MAC Events, lead member of the ATI (Temporary Association of Companies which includes Meet Communicazione and Sanremorally) announces that, despite the earlier decision of the Court of Brescia and the November 21st decision of the Council of State, the ATI will continue to pursue,
through the courts, its claim as winner of the tender to organize the Mille Miglia for the next five years.

However, because of the terms of the decision of the Council of State, this action does not interfere with the ongoing organization of the 2007 Mille Miglia retrospective by the current organizers.

The ATI had asked both Courts to suspend the decision of the Automobile Club of Brescia to reverse the original tender award to the ATI, in order to properly examine the grounds offered by the AC Brescia for that reversal – which the ATI disputes. The AC Brescia reversed the tender award on the grounds that it claims the ATI cannot meet the requirement
regarding “management of an international trademark”.

The ATI rejects this as a mere pretext. Because the ruling of the Council of State was made in order to ensure that the ongoing organization of the 2007 Mille Miglia would proceed and because it therefore did not rule definitively on this basic issue of the grounds claimed for the reversal of the original tender award, the ATI will now pursue the protection of its rights before a new Court.

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