Jan. 23, 2007 – Put on your driving gloves, stock up on your favorite energy drink, pack your GPS and your sleeping bag, and don’t forget your cowboy hat! The inaugural Lone Star 3000 Endurance Rally to benefit the Fisher House Foundation is revving up to take Texas by storm.

Designed to attract driving enthusiasts with a solid spirit of adventure and a competitive nature, the LS3K is not for the faint of heart. Teams will drive non-stop to cover a distance of roughly 3000 miles around the state of Texas, in less than 48 hours, but at legal speeds!

Teams will leave from the Texas Motor Speedway in Ft. Worth, Texas, May 10, and finish by midday the following Saturday, May 12, at the same location. Competitors will proceed at posted speed limits, but with a minimum of stops, to locate several checkpoints around the perimeter of Texas.

The teams that successfully complete the route within a predetermined timeframe qualify for a reverse raffle and a chance to win a share of a $105,000 purse. First prize is $50,000 with additional prizes of $25,000, $15,000, $10,000 and $5,000. The last five team numbers drawn in the raffle will win the cash prizes, and additional prizes will be awarded for Team Spirit, Sportsmanship, Classiest Entry and Funkiest Entry.

A portion of the entry fee and other auction proceeds will go to aid families of wounded US veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who find comfort and care at one of several Fisher House temporary residences while their loved ones undergo rehabilitation. Fisher House is a national non-profit organization that provides support for families of rehabilitating veterans of all services.

The LS3K has been created by highly experienced driving professionals for people who have the time and the means to challenge their driving skills, strategic thinking, and personal endurance, and who want to do it all for a very worthwhile cause. Their reward will be the satisfaction of competing, helping the families of wounded service members, and possibly, a substantial cash prize.

All entrants will participate in the post-event “concours de elegance” (and resulting publicity), and a very exciting victory party with Texas-style barbeque, music and the drawing for the purse and other prizes. Participants also receive clothing, and memorabilia unique to Lone Star 3000 competitors.

Teams will pay $5,000 to enter the rally. Individual sponsorships are encouraged. Each team vehicle must have a minimum of two drivers, both of whom must occupy the vehicle for the entire event. Teams of three are encouraged, enabling one person to sleep while the other two drive and navigate during the difficult 3,000-mile competition.

“Safety is paramount during the Lone Star 3000,” said Bill Baker, event director, “It is absolutely critical that drivers remain rested and alert. This can be achieved by rotating the duties of driving, navigating, and sleeping throughout the event.”

Competitors will be given the latitude and longitude of specific checkpoints at the start of the event and will choose their driving direction around the Lone Star State. Most checkpoints are ATMs, where competitors will complete a transaction and attach the receipt to a route book for proof of their visit. Other checkpoints will be located at motels and landmarks, where a checkpoint monitor will assist them as they perform their checkpoint routines. Photographs of the team by their vehicles will help to verify that the proper team and vehicle has checked in.

Organizers have calculated an average speed for the event, which is based upon a web-based map service. Driving over the legal speed limit is not required to finish within the allotted timeframe; however, driving 24 hours per day is required.

Competitors may drive any licensed and insured vehicle of their choosing. There are no restrictions and no mechanical inspections by the event organizers. The maintenance of each vehicle and full compliance with any state laws is the sole responsibility of the individual teams.

For more information, or to register your team for the Lone Star 3000 Endurance Rally, visit www.lonestar3000.com.

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