Next year’s SCM 1000 is beginning to shape up. Plans include visiting Mt. St. Helens as well as the stunning Oregon Coast — areas we haven’t explored in the previous two tours.

The dates are July 12-16, 2020. Once again, the tour will begin with participants’ cars on display in front of the Portland Art Museum in downtown Portland, just one block from the host Heathman Hotel.

One of the unique features of the SCM 1000 is its starting from the city center, where there are dozens of shops, restaurants and coffee shops for your entertainment.

We’ve learned a great deal from participant’s comments from the first two tours.

First, everyone enjoys the “boutique” size of the SCM event. It limited to just 40 cars.

Second, the changing marque focus gives collectors, most of whom have several cars, a chance to exercise a different car each year.

While all pre-1974 sports cars are welcome to apply, preference was given to Alfa Romeo in 2018, and Porsche in 2019. Next year English cars will have first shot at the open slots. Three of my friends have already used this focus as an excuse to purchase the Jaguar E-types they have always wanted to buy.

Third, the days are just long enough, but not a marathon. While packing 1,000 miles of back roads into four days, we still try to end by 3 or 4 p.m. This offers a chance to unwind.

And finally, one of the most unique features of the SCM 1000 is our “Conversations with Collectors” that happen for an hour each evening.

Hosted by Donald Osborne, last year’s Conversationalists included John Draneas, Miles Collier, Steve Serio and yours truly. The “open microphone” format allowed collectors to ask questions directly in an informal atmosphere. You can look for more of the same in 2020.

As an extra treat, every participant receives a hard-copy book with photos of the tour and every car on it.

To register, go to A $1,000 refundable deposit secures your application. Registration closes Dec. 1. First notification of those accepted will be sent on Dec. 16. If your car is not selected, your deposit will be refunded.

I’m told there are just a handful of slots still available; if you are interested in being a part of a great five-day, 1,000-mile experience with other like-minded enthusiasts, submit your application today.

I look forward to seeing you in Portland this coming July.