SAN RAFAEL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 9, 2006–The National
Guard Great Race 2006 finished yesterday in San Rafael, California
after a time endurance rally-race crossing fourteen states during the
past two weeks. At a stake in this world-class competition, the
13-year old navigator Sawyer Stone and his grandfather and driver Dave
Reeder won the top cash prize of $100,000, converting Stone in the
youngest Grand Champion in Great Race history. The pair finished with
the top score of 2:05.40 in their 1916 Hudson.
Last Wednesday, Reeder and Stone drove through a herd of cattle
standing in the road. Sawyer never lost his cool when they bumped into
a calf weighing more than 250 lbs. “He kept his eye on the speedometer
and told me to just keep going,” said Stone’s grandfather.
“All I can say is wow! The course was long, but we made it, and
our hard work paid off,” said Stone. “We had a great time together and
we are looking forward to competing in the 2008 around-the-world
The National Guard Great Race 2006 is a modern-day version of the
around-the-world race that took place almost one hundred years ago.
The Great Race will celebrate the Centennial of the 22,000 mile
“Greatest Automobile Race” of 1908 by going global in 2008. Great Race
World 35,000 km, New York to Paris 2008 will feature teams driving
alternative fuel powered vehicles and classic cars in one race. All
will be competing for a purse of $1.5 million while living the
adventure of their lives. Like the pioneers in the 1908 race, these
adventurers will be the first to navigate these new technologies,
helping to promote renewable energy usage worldwide.
Worldwide, fans along the Great Race World 35,000 km route will be
treated to a sight unlike any in motor sports as drivers and
navigators driving the latest “green” technology and piloting classic
cars, will compete on the roads of the world over 82 days. “Much like
the “Greatest Auto Race” proved the combustion engine a practical
solution for motor travel, the Great Race World 35,000 km, will test
and prove automotive propulsion technologies that will transport the
world’s citizens in the 21st century,” said Bill Ewing.
Great Race World 35,000 km will start in New York, U.S.A. on
February 12, 2008. Private teams, manufacturers, and educational
institutions are all welcome to apply to compete. The deadline to
submit applications to enter is December 31, 2006. Information
regarding entry fees and eligibility can be found at


For 23 years, the Great Race has delivered family entertainment
and community events in more than 900 cities in North America. Rally
Partners, Inc., the event organizers, is focused on bringing
experiential automotive events to consumers both nationally and
internationally through Great Race events. Jack Roush, one of NASCAR’s
leading team owners and Corky Coker, CEO of Coker Tire are two members
of the Rally Partners organization. For more information, visit

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