1965 Citroën 2CV Sedan

How many people do you know who bought a new 2CV in 1965, tucked it away and left it untouched? Probably not even one. Its perfectly preserved condition is what makes this car totally exceptional.

As stated on the original invoice, it was bought new from the Citroën showroom in Beverly Hills, CA, by Bill Harrah. An enthusiast of classic cars, Harrah was one of a very exclusive group of collectors to have owned a Bugatti Royale, in addition to the hundreds of marvels that he exhibited in his museum. It is here that the 2CV was delivered. In January 1965, it was pushed into the museum on a flatbed, where it stayed without moving for 40 years.

The current owner bought it some 10 years ago and has scarcely used it, explaining the 116 miles showing on the odometer. Yes, 116 miles.

This is probably the lowest mileage for any 2CV from this period. Having been stored under perfect conditions, it is pretty much as new as the day it left the factory.

In addition to these unbelievable circumstances, it also happens to be a desirable version, boasting suicide doors, the small, aluminum “Double Chevron” grille, 425-cc engine and painted metal dashboard. The AZAM specifications include polished aluminum beading, bumpers with chrome overriders, red Ami 6-style bench seats and a baggage net in the back.

It was one of the last models of its type, before the bodywork changed to feature six side windows. And to add a touch more exclusivity, as if there is any need, this 2CV is a “California “ version, fitted with special indicators on the front, and rear wings shaped like drops of water. To cover the fixing holes where the standard indicators would have been, Citroën added a horizontal double chevron pointing forward, like two arrows launched at speed. This charming detail is part of what makes this 2CV like no other, and the envy of all 2CV and iconic car enthusiasts.