Denise McCluggage died on May 6.

From the very beginnings of The Alfa Romeo Market Letter, she was friendly and supportive of my publishing endeavors. When I was reviewing cars for the New York Times, our paths crossed many times at events. I remember thinking, “This woman raced Porsches and Ferraris, and now she’s writing about Kias.” It didn’t make sense to me.

As I got to know her better, I came to understand that she loved all aspects of the motoring community, from F1 racing to vintage contests to concours to reviewing modern cars. It’s almost inconceivable to think of a Pebble Beach without running into Denise. Or a Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. Or an Amelia Island.

I can only say thank you to her for living a life that was full and rich from the very start to the very end. And sharing her enthusiasm with so many different generations of automotive enthusiasts.

Read her Autoweek obituary here.

— Keith Martin


Image credit: Autoweek

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