Alex’s Blog: The Essence of BMW Throttles Through the Generations

The Ultimate Driving Machine has been my automotive drug of choice since I turned 16. My first Bimmer was a reliable 1977 320i. Soon after, I upgraded to power steering with my Alpine White 1995 318i, which I still drive today. My love for my car is renewed every time I hear the engine turn over and start right up. (It probably has something to do with a childhood spent bump-starting stubborn Alfas.)

With my background and loyalty to the Read More

Keith’s Blog: How I Almost Bought a Bastard AC Aceca

Strange things can happen to you at auctions. While shooting new episodes of “What’s My Car Worth” at Barrett-Jackson, one car, of the 1,405 there, caught my eye. Let’s not forget that what defines B-J is the acres and acres of highly polished, overly chromed, customized, raised or slammed, modified and stock American cars.

So when I strolled by Lot 1275.1, a 1955 AC Aceca coupe, I stopped short. It was quite handsome in its metallic gray paint Read More

This Week’s Classic Mystery Photo

“I’m hoping those cars are miniatures. Otherwise the inside of my thighs are going to be real chafed.” — fuzzydice

The monthly Mystery Photo has been an SCM tradition for 25 years. Each week, we’ll share one of our “greatest hits” photos from the past and give you a chance to provide a new witty and provocative caption. Each week’s winner will be announced in the Newsletter. Share your caption for this week’s photo in the comments below. Subscribe Read More

Keith’s Blog: A Two-Alfa Day, But Where’s the Volvo?

This afternoon is a big day. I’m driving the 1958 Sprint Veloce Confortevole (SVC) to Jefferson, Oregon, picking up the Giulia Super and driving both cars back, with the help of Michael Pierce. (I’m sure the Sprint will be a completely different experience from Pierce’s 1967 427/435 Corvette roadster.) Since putting in the new fuel pump, the Sprint it has been behaving very well, and I’m anxious to get some miles on it. 

The Super has benefited from a variety Read More

Keith’s Blog: Scottsdale 2014 — A Myopic Perspective

The 2014 collector car market has launched. Today all the bidders are gone, and the temporary tents are starting to come down. The trashcans are full of discarded promotional items, bidders’ paddles and parking passes.

The busiest guys in Arizona have to be the collector car transporters, as they load thousands of cars for their destinations in new owners’ garages.

I only caught a brief glimpse of most of the Arizona auctions, as we were shooting new episodes for “Read More