1969 Land Rover Series IIA “Air-Portable”

Jeff Yardis ©2013, courtesy of RM Auctions
Jeff Yardis ©2013, courtesy of RM Auctions

Always designed with strength, mechanical simplicity and durability in mind, Land Rovers have often been the vehicles of choice for individuals looking to take a trip on the road less traveled. Over its 65-year history, the company built up a well-respected name by manufacturing the finest off-road vehicles money could buy for both individual and commercial use.

As such, they are transport for the armed forces of numerous countries across the globe. They are rugged, robust and reliable, and troops can always trust their Land Rovers to help them complete their mission with zero mechanical issues.

This 1969 Series IIA Air-Portable underwent a three-year total restoration, using genuine Land Rover parts, which included a conversion to left-hand drive to make the car easier to drive in its new home in the United States. As Land Rovers of this era are notorious for rust issues, all components prone to rust were replaced with galvanized trim and stainless-steel hardware, including a new steering column and four leaf springs for the suspension. Brake lines, cylinders, and the 2¼-liter petrol engine and transmission were completely rebuilt. Additionally, the original Land Rover chassis was replaced with a Marsland galvanized frame, to ensure that it would not be prone to rust in the future. The results were fantastic, and the car was brought back to as-new — if not better-than-new — condition from when it left the factory.

This Land Rover is a must-have item for any collector of military vehicles, as it represents a vehicle built with a specific task in mind, and it bridges the gap between air and ground forces. This vehicle has been restored to absolutely incredible standards and has only accumulated very limited mileage since its restoration. This Land Rover is ready for regular use, but it would certainly revel outside of the concrete jungle, as all Land Rovers do. It is ideal for your next adventure in the air, on the ground, or both.


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