Geoff Hacker and Rick D’louhy of Tampa and Ormond Beach Florida are currently in the throughs of a book on Fiberglass cars of the 1950’s tentatively titled “Forgotten Fiberglass – American Sports Car Specials with Drop on Bodies”. Some of the cars they will be including are the Brooks Boxer, Glasspar, Ascot, Woodill Wildfire, Irwin Lancer, Scorpion, Wasp, Edwards, Grantham Stardust, Venus, Meteor, Kurtis, Maverick Sportster, Victress, BMC Singer, Vale, Allied, Atlas, Multiplex, Bosley, Lasaetta, Chicagoan, Lightning, Rockefeller Yankee, Triplex, Hollywood Plastics, Snohomish Plastics, Almquist, Alken, Sorrell, Bangert, McCormack, Ladawri, Kellison, Byers, BoCar, Devin, LeMans Coupe, and many more. What a list!!!

If you can help and have literature, ads, cars, ownership experience, first hand experience, or know others that can help provide the detail here, please contact Geoff Hacker at 813-888-8882 or Rick D’louhy at 386-672-1861. Also, you can e-mail either of them at [email protected] or [email protected].

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