1974 Lamborghini LP400 Countach

At the sub-$40,000 price, this car is cheap sculpture, a conversation piece in the garage, something fun for the kids so they can play “let’s pretend we’re Valentino Balboni”


Offered for sale direct from the museum to which it was donated in 1999, this Lamborghini LP400 Countach is somewhat of a sad and confusing example that fell victim to the 1980s. Between 1980 and 1983, Bob Wallace Cars Inc., of Phoenix, AZ, was commissioned to carry out some extensive modifications, including fitting the engine with twin turbochargers and appropriate ancillaries to cope with the increased power output.
In keeping with the engine number that is clearly stamped on the cylinder head, the paperwork file relates to the chassis also sharing this same number. As such, it would attribute the car to the first year of production, when it is reputed that just 23 examples were made. However, at the time of cataloging, we have been unable to locate the chassis number elsewhere on the vehicle.
Condition of this car is such that we are regarding this Countach as a restoration project. While the engine has been run and we have no doubt that with some recommissioning the car could be used in current guise, it must be infinitely more attractive as an early LP400. Viewing both the car and its history file is deemed essential with this lot and buyers should be wholly satisfied with their own findings prior to the sale.