It’s time for ACC to get a new car for our garage. I’d like to find an early Ford Mustang.

The Mustang is a great collector car, as it’s iconic, simple, and parts are easy to find. In fact, there are a bunch for sale in ACC’s local area at any given time — but I don’t want just any Mustang — I’d like to find the right Mustang.

Here’a what I mean by that: First, the car needs to be a 1965 or 1966. I’d prefer it to be generally original, including the paint if possible — but I don’t want some minty untouched museum piece, as this car will be the subject of a few ACC Wrenching articles in the future. At the very least it should be an original color.

I’d prefer it to be a 260 or 289 car, although I’m not concerned about matching numbers, so a 302 swap is fine. A 4-speed would be ideal, but I won’t overlook an automatic car.

The most important thing: the car needs to be a driver and have little to no rust. A car with a few needs is fine, but I’m not looking to do a full-on resto.

ACC’s median price for both 1965 and ’66 Mustang is just under $20k, so in terms of budget, we’re starting there. Obviously, the car we choose could be more or less, depending on condition.

Think you know of a car I should consider? Post it below, or shoot me a note about it at [email protected].

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