1955 Packard Caribbean Convertible

It is ironic that Packard should fail just as the company introduced what may be the most innovative and well-designed product line in the history of the company. The blame lay not with the product, but rather a series of management misadventures, including the ill-fated merger with Studebaker.
The Caribbean featured a new, high output OHV V8 with dual 4 bbl carburetors which produced 275 bhp. A new push button Twin Ultramatic transmission was also debuted as was an innovative new torsion bar suspension featuring self-leveling, giving the 1955-56 Packards the best combination of handling and ride among full- size American cars.
New styling was modern, fresh and attractive. The Caribbeans featured striking three-tone paint schemes with matching leather interiors and a lavish anodized dashboard design.
This particular car has benefited from a full professional restoration. The paint, chrome and interior condition are excellent and the engine bay is well detailed.