Respected car collector and celebrated Texas businessman Sam Pack will share a lifelong passion for great automobiles with the collector world on November 14-15. RM Auctions, in association with Auctions America, lifts the gavel on more than 130 of his prized motor cars during a single-vendor sale in Dallas, TX.

Well-known and highly respected in the automotive industry, Sam Pack’s museum collection represents more than a dozen years of dedicated acquisition. It also reflects Pack’s lifelong love affair with the automobile, a passion he shares with his family.

“I’ve had a love affair with cars since I was a teenager, it’s in my DNA,” says Pack. “Fortunately, for me, it’s continued through my professional and business career. It’s a passion shared and supported by my family — they get as much joy out of the cars as I do.”

With an exceptional eye for quality, Pack built his collection by handpicking a diverse assortment of automotive rarities in a range of different categories. Though the collection is highlighted by an wonderful series of Fords – a nod to Pack’s long association with the marque, first working for Ford Motor Company, and later, as a current owner / operator of one of the marque’s most successful dealer networks – it is not restricted to one singular automotive brand. Rather, it is marked by incredible variety and features some of the finest, rarest and most desirable American automobiles ever produced. From a terrific series of icons from the fifties and sixties, through to a remarkable collection of Detroit muscle, and an assortment of concepts, street rods, customs and modern collectibles, almost every decade and genre of automotive production is represented, with all vehicles professionally maintained.

“My collecting philosophy is simple: buy what I like, but always with an emphasis on quality,” Pack adds.

This November, Pack will bid farewell to more than 130 of his automotive treasures as he ‘downsizes’ his immense collection at auction, reducing the group to a more manageable level and allowing him to remain active in the hobby. All lots will be offered ‘without reserve’, selling to the highest bidder. Among highlights from the various different categories slated for the auction podium are a 1957 Ford Thunderbird ‘F-Code’ Convertible, a 1963 Shelby 260 Cobra, and a 2006 Ford GT to name but a few.

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Sam Pack for a number of years. He is an absolute gentleman, a great family man, and a highly successful and respected businessman, as reflected in his many awards and achievements. At the core, he is a true car guy and a pure enthusiast, fully immersed in the hobby and driven by all things automotive,” says Rob Myers, Chairman and Founder, RM Auctions. “The quality of Sam’s collection is outstanding, and reflects his astute collecting philosophy – he only bought the best, many times seeking out specific cars from some of America’s other leading collections. We are honored to have been entrusted by Sam to present a selection of vehicles from his collection this November. He joins an impressive list of other prominent collectors we’ve had the privilege of representing over the years.”

Full sale information and a complete list of entries for the Sam Pack Collection will be available online at later this summer.

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