1962 Jaguar XKE SI 3.8 Convertible

Raise the bonnet and you are treated to one of the most beautiful
engine layouts in sports car motoring. As Sir William Lyons was
rumored to have said, “It costs no more to make it pretty”


The E-type is one of those rare gifts to the automotive world, the result of a passionate team with a clear focus. William Lyons, founder and president of Jaguar, had a keen eye for style and a sense of taste that became the cornerstone of Jaguar. In 1950, he employed Malcolm Sayer, a brilliant mathematician and engineer with an intrinsic passion for automobiles, to shape the sensuous body of the E-type.
Taking what it had learned on the track with the D-type and applying it to its new model, Jaguar’s new E-type featured a monocoque passenger compartment and tail section, a tube-framed engine bay, and a tilting
bonnet. With its well-appointed interior, civilized 3.8-liter six-cylinder engine, and a compliant suspension, the E-type was an ideal two-place sports car.
The desirable early roadster described here was purchased out of a
private European collection. Well-maintained and kept in a climate controlled environment, it is in very good overall condition. A recent service saw detail given to the synchronized gearbox and brake system. This major tune-up included a rebuild of the brakes, carburetor and cooling system, and replacement of all fluids. In addition, the seats have been upgraded for comfort.
Finished in classic maroon with Biscuit interior and chrome wire wheels, this E-type has enjoyed careful maintenance and loving care, and should reward its new owner with excellent performance and timeless good looks.