumstances under which building your own car out of a street car makes sense. I bought my MGA 1600 from another vintage racer last year, just after he'd driven it successfully in the Monterey Historics. To satisfy the minimum rules of the West Coast vintage associations I race with, it has a professionally installed roll bar, fuel cell, five-point seat belts fastened to the frame and roll hoops, a fire extinguisher sys- atient Addressing the Mysteries of British Car Ownership Vintage Racing 101 loose, like the oil drain plug, are wired in place. Beyond that, the car must pass a technical inspection of suspension, steering, brakes, tires, wheels, and other mechanical systems before every race weekend to make sure everything is safe, tight, and functional. Long gone are the days when any car that could make it to the track under its own power would be waved out into the grid after taping the headlights. If you'd like to see what is generally required by one typical vintage racing association, check out "Rules" on the Web site of the Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts, based in Seattle (www.sovren.org ). You could rebuild critical components and add the basic safety equipment to your own street MG Granted, this would only require a few weekends of work and a couple thousand dollars in parts. However, these modifications only make the car safer; they won't make it go any faster. Your pride and joy is just going to be the backmarker in every race, passed by nearly every car out there. What you will soon discover on the track is that you are competing with drivers who have cars with an engine, transmission, rear end, suspension, tires and wheels specifically rebuilt or designed for vintage racing. While these cars have to be prepared within the regulations for the period in which they were first raced, serious race drivers are now using modern materials and methods. As is often noted, all of these cars are going faster than they ever did when they were first raced. Anderson giving his pushrods a workout. tem, external electrical cut-off switch, overflow tanks for the radiator and sump and an external tow hook. In addition, fasteners that might come CARSKATES MAKES A 2-CAR GARAGE INTO A 3-CAR GARAGE • Move cars, trucks, trailers in any direction • Makes storage easy • Fits all tire widths • Capacity 6,000 lbs, set of 4 • 8" x 16" x 1/4" steel platform • H.D. 3" casters • $145 set of 4 (s&h adcf1) • 2 sets $135 each (s&h addl) • Same day shipping Satisfaction or your money back! & i PRODUCTS 988 Gordon Lane, Birmingham, MI 48009 Toll-Free Phone (888) 647-1879 • Fax (248) 356-1066 www.carskates.com October, 2001  NEW LOW PRICE! My MGA is a good example. It was restored for racing by an experienced racing shop. Everything that wasn't essential was stripped out. The engine was rebuilt with a race-quality cam and pistons, and the intake and exhaust manifolds were redone to improve air flow. A lightened flywheel, racing clutch, close-ratio transmission gears, and limited-slip differential were installed. The suspension was rebuilt with different springs and anti-sway bars to improve handling. A dual-cylinder brake system was installed. The windshield was removed and replaced by a period aeroscreen. An aluminum radiator was substituted and bonnet vents were added to improve cooling. The car is now fast (probably faster than the driver) and reliable. If I had paid for this work myself, I could easily have put $15,000$20,000 into the car. Fortunately, I found an owner who was ready to drive something different. I was able to buy the car for considerably less than had been spent to make it safe and competitive. Go to the races and talk to owners of cars you think you might enjoy racing. With some patience, you should be able to find a good car to buy at a reasonable price. The end of the season, as drivers upgrade or drop out, is a particularly good time to buy a race car. Furthermore, when you go to sell your MGA and move up to a McLaren Can-Am sports racer, you'll find it easier to get a fair price for a car with long and continuous racing history, and that has been scrutinized by well-known racing groups. Finding someone who wants to buy your street MGA with a rollbar and open exhaust added may be far more difficult. Mr. Anderson is Publisher of British Car magazine. Please direct your English car questions to editorgary@aol.com; fax 650/949-9685.• 61

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ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Regular classified only $15 per month. AC 67 COBRA 427, CSX3357, original, unrestored survivor. White with blue stripes, documentation, owner history, excellent condition. $325,000. Dane Hooper, 814-234-6996 eve, 814-238-0543 day, dhooper@mbri.com. PA ASTON MARTIN / LAGONDA 62 3000 MK II BJ7, runs and drives, presentable driver $10,000. Rocky Santiago, 405-843-6117. OK 63 DB4, very good original car w/Corvette running gear, Borranis, dove grey, red leather, great driver $35,000. PA Motor Sports, 610-666-1966. PA 66 DB6 COUPE, new red paint w/new tan leather it/headliner, lhd, #'s match, factory a/c, chrome wires, new clutch, electric windows & recent service $72,500. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510653-9754 CA 76 V8 COUPE, red/blk leather, 36K miles, auto, a/c, rust/accident-free, professional restoration $40,000. 954-752-4112. FL 82 VOLANTE, V8, black w/tan leather, auto, 49K mi, upgraded BBS rims/hubs, Euro airbox/manifold upgrade, CD, radar, mohair roof, fantastic service history $49,850. Stephen or Patrick, 617-7831800. MA 85 VOLANTE CONVERTIBLE, 18K mi, dark red/tan, auto $65,000. Vintage, 941-355-6500. FL 85 VOLANTE CONVERTIBLE, rare, 5- spd, blk/tan, 32K mi, #665, a mint, pampered car, worthy of any collection $84,900. PAR, 914-637-8800. NY 86 LAGONDA, silver w/gray leather, 26K mi, excellent original car $29,750. Gullwing Motor Cars, Inc, 718-545-0500. FAX 718-545-1308 NY AUSTINHEALEY 34 2-pass convertible, 3-main engine, 4spd, trafficators, very original, reliable & lots of fun, good condition, complete w/ tools and custom trailer $9,750. 718-9978852. NY 53 100, very early car, body #302, 1,450 miles since frame-up restoration in '97, meets original factory specs including color (Healey blue/blue) $28,000 OBO. Tom, 941-758-7810. FL 54100- 4, red/blk, chrome wires, 4-spd with o/d, front disc brakes, very nice restoration $25,000. Northshore Sportscars, 847-2470447. IL 56 100- 4 BN2, rebuilt engine & brakes, all together & running, complete, needs restoration, not junk $10,000. 732-938-5326 days. NJ 56 100M BN2, rare, fully documented, complete new frame-off, original white/blk, tonneau, blk soft top, matching #'s, 110 hp, 4spd, certified history $49,950. Fraser Dante, 770-641-8354. GA 60 3000 MK I ROADSTER, rare 2seater, fabulous driver, British racing green, black interior $18,900. 949-650-4718. CA 61 BUGEYE SPRITE, ground-up resto- ration in 1995. 1275cc, wire wheels, white w/ red leather seats, cond #3, a great driver! $13,000. 310-874-5398. CA 65 3000 MK III, a very nice dark green restored orig w/under 30K miles, stored for over 30 yrs & maintained, very nice int, top, engine & powertrain, all stock $23,000 nego. 802-878-4486. VT 67 3000 MK III, golden beige metallic w/ red interior, excellent driver, restored $25,000. 716-370-9492. NY 67 MK 111, 29K mi, all orig, rust-free body and never apart, original rocker panels, excellent orig int & chrome, orig clean engine compartment and boot, exc mechanical cond, tight driving pristine Healey $38,500. 860-824-7252. CT BENTLEY 36 PARK WARD DHC, alum coachwork, Ace wheel disc, engine head off, partly disassembled, new 1970 uninstalled engine parts included, driven until 1970 in MA by owner, wonderful restoration project $60,000 OBO. 978-456-8404. MA 59 Si, Continental alloy saloon coupe by Park Ward, Concours winner, every detail magnificent, high point RROC, auto, ps, a/ c, blk w/tan hides, all tools $180,000. 215968-5599. PA 01 CONTINENTAL T, black/black, 600 miles, luxury tax paid. CA license paid. A new car. Original list with taxes over $400,000, will sell for much less. Over 10 pre-owned late model Bentleys available at wholesale prices. 818-481-2200. (CA) JAGUAR 50 XI( 120 ROADSTER, early car, stored 45 yrs, 37K mi, everything there, #'s match, restoration started, can finish $11,500. Mike, 860-868-1011. CT 53 XK 120 ROADSTER, excellent condition, steel wheels w/spats, recent mechanical overhaul $34,500. Paul Lane, 203-3776745. CT 55 XK 140M, frame-off restoration, all new, chrome, wiring & interior, Olde English white, maroon leather, black cloth top, excellent driver or show $45,000. Dan, 315789-4575. NY 56 XK 140MC ROADSTER, exquisite restoration, red w/blk int, sandcast carb, factory o/d, simply magnificent $47,500. Hyman Ltd., 314-524-6000. MO 58 XK 150S, 3.8L 269 hp, burgundy/tan, professionally restored, extremely rare $99,900 call for details. 305-706-1940. FL 61 XICE CONVERTIBLE, 48th lhd conv made, 10th oldest known to exist in the world, outside bonnet latches, #'s match, Southern car, serious collectors only $32,500. 770-998-5929 Fax/Phone. GA 62 XICE ROADSTER, white w/red leather, perfectly restored, covered light, small taillights, flat floor, redline tires, toggle switch dash, breathtaking $46,500. Motorcar Gallery, 954-522-9900. FL 63 XICE COUPE, JCNA winner, 99.5 pnts+, rare Webasco sunroof, drop dead gorgeous, tool kit, book, etc, runs ex- SPORTS CAR FINANCING u. BEST BANG & 7.99% 4-12 YEARTERMS ANTIQUE • CLASSIC • MUSCLE • EXOTIC • ROD • SPORT PURCHASE • REFINANCING • PREQUALIFY FOR AUCTION FREE 10 MINUTE LOAN APPROVAL APPLY NOW BY PHONE OR FAX - OPEN 6 DAYS -800-USA-1965 Fax 1-508-945-6006. Apply at www.jjbest.com/index.cfm?id=1212 *7.99% APR fixed rate on $100,000, 10yrs with payment of $1266.21 monthly. Simple interest, no pre-payment penalty. Rate in ad correct at time going to press, all loans fixed rate. Corporate loans available. DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME. 62  Sports Car Market

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tremely well, show or drive $43,000. 714921-9654. CA 66 XKE ROADSTER, 4-spd, wires, burgundy w/matching top, tan int, owned since '74, only 5K miles since 1978 restoration $40,000. 310-674-5419. CA 67 XICE S I ROADSTER, #'s match, red w/tan top and int, roll bar, professional restoration, rebuilt engine, runs great $43,000. 610-488-9595. PA 69 XKE S II ROADSTER, primrose yellow w/blk leather, 103K orig mi, 2-owner car from new, very original, needs cosmetics or drive as is $15,750. Gullwing Motor Cars Inc, 718-545-0500. FAX 718-5451308 NY 71 XKE S II ROADSTER, silver w/blk top & int, chrome wires, air, 4-spd, recent restoration, new top, int, paint, tires, engine rebuilt, triple Webers, high output alternator, exceptional car in exc cond $29,900. 954-296-6528. 305-3318999.FL 74 E-TYPE SERIES III, V12 roadster, signal red/biscuit leather, blk cony, 4-spd, 32,800 mi, rust-free, 100% cosmetically and mechanically perfect, engine compartment detailed, won 1st Place any show $43,500 trades considered. Keith, 516-641-7757 days. 718-423-8585 after 4 pm. NY 74 E-TYPE ROADSTER, signal red/biscuit top & int, manual 4-spd, 12-cyl, 51,635 miles, less than 5K mi since complete rebuild, paint, interior $34,450. 978-4563386. MA LOTUS 60 ELITE SERIES I, very original, unrestored, good running condition $27,000. 510-787-2106. CA 66 S2 ROADSTER, Webers, Panasports, pictures and spares $15,000 firm. setg_64@hotmail.com, . 67 ELAN, red/blk, frame-off restoration $19,000. Paul Lane, 203-377-6745. CT 67 ELAN S2 SE CONY, most original, 1owner car, runs well, perfect interior $15,000. 732-938-5326. NJ 67 ELAN S4 ROADSTER, red/blk, big valve cyl head, Webers, knock-offs, complete throughout $13,500. Motor Classic, 914-997-9133. FAX 914-997-9136 NY 69 ELAN S4, nice driver, very original $12,900. 805-376-0400. CA 72 ELAN SPRINT ROADSTER, (S4), red white, blk, excellent original car, needs nothing, we have maintained this car for over 10 years $19,900. 630-655-3535. IL 74 EUROPA, twin cam Special, JPS colors, tan int, frame-off restoration, mint, 5spd, stainless exhaust $14,900. 561-5953000. FL M.G 33 MG J2, cycle fender, rebuilt engine, good cond, numerous spares $19,500. 508429-5485. MA 34 MG PA, Airline coupe, very rare, 1 of 28 built, restored in '87, green/green, call for details $65,000. 503-678-2589. OR 37 MG TA, nice honest original car, burgundy, side curtains & top, runs well $15,000. Cosmopolitan Motors LLC, 206467-6531. FAX 206-467-6532 WA 46 MG TC, nice restored red roadster w/ blk leather $19,000. Classic Cars, 714-9535303. CA 49 MG VA, saloon, lhd, maroon/biscuit, one of the finest examples around, older restoration, same owner 26 years, many Concours awards $22,000 OBO. 949-6432368. CA 52 MG TD, mint cond in every detail & ready to drive anywhere, silver/red 2-tone, red leather, an excellent car with no stories $19,500 firm. Matthew deGarmo Ltd., 203852-1670. CT 53 MG TD, 2-door convertible, red w/blk top, converted to have a nice wood open flat bed in rear, vgc, new tires, attractive MG $11,000. Hans, 732-744-7974. NJ 55 MG TF 1500, excellent condition, runs and drives very well $24,500. Paul Lane, 203-377-6745. CT 60 MGA 1600 ROADSTER, red with black leather interior, red piping, less than 500 miles since frame-off restoration, all new leather interior, Moss top, MGB 1800cc engine, completely rebuilt and balanced, disc wheels, over $20,000 invested, $18,500 obo. Marc Cross, marcntyme@msn.com, 561-2219484. FL 68 MGB, recent meticulous restoration, solid Georgia roadster, new red paint, new correct black int, detailed throughout, wires, o/d $8,450. 770-592-1933. GA 69 MGC/GT, from estate sale, over $30K spent on first class restoration, red/blk int, new trim lights, rebuilt engine and trans, new carbs and exhaust system, a/c, needs completion, boxes of new parts $8,500. 850-926-5722. FL ROLLS-ROYCE 33 PHANTOM II, Continental faux cabriolet by Gurney Nutting, chassis 94MY, black w/dove grey sides and red leather int, perfection $350,000. David, 314-727-3179. MO 51 SILVER WRAITH DHC, the only Mulliner cony built on Silver Wraith chassis, 1 of 22 2-pass convertibles $195,000 trades considered. Vintage, 941-355-6500. FL 57 SILVER CLOUD, Concours winner, mechanically refurbished by Carriage House to run to Pebble Beach, original and untouched $59,900. 212-716-9070. NY 59 SILVER CLOUD, dark blue, red hides, 1-owner from new and essentially original except repaint and new front hides, 60K mi, always properly maintained and runs beautifully $29,500. 631-537-1868. NY 61 SILVER CLOUD II CONV, HJ Mulliner design 7504, lhd, factory air, only 83,739 miles, quite original & excellent throughout $159,500. Motorcar Gallery, 954-522-9900. FL 62 SILVER CLOUD II, drophead convertible, HJ Mulliner, blk w/red leather, lhd, a/c, restored $198,000 OBO. Berliner Classic Motorcars, 954-923-7271. FL 64 CLOUD III MULLINER, Park Ward convertible, lhd, a/c, all power, white w/ red leather, excellent condition $99,000 OBO/trades. Regal Inel, 954-989-9777. FL 65 MULLINER FLYING SPUR, fully restored professionally, blk/ red leather, lhd, absolutely gorgeous $115,000. 843449-3744. SC 68 SILVER SHADOW, 2tone green, tan int, lhd, was in storage, same owner since 1974 $12,900 OBO. 412366-6891. PA 71 CORNICHE CON850 Fiero Lane, San Luis Obispo CA 93401 (800) 444-5247 www.xks.com XYlcSi UNLIMITE, —17 —7 _  —7  —7 —7 —7  Comprehensive Jaguar Inventory Engine • Brakes • Cooling • Exhaust • Filters Transmission • Electronics • Interior Kits Sheet Metal • Glass • Manuals & Books Clothing • Collectibles • Gift Items • Original Jaguar Parts • Aftermarket Parts • Performance Parts • Over-Night Delivery World-Class Jaguar Catalog 1947 to Current Parts Catalog INot.  11K411 VERTIBLE, lhd, dark green w/green leather, very orig car, needs some cosmetics, from estate, 1-owner 20 years $21,500. Gullwing Motor Cars, 718-545-0500. FAX 718-545-1308 NY 77 SHADOW II, 24K original 1-owner miles, white w/navy leather, magnolia piping, 100% original, as new $34,500. 530435-2627. CA TRIUMPH 58 TR3A, restored in 1980, same owner 25 years, 99% rust-free, drive anywhere $9,900. Sparrow British Auto, 813-9961500. FL 61 TR3A, blk/red leather, disc wheels, documented body-off restoration per BMHT records, only 40 miles since completed, everything restored or replaced to new condition $19,900. 917-939-4419. TX 62 TR3B ROADSTER, blue/blue, 90K mi, 2nd-owner $18,950. 816-836-4500. 816-229-6500.M0 66 TR4A, red w/new blk leather, IRS, wire wheels, very nice condition $14,000. 636239-6781. MO 68 GT6, British racing green, race car, 2L 6-cyl, significant history, completely restored 97, car in Ohio $8,500. 860-6533118. CT 72 TR6, beautiful pimento red paint w/ chestnut int, total restoration, completely rebuilt engine and gearbox, rust-free body and chassis, redlines, exc cond, needs nothing $10,600. 845-856-6298. NY 75 TR6, untouched beautiful original w/ only 58K miles, perfect wood dash, beautiful chrome, one repaint in original maple brown, runs great $8,500. 865-690-1120. TN • WORLD'S FINEST LOTUS 7 REPLICA BIY Starter Kit, $10,824; S3 Complete Roller, $17,904; Race Version, $16,978 INFORMATION PACKETS AVAILABLE! DEALERS: ALAMANCE MOTOR SPORTS. NC BAKERACING - MA BRYANT MOTORS CO. MO BRITISH AUTO SHOPPE - IL CARISMA, LLC - ID Complete Restoration & Service Jaguar A Specialty ... •t% D iraritaa COBRA TRIUMPH ,tr < 01'06 cr 4  4430:AAA41., October, 2001 Post-War Sports Cats The Theme Fully staffed, fully prepared to restore to the highest standard — or just a "freshen-up." Competition vintage race cars, daily drivers & concours show level — XKs Unlimited has the background and expertise to meet any needs. RIGHT COAST RACING- NY S-3 CORPORATION - OH SHRADER MOTORSPORTS - OK WIRE WHEEL CLASSIC - FL _Additional 2ealerJ  336-585-1001 413-569-1557 660-826-2700 309-764-9513 208-429-8615 631-329-1200 513-861-1100 405-354-5033 561-595-3000 Pleaie -guiture! BIRKINAMERICA PO Box 120982, Arlington, Texas 76012 PH: 817-461-7431 • FAX: 817-861-5867 e-mail: BirkinAM@aol.com www.birkinamerica.com 63

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PORSCHE MERCEDES-BENZ *- BMW UND ANDERE MAN Chassis number: WPOZZZ95ZJS9002 1r he Porsche 959 was conceived by the Stuttgart marque in 1985 as a practical road-going application of the ultimate in racing technology. Its specification remains unparalleled, with a detuned 450-bhp version of the 2.85-liter 956/962 Le Mans-winning twin turbocharged engine; variable split four-wheel drive with computer-controlled programs for dry, wet, icy and off-road use; automatic height and ride control; lightweight Kevlar/aramid composite body; ABS racing brakes giving in excess of 1.25 G deceleration; automatic tire-pressure loss sensors; run-flat tires and more. The list seems endless. But being a Porsche road car, the 959 was also comfortable with climate control, electric heated seats, stereo system, electric windows and mirrors and, most importantly, service intervals of 12,000 miles with oil changes necessary only every 6,000 miles. The car steam-rollered its opponents in the Paris-Dakar Rally of 1986, finished seventh at Le Mans that year and also won the IMSA GTZ class. The road-going 959 had a top speed over 200 mph, acceleration of 060 mph in just under 3.8 seconds and 0-125 mph in 8.2 seconds. One road tester described acceleration as having two stages: "brisk" with the first turbo engaged and "manic" with the second. Porsche built a limited run ofjust under 200 cars in 1988-90 and eight additional cars in 1992-93. These final versions, built for a handful of selected long-term customers, incorporated various improvements. This car, delivered in December of 1992, is finished in the classic and understated combination of metallic silver with a black leather interior. The car is unmarked and virtually in as-new condition, having less than 25,000 miles in total. All services have been carried out by the factory and most importantly the car has been regularly and carefully used. The file includes a letter dated June 1997 from the factory confirming the car's as-new condition. The car is currently road licensed in the UK. Offered by its second owner, this is a unique opportunity to acquire a rare Series 2 959 in superb order. The 959's attractions of very limited production, exotic specification derived directly from race-winning cars and practicality make it by far the most collectible of all modem generation road-going Porsches. It took $203,391 at the Bonhams & Brooks Monaco Grand Prix sale, May 21, 2001, to drive Number produced  Original list price  SCM Price Guide  Years produced  Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Web  ead vvetred 1992 Porsche 959 Market Review Buyer's Guide On horizontal bulkhead under front hood Stamped into alloy engine block near fan shroud on passenger side Porsche Club of America, Alternatives  5530 Edgemont Dr., Alexandria, VA 22310 vvww.pca.org Ferrari F40, Jaguar XJ 220, McLaren Fl this 959 home. The price is reflective of the current market for these supremely complex exotics, and takes into account the exclusivity of the Series 2 specification against the rather high miles (remember, while 25,000 miles may be "like new for a regular car, for a collector car its as if you had driven the car to the moon and back). The 959 was developed as a way to show the commitment of the factory to the 911 for years to come. American-born Porsche CEO Peter Schutz was responsible for the decision to keep the 911 in production and 64  wanted a showcase to prove the car fully able to perform at all levels against all corners. The 959 was a nearo; perfect way to convey this message. However; it is handicapped as a road car in two important ways. First, due to the original Group 3 regulations, the engine was smallish, at only 2.85 liters. The car was still wickedly fast, but later road-going twin-turbo 3.6-liter engines produce as much power with greater ease. The tremendous complexity of the car required a program ofmaintenance available only at the factory. This is fun i f you live in proximity to Stuttgart and provides a convenient way to stay in contact with thefolks building thesefabulous cars, but it makes things hard for those ofus in export markets. You can own one, of course. It's the driving and maintenance that becomes worrisome. How about the appreciation potential for such a landmark car? While we haven't seen any significant increases in value, neither have these cars declined in value Gust ask a 1992 Testarossa owner how his car is doing in the marketplace). The 959 's racing history and limited production ensures that you're unlikely to find any bargain basement deals. Unlike, say, 904s that could be had for $6,000 in 1970 because nobody cared about them, the increased sophistication of the collector car market is likely to keep the 959 above $200,000for the forseeable future. Spectacular cars like the 959 no longer drop quietly from view. $150,000-$175,000 approx. $3,000 (included in above) 1988-90, 1992-93 208 (approx.) $275,000 However, partly because it has a 911-based body shape, the 959 is unlikely to emulate the 50fold increase of the 904 (now worth $300,000), over the next 30 years. Rather; it will stay, like a Ferrari F40, as a definitive statement of one of the super cars of its era, and will always make a highly prized addition to any sophisticated Porsche collection. Further, should you ever be at a cocktail party and have the owner of a McLaren F] sidle up to you, proposing a race for pink slips, you can simply reply, "Sure. I'll pick the course. How about the Baja 1000? "— Jim Schrager• (Historic data and photo courtesy of auction company) Sports Car Market

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How Much for a 36k-Mile 911SC Targa? thoughts? D — earMr. Schrager: I am considering buying a 1980911SC Targa, medium gray metallic, with 36,000 original miles. It's a two-owner car, apparently completely stock with original paint and complete service records, copies of which I'm enclosing here. The price is $17,500. Your S. J., Secaucus, NJ Dear S. J.: I believe the 911SC to be one of the best all-around Porsches ever made. Not only are they fast, well made and exciting to drive, they are also reliable and have rust-resistant galvanized bodies. Furthermore, the 911SC represents a pinnacle of Porsche evolution that requires you to move into the 993 cars—at two to three times the price level—before a significant increase in speed, handling or durability can be realized. As such, the SC represents a wonderful value. The stack of receipts you sent along indicates that this particular SC has always been the property of caring owners. There are some things that appear to have been left undone, though, that you will need to attend to if you buy this car. The Achilles heel of the 911SC, and all earlier 911s, are their chain tensioners. These are two small hydraulic cylinders that keep the two overhead cam chains correctly tensioned. If not renewed or upgraded, they wear out and collapse. As the 911 engine is an "interference" design, if a chain tensioner collapses and the cam chain skips a sprocket or two, the valves and pistons can hit each other. In other words, a repair bill in excess of $4,000. It's happened to me and it's not pleasant. There are two solutions. Many mechanics convert to the "Carrera" chain tensioners introduced in 1984, which have a much longer life. These are pressurized with two special oil lines, easily visible at the very rear of the engine. The other approach is to put in a set of 930style chain tensioners every 15 years or so. Your car is 20 years old and, even with the low mileage, I wouldn't drive it without doing one or the other. The Carrera tensioners are about $1,000, the 930 items $600 or so. Think of it as very cheap mechanical insurance. The next issue with a very low-mileage 911SC is the clutch disc. To lower driveline vibrations, the disc had an innovative rubber center. Although it worked, we have learned that the rubber center disintegrates (usually before 50,000 miles), causing the center of the clutch to split from the outer edge of the disc and rendering the car immobile. This can also damage the flywheel surface. By now, most SCs have had the clutch disc replaced, but I don't see any records indicating that the one on this car has. Plan on about $1,000 parts and labor for a thorough job that addresses the pressure plate, the throwout bearing and the disc. The SC uses a Bosch CIS (Constant Injection System) fuel injection with a plastic airbox that sits between the air filter and air-flow control valve to carefully meter air and fuel flow. If the car is set too lean or too rich, a backfire at start-up can blow a hole in the box. Since CIS cars meter the gas flow by measuring the air flow, a hole in the box October, 2001  prevents the air-flow meter from being drawn open, thus leaving you stranded. Replacing the box is about $500 or so, and many mechanics prefer to add an aftermarket "pop-off' valve for about $75 at the same time, which allows air to escape in case of a backfire. The cruise control on these cars is notorious for failing, although most people use it very little. Repairing it will cost $250. The turn signal stalk also gets tired and it's not complicated to replace. It runs about $150. The fresh air blower often packs up, usually from lack of use, and costs $125. All 911s are sensitive to wheel balance and tire roundness, and the SC, because of its 16" wheels and low-profile 55-series front and 50-series rear tires, is more sensitive than most. The Fuchs forged alloys are strong and rarely fracture, even under very heavy loads. However, in absorbing a serious shock, they will bend. If you have vibrations, investigate your wheels and tires carefully for both balance and roundness. People often complain that Targas and Cabriolets leak, but I have yet to see an open 911 with its original top that had a serious problem. The fit and finish on these cars was superb. If this car has its original top and seals, chances are very good there will be few leaks. If you need to replace the top and seals, don't scrimp. For a Targa, expect to pay $450. The SC's interior was available in vinyl, partial leather, or full leather. If this car has full leather, expect the leather covering on the dash to shrink and pull away from the leading edge of the dash pad. A common solution is to install a new, non-leather dash pad covering to prevent this from recurring. If you perform all the upgrades and preventative maintenance on the above list, you will have spent around $20,000, including purchase price. This is on the high side, even for such a low-mileage, original SC, but the car should provide you with decades of relatively trouble-free motoring. And you'll always be thousands of dollars ahead of someone who bought a 150,000-mile car and tried to make it nice.• The Used 911 Story The buyer's guide that future Porsche 911 owners should never be without. All air-cooled models are discussed with pros/cons mentioned regarding each model. Author Peter Zimmermann taps into 30+ years of experience to bring you this little book, now in its 6th edition. Sports Car Markers Jim Schrager wrote: "This is the most useful, accurate and important single book published on buying a used 911. It is absolutely a must if you really want to know about these cars." Please mail $29.95 (check or money order made to Peter Zimmermann) to PO. Box 651, Newbury Park, CA 91320 for the cheapest Porsche insurance you'll ever buy! Credit card orders may be placed with www.BarnesandNoble.com 65

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Sportwagen zuv Verkaufen ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Regular classified only $15 per month. AMPHICAR 64 blue, new top & seats, runs well, swims better, drive away today $24,500. 801-5826883. UT BMW 57 502 SEDAN, 2 motors, needs restoration, solid, complete, rare find $4,500. Cosmopolitan Motors LLC, 206-467-6531. FAX 206467-6532 WA 57 ISETTA, s/w convertible, restored, looks and runs great, spare motor, trans, rear axle incl $7,500. 920-743-9223 M-F days. WI 71 2002, red/blue, total restoration, 80% complete, includes parts to finish, motor rebuilt, new pistons, Webers, header, 3-piece wheels, new full suspension and paint, wheel flares $6,500. Mark Neuendorf, 440-2377790. OH 71 3.0 CS COUPE, diamond blue, 80K verifiable CA miles, stick shift, wood, black leather $9,800 OBO. 310-793-8989. CA 79 635, rubin/tan, 7,800 original miles, 1owner, Stage IV Calloway Turbo, 18 psi, adjustable waste gate, competition clutch, stainless exhaust, Bilstein shocks, sway bars, springs and so much more, call for details $35,000. 401-732-1440. RI 80 Ml, red w/blk, 19K miles, 1-owner 10 years, superb in every way, sounds like an Fl car $98,500 trades. Motorcar Gallery, 954522-9900. FL 82 7331, complete int & ext restoration w/ BMW trim, includes dash and ext trim, orig BMW chestnut brown, 6-spd, 245K mi, good running 2nd-owner car, all records $5,000 OBO. Emile Mullick, 909-3841875. CA MERCEDES-BENZ 52 300S CABRIOLET, 1 of 203 produced, frame-off restoration, show condition, brown w/ tan leather, fitted luggage. www.progressivemotors.com , call 954-785-8600. FL 53 300S, extremely rare roadster model, only 144 built, running & complete, excellent driver $118,000. 480-483-2555. AZ 57 300SC, navy/grey, 1 of only 53 disappearing top convertibles made, completely restored in CA, $325,000. Alex Dearborn, 978-887-6644. MA 58 220S, Ponton cabrio, blue metallic/blue interior, fully restored $49,000. 310-2667994. CA 58 300SL CONVERTIBLE, rolling chassis, body & engine $55,000 OBO. 520241-9419. AZ 59 190SL, silver, 4-speed, matching #s. All original. Nu-soft top. New black leather. 117k, always garaged. Both tops. Must sell, $23,500. 925-939-1418. CA 60 220SE, Ponton cabrio, dark blue (904), light grey int, ground-up restoration $90,000. 310-266-7994. CA 62 190SL, hardtop only, orig owner, garaged in CA, restored by Gullwing of Gar- denia, rebuilt eng, drives well, exc upholstery, white/tan int, orig carbs available to achieve concours quality $35,000. 310377-4775. CA 66 2505E CONVERTIBLE, white/tan, professionally restored, new: leather, carpets, top, refinished wood, body, paint, chrome, and rebuilt engine, beautiful $65,000 make an offer. 516-741-4799. NY 69 190SL, beautifully restored CA car, new everything, Becker radio, midnight blue, tan leather, two tops, white sidewall tires $38,500. 818-623-0184 days. 323660-2007 eves. CA 71 2805E 3.5 CABRIOLET, gold w/cognac leather, chocolate top, Behr a/c, 78,600 miles, very nice cond, exc mechanics, very powerful $59,000 OBO. 505-9959590. 505-670-4812.NM 72280SE 3.5 CONY, tobacco/cognac, 85K mi, exceptional condition, last of the classic M-B convertibles $80,000 OBO. Bill or Jeff, 847-234-2800. IL 97 CLK GTR, FIA Competition Coupe, SIN 0006 $1,500,000. Symbolic Motors. 858-454-1800. CA PORSCHE 57 SPEEDSTER, cream w/red leather & tan canvas, pristine example, beautiful detailing & panel fit, call for details $65,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 58 SPEEDSTER, 2-owner, untouched, 85K orig mi, orig paint, 100% rust-free, rare condition $62,000. 303-668-4555. CO 60356B ROADSTER, a fully restored CA black plate example, dark red/blk int, blk canvas, wood wheel, tools, chrome wheels, comprehensive restoration documentation $46,000. Fantasy Junction, 510-653-7555. FAX 510-653-9754 CA 62 ROADSTER, made from notchback coupe, wht/red, very solid and clean, recently rebuilt C engine, Weber carbs, disc brakes, Nardi steerin g wheel $26,000 or BO. 617-491-6784. MA 63 356BT6 CABRIOLET, slate gray, 1600 Super, original CA car $35,000. 760944-6312. CA 67 911S COUPE, polo red, blk leather, nice restoration, rust-free, matching #s $16,900. 310-266-7994. CA 69 917K, FIA Competition Coupe, S/N 917.020 $1,900,000. Symbolic Motors. 858-454-1800. CA 69 911E TARGA, yellow/black, 5-speed. Exclusively 280SLs Low-mileage and original cars are our specialty to buy or sell. Several cars in stock for immediate delivery. TONY LaBELLA CLASSIC CARS 2 Springdale • Cherry Hill, New Jersey (888) 840-1700 66  Mint All records, two owners, one mechanic, all original paint and jut $18,000. 415-7815546, e-mail russkeil@pacbelLnet CA 70 911E TARGA, 101K mi, 2-owners, blk/tan, 5-spd, receipts since 1971, well preserved, clean $15,700. 303-668-4555. CO 71 911S TARGA, signal orange, full blk leather Recaros, a/c, ground-up restoration, 4K mi on engine and trans, outstanding example $26,500 OBO. 561-283-7988 eves. FL 73 911S, sunroof, silver/blk, no previous damage to body or chassis, rebuilt engine, trans, MFI, Recaro accessory seats, factory air, recent bare metal repaint, all #'s match, orig color, a superb example, show or enjoy $27,500. Joe Dzierla, 219-234-8619. IN 74 911 CARRERA COUPE, looks 78 to 89, white, white leather (new), 5-spd, air, CD, BBS, very nice, runs strong $12,900. 402-496-0123. NE 76 911 TURBO, 24,340 miles, coffee brown/tan leather, #483 of 530, loaded, show condition $29,950. 208-765-2886. ID 77 911S TARGA, 2.7L, Oklahoma car, guards red, black int, completely restored to showroom condition $21,900 US$. 905839-7821. CANADA ON 77 935 K3, Competition Sports Prototype, S/N 0152 $175,000. Symbolic Motors. 858-454-1800. CA 85 962, Competition Sports Prototype, S/N HR1 $695,000. Symbolic Motors. 858-454-1800. CA 87 911, 930 Turbo, gray, green inside interior same, all options, 17,000 mi, perfect cond., new tires, slider, air cond, full leather $45,000 trade accpt. Richard McNamara, 651-426-0607. MN VOLKSWAGEN 71 KARMANN GHIA CONV, fully restored and in immaculate condition, Porsche red, only 66K orig mi, covered and indoors 24-7, see to appreciate $9,750. 541-665-5437. OR 74 KARMANN GHIA CONY, 60K orig CA miles, red/blk top, blk int, 4-spd, no rust- garaged, all service records, immaculate $8,950. 508-852-2084. MA PARTS BMW 507 hard top. Good condition. Charles S. Crail Automobiles, 805568-1934 or fax 805-568-1533. CA• PRECIOUS METALS TRANSPORTATION OF FINE AUTOMOBILES • SPECIALIZING IN DOOR-TO-DOOR PERSONALIZED SERVICE • STATE- OF - THE- ART, FuLLY- ENCLOSED 6-CAR TRANSPORTER • EAST COAST, SOUTHEAST, MIDWEST & "SNOWBIRDS" • ALL MAJOR NATIONAL COLLECTOR AUTOMOBILE EVENTS CALL: 1-888-PRECIOUS! MASTEN VAN LINES, INC., 70 MONROE AVE., CRESSKILL, NJ 07626 WEB: WWW.GO-PRECIOUSMETALS.COM PRECMETALS@AOL.COM FAX: 201-894-0188 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR SHOW-WINNING CLIENTELE! Sports Car Market

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r•• From Grand Classics to Twin Stripes of Smoking Rubber 1942 Ford Jeep Chassis number: GPW7617 ust before the US entered World War II, the Army invited bids for a small, light, all-wheel drive vehicle for use in combat. At that time the American Bantam company was on its last legs, but they somehow managed to convince Karl Probst to design a candidate for entry. Willys and Ford were interested, too, but it was the Bantam design that was considered the best. Unfortunately for Bantam, the government estimated the company to have insufficient resources to produce the vehicle and the bulk of the contract went to both Willys and Ford, which began production of the "Jeep Universal Quarter-Ton." Bantam received a small portion of the contract, but before long, the tiny company became one of the many American automakers to come and go before 1950. Powered by a virtually indestructible flat-head four, the Jeeps went everywhere American troops or allies were stationed. This 1942 Jeep was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. It was assigned to General George Patton's Army when it was stationed in England. It currently wears a sound older repaint, and if the tan canvas upholstery and top are not original to this particular Jeep, they are undoubtedly Army surplus. This proud old warrior is in excellent running and driving condition and retains a rear-mounted five-gallon jerry can, and its shovel and axe are strapped to the left side of the vehicle. This car sold for $10,120 including buyer 's premium at the Bonhams & Brooks sale in Aurora, Illinois, June 9, 2001. At some point, practically every American has wanted, owned or driven a Jeep. As a rugged and durable workhorse, they are unbeatable. As a cheap convertible, they are attractive to the young. As a second or third vehicle for towing the boat to the lake or pulling the occasional tree stump out of the ground, they display the hose-it-outwhen-dirty type of versatility not found in many vehicles. As an escape machine, the Jeep is a pack of unfiltered Camels for the road. Much has been written about how the Jeep got its name. (Jeeps were not officially called Jeeps until well after the end of World War II, as the legal rights to the name and the vehicle itself' were settled in court.) Whether named for a cartoon characterfrom the Pop eye comic strip (Eugene the Jeep) or resultingfrom the Army designation of the Ford version (General Purpose, or GPW), GIs grew to love the vehicle that replaced the horse as their means of transport. Jeeps were made with mounted guns, as communications vehicles, as mail trucks, as ambulances and as amphibious transport. They were Number produced  Original list price  Years produced  Tune up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  SCM Price Guide  Engine #  Club  Web site  Alternatives  modified and used in the field for hundreds of other tasks as well. Many Americans fondly remember Bill Mauldin 's drawing of a GI pointing his pistol at a Jeep with a broken axle, his eyes turned away so as not to witness the merciful slaying of his fallen comrade. Such was the affection of the GI for the Jeep. October, 2001  Some military historians point to the Jeep as a critical component of the Allied victory in Europe in WWII. Captured German troops, who were still using huge numbers of horses and bicycles for transport, marveled not only at the number of motorized vehicles the Americans brought with them, but also at the ability of the soldiers to work on and repair their vehicles in the field. These young GIs had been raised building hot rods; getting a primitive four-cylinder engine to behave itself was apiece of cake. Between 1941 and 1945, Ford produced 277,896 Jeeps and Willys made 361,349. After 1945, Willys continued as the sole manufacturer of the Jeep. Left frame at front, near left motor mount. Plaque mounted on dashboard. Plate on front of right side of frame crossover N/A, all were made for US Government N/A $145 $14 1941-45 277,896 Right side, front upper corner of the cylinder block Military Vehicle Collector Club, PO Box 520378, Independence, MO 64052-0378, 800/365-5798 www.g503.com Willys Jeepster, Land Rover 88, Kubelwagen Do Jeeps possess any of the elements contained in the traditional sports car? They are not low to the ground, as the center of gravity on a Jeep seems to be somewhere around your shoulders. But the Jeep encompasses many sporting elements such as a manual transmission, easy accessibility, bucket seats, no or low doors and a fold-down windscreen. Ford Jeeps are of interest to a number of collectors, starting with those who collect all things military, from uniforms to airplanes. Some Jeeponly collectors might want a Ford Jeep, as they are a unique example of their favorite vehicle being manufactured by another company (and are no doubt easier to come by than the contemporary products of Beijing Jeep). And no all-Ford collection would be complete without at least one Ford-manufactured Jeep. For aging WWII veterans, having a vintage Jeep in the garage can stir memories of a time of valor and glory now long past. Jeeps can often be found for sale with original equipment, be it communications gear or a pick and shovel. Military Jeeps generally trade in the $5,000 to $10,000 range; Barrett-Jackson got $3,420 for a 1943 Ford Jeep at their Petersen sale. This particular example should be considered fully priced—Dave Kinney • (Historic data and photo courtesy of auction company.) 67

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ALL CLASSIFIEDS INCLUDE INTERNET POSTING! Regular classified only $15 per month. BUICK 38 CENTURY OPERA COUPE, older restoration in beautiful condition, southern CA car since new $17,500. 909-7951379. CA CADILLAC 51 CONVERTIBLE, frame-off restoration, mist gray w/dark red interior, beige convertible top $35,000 OBO/possible trades. Mark Halahan, 845-343-3184. NY 54 ELDORADO BIARRITZ, convertible, solid for restoration $10,500. 512-2554556. TX CAMARO 67 FIRST GENERATION, convertible, original 21K miles, blue w/blue power top, 6-cyl, auto, original tires, original top, original everything $15,900. 518-8634987. NY 68 RS/SS CONVERTIBLE, 396 cid V8, 4-spd, blk int. Matador red finish $34,950. Duffy's, 319-364-7000. IA CHEVROLET 55 NOMAD, beige/red, original 265 V8 & Automatic, original interior, nonframe-off in '71, National winner, $34,500 OBO. 480-998-5437 evvinkler@attglobal.net. AZ CHRYSLER 60 300F CONVERTIBLE, currently owned and offered for sale by Tim Allen, this frame-off fully restored beauty has taken several Best of Shows at club events, 49K orig mi, white w/tan interior $68,000. 805-376-0103. CA CORVETTE 57 blk/silver coves, white top & int, 283/ 270 hp, dual fours, Wonderbar radio, professionally restored in '90, AACA 1st Senior Nat'l award, 450 miles since $46,000. 941-925-4234. 941-320-1231 .FL 62 327-300, 4-spd, 2 tops, #'s match, original shifter, all shielding, nice, no accidents/ rust, everything works, needs nothing, maroon/blk, a keeper, excellent $39,950. 678513-7511. GA 64 STINGRAY FUELIE, convertible, 327/375 hp, red, white top and interior, #'s match, approx 5000 miles since frame-off restoration, knock-offs, mint condition $70,000. 858-673-7147. CA 66 ROADSTER, 427-390, 4-spd, #'s match, 2 tops, Protect-o-plate, teakwood, prior owner to 1973, fresh frame-off restoration, proof no hit evidence, red/blk leather, none finer $52,500. 678-513-7511. GA 67 CONVERTIBLE, 435 hp, #'s match, red ext, blk int, P-o-p, frame-off restored in 2001, bolt-on wheels, side exhaust, all factory specs, a steal $65,000 trades considered. 978-815-7051. MA 88 COUPE, stunning Cortez silver w/contrasting gunmetal vinyl interior, factory documentation, Bloomington Gold, NCRS Reg. Top Flight, 3:70 posi, J56 brakes, M22, F41, one of the best $115,000. 713-664-1967. 713-984-2305.TX 69 LDODGE 55 CONVERTIBLE, needs top installed, final motor hook up, nicely restored $20,000. 650-854-1755. CA 66 HEMI CHARGER, shows 26K & looks it, engine matches, gold/blk, auto, ps, folddown rear seat, low optioned car $38,850. Steven's Creek Dodge, 408-248-1800. CA 70 HEMI CHALLENGER, 518 c.i., 787 hp, magazine car, Nash 5-speed, Nascar, 4/wdb, full cage, approx 900 miles, street legal, 9 years, $100,000 to build, built for Silver State Classic, never entered $69,000. 858-673-7147. CA LINCOLN 47 CONTINENTAL CONV, restored 5 years ago, not driven since, new paint, top, etc $35,000. 973-890-0093. NJ 60 CONVERTIBLE, a/c, good looking driver, needs cosmetics $15,000. 360-2749253. WA 79 MARK V, Collector's Series, white, blue cloth buckets, console, full power, 8-track, sunroof, 62K, excellent, listed at $12,000 in CPI, asking $10,000. 253-531-4332. WA MERCURY 55 MONTCLAIR CONV, ivory yellow, blk & yellow int, blk convertible top, 292 ci engine, ps, pb, pw top, cont kit $39,900. Berliner Classic Motorcars, 954-923-7271. FL OLDS 60 SUPER 88 CONVERTIBLE, 38,000 m i les, like new $33,000. 419-668-1884. OH 70442, approx 46,000 original miles, 455 V8 w/vacuum cowl induction, automatic, orange, black vinyl top, VIN #344870E165059 $21,000. 858-6737147. CA PLYMOUTH 60 SPORT FURY CONV, driven only 9 years, sat for 33, originally yellow/white body, V8 engine, Torqueflite, ps, pb, extremely rare find, low production automobile, needs restoration $9,500. 480-6996160. AZ PONTIAC 65 GTO, real 389 tri-power car, 4-spd, posi, PHS documented, blue/blk int, solid, straight car $25,000 OBO. 267-879-5388. PA 71 JUDGE CONVERTIBLE, ultra rare, 1 of 17, bronze, white top and int, auto, 55K mi, correct engine but doesn't match, restored and gorgeous, must be seen $48,500. 201-224-0077. NJ SHELBY 65 CT 350, all original drivetrain, 55K mi, runs very strong, older repaint, white w/ blue stripes, a nice car in good condition $58,000. Norm, 413-323-8869. MA 67 GT 500, s/n #1050, Wimbledon white w/blk int, replacement 428 CJ engine w/24-bbls, 4-spd, ten-spoke wheels, inboard lights, nice driver $42,500. Bill Collins, 717-561-2680. PA• 410 North Circle Drive Oaks, PA 19456 610.6661966 1995 Ford Cobra R, 1 of 250 built. VVhite, as brand new, delivery miles only  fax: 610.6669422 www.pamotorcorn info@pamotorcom AMERICAN CARS 1963 Chevrolet Corvette cony. red/black, 350, 4-speed leather, rally wheels, nice driver quality  1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod roadster, plum/creme, all steel, full-fendered, fresh, 350, rumble seat  $45,000 1964 Ford Thunderbird coupe, It. blue/med. blue/white top, nice, well sorted mechanically  1999 Plymouth Prowler, 7,000 miles, yellow/black, as-new condition, books, tools, manuals  $38,900 1968 Ford Shelby GT500 cony. Very well restored, #s match, 428, auto, a/c, red/blk, 10-spokes. $63,500 SPORISEXOTICIEUROPEAN 1962 Alfa Romeo Zagato SZ, recreation, well restored, powder blue/red stripe and leather, fast  1957 Bentley S 1 Continental Fastback, a/c, ex-William Holden, LHD, silver/gray, red piping  1949 Delahaye 135 M, Chapron, DHC, dark green/tan leather, wheel discs, Cotal box, older resto 1961 Ferrari 250 GT, red/black leather, recently detailed and serviced, Borranis, ready to use  $29,000 $239,900 $129,900 $62,500 1964 Ferrari 330 2 + 2, red/black leather, 4-speed, OD, serviced, Borranis, original interior, rust free  $29,900 1965 Ferrari 275 GTS, red/black, CA car, well restored, Borranis, tools, lovely throughout  1967 Ferrari 330 GTC, silver/black leather, fully restored, a/c, outstanding throughout, runs perfect  1953 Osca MT4 Roadster, MM history, 1600 cc, white/red stripe, very correct, very rare  1954 Jaguar XK120 Cony., red/black, skirts, VVWVV tires, fresh resto, outstanding throughout  $165,000 $85,000 P.O.A. $39,000 1959 Mercedes Benz 300SL. Red, black - leather, nice cosmetic restoration 5 years ago, runs very well. $129,900. 1955 Jaguar XK140 Roadster MC, frame-off resto, red/tan, leather, chrome wires, #s match, a beauty  $47,500 1959 Jaguar XK150 Roadster, well resto, 3.4, white/red leather, black canvas top, VVVVVV tires, fresh $42,500 1990 Lamborghini LM002 America, black/red, 8,000 miles, all books, tools, every option  1962 Maserati Tipo 151, outstanding 1 off creation, 4 cam twin plug V8, dark green/tan, Borranis  1971 Maserati Ghibli coupe 4.9 SS, black/tan, outstanding resto, Borranis, auto, a/c  $82,900 $129,900 $47,500 1964 Mercedes-Benz 230 SL, white/navy leather, 4-speed, Euro lights, fresh wood, new canvas top $16,900 1966 Mercedes-Benz 300 SE Cabriolet, 35k mi., rare 4-speed, recent serv., red/black, zebra wood. $31,000 1984 Rolls-Royce Spur,one lady owner, Royal blue/parchment, 25k miles, books, records, tools _see, D 68  1958 Porsche 356 Convertible D. Very rare roadster, silver/red stripe, Kardex, recent cosmetics, California 2-owner car. $43,900. 1966 Chevrolet Corvette cony. Red/black, 427/425, numbers match, knockoffs, side exhaust, leather, SS brakes, M-21, restored. $59,900. 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, fully restored, receipts, white/black, 327/350, stick, hot motor, one owner  $14,900 1937 Cord 812, Phaeton, maroon/maroon, extemal exhaust, driver quality, very presentable  $23,900 $39,900 $69,500 $6,500 Sports Car Market

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Clas rsd1811, Affo I 1967-72 Fiat Dino Spider n theory, the marriage of a Ferrari drivetrain with an inexpensive Fiat body should have resulted in an affordable sports car with sparkling performance. Over the years, though, the initial promise of the Fiat Dino has simply not been kept. The Ferrari engine has proven expensive to maintain and the Fiat bodies have disintegrated. By now, most Fiat Dino Spiders have been through the same wringer, or cycle, that 246 Dinos went through. In the late '70s and early '80s they were relatively worthless and often ended up in the hands of enthusiast owners with limited means. Proper maintenance was rare, let alone a correct restoration. But while 246 Dinos have developed a market value that allows for restoration investment, the Dino Spiders have not (we won't even discuss the poor Fiat Dino coupes). There was a brief moment from 198889 when some Fiat Dino Spiders were advertised at $75k-$100k with the logic that if you couldn't afford a real 246 at $200,000, here was a poor-man's substitute at half that. Unfortunately, when the boom ended the 246 owners still had Ferraris, while the Dino Spider owners were stuck with fancy Fiats. For all that, Fiat Dino Spiders, never officially imported into the US, are not without some merit. The suspension system—especially on the later 2.4-liter models—was technically impressive, the engine performance glorious and the shape sexy. Autocar, in March 1967, praised its 0-60 time of eight seconds and its overall drivability. Phil Llewellin waxed philosophic about how he always wanted one in the March 1989 issue of Supercar Classics. After reading Mike Morris's Fiat Dino: Ferrari By Another Name, the only little "Bible" on this car, you too might lust for one. Please, Mr. Barnes, it's almost a Ferrari. And with today's prices below $25,000, a perfect one might make some sense. Unfortunately, the number of perfect cars out there can probably be counted on one hand. Rarely are these cars in great shape upon close inspection. Interiors are generally well worn and bug spray smoking engines are more common than not, due to prices for Ferrari engine rebuilds. Body part availability is elusive, and rust problems of Olympic proportions abound. Replacement steering boxes, bumpers and windscreen gaskets are nonexistent. If a car you are considering isn't complete, looking for the missing parts may be like searching for a CD of Pavarotti singing a Snoop Doggy Dogg tune. If you spend $25,000 on an open Alfa, Porsche or MG, you're likely to end up with a restored car, a huge availability of parts, and a great club network. With a Fiat Dino Spider, you get a car whose engine is worth more than the car, a scarcity of parts and a small following. Yes, you can look in the mirror and say, "It's just like a Dino 246 but less expensive to buy," but at Cavallino Classic your chances of getting on the lawn next to the 246s is somewhere between slim and none. More than almost any other car in this price range, buying anything but a perfect Fiat Dino is fiscal suicide. However, if you blow yourself up with a hand grenade, at least things are over in a hurry. Trying to make a ratty Dino Spider into a nice car is tantamount to letting yourself get pecked to death by ducks, one expensive invoice after another.—Steve Serio• Years produced    Tune-up/major service  Distributor cap  Chassis #  Engine #  Club  Number produced ... 1,133 2.0-liter, 424 2.4-liter Original list price Current value 1967-72 $5,585 $16,000-$25,000 $350-$1,500 $140 Chassis plate on passenger's side fender, inside the engine compartment On the block behind the oil filter The Other Dino, 10501 Park Villa Circle, Villa Park, CA 92861 E-mail Wally Clark, clarkinc@pacbeftnet Alternatives ... Triumph TR6, Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Veloce, Fiat 124 Spider As the only collector-car insurer licensed in all 50 states, Grundy is with you wherever you are and wherever you go. Grundy's complete coverage is tailored to meet your needs and always includes agreed value, unlimited mileage for touring and pleasure driving, no model year limitations and the highest liability limits. Only Grundy provides collector-car coverage so complete, it's even geographical. 400 Horsham Road • P.O. Box 1957 • Horsham, PA 19044 www.grundy.com October, 2001  Worldwide Collector Car Insurance 1-800-338-4005 69

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  3444, fax 925/736-4375. 3600 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Danville, CA 94506-3600. Barrett- AUCTION COMPANIES Blackhawk Collection/"The Auction." 925/736- 6694, fax 480/421-6697. 3020 North Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. email: info@barrett-jacicson.com fax 415/391-4040. 500 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94102; Montpelier St., Knightsbridge, London, 5W7 11- Bonhams and Brooks. 415/391 - 5875. 360 N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210. www.christies.com Coys of Kensington. 44- 228-8000, fax 44-207-585-0830. Christie's. 310/385- 2699, fax 310/385 fax 44-207-584-2733. 2-4 Queen's Gate Mews, London, England SW7 5QJ. Dana Mecum Auction Company. 815/ 207-584568-- 8888, fax 815/568-6615. P.O. Box 422, Marengo, IL 60152. Dan Kruse Classic Car Productions. 210/495-4777. 11202 Disco Dr., San Antonio, TX 78216. 219/925-5467. P.O. Box 190, Auburn, IN 46706. 320Kruse IntemationaL 800/968-4444, fax 3290, fax 760/323-7031. 602 East Sunny Dunes Rd., Palm Springs, CA 92264. www.classic-carauction.com Poulain Le Fur. 33- 1868, fax 631/537-2641. P.O. Box 2277, Sag Harbor, NY 11963. KenMotor@aol.com Palm Springs Exotic Car Auctions. 760/ 01 45 72 07 77. Commissaire Priseur, Palais des Congres de Paris, 2, place de la Porte Maillot, no 48, 75853 Paris Cedex 17. email: automobile@poulainlefur.com. www.poulainlefur.com 01 58 05 06 07, fax 33 Silver Auctions. 800/255-4485. 2020 N. Monroe, Spokane, WA 99205. silver@ 310/246-9744. 9300 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. #550, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. www.rm auctions.com Kensington Motor Group Inc. 631/537 - Jackson Auction. 480/421 - r  Advertise in the SCM Resource Directory. donations, etc. E-mail: appraisals@cosmo politanmotors.com experience with collector automobiles, available nationwide. Call or visit our web site. David H. Kinney, ASA (Accredited Senior Appraiser, American Society of Appraisers). e-mail: dhkinney@usappraisal.com; web:www.usappraisal.com (VA) Joseph L. Troise Appraisals. 415/332- USAppraisal. 703/759-9100. 25 years 4000, 11-1. 44-207- 7444, Serving 33 states, valuation, insurance, divorce, trusts, estates, charitable gifts, diminished value, pre-purchase inspections, expert witness. www.autoappraisal.com , e-mail: aag@autoappraisal.com. "Not just one man's opinion." 8183. Serving SF Bay Area and northern Califomia. Prompt, personal, professional and affordable service for insurance, legal, IRS and pre-purchase inspection. Free phone consultations. baba@sfgate.com ; www.bestyellow.com/classic/index.htm Auto Appraisal Group. 800/848- 2886. Fax 248/557-3511. 15 years in business, IAAA, for loans, estates, divorce, insurance and pre-purchase. Detroit area, will travel. www.jmkclassiccars.com or kawifreek@ msn.com. Classic Car Research. 248/5572880. Resource Directory !MEM / Call 503/261-0555 x202 for information, e-mail artdirgsportscarmarket.com. with historic or collector appeal, try us. 30 years of experience, your satisfaction our priority. Any time—Any place—Any where. www.historicalcars.com . 1965, fax 508/945-6006. The largest national leader on Antique, Classic, Exotic, Rod and Sports Cars with rates starting at 7.99% and long terms from 5 to 12 years. Call, fax or email your application today for quick 10 minute approval. Efficient and professional service is what you deserve so don't hesitate, call us today to be in the driver's seat of your dream car tomorrow. www.jjbest.com COLLECTOR CAR FINANCING J.J. Best Banc & Company. 1- 800USA-360-- 2277. Get the "Agreed Value" coverage you need, at a price you won't believe! Visit us on-line at www.AmericanCollectorsIns.com for an instant rate quote, or call 800/360-2277. Insuring collector vehicles since 1976. Available in all states except AK, HI, SC and WY. We look forward to serving you Hagerty Classic Auto Insurance. 800/ COLLECTOR CAR INSURANCE American Collector Car Insurance. 800/ - 822-1360, e-mail harryanewton@msn.com . Value appraisals-50+ years experience. Noted automotive historian and journalist. Meticulous research, thorough inspections, up-to-date market knowledge. Clients include major collectors, insurance companies, dealers, estates, attorneys, individual buyers and sellers. Will travel anywhere. AUTOMOBILIA RM Auctions, Inc. 310/246-9880, fax 516/367-3260. Authentic vintage posters and memorabilia (1950-60s). Safety accessories: Halon fire extinguishers; patented lead-alloy knock-off hammers; Ferrari tool kits. Free 30 page list (SASE + $1 postage) RFD 1682, Syosset, NY 11791. BUY/SELL/GENERAL 8828, 760/323-1057, 805/966-6940, fax 818/ 225-8848.23291 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills, CA 91364. www.spectrum auctions.com APPRAISALS In business for 29 years, licensed, totally independent one-man operation. Work accepted by Lloyds of London, Midlands and all US banks and insurance carriers. No charge for phone consultations. (CA) 3007. 25-plus years experience nationwide and internationally. Single cars or entire collections. Brass cars to contemporary supercars. Complete services from pre-purchase to insurance, donation, estate, expert witness, e-mail: dbrownell @sprynet.com Steve Cram's Automobile Appraisal Service. 415/567-1087, fax 415/567 - 1245. spolcane.net; www.silverauctions.com Spectrum Auction Company. 818/225 - 6531, fax 206/467-6532. 2030 8th Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. Experts in collector cars worldwide. Whether buying, selling, evaluating, consigning or appraising, we cut the edge on the current market. Over 1 billion dollars in worldwide experience. Top prices paid; from one car to entire collections, condition and location are no obstacles. "We covet the rare and unusual, whether pedigreed or proletarian." E-mail: sales@cosmo politanmotors.com. Dave Brownell's Vintage Auto Appraisals. Phone 802/362-4719; fax 802/ 362- 510/653-9754. Large selection of exotic street & race cars. 1145 Park Ave., Emeryville, CA 94608. 314/524Cosmopolitan Motors LLC. 206/467Spyder Enterprises: 516/367-1616, fax Harry Newton. 310/280-3513. Fax 310/ 922- 4050. No-hassle coverage for your collector car. Plans tailored for your needs. Extremely cost effective. 7700, fax 203/267-7773. With over 20 years of experience specializing in exotic, classic and vintage autos, our Lease/Purchase Plan is ideal for those who wish to own their vehicle at the end of the term as well as those who like to change cars frequently. Our Simple Interest Early Termination Plan allows you the Flexibility of Financing with the Tax Advantages of Leasing. We make leasing as simple as turning the key.wvvw.WhyNot Lease.com COLLECTOR CAR LEASING Premier Financial Services. 203/267 - 415/543-5112. Now in its 33rd year of international transport. Complete service, including import/export, customs clearances, DOT & EPA, air/ocean, loading & unloading of containers. Contact Martin Button, (CA) e-mail: wwwinfo@cosdel. com; web site: http://www.cosdel.com Passport Transport 800/325- CLASSIC CAR TRANSPORT Cosdel IntemationaL 415/777- Fantasy Junction. 510/653-7555, fax 2714. Automotive consultant/appraiser. Hartford, Connecticut area base. State of Connecticut licensed. 40 plus years automotive experience, appraisals and wherewithal to address most any situation. We can travel. (Cr) 6531, fax 206/467-6532. Complete appraisal services for any and all vehicles of particular note. Over 1 billion dollars in worldwide experience. We will help you in your time of need: we negotiate fig you. Settlements, insurance, disputes, estates, pre-purchase, 70  Charles W. Clarke. Phone/fax: 860/658Cosmopolitan Motors LLC. 206/467- 41-31-819 51 91. Gurbestrasse 3, CH-3125, Toffen, Bern, Switzerland. www.oldtimer garage.com Sell—We Find. 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Insured, enclosed transport for your valuable car at affordable prices. Stateof-the-art satellite transport tracking. Complete service for vintage races, auctions, relocation moves. www.intercitylines.com (MA) 3512, fax 4549. Personalized auto transport service—door to door, coast to coast, open carrier or enclosed carrier. Winching and 24 hour security. First class equipment. Dependable and insured. (NY) TNT, INC. 518/236-4166, fax 518/236 31-819 00 00, fax We 2000, fax 8657, fax 503/223-6953. Award-winning interior restoration. Leather dyeing and color matching. 431 NW 9th, Portland, OR 97209. RESTORATION/GENERAL Guy's Interior Restorations. 503/224- 954/920-9950. 118 NW Hill St., Dania, FL 33004. 1st Place Results. Antique, exotic and vintage race car restorations our specialty! Quality at realistic rates. Over 25 years experience. No job too small. Brochure available. www.restoreautomobiles .COM Creative Workshop. 954/920-3303, fax VINTAGE EVENTS 561-8422. New York City to San Francisco, California, October 1, 2001. The Colorado Grand. 1,000 mile tour of western Colorado. Pre-1961 sports cars. Frank Barrett. 970/926-7810, fax 970/9261815. Cannonball Baker Classic. Contact West: Martin Swig 415/561- 8401, fax 415/ Alfa Ricambi. 818/956-7933, fax 818/ 956-5160. Comprehensive supply of parts that puts authorized dealers to shame! To maintain and restore your Alfa, vintage or current. 6644 San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA 91201. ALFA ROMEO Parts 9435, fax 510/524-3636. Large selection of parts from 1900 series to Milano. Efficient, personal service. 1221 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710. Jon Norman's Alfa Parts. 510/525- 0257. Restoration and replacement parts, Giulietta through 164. Free catalog. www. centerlinealfa.com . Centerline. 303/447-0239, fax 303/447 804/973-0555, fax 804/973-2368. Huge computerized inventory of Alfa/Fiat/Lancia parts, 1956 to present. Excellent, knowledgeable service. Fast! 68-page catalog. Route 29 North, PO Box 9036, Charlottesville, VA 22906-9036. International Auto Parts. 800/7884267, fax 219/471-7278, fax 219/471-6359. 2639 Goshen Road, Ft. Wayne, IN 46808. America's largest supply of badges and emblems for Alfas and other exotics, plus other interesting special parts. Complete your restoration. Black Bart's Emporium. 8001473 - - 4435, 0078, Performance Motoring Associates 831/338- Intercity Lines, Inc. 800/221 -3936, fax - 9703. Fax 831/338-2031. Former Alfa Romeo dealer and 20 time SCCA racing champion, Al Leake, has accumulated over 30 years experience and racing knowledge to compliment his new restoration shop in Boulder Creek, CA. Specializing in Giulietta/Guilia. PMA has an extensive inventory of cars, racing components and parts. Light weight body panels, Sebring racing suspensions and complete restorations now available at PMA Racing. e-mail Alleake@aol.com 12895 Highway 9, Boulder Creek, CA 95006.(CA) PC BEAR Auto Transport specializing in all types: hobby, collector vehicles, toys, neat old stuff, regular cars, parts, and winching. Life long car nut. Equipment serviced and maintained by me. Clean driving record since 1959 in all states. ICCMC, US DOT insured, I sleep in my truck while transporting. Inspection and check delivery service. Door to door delivery. PC Bear, 135 Broad St., Akron, PA 17501. 717/859-1585 Talk to me anytime. Thank you. 7656. Info, 410/426-7524, fax 410/426-8194. 5928 Belair Rd., Baltimore, MD 21206. Largest importer of Alfa, Fiat & Lancia parts on the east coast. Decades of experience—we know these cars, and we know the right parts. VISA/MC. Orders, http:/ www.difatta.com Re- 807-1946. THE US Source for Original Upholstery Materials, Original Rubber Mats & Gaskets, and Original, New European Taillights, Headlights, Grilles and Door Panels for Most Italian Cars ('47-'78). Additional Distributors Wanted. (TX) The DiFatta Brothers, LTD. 800/638 - Originals. 281/807-1945, fax 281/ Sports Car Market

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Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702. We are SPICA and Bosch fuel-injection specialists with 25 years experience servicing Alfa Romeo. We are also intimate with many Maseratis. Repairs / Restoration Britalia, Ltd. 510/548- SE Francis, Portland, OR 97206. Oregon's oldest and most respected Alfa repair and performance tuning facility. Milano spoken here! Ask about our used Alfas for sale. Fast work, fair prices. 650/5080240, 2210 San asts in US/Canada. 52 local clubs provide social and other activities. JCNA sponsors championships in concourse, rally, slalom. Members receive bi-monthly Jaguar Journal magazine. http:// vvww. j nca.com Nasko's Imports. 503/771 -1472, 5409 8178. 565-A Bragato Rd., San Carlos, CA 94070. Performance modifications, service, repair & restoration for Italian automobiles. Allow us to do a restoration for you. Dan Sommers' Veloce Motors. 503/274- Italian Performance/GTV City. Don, 0064. 1425 NW Flanders, Portland, OR 97209. More than two decades of helping Alfa, Ferrari, Maserati & Lamborghini owners keep their cars on the road while not emptying their bank accounts. Other foreign cars serviced as well. ENGLISH The American magazine for British car enthusiasts. Classic profiles, historical articles, club events, technical information, restoration advice. One year (six issues) is $22.95. Repairs / Restorations / Race Sports and Vintage Cars, Inc. ph/fax 503/ British Car magazine. 800/5208292. 4012, 4815 NE 97th, Portland, OR 97220. 36 years of British car repair to a very high standard. Also prep cars for vintage racing and rallying. Jags, TRs, MGs, Healeys, Morgans, Lotus and oddball orphans like Riley and Singer welcomed. Call Peter or Sue Price. 254- NY. Specializing in the repair of all British cars. Factory trained Rolls-Royce and Jaguar technician. Located an hour and a half from the New York Metropolitan area. Pick-up and delivery arranged. Call Jeff Palmer°. AC ph/fax 845/226- fax 503/646-4009. Jim Feldman, 11955 SW Faircrest St., Portland, OR 97225-4615 USA. AC restoration specialist. 35 years experience. Partial to full restorations done to street or concours standards. AC Owner's Club Limited. 503/ 643- JWF Restorations, Inc. 503/6433225, 3225, fax 503/646-4009. US Registrar: Jim Feldman, 11955 SW Faircrest St., Portland, OR 97225-4615 USA. The World's largest organization of AC owners and enthusiasts. AC ownership not required. Monthly magazine. CUSA, fax 503/528-0533. P.O. Box 6197, San Jose, CA 95150. Oldest national Austin-Healey club and factory club heritage. The resource for all current and future owners. Members receive Austin-Healey Magazine, Resource Book, calendar, tech assistance, book discount. Annual dues still just $35. Visa/MC accepted. Visit our web site: www.healey.org Austin- 843-6251. 7321 N. Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73116. Specializing in Aston Martins, all years, all conditions. Buy/sell/ consign. If you are buying or selling, please call. Also have other English cars, including Healeys, MGs, Triumphs, etc. Automotive Restorations, Inc./Vintage Racing Servies, Inc. (ARUVRS), 203/377 Rocky Santiago. 405/843-6117, fax 405/ Aston Martin Healey Club USA. 888/4A1IAustin-Healey 7866, fax 918/438-7866. 15300 E. Pine St. Tulsa, OK 74116. Built to order. Exterior color, interior color and material, drive-line, wheels, tires, brakes, all your choice. Order your MGA today. Offered by Mirage Motorcars LLC. 6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. www.VintageRacingServices.com , www.AutomotiveRestorations.com . 1961, fax 425/287-0660. P.O. Box 554, Kirkland, WA 98033. Prewar European autos, Bentley and Rolls-Royce, specializing in vintage Bentleys. Automotive Restorations, Inc/Vintage Racing Set-vies, Inc. (ARINRS), 203/377 Peter Hageman, Vintage Automobiles. Rolls-Royce/Bentley 206/954- FERRARI / MASERATI / LIMBO ETC. Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo. Sales, 800/547-4455, 503/255-7560. Service & Parts, 800/944-6483, 503/257-9655. America's oldest & most dedicated Ferrari (and Lotus) dealer. New & used exotic cars. Also, huge parts department with fast, fast service. 203 NE 122nd Ave., Portland, OR 97203. International Motor Car Repair, Inc. 9027, Hopewell Junction, ItalParts. Fax +31 172 240536. Specializing in Italian car parts and pre-war car parts. 25 years experience in finding all kinds of parts. Lots of spare parts in stock. Look on my Internet site: www.italparts.com . If you don't find the part there, send us an e-mail: info@italparts.com. Buy Italian engines/parts/cars of pre-war period and '50s and early '60s. 2690, fax 949/650-2730. 922 Sunset Dr. Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Specializing in sales of Ferrari & other exotics. Consignments, brokerage services, references available. Extensive computer database. Whether buying or selling, call. 9900, fax 416/535-8152. Also Canada's largest Ferrari parts inventory. Under new ownership. Call today with your needs. Jason Popovich, Canada (ON) I constantly collect and sell all Ferraris, Maseratis & Lamborghinis. 310/274-7440, fax 310/274-9809, simonrandy@ aol.com If I don't have what you seek, I can usually find it for you (at low prices). Please, call anytime for straight advice on the market. Finder's fee gladly paid. Randy Simon. (CA) Gentry Lane Lamborghini. 416/535- 3559, fax 916/635-5824. 2347 Gold River Rd., Gold River, CA 95670. Specializing in restoration and reconstruction of exotic and vintage racing motorcars. Appraising service also available. 1800, fax 619/454-1890. 7440 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CA 92307. Largest dealer of exotic Ferraris, Jaguars, Alfas and other cars in the world. Always a superb array of important cars on display. Interesting trades always considered. By appointment only, please. www.symbolicmotors.com GT Motors. 818/546- 454Symbolic Motor Car Company. 619/ - Jaguar Clubs of North America. 888/CLUBJAG, Write: JCNA, Dept. SCM, 9685 McLeod Rd., RR#2, Chilliwack, BC, CANADA V2P 6H4. Join the primary organization of Jaguar enthusi- October, 2001  6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. www.VintageRacingServices.com , vvww.AutomotiveRestorations.com . Jaguar 2812. 741 W. Broadway, Glendale, CA 91204. Sales, service and concours-winning restorations of Ferrari. Always a wide range of quality cars in stock for sale. Friendly, top notch service at reasonable rates. Always in the market to purchase interesting Ferraris in any condition. 2971, fax 818/546 7400, fax 718/706-8135. 27-19, 44th Dr. L.I.C. NY 11101. Expert service on all exotics. Specializing in Lambo service and parts. Buy & sell used cars. Former dealer and distributor. (NY) - Brian D. Moore Restorations. 916/635Route 66 Classic Restoration. 918/851 - MGA 949/646-6978. Always looking for cars to buy, from rare one-offs to serial production ordinaries. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus— call me first or call me last, I'll make you the best cash offer. Buyers—let me use my thousand-plus car data base to help you find a car, or verify the history of one you are looking at. (CA) 6211, fax 949/366-6827. Professional buyer of Ferraris, primarily '50s, '60s, and '70s. Also have extensive Lambo and Maser experience. Additionally deal in Ferrari engines. Plus—have more than 350 Ferrari wheels in stock. Call today for straight talk and honest advice. San Clemente, CA. Automotive Restorations, Inc/Vintage Racing Servies, Inc. (ARINRS), 203/377 366- Michael Sheehan. 949/646-6086, fax 364Thomas Shaughnessey Consulting. 949/ 0449, fax 860/364-0769. P.O. Box 788, Sharon, CT 06069. Over 5,000 members, 50 Regions throughout the world. Dedicated to the care and preservation of the cars that Carroll Shelby produced. Two National Conventions a year, semi-annual magazine, bi-monthly newsletter as well as a registry. • Display Ad Index Alfa Ricambi  - 6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation.www.VintageRacing Services.com, www.AutomotiveResto rations.com . GERM- Sports Leicht Restoration, Inc. Call Alex Dearborn in Topsfield, MA. 978/887-6644, fax 978/887-3889. A vintage Mercedes full service company, specializing in the 190SL. Large database of older MBs for sale. Free fisting for your car. Mercedes-Benz Garry Roberts & Company. 949/650- 2360. MBCA, 1907 Lelaray St., Colorado Springs, CO 80909. World's largest Mercedes-Benz club, 33,000 members, all models, 1886-onward; excellent 120-page color magazine, The Star, with how-to tech articles, history, new models, racing, hundreds of cars for sale, ads free to members, much more. New car raffle, tech assistance, national events, more; dues $35/yr. www.mbca.org CA 95928. Dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of 1954 to 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Coupes and Roadsters. You do not have to be an owner to belong. Member benefits include: twelve monthly magazines per year plus a national convention that rotates its location around the country. Also, reproduction parts and much more. Mercedes- Estep, 530/345637-Benz Club of America. 800/ 1500. 280SLs exclusively. 20 plus 280 SLs in stock for sale in any price range from above average drivers to show quality. Not a broker, we own all our inventory and are aggressively looking to buy top quality 280SLs. Technical and restoration advice always just a phone call away. Locations in New Jersey and Arizona. www.tonylabella. com 6745, fax 203/386-0486, 1785 Barnum Ave., Stratford, CT 06614. Classic, special interest and race cars. Sales, restoration and transportation. w.Vintage RacingServices.com , www.AutomotiveRestorations.com . Porsche Automotive Restorations, Inc.Nintage Racing Set-vies, Inc. (ARUVRS), 203/377 Nastasi Racing Car Corp. 718/706- fax 505/838-1222. Send check or Visa/MC to PML/SC, PO Box 567, Socorro, NM 87801. Find the Porsche you've been looking for. Over 1,000 Porsches for sale in every issue. 1 year, 12 issues only $55. (Can/Mex $65, overseas $100). phil@ pmletter.com ; www.pmletter.com 356 Registry. 356 Registry, 27244 Ryan Road, Warren, MI 48092. A club for those interested in 356 Porsches. The Registry Magazine is published six times a year. 356 ownership not necessary. Dues $25 annually. Membership information: Barbara Slcinnants. Porsche Market Letter. 888/928- fax 717/865-7172. Mechanical and body parts, we ship worldwide. 12 Park Drive, Grantville, PA 17028. E-mail; autopart@ sunlink.net . Porsche 356 used parts, 717 /865- Gull Wing Group International. Gary 6701. 776 Cessna, Chico, Autosport Designs, Inc.  Barrett-Jackson  Birkin America  Blackhawk  Bonhams & Brooks  Brian D. Moore  British Car Magazine  Car Logistics  Centerline  Chequered Flag  Christie's Int.  Classic Cars.Com  Classic Showcase  Cosdel International  Creative Miniatures  DMC  eBay  Exotic Car Transport  Grundy Insurance  20 30 35 63 40, 41 8 18 16 27 21 11 5 47 55 32 58 51 7 39 69 Guild of Automotive Restorers  29 Horseless Carriage  Intercity Lines  ItalParts  Tony LaBella Classic Cars. 856/424- JC Taylor Insurance  J.J. Best Banc & Co.  Jon Norman's Alfa Parts  Journey's Travel  K & K Motors  Kruse International  McCormick Auctions  Malcolm Adams  - Maserati Club International  NADAguides.com  P & J Products  Palm Fibre Coco Mats  Passport Transport  9111, Pennsylvania Motor Sport  Peter Zimmermann  Precious Metals  Premier Financial  Re-Originals  RM Auctions  Sector Watches  Silver Auctions  SL Experience  6661, Tony LaBella Classic Cars  Vintage Racing Series  White Post Restorations  XICs Unlimited  18 43 26 49 62 20 26 39 78-79 53 56 27 24 61 26 37 68 65 66 13 21 2-3, 80 33 59 51 66 57 26 63 71 Shelby American Automobile Club. 860/ AMERI(' Shelby

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.11011.110"1111,1111001110e100,110010101,1110001,V11,111.111"10,1110,11101011 Sports Car Market Classified Order Form STEP 1: CHOOSE YOUR DEAL Advertise your classic car in Sports Car Market magazine for as little as $15 per month. Just follow the five easy steps below. Deadline for entry is the 1st of the previous month (ie., July 1st for the August issue.) O I would like to place a text classified advertisement for $15/mo O I would like to place a 1 3/4" wide full-color Showcase Gallery advertisement for $44/mo O I would like to place a 21/2" wide full-color Super Showcase advertisement for $88/mo ii Please write your 25 word ad clearly in the boxes, exactly as you wish it to read, one word per box. Each word over will be an extra $1. (Use an extra sheet if necessary.) Please place my ad in this section: 0 Alfa Romeo 0 American O English  O Ferrari  0 Etceterini 0 German  0 Race Cars Send me a copy of the issue with my ad. ($6) Type of ad:  0 Cars for sale Cl Parts for sale 0 Car wanted U Parts wanted 0 Automobilia STEP 3: CHOOSE YOUR METHOD OF PAYMENT O I've enclosed a check/PO for $  made payable to Sports Car Market O Please debit my 0 Mastercard CI Visa with $  Card number  Expiration date Signature  STEP 4: FILL IN YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS First name  Address  City  Daytime phone  STEP 5: MAIL, FAX OR PHONE MAIL YOUR AD TO: Sports Car Market classifieds. PO Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292 FAX YOUR AD TO: 503/252-5854 SMALL PRINT: Payment must be submitted with entry. • You must provide your full name, address and phone number. • All photographs will remain the property of SCM and will be reproduced as necessary, unless SASE is enclosed for return. • Advertisements received will be placed in the next issue subject to availability (not necessarily the following publication). • Deadline for entry is the 1st of the previous month (i.e., December 1st for the January issue.) • No responsibility can be accepted by SCM or its printer for any inaccuracy in the advertisement, or for any transaction arising between readers from advertisements published. INTERNET BONUS  NO EXTRA CHARGE!  Double your exposure! You reach the car  collecting world when you place your ad.  All Sports Car Market Magazine classified  and Showcase Gallery ads are posted on  the Internet at sportscarmarket.com . Call  503/261-0555 for information.  FOR DISPLAY  ADVERTISING  For information on increasing your busi-  ness by advertising in Sports Car  Market Magazine, call Brian Grimmer for  availability and rates, at 503/261-7127,  fax 503/252-5854 or e-mail: artdir@  sportscarmarket.com .  SEND US YOUR AD ELECTRONICALLY! Send us your classified, or color showcase gallery car ad via e-mail to artdir@ sportscarmarket.com . Include the above information and please scan your pictures, 5" width at 300 dpi, saved in JPG format for best print quality. Date  Last name  State  e-mail  Zip 

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I I I 1 I I I I I " 11.  SCM MARKET REPORT: RM AUCTIONS MONTEREY Market Report continued from Page 56 #277-1956 FERRARI 410 SPORT Spyder. SN 0596CM. Eng. #0596CM. Red/tan cloth. RHD. The auction catalog cover car, and the high mark of the sale. Lots of scuffs and chips on an older restoration. Oil stains on seats. No shortage of bodywork dings. However, presented as quite an original and complete cat Cond: 4. SOLD AT $3,822,500. The subject of protracted bidding, perhaps 12-13 minutes, between three and later two bidders in the room. Said to be the first time a 410 Sport has been sold at auction. Huge money, but correct in today's marketplace. #262 1958 FERRARI 250 GT TdF Coupe. SN 0911GT. Red/tan leather. Odo: 3,406 miles. - over-the-top restoration with incorrect elements such as two-tone interior and a brass "unpainted" radiator, be sure to spend the extra hour to polish out the gauge bezels and steering wheel. Top dollar paid. #63 - 1963  FERRARI  LUSSO BERLINETTA Coupe. SN 4425. Dark blue/ cream leather. Odo: 4,977 km. Replacement/ restamped motor number 1754/62E. Paint pop on hood is the worst sin evident. A very nice this bike would make "a wonderful garage display statement." Is that auctionspeak for "don't try starting it"? A big price for a little bike. #273 - 1965 ALFA ROMEO GIULIA VELOCE Spider. S/N AR390615. Black/lipstick red. Black cloth top. Odo: 79,839 miles. Some splotchy paint with plenty of cracking. Silver trim was painted with a brush. 1600 Veloce badging, California black plates. Miles original, new brakes, top, windshield, seats/interior, 1958 Mille Miglia, San Bernardo and Monza Coppa Europa first overall. Some clear tape on trunk lid. Ding on rear bumper underneath taped area. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $1,265,000. 0911GT has a full and very complete history. From an era when "Race on Sunday, sell on Monday" was something done in the same car Impressive price, but worth the investment. Sold by an SCM subscriber #82 - 1960 ALFA ROMEO 750 GIULIKITA Spider. Body by Pininfarina. SN 131544521. Red/black vinyl with red piping. Black vinyl top. Odo: 32,028 miles. An older restoration holding up well. Carpet dye weak. Very stock, good chrome, decent paint. By serial number, this car is most likely a 1957 model, but titled as a 1960. Still has funky fuel pump on front of engine. . SOLD AT $151,250. Lots of money for a "story" car (one with a restamped block), but a very handsome example. Sold right in the middle of the ambitious auction estimate. There seems to be play left in Lusso prices, so maybe the buyer is just ahead of the market. #274 restoration throughout. Well presented. Cond: 2 - - clutch, Anza exhaust. Many tacky decals and badges. Cond: 3 - . SOLD AT $23,100. One of 1,091 built. Most of this car 's external sins can be addressed with a paint job, and by removing all the "boy-racer big-ego" embellishments al fixed by the previous owner #289 1963 MASERATI 3500 GTi SWB Spider. Body by Vignale. SN 1011371. Silver/ black leather. Black cloth top. Odo: 97,232 km. Power windows, lumpy silver paint, nice interior, clean top. Some chrome could use attention, but most is good. Numbers matching, fuel injected. Includes original, unused tool kit and jack. 5-speed. Cond: 3+. NOT SOLD AT $55,000. One of 47 SWB Vignale Spiders built. High bid was very close to current market for 1965 FERRARI 275 GTS Spyder. S/N 0779. Eng. #0779. Fly Yellow/black leather. Black cloth top. Odo: 85,238 miles. Blaupunkt AM/FM radio, tarnished Nardi steering wheel, - poor trunk and hood fit, red overspray showing by passenger seat in interior compartment. Claimed $55,000 in recent restoration. Purchased by an SCM subscriber. Cond: 3 - . SOLD AT Solex-equipped Normale. Gond: 3 . NOT SOLD - AT $13,500. 750 series Alfas have a visual charm that the later long-wheelbase, vent-window cars can't come close to. However, they also have balky gearboxes and a fragile valvetrain setup. This wasn't a great car and the bid was plenty. #232 1962 ALFA ROMEO 2000 Spider. Body by Touring. S/N AR1020402879. Red/ red and black vinyl. Odo: 51,845 miles. Good attention to detail and decent quality of finish work, with some small flaws to chrome and paint. A few incorrect details. But overall, a nice example of a rarely restored car. Cond: 2 - - AT $26,400. Note to seller: When presenting an October, 2001  these cars. They should be worth more. This is one we all might regret not buying and driving for a few years. #31 - With Fairing. S/N DM4E-07414. Eng. #308624. Red/black vinyl. One-cylinder. Excellent chrome, very good paint (possibly powder coated) with good quality argent trim. Like new Dunlop racing KR73 tires. Decals are partially worn off through usage. Owner says the bike was restored in 1993. Cond: 2 - . SOLD 1964 MOTO DUCATI 50CC RACER $137,500. Call it detailing, call it "shaping," call it what you will, this car needs it in spades. I can only assume that the majority of restoration dollars were spent on the motor, as the cosmetics still need sorting. $5k well spent will return $20k later #305 - 1966 FERRARI 275 GTB/C ALLOY Coupe. SN 07933. Eng. #07933. Silver/black and red vinyl and cloth. Odo: 17,418 miles. . SOLD AT $3,740. Converted from a Sport 50 road bike using afiermarket equipment. The catalog states All-alloy body, six Weber carbs. Hang-on air conditioning. Original US (Chinetti) delivery car. 73

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SCM MARKET REPORT: RM AUCTIONS MONTEREY Never restored, just repainted, carpet replaced and new dash cover added. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $204,955. An absolute stone-cold steal for the long-term investor: Proven provenance, rare alloy body on a popular and desirable chassis, very low original miles and air conditioning by Mickey Mouse. What could be better? #100 - 1967 LAMBORGHINI 400 GT 2+2 Coupe. S/N N/A. Red/black leather. Odo: 12,501 km. Resale Red paint. Crusty, hard leather. if no mechanical sins are lurking. 246 GTSs top out just under $100k for no-stories examples, so an excuse or two is a forgivable sin at this price. #295 - 1973 FERRARI 365 GTS/4 Exterior mirror painted black. Some Bondo on passenger side. Wire wheels freshly restored. Cond: 4. NOT SOLD AT $34,000. One of 247 400 GT 2+2s built, which was a lot of cars for Lamborghini in the '60s. Auction estimates of $60,000 be damned, the bid price was a lot closer to the actual value than the catalog hype was. #104 1967 FIAT 500 Station Wagon. SN 215185. Light blue/red and white vinyl. Black vinyl top. Odo: 98,639 miles. Sunroof, loaded - some paint chips under hood, weird chewing marks on steering wheel. 4.7-liter motor, not 4.9, as reported in the catalog. Factory hard top, power steering, brakes and windows, original tool kit and manuals. Cond: 2 - . NOT SOLD AT $70,000. One of a total of 125 Ghibli Spiders built. The pre-sale estimate ($90k-$110k) would have been on the money for a 4.9-liter SS, but is quite optimistic for an earlier model. #68 - with Abarth goodies, good paint, weak chrome. New tires, like-new interior vinyl. Good glass, poor door fit. Cond: 3. SOLD AT $12,650. Offered without reserve. Lots and lots of money fora tremendously underpowered Fiat, but still lots of La Dolce Vita for the lira. Tow it behind the Expedition for use as a dinghy. #244 1967 FERRARI 330 GTC Coupe. S/N 9537. Brown/tan leather. Odo: 69,867 km. - from a mouse, okay?) Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $55,000. 11 is totally inconceivable how someone could spend $187k on this restoration—or was that the restorer 's family I saw staying at the Four Seasons, and having room service bring Dom Perignon? Sale price was spot on. #248 In need of a little bit of everything. Weak paint in less than appealing color. Split seat. Unhappy leather. Mediocre chrome. Sony AM/ FM cassette. Decent panel gaps. Cond: 4+. SOLD AT $72,600. A quick scan of the marketplace shows that this was a deal that could be duplicated in a number of towns and with a 74  1973 FERRARI 246 GTS Spyder. S/N 06236. Red/tan and black. Black vinyl top. Odo: 63,478 km. Daytona seats, Blaupunkt AM/FM cassette. Lots of wear to mouse-fur dash, interior shows signs of wear but still serviceable. Very good paint, excellent chrome. Door handle springs weak. Cond: 3-. SOLD AT $64,900. A well-bought example - Sports Car Market a long time before Mounger and the gang invite Daytona Spyders to the Preservation Class. #308 1991 FERRARI F40 Coupe. S/N ZFFMN34A0M00852. Red/red leather. Odo: 600 miles. Offered for sale by John Copanos, the original owner. US delivery car. - Headlights set (manually?) in the upright position when on display, down for the sale. Weak chrome, cheesy NAPA gas cap. Defines the term "just a car." Cond: 4. SOLD AT $25,300. Another car from the collection of Icjell Qvale. Miles said to be correct and original. This car would have benefited from a complete clean-up and detail. And a new $20 gas cap. Fair price. #307 1970 MASERATI GMBLI Spider. S/N AM115S1081. Fly Yellow/tan leather. Tan cloth top. Odo: 70,666 miles. Recent restoration, - . NOT SOLD AT $375,000. This car is just not rare enough to get away with a shabby presentation. With 124 built, for the amount bid, you could find a sparkling restoration. It will be DAYTONA Spyder. S/N 170507. Light blue/ tan and black leather. Black cloth top. Odo: 3,312 miles. Original Spyder, not a cut coupe. Miles said to be original. Dirty interior, US-style popup headlights. Very original, not restored. Cond: 3 - number of cars. It takes a very nice GTC to exceed $100k. Fair sale for buyer and seller. #92 - Coupe. S/N 400GT226057. Black/black leather. Odo: 38,509 km. Older restoration lacking soul. 1969 LAMBORGHINI ISLERO • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1972 FERRARI 365 GTC/4 Coupe. SN 15211. Red/black leather. Odo: 5,237 km. Incorrect vinyl (instead of factory-supplied mouse fur) on dash, horrible paint on wheels, supposed $187,000 restoration. AM/FM cassette, Momo steering wheel. (Note to PETA: It's not really fur Rear deck lid appears repainted, but otherwise an original and largely untouched example. Original miles. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $344,300. Lots of money for a ten-year-old used car, even i fit is an almost-new Ferrari supercar F40s have been popular in the past couple of years, and zeromiles cars like this have zoomed in value. Price was market correct. AMERICAN CARS #230 1947 TEARDROP TRAILER RE- PRODUCTION, S/N 00002. Dark wood with light wood trim. New reproduction of older

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SCM MARKET REPORT: RIIII AUCTIONS MONTEREY "Teardrop" style tag-along trailer. Complete bar set-up fitted to the rear. Travel in style. Cond: 1. SOLD AT $16,500. A sure-fire way to save money next year Park this baby in the parking lot of the Carmel hotel that charges $450 a night for a room about the same size as this trailer In just 37 days, your trailer is free! #256 - 1954 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Coupe. Body by Ghia Aigle. SN E545001428. White/black leather. Odo: 3,725 km. Ferrari 250/330-style dash and gauges. Nardi wood steering wheel. Ugly wide whites. Lumpy paint with lots of bubbles. In need of full restoration, yet still running and driving. Automatic, 6-cylinder. Cond: 4-. NOT SOLD AT $55,000. Swiss (Ghia-Aigle) bodied in 1957. Interesting bodywork and styling. Lots of Corvette 50th anniversary hype being tossed around, but at built. 24 miles driven since 1991. Wood steering wheel, air conditioned, Shelby racing mirror. Headlight surrounds appear to have been repainted. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $181,500. If Shelby Mustangs wind your watch, this is the one that will bust its mainspring. Practical? Name another $200k car for which you can buy many replacement parts from 50 sources using your Visa and a toll-free number Market-correct price. #268 - 1966 SHELBY COBRA 427 SC Convertible. S/N CSX3040. Red/black leather. Black cloth top. Odo: 25,012 miles. Some age well. Aluminum heads, manifold and valve covers. Cond: 2. SOLD AT $55,000. A lot of money fora Mustang, but not a bad buy. Needs a bit of detail work to win some shows, but with low original miles and the right options, this car would be tough to duplicate. #310 - 1969 SHELBY GT500 DRAG PACK Convertible. S/N 9F03R482667. Dark green/ black vinyl. Black vinyl top. Odo: 21,474 miles. Shelby Drag Pack convertible equipped the end of the day, no tugs on the seller 's line for this handsome, but oh-so-slow, 'Vette. #271 - 1957 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Convertible. S/N E57S106324. Turquoise with white coves/cream vinyl. White vinyl top. Odo: 1,032 miles. Dual carbs, Firestone wide whites, high quality restoration. Includes owner's manual. Excellent paint, glass and chrome. Two tops. Cond: 2+. SOLD AT $86,900. Plenty to cheer the early Corvette crowd with this price. A very nice restoration. Money was over the top, but for a great car #69 - Racing Special. S/N ORE102491F. Yellow. Odo: 17,123 miles. Roll bar, side exhaust, great racing history. Appeared in (and was damaged 1959 BUICK OL' YALLER HI Sports in making) "Viva Las Vegas." New fiberglass rear end, alloy front. Cond: 3. NOT SOLD AT $75,000. This ol' dog wouldn't hunt at this auction. Car didn't even get half way to low estimate of $190k The value in this car is its history, not its pieces. Price? The seller gets to pick the number you get to agree or pass. #304 1966 SHELBY GT350 Convertible. S/N SFM65S2377. Red/black vinyl. White vinyl top. Odo: 25 miles. This is the red one of a total of six 1966 Shelby GT350 convertibles - October, 2001  Odo: 98,528 miles. Competition suspension, front discs with rear drum brakes. Matching numbers. Full restoration with less than a thousand miles driven since. Plenty of small detail flaws, but a handsome fastback nonetheless. Automatic. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $41,250. 1967 Shelbys had the inset front lights mounted in one of two positions, as some state laws prevented them from being mounted together in the center Another 25 hours of detailing will really pay off here. #74 - 1969 FORD BOSS 429 MUSTANG Fastback. S/N 9F02Z173009. White/black vinyl. Odo: 32,062 miles. Ford Wimbledon White looks better on some appliances than on this Mustang, as it adds little to the excitement found in the engine bay. A largely original car that shows have been partially remedied. All the toys, as expected. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $99,000. Sold for $26,000 under the low estimate, lower than the current price guide value at retail. With unsold examples sitting on dealer lots, the buyer is in charge of pricing here. These cars do better at Auburn and Scottsdale.• DON'T MISS A MOMENT! Get the Complete Insider's Guide. Call our 24-hour subscription hotline 1-800-2892819 and get started today! 75 wear and weathering but good paint, chrome and leather. Cond: 3+. SOLD AT $451,000. The SC (Semi-Competition) cars are few and far between, and most are well known. Multiple California owners, sold to England and Australia, back to California. Where next? Market-correct price. #315 1967 SHELBY GT500 Fastback. S/N 67412F5A00564. Dark green/black vinyl. - with a rare list of options, including extra heavy duty suspension, tilt steering wheel, 8-track stereo, tinted glass and 4-speed manual transmission. Scored 445 out of 450 at 1999 Shelby Concours. Cond: 1-. SOLD AT $103,400. The 1969-70 cars were at one time dismissed by Shelby enthusiasts as not being "real" Shelbys. The $100k sale price on this unit will make some 1966 GT350 owners sit up and take notice. Lots of money, but lots of car #258 1999 SHELBY SERIES I Roadster. S/N 5CXSA1816XL0000. Silver/black leather. Black cloth top. Odo: 210 miles. A.k.a. CSX 5050. Usual fit and finish problems seem to -

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eWatch ar he Dog Days of August should have slowed Internet activity to a crawl. Between baseball pennant chases, vacations, car tours, historic races and a whole host of other car-related activities, en- thusiasts should have been getting tanned by the sun rather than basking in the blue-gray glow from their monitors. But this was not the case. There were tons—well, okay, lots—of good stuff available and a good portion of it changed hands. A couple of items on eBay appealed to hot rodders. One sold, a NOS Ford Lucas dualpoint distributor that brought $262. The other, a 1932 Auburn dash that fits nicely in a '32 high-boy, had ten bids, but $400 could not get the job done. There were plenty of high-end automotive porcelain neon signs, most being offered by a well-known Massachusetts dealer. A few of the signs he offered on eBay included a large Packard 14-foot tall dealer sign, a desirable Pontiac Sales and Service and a Ford Tractor Sales; however, they did not quite get over the top. A large Skylark Aviation Gasoline porcelain neon flew to $5,101 with eight bids—high enough, but didn't sell. An attractive, small Richfield tin plaque with a race car that I came across too late to bid on sold for $481; I would have paid more as it has been on my want list for some time. EBay Motors is becoming the source for Porsches of all descriptions. At the high end, a 2001 996 GT2, with only a few hundred miles, garnered a single bid of $150,000 that did not meet the seller's requirements. A 4,000-mile 2001 911 Carrera did fmd a new driver at $129,900 after 13 bids. A good-looking (at least at 72 dpi) 1957 356 Speedster didn't sell at $38,100, but our next Speedster, described below, was much newer and sold for a whole lot less. eBayMotors #594187924—PORSCHE 356 SPEEDSTER PROFESSIONALYBUILT REPLICA. First bid: $1,957. Number of bids: 54. SOLD AT: $22,500. Date sold: 8/17/2001. This fakeydoo Speedster is complete with full leather interior and a 1600-cc VW engine. A four-speed transmission and disc brakes enhance the performance. If you don't r by Carl Bomstead like the color, the sellers state that they have others in stock. From 100 yards away, the Porsche gang would probably issue you a membership card. But come any closer, and they'll be chasing you off to the land of Bradley GTs and Intermeccanica Specials. eBay #11800415430 — KELLY TIRE AD- VERTISING CANE. First bid: $25.00. Number of bids: 6. SOLD AT: $104.49. Date sold: 8/24/2001. Early Kelly-Springfield Tire Company advertising is best known for the use of Miss Lotta Miles. She was associated with Kelly Tires for more than 20 years, and 19 different aspiring actresses were used as the model. As a result of this unusual icon, Kelly advertising is very desirable today. This 35-inch cane, which was reproduced by Bill Harrah in the '70s, is imprinted with "KELLYSPRINGFIELD TIRE CO" and is covered in rubber material. The handle, adorned with tire tread, is a great addition to any collector of Kelly memorabilia. Price-wise, this fell through the cracks as it could have easily brought more than twice the money. The Kelly collectors must have all been in Monterey, staying in a budget hotel without a DSL connection. eBay #1176441631—GILMORE OIL COMPANY DUST CLOTH POUCH. First bid: $5.99. Number of bids: 17. SOLD AT: $720. Date sold: 8/15/2001. Items from the Gilmore Oil Company, which operated only on the West Coast, are arguably the most collectible of all eBay # 1181473789 - 1953 MG TD - SALES BROCHURE. First bid: $5. Number of bids: 11. SOLD AT: $72.99. Date sold: 8/27/2001. "The one you've always wanted to drive" claimed the sales brochures, and in 1953 you could own a TD for only $2,157. The United States took the vast majority (80%) of the TD's production and in 1953 slightly more than 6,600 were sold here. A foldout brochure with a full schematic, test data and specifications for $73 seems like a good value; however, a second identical piece was offered and sold for a dollar less, so this must be the market price. Maybe TD owners are just cheap. eBay# 1181800927—UNITED MOTORS DOUBLE-SIDED NEON PORCELAIN SIGN. First bid: $25. Number of bids: 19. SOLD AT: $4,500. Date sold: 8/28/2001. United Motors became absorbed by General Motors and for a period of time was known as Delco United Motors before its distinctive logo was lost to history. They made several sizes of this sign, with the smallest version designed to hang in a window. This very desirable 36-inch version was in excellent condition and is complete with the original hanging brackets. A year ago this would have been all the money in the world, but prices of original, quality neon porcelain signs keep going up. gas and oil items. In the 1930s Gilmore-sponsored cars, planes, boats and motorcycles broke more than 500 speed records and the Gilmore Stadium—now the site of CBS Television City—was a major center of auto racing. If $700 seems like a bunch for a dust rag pouch, consider that a photograph of a 1930s Los Angeles Gilmore service station sold for $260 and a trade card from the same station sold for only $257. eBay #1178919847—TWO EARLY PIONEER AND HARVEL PORCELAIN SPARK PLUGS WITH INDIAN CHIEF LOGO. First bid: $1.99. Number of bids: 9. SOLD AT: $53.50. Date sold: 8/21/2001. For not much money, you can put together an interesting collection of vintage spark plugs. They were made in all shapes and sizes. While the very rare have been known to sell for more than $500, most are well under $10 each. The most desirable either have some unusual (weird) technical features of questionable merit or interesting graphics. Images of Indians are always collectible, but what an Indian Chief has to do with a spark plug is anyone's guess. •

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SCM Super Showcase MASERATI 5000 GT _ .•■••1•1. www.classic car .com 1975 Land Rover SIII. 88", lightweight, black/black. RHD. Ex-MOD, 79k  1957 BMW 507 Roadster, White with light tan leather. Rudge wheels, hard miles, 3.25-liter Perkins diesel. New canvas top. Very strong, very straight. 7-  seater, tow package. 08,850. Atlanta. (770) 751-6735. (GA) (Oct)  top. Correct numbers. Also, extra hard top available. Charles S. Crud Automobiles. (805)-568-1934 or fax (805)-568-1533. (CA) (Oct) .... ntrara,24,1: Virat, 4:n:ft -•• •  ..1: • ',Mfr.. 1994 BMW 325is. One owner, excellent condition. All tools and records. 106,000 California freeway miles. Sports package, 5-speed, leather, CD changer 014,500. (503) 292-6577 (OR) (Oct) Jaguar, A Biography, by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. First American edition, 1961. 0100080. Bill, (503) 232-0842. (OR) (Oct) Cars sell in the Sports Car Market Showcase Gallery. Have a full-color photo of your car and a 25-word description in SW for as little as 044/mo. Also, receive an Internet bonus: all Showcase Gallery ads are placed on SCM On-Line at no extra charge! See the Classified Order Form on page 72 for information about placing your ad. 1989 Porsche 962C-143. Factory tub, 3.0 Litre, twin turbo, water/water,  Motronic 1.7 ECU. Recent restoration on latest, fastest 962C. LeMans history, low  hours, ready to race. Spares. 0295,000. Also new Motronic 1.7 available. (925)  258-0175 or (408) 858-7606. pstoneberg@usa.net . (CA) (Oct)  1984, hike Corvair, completely rebuilt, 140+ hp w/ 4 Weber (orbs., new  AT, brakes, tires, AWFM, CB, runs and looks great, tri-flake paint, lots of chrome,  multiple trophy winner, health forces sole, $18,000 OBO, rjb786@webtv.net  (541)-957-9461 (OR) (Oct) 1967 Matra Diet 6 mid-engined fastback, 6,000 miles, 1255cc Gordini motor. Very original, everthing works. All papers, receipts. Special history. Think French Lotus. 013,200. (248)-723-9592 eves. (WI) (Oct) 2001 Bentley Cant T. Black/block, 600 miles. Luxury tax paid, CA license paid.  A new car. Original list with taxes over 0400,000. Will sell for much less. Over 10  preowned late model Bentleys available at wholesale prices. (818) 481-2200 (CA)  (Oct) 1987 Porsche 911 930 Turbo. Gray/green, inside interior same. All  options. 17,000 miles, perfect condition. New tires, slider, air conditioning, full  leather. (651) 426-0607 (MN) (Oct)  1960 Mercedes-Benz 30 OSL Roadster. Fully restored, dark blue with tan leather. Two tops. Charles S. Crail Automobiles. (805) 568-1934 or fax (805) 568-1533. (CA) (Oct) SCM Readers: Memorialize your acquisition. Send us stories about your car purchases and experiences for "Our Cars." Please include the purchase price and date, mileage you have driven, and work you have completed on the car since you bought it. This is your chance to tell others what you and your car have been through: the buying, driving, repairing and owning experiences. (We expect a minimal adherence to the facts.) Keep the total to 300 words or less, and please include a photo of your pride and joy. Send to "Our Cars," SCM, P.O. Box 16130, Portland, OR 97292. Or e-mail the information to copyed@sportscarmarketcom.

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Kruse - Leake DALLAS 2001 November 16, 17 & 18 • Dallas Market Hall 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser Convertible, Indy Pace Car. 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500. 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible. 500 Collector Cars At Auction To Consign or Rid Contact: KRUSE INTERNATIONAL • P.O. Box 190 • Auburn, IN 46706 • (800) 968-4444 • kruseinternational.com LEAKE AUCTION CO. • P.O. Box 521060 • Tulsa, OK 74152 • (800) 722-9942 • leakecarauction.com 800.968.4444 • www.kruseinternational.com Early Western Hospitali at its Best 800 Cars Expected Collector Car Auction & Show JANUARY 11,12,13, 2002 esert lassic - DRIVING EXCITEMENT,. PONTIAC World-Class Auction Excitement Home of the Records Sell with the World Leader Notice: New Dates and Location 219.925.5600 Toll-free 800.968 Fax 219.925.5 Held at

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Pursue Your Passion. C.") 2001 eBay Inc. Designated tradeinzli did  re'c, live owners. All  are the property of their to availability. day Motors Pacific Classic Collector Car Auction & Show October 27 & 28, 2001 • Santa Clara, California Produced by At eBay Motors, we know what its like to love a car. And with over a million visitors a month, were the best place on Earth to buy and sell them. Join us at the inaugural eBay Motors Pacific Classic and experience the passion and excitement of a live collector car auction. Call 800.968.4444 or log onto www.kruseinternational.com for details. Consign your car today to this elite collector car auction. www.ebaymotors.com b Motors,.

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THE 1939 MERCEDES-BENZ W154/M163 GRAND PRIX CAR CHASSIS NO. 15 OFFERED BY PRIVATE TREATY DAVID GOODING 866.76 ;8284 david@rmauctions.comELLIOT GROSSMAN 619.857.7749 elliot@rmauctions.c 9300 WILSHIRE BOULEVARD, SUITE 550, BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90212