1934 DeSoto Airflow coupe

Chassis number: 6078798 Engine number: SE8458 In 1934, the entire DeSoto lineup featured Chrysler Corporation’s new streamlined Airflow design. Walter P. Chrysler expected the streamlined and futuristic Airflow models to take the nation by storm and reap huge profits. A design far ahead of its time, the Airflow featured built-in […]

1934 Packard Super Eight 1104 Tourer

Highlights from the Mecum Auctions catalog: • Vacuum assist brakes• Synchromesh 3-speed transmission• Push-button start• Secret Service jump seat• Original 384/145-hp engine• Mostly original interior• Record log from 1948 indicates passengers included General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Admiral Chester William Nimitz and many others