Monterey, CA – Dr. Steve Packard, CEO of the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, is shown here being thanked along with a presentation of their doctors and nurses, by Meguiar’s president Barry Meguiar as he leaves their hospital a new man. On the night before all of the major events began for what is known as ‘Pebble Beach Week’ on the Monterey Peninsula, Barry “stopped by” their ER to check on some unusual pain conditions that he was experiencing. He was ultimately found to have a very rare form of viral pneumonia raging throughout his body. Thus started a 17 day hospital stay which ended Monday. “It’s a miracle I am alive” says Meguiar, just five days after coming out of an eight day long induced coma.

Meguiar thanks God for saving his life as well as the heavy population of Car Guys working at the hospital. Says Meguiar, “Car Guys are literally working in every department and all the things that make Car Guys special permeate this place…from the high performance of their equipment to the

determination to go the extra mile everywhere you look.” The best news is that while he gave us a good scare, Barry is good to go. Expect to see him hosting the Car Crazy SEMA TV stage again this year in October.

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