1970 Aston Martin DB6 Mk II

Two things kept the price down: British buyers are notoriously suspicious of automatics in “sporty” cars; and it was presented on a cheap set of tires

The culmination of Aston Martin’s long-running line of “DB” 6-cylinder sports saloons, the DB6 was introduced in 1965. Aston Martin lengthened the wheelbase by four inches over the DB5 and undertook an extensive restyle, incorporating a more raked windscreen, raised roofline, and reshaped rear quarter windows.

Although still recognizably related to the original Touring-styled DB4 of 1958, the DB6 abandoned the Superleggera body structure of its predecessors in favor of a conventional steel fabrication. The major change was at the rear, where a Kamm-style tail with spoiler improved the aerodynamics, greatly enhancing stability at high speeds. The 4-liter engine of the DB5 was retained, and an automatic transmission and optional power-assisted steering were offered for the first time.

The DB6 Mk II was announced in August 1969, with flared wheelarches accommodating wider tires, a more substantial Borg & Beck clutch, a changed first-gear ratio, and power-assisted steering, which was now standard on all cars. Some 240 DB6 Mk IIs were built.

This 1970 DB6 Mk II was acquired in 2004 by the present owner, a long-time motor engineer and garage proprietor. It had previously been on museum display for 18 years. The car was found to be in generally sound condition, though not to the new owner’s demanding standards, and he embarked upon a major restoration.

This included an engine rebuild with new shells, piston rings, valves, cam buckets, and full engine and seal kit; the cylinder head was converted to unleaded gasoline. The automatic gearbox was removed, cleaned, checked, and found to be in good order. Brakes were overhauled, the radiator re-cored, and a Kenlowe fan was fitted.

The starter motor, alternator, and petrol pump units were all rebuilt, and attention to coachwork and fittings included a bare-metal respray in Birch Gray, new inner sills, and stainless steel sill finishers. All brightwork was removed and rechromed, and the seats received a complete retrim in black leather, with the headliner and carpets replaced as well.

Other work included replacing rubber body seals, fitting a new windscreen, headlights, side and indicator lamps, and taillight clusters, and many other new parts and fittings. Since restoration, this DB6 Mk II has successfully covered 2,000 miles or so, and the current odometer reading is believed correct at 84,300.

Paul Hardiman

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