Month: January 2023

Keith’s Blog: Mercedes, Jaguar or Alfa?

The SCM 1000 is less than six months away. It will be an all-inclusive 1,000-mile romp on select, challenging two-lane roads of eastern Washington. With a hub in Spokane, in the heart of the restaurant district, the route will take us to the Grand Coulee Dam, rustic Lewiston, ID, and […]

Buy, Sell, Hold: Spotlight #38 – Brad Phillips – Vice President of Business Development at RM Sotheby’s

Arizona Car Week 2023 is almost here! This week Buy, Sell, Hold welcomes back RM Sotheby’s Vice President of Business Development Brad Phillips. He and host Darin Roberge discuss RM’s astonishing Munich and Miami results, talk the white hot retro BMW and Mercedes-Benz markets and preview some interesting offerings from […]

Keith’s Blog: Upgrade or Stock?

I’ve been having a back-and-forth discussion with SCM Contributor Jim Schrager (my long-time mentor) about upgrading engines in vintage cars. This started when I mentioned to him that I was confused about 911 restorations. I see so many ads for early 911s that blather on and on about $250k restorations […]

Keith’s Blog: Happy New Year

Every first of January marks a new beginning. Go out to your garage, and take a look at your sleeping beauties. Think about how much effort has gone into finding, selecting, buying and refurbishing each one. Note that I didn’t say restoring, as now that we are grownups, we’ve all […]