The inaugural Portland to Brighton run is the world’s first and only event that celebrates the fine but underappreciated motorcars of the 1980’s. You needn’t have a 1902 Curved Dash Oldsmobile or Mille Miglia bred Alfa to participate in this historic event. In fact, the only qualification is your ability to recognize a car from the 1980’s. All fine motorcars from Abarth to Zil are welcome on this tour, however those cars built as 1980’s vehicles will get special recognition and placement.

The plan is to meet at 10 am on Saturday morning, May 12, 2012, in the large parking lot across from MacTarnahan’s Brewing in Northwest Portland (2730 NW 31st Ave). At 10:30 we will head westwards towards Tillamook and then on to Brighton beach for a gathering and photo shoot. We will then have lunch before visiting the Tillamook Air Museum, followed by our journey home.

Please visit Club Lotus Northwest for the latest information about this tour. You are also encouraged to send an email to [email protected] so that we may know how many cars to expect and so that we can provide you with the latest information directly.

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