Got the Hemi Pneumonia and the Big Block Flu

Figure a slide of 10%-20% from late 2006 prices across the board and you’re not far off; the better the car, the less the correction

The drag chutes are out for the Mopar Hemi muscle car market. Unquestionably the most visible and talked-about phenomenon in the last five years of stratospheric price increases, the Hemi ‘Cuda and its corporate cousins gained value at an incredible rate.

Almost overnight, anything with a Read More

1970 Intermeccanica Italia Spyder

If Italias offer style and performance, why would they sell for under $50,000? Well for one thing, their handling is a bit suspect


In 1959, chemical engineer Frank Reisner combined his fascination with automobiles and professional talents to establish Carrozzeria Intermeccanica. Born in Hungary in 1932 and raised in Canada, he raced sports cars and “specials” in the late 1950s before moving to Italy.

Over the next few years, Read More

Sunbeam Style over Substance

Grace Kelly reached into her picnic basket and asked Cary Grant,
innocently enough, “Do you want a leg or a breast?”


Before the 1960s Sunbeam Alpine that we all remember as the basis for the Tiger, there was another Alpine, made from 1953 to 1955.

For my money, the stories attached to this seldom-seen model (of approximately 3,000 built, only 200 may now survive) are more interesting than those Read More

Death by Storage

The daily drama of selling older Ferraris provides a constant supply of material for this column, as the same set of problems endlessly repeat themselves in slightly varying scenarios. Rather than continually go through the same explanations, it’s often easier simply to tell people, “Stand by, and I’ll email you one of my columns that should answer your questions.”

At 20 years you start over

But here’s a new subject, related tangentially to the topic discussed ad nauseam-deferred maintenance. Part Read More

Putting a Price ($152,007) on Memories

This 911 wasn’t one of the good ones. It was purchased, along with a 1966 912 donor car-and a speedboat-for $1,000


Sometimes precious things have rather inauspicious beginnings. As you admire Porsches at various events, never forget that they can represent much more than just someone “writing the check.” There are often stories of great intrigue or astounding luck involved with special cars. At times, lots of hard and often Read More

Winging It

Around noon, the thunder heading my way was the Detroit kind, as 20 Superbirds and Daytonas filled my parking lot


To quote John Lennon: Imagine. if there was a club for valuable cars, whose long-term owners didn’t care about what the cars are worth. Cars worth perhaps 5,000% more than they paid for them, and for whom selling is the furthest thing from their minds. Is it possible? Is there a group of Read More

Four Reasons to Buy That Sports Car Now

The number of British cars available to sentimental Baby Boomers is fixed at the total produced between 1948 and 1981


Any basic economics course teaches that price is determined by supply and demand. That principle is vividly illustrated in the current market for collectible British cars, where prices have been rising on almost all marques for five years. Here are a few reasons why.

More buyers in the marketplace

Who Read More

Opening Pandora’s Black Box

A subscriber recently wrote, worrying about future maintenance costs of late model Ferraris: “My only fear is the outdated computer-controlled systems and the way obsolescence will drive maintenance sky-high for such systems. At least the vintage V12s don’t suffer ECU and “black box” syndrome!” While computer systems will certainly be problematic, our subscriber had merely opened Pandora’s box to the long list of potential problems the future will bring to all late-model exotic-car owners.

Computer problems loom

Modern Ferraris have Read More

What Makes a 356 Worth $176,000?

This B Cab had tools, a Carrera horn ring, Hirschmann antenna, Blaupunkt radio, headrests, and its original engine


Hot on the heels of the recent Monterey auction results, I received an email, which asked the following question:

“I just saw that nice black 1962 356B Cabriolet sell at Gooding in Monterey for $176,000 and I need your advice. I have a nice car very similar to that one, and although Read More

Muscle in Monterey

The consensus among buyers is that they want the best, and “almost” cars are having a tough time finding homes


Gloom and doom predictions can end up as self-fulfilling prophecies if the panic spreads. A case in point is the highly publicized muscle car market “crash” going on now. As this is the Monterey auctions recap issue, let’s take a look at what happened there, and see how it relates Read More