Tom Mittler racing an OSCA MT-4 at the Monaco Grand Prix Historique
Noted Ferrari collector and vintage car racer Tom Mittler passed away on Sunday, June 13, 2010.
Mittler had a massive stroke at his lake home in Three Rivers, MI on June 10. The cause of death was apparently the stroke, according to SCM sources.
Mittler was also a resident of South Bend, ID.
Mittler was about 67 years old. Last time he was seen was at the Monaco Grand Prix Historique, where he raced an OSCA MT-4.
He was a true enthusiast and will definitely be missed.

Mittler owned many significant Ferraris over the past 30 years, including:

0339AL – 375 America
0354MM – 250MM
0474MD – 500 Mondial
0929GT – 250LWB California
1501GT – 250LWB California
2631SA – 400 Superamerica
2893SA – 400 Superamerica
4051GT – 250GT SWB
8137 – 275GTB/6C
9993 – 275GTB/4
09082 – 308GT4
20789 – 400 5-Speed
23711 – 512BB
99223 – 348 Spider

Tom had the collector mentality. He had a 40 boat collection, including the Baby Bootlegger. One of the boats had a Maserati 450 S marine engine. He also collected scrimshaw and Native American art.

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