Boise, ID (October 23, 2006) HotRodHotLine, (HRHL) a leading Hot Rod Internet site, has been working in conjunction with Ford Motor Company in preparation for the 75th Anniversary of the 1932 Ford that will take place in 2007.

Announced at the 57th Grand National Roadster show during its annual Hall of Fame luncheon, a list of “THE 75 Most Significant ’32 Ford Hot Rods,” was unveiled in the first in a series of events marking the 75th anniversary. HRHL was instrumental in locating 6 of the 75 that eluded the organizers after an elite panel of experts voted on 75 out of 474 nominated cars. This included the Jackman Brother’s car, thought to be gone forever but has now been found.

An entire section of HRHL website will honor the Deuce as well as a new site, which will focus on the ’32 only. features a Calendar of Deuce Events from around the country, articles on the ‘75 Most Significant ’32 Ford Hot Rods,’ as well as a special feature article following the restoration of the Jackman Brother’s car.

“We are looking for stories and pictures of any of those great old “Deuces” Henry made,” said Mary Ann Lawford, who with her husband, Jack Lawford, own HRHL. “Even if you don’t have yours anymore, we want to hear the memories!”

Since the YearofheDeuce site went up stories have been pouring in, like the one from John Harris in Texas who has only owned his ’32 for a year. Originally built by Total Performance for Southern Classic Rod Shop in New Orleans, the car was featured in ‘Popular Hot Rodding Magazine” in 1976. The car has the original steel body and frame that has been boxed.

Then there is Doug Edwards whose father purchased the car in 1956. He raced the 32 Roadster for the next 2 years at Bonneville and other dry lakes setting records at those events. The car has been sitting since 1958 and is now undergoing a rebuild with plans to leave the exterior of the car as it was. So far the car is sporting a newer motor/transmission combo but with the hood down the exhaust exits through the openings cut in the hood.

Send your stories and memories to [email protected]. If you are planning a show, exhibit or any event honoring the Year of the Deuce and/or the ’32 Flathead, please e-mail [email protected] or call 877-700-2468.

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