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Jim’s Blog: Hunting a Mustang

It’s time for ACC to get a new car for our garage. I’d like to find an early Ford Mustang. The Mustang is a great collector car, as it’s iconic, simple, and parts are easy to find. In fact, there are a bunch for sale in ACC’s local area at […]

Jim’s Blog: Help Us Pick the Next ACC Car

ACC’s Viper GTS ACR Coupe has been a great car — in the few years we’ve owned it, we’ve covered a bunch of miles in it with no trouble — all it’s needed other than oil changes and periodic cleaning was a set of tires. But we’ll be putting it […]

Jim’s Blog: ACC’s Next Car is a Truck?

Last week, ACC Auctions Editor Tony Piff and I hopped a flight to Detroit. While we were there, we visited with longtime ACCer Ken Lingenfelter and checked up on our old 1964 Nova wagon, which sits prominently in one of the rooms of his massive car collection.    We completely […]