Auburn, WA – January 25, 2010 La Dolce Vita Automobili announced today that there are no future plans to host a second event at Black Horse Golf Course in 2010. Event Co-Chair Kerry McMullen shared, “We are so grateful for the support Alfa’s ARA & Delta Sierra, Lancia Club, Maserati Club International, The Maserati Club and all other car clubs and car owners gave us in 2009. Additionally we would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to Cats Exotics, and Driven Exotics as our Founding Sponsors responsible for the great Lamborghini showing. We had an excellent venue at Black Horse with sprawling fairways and beautiful trees. Those who participated in the event had a wonderful time. We couldn’t have delivered an event of this nature without the support of the car owners, sponsors and vendors, spectators, volunteers and Media and we thank everyone who helped the event become a reality.”

McMullen, who is also President of Maserati Club International explains, “We started LDV to give the Italian car community a place to display their cars on grass after Concorso Italiano was relocated to an airport. We also sought out a home for our club’s Maserati Days celebration that had greater ambiance and atmosphere than tarmac and we found that in Black Horse Golf Course. By hosting the La Dolce Vita Automobili event last year, the participating car owners, sponsors and vendors made a powerful statement to the Concours car community that location and ambiance are both key to attracting classic and exotic car owners to this type of event.”

He went on to say, “While we are flattered that many of our sponsors and participants hoped for a second event and would be willing to support us, there is no longer a compelling need to hold LDV now that Concorso Italiano has re-established itself on the greens of a golf course, placing the focus back on the cars where it belongs. Maserati Club International and The Maserati Club look forward to jointly promoting our time in Monterey this year and to once again make Concorso Italiano part of those plans.”

La Dolce Vita Automobili at Black Horse:

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About Maserati Club International

Established in 1976, Maserati Club International (MCI) is one of the world’s largest Maserati Clubs with Maserati owners and enthusiasts from 39 countries in its ranks. MCI is a service-oriented club, professionally staffed and equipped with the resources to meet just about any Maserati-related need. The club has published close to 100 issues of Viale Ciro Menotti including several beautiful coffee table annuals. The high-gloss magazine is filled with timeless, informative and interesting information relating to Maserati cars and the Maserati lifestyle. Topics include step-by-step Maserati technical information, news coverage, art, entertainment and more.

For years, Maserati Club International and The Maserati Club, two separate organizations, have worked to keep the Maserati Community informed, entertained and together to preserve the colorful history that is “Maserati”. MCI holds a Maserati Days gathering each August during the famed Monterey Car Week that attracts tens of thousands of car enthusiasts to the area from around the world. Participants enjoy a series of dinners, drives and parties at various locations on the Monterey Peninsula.

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