1929 Bentley 6½/8 Litre Tourer

This 6½ Litre Le Mans-style tourer offered here was constructed from parts by well-known Bentley collector/racer and VSCC competitor David Llewellyn. The car was upgraded with the engine block from an 8 Litre model.

The car started life fitted with Weymann-type saloon coachwork by H J Mulliner and was first owned by RHR Palmer, of Messrs Huntley & Palmer, the Reading-based biscuit manufacturer.

It was first registered in the U.K. on June 30, 1929, as RX3612, a Berkshire mark. The car is described in Bentley, The Vintage Years by Michael Hay (page 465).

David Llewellyn rebuilt the car as a copy of a Le Mans Speed Six, with replica Vanden Plas-type coachwork and to high-performance specification, its
8 Litre engine delivering tremendous torque.

The car?s restoration was completed in time for the 2007 Paris-Peking Rally Motor Challenge. It was bought by its current owner about 12 months ago, but he has not used it as much as he would have liked, so it is being sold. Currently registered in the Netherlands and eligible for a wide variety of the most prestigious events, FA2510 is described as an honest, trouble-free Bentley ready for the next owner to enjoy.

Paul Hardiman

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Paul is descended from engineers and horse thieves, so he naturally gravitated toward the old-car marketplace and still finds fascination in the simpler things in life: looking for spot-weld dimples under an E-type tail, or counting the head-studs on a supposed Mini-Cooper engine. His motoring heroes are Roger Clark, Burt Levy, Henry Royce and Smokey Yunick — and all he wants for next Christmas is an Alvis Stalwart complete with picnic table in the back and a lake big enough to play in.

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