1961 Messerschmitt KR 200 Microcar

The plastic dome permits excellent visibility, but hot, sunny weather turns it into a sauna

The roots of the Messerschmitt “Kabinenroller” (cab scooter) go back to post-WWII when Fritz Fend designed a car that wheelchair-bound vets returning from WWII could drive. Two major features made the design work for disabled people: The canopy swung open from the side, which allowed an individual to roll up next to the car and transfer out Read More

Jeff Lane

SCM Contributor

Jeff grew up in an automotive family in rural southern Michigan. His grandfather owned a Ford dealership in the 1940s, and his father started an automotive manufacturing business with his high school friend in 1958. Lane spent countless hours in the family garage, and by the time he was ten he was helping his dad restore a 1954 MG TF. At age twelve, his father gave him a disassembled TF for Christmas; four years and many hours in the garage later, Lane took his driver’s test behind its wheel. Now director of the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee, he spends his hours searching for unique cars to add to the collection.

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