EXCEPTION and BEAUTY are the key words for this 16th edition of the Tour Auto Lissac. Firstly the grid will be exceptional: the 173 cars already registered for the race will enthral the spectators who are lucky enough to come across them on the roads of the beautiful countryside traversed in this year’s all-new itinerary. From Paris to Evian, the competitors will discover the towns of Poitiers, Sarlat, Albi and Vichy as they journey across the most picturesque regions of France on the small country roads, which we all too rarely take time out of our frantic daily lives to enjoy.

We warned you in our previous communications: the year 2007 will be Italian! 20 Alfa Romeos have already registered, of which 4 are Giuliettas, commemorating their supremacy in the 1957 Touring category. Coming specially to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Ferrari TdF’s triple podium in the 1957 Tour de France Automobile are 30 Ferraris, including 5 Ferrari 250 TdFs which are out to prove that they have not aged.

What more beautiful homage could be paid by the Tour Auto Lissac organisers than integrating in their annual retrospective of the Tdf a celebration of this magnificent and unrivalled exploit by the famous Italian make fifty years ago?

But they will certainly not be the only ones thrilling the passionate crowds! It is a grid of distinction that will take to the start line in Paris on the morning of the 24th of April after the day of checks and scruteenering. Cars such as the Ford GT 40, AC Bristol, Jaguar XK or E type, Lotus Elan as well as the Mercedes 190 SL, Ford Mustang, Porsche 356 and De Tomaso… In the memory of the Organisers there has rarely been such an array of cars, each as exceptional as each other, united on the occasion of an individual rally.

The 2007 Tour Auto Lissac will give the competitors the chance to drive on four of the most famous French circuits. Foom day one they will test the resistance of their machines on the most legendary endurance track in the world: the Le Mans circuit! Some will already know it well having driven in the Le Mans Classic last July, even though this time they are lining up on the Bugatti track. Leaving for Poitiers the following day, the fast Vigeant circuit will be a fresh test. Next it will be the Albi racetrack which will welcome the competitors from the Tour Auto Lissac’s competition and regularity categories.

The final circuit event will be at the Charade track. The circuit is well-known to the regulars, being its sixth time as a stage in the Tour Auto Lissac, yet its undulating bends still push the drivers to their technical limits from the moment the tyres hit the track.

From the 23rd to the 28th of April, Paris to Evian, the Tour Auto Lissac is an event not to be missed both for all passionate about automobiles and simply those who love beautiful things and magical moments. When you follow the cars of the Tour Auto Lissac, they captivate you… in all their enchanting beauty.

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