1974 Pontiac Trans Am Super Duty

The Trans Am was not without options, and one in particular made this Trans Am the king of the no-horsepower kingdom


The year 1974 was a tough time for American automakers, with many legislated changes. The results were not good.

New emission regulations, which had gone into effect in 1968, gradually sapped horsepower by the early 1970s. They also added additional weight, further inhibiting performance. In addition. the government enacted Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards (CAFE) requiring incrementally higher mileage for all automakers across the entire passenger car line-up. Finally, the Arab oil embargo hit in 1973, and suddenly gas was expensive and national speed limits were imposed.

Cars were required to use unleaded fuel beginning with the 1972 model year, and cars that had sported a conservatively rated 400-plus horsepower in 1970 were neutered to the point of having only 250 horsepower two years later.

However, all was not bad in the performance car world. One exception was the 1973 and 1974 Pontiac Trans Am Super Duty. This little-known option produced 290 horsepower, more than the contemporary Corvette.

In 1973, the lightly marketed Super Duty would find homes with only 252 people. However a handful of international buyers were not subject to all the American regulations and an export Trans Am SD sported ten additional horses.

The Worldwide Group enthusiastically presents one of the two known export 1973 Pontiac Trans Am Super Dutys. Originally exported to Lebanon, the 1974 Trans Am Super Duty now resides in the sunny and dry atmosphere of Texas.

This Cameo White numbers-matching car comes with only 59,571 miles on the odometer, its original 300-hp engine, and its original Muncie M-40 3-speed automatic transmission.

Other major options include D58 factory rear console, U69 AM/FM radio, B85 sill and hood moldings, N33 tilt wheel, A31 power windows, C60 air conditioning, AU3 power door locks, and U57 8-track player.

This restored Trans AM Super Duty has benefited from one correct repaint and is in mint condition. Starting with an unmolested and correct car, the owner set out to do a concours restoration, resulting in what is possibly one of the finest examples extant.

This 1974 Super Duty comes with the original GM export papers verifying the provenance of the car. It also comes with a PHS certification, further adding to its unblemished history.

This is a truly special SD T/A for the serious collector. Of the second chapter in the story of the Pontiac Trans Am, it is certainly of, if not THE, most desirable example available.